Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
January - June, 2008

Alert No. 1,787, Monday, June 30.
  7th Circuit Advocates Judicial Modesty and Deference in National Security Cases
  6th Circuit Upholds FCC's Video Franchising Rules

Alert No. 1,786, Wednesday, June 25.
  6th Circuit Rules on Compelled Forensic Imaging in E-Discovery Disputes
  GAO Reports on DHS Planning for Communications Disruptions
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Pacific Bell v. Linkline

Alert No. 1,785, Tuesday, June 24.
  Supreme Court Affirms in Sprint v. APCC Services
  IG Report Finds DOJ Engaged in Political and Ideological Hiring Practices
  4th Circuit Declines to Extend Public Forum Doctrine in Cyberspace Case
  7th Circuit Rules in Antitrust Tying Case

Alert No. 1,784, Monday, June 23.
  9th Circuit Issues Revised Opinion On Informational Privacy and 4th Amendment
  Lori Drew Pleads Not Guilty in Section 1030 Case
  Reps. Sanchez and Hulshof Introduce Cyber and Phone Harassment Bill

Alert No. 1,783, Thursday, June 19.
  House Approves FISA Reform Bill
  Attorney General and DNI Praise FISA Reform Bill
  USTR Elaborates on BIT Negotiations with PRC
  XM and Sirius Propose Merger Conditions

Alert No. 1,782, Wednesday, June 18.
  House and Senate Leaders Release Draft FISA Reform Bill
  Free Press and Public Knowledge Allege More ISP Bad Behavior
  Rep. Barton Asks Yahoo for Information Regarding its Advertising Agreement with Google
  11th Circuit Addresses Commingling of 271 and 251 Elements

Alert No. 1,781, Tuesday, June 17.
  US and PRC Conclude Meeting of Strategic Economic Dialogue
  Constitutional Rights in Intellectual Property
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Intellectual Property
  10th Circuit Holds that Digital Models Lack Sufficient Originality to Be Protected by Copyright

Alert No. 1,780, Monday, June 16.
  FCC Releases Do Not Call Registry Report and Order
  FCC Holds Hearing on Early Termination Fees
  House Subcommittee Plans Hearing on Online Advertising
  NCTA Releases Report on Cable Broadband

Alert No. 1,779, Friday, June 13.
  Google and Yahoo Announce Search and Advertising Agreement
  DOJ and Realtors Settle Antitrust Action Regarding Virtual Office Websites
  9th Circuit Rules on Availability of Statutory Damages for Copyright Infringement

Alert No. 1,778, Monday, June 9.
  Supreme Court Rules on Patent Exhaustion Doctrine
  Adelstein Advocates Media Justice
  DOJ Approves Verizon's Acquisition of Rural Cellular Subject to Divestitures

Alert No. 1,777, Friday, June 6.
  FTC Subpoenas Intel
  Barnett Addresses Sherman Section 2 Remedies

Alert No. 1,776, Wednesday, June 4.
  Verizon Wireless to Acquire Alltel
  House Approves Federal Agency Data Protection Act
  House Passes Federal Agency Telework Bill
  Bernanke Discusses Innovation, Productivity Growth and Dislocations
  US and Japan File Complaints with WTO Regarding EU Duties on Tech Products

Alert No. 1,775, Tuesday, June 3.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Fantasy Sports Case
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Perfect 10 v. Visa
  Reps. Thompson and Langevin Advocate Government Authority to Regulate Cyber Security

Alert No. 1,774, Monday, June 2.
  10th Circuit Rules for Parody Cybersquatter
  9th Circuit Upholds Search and Seizure of Home Computer Not Covered by Warrant
  FCC to Hold Meeting and Hearing on June 12
  GAO Reports on Status of DTV Transition

Alert No. 1,773, Wednesday, May 28.
  9th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Antitrust Case Against Amazon and Borders
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Commerce Clause Case
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Case Involving Arbitration Clauses in Wireless Contracts

Alert No. 1,772, Tuesday, May 27.
  7th Circuit Rules in UNE Case
  5th Circuit Holds There Is No 253 Private Right of Action Enforceable Under 1983

Alert No. 1,771, Wednesday, May 21.
  Rep. Barton Asks Google for Answers to Questions Regarding DoubleClick, Cookies and Privacy
  Sen. Kerry Introduces Internet Crime Education Bill
  Rep. Harman Introduces D Block Reauction Bill
  GAO Reports on PRC's Noncompliance with Trade Agreements

Alert No. 1,770, Tuesday, May 20.
  Rep. Lofgren Introduces Bill to Allow Aliens with Advanced STEM Degrees to Work in US
  Secretary Chertoff Addresses Integrated Public Alert and Warning System
  Rep. Graves Introduces Integrated Public Alert and Warning System Bill
  Summary of Public Alert and Warning Systems

Alert No. 1,769, Monday, May 19.
  5th Circuit Holds Section 230 Immunizes MySpace
  Rep. Schiff Introduces Bill to Revise Section 1030
  Microsoft and Yahoo Continue Talks

Alert No. 1,768, Friday, May 16.
  Icahn Announces Proxy Fight to Elect Yahoo Board that will Negotiate with Microsoft
  Senate Approves Media Ownership Resolution
  En Banc Panel of 9th Circuit to Hear Sprint v. San Diego
  11th Circuit Rules in Copyright Case
  5th Circuit Rules on Personal Jurisdiction Over State Regulators
  Group Releases Report on BitTorrent Blocking

Alert No. 1,767, Thursday, May 15.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Amends and Approves Orphan Works Bill
  SEC Proposes Rules Requiring XBRL Tagged Filings
  SEC Files Complaint Against Samueli and Other Broadcom Officers
  CBS to Acquire CNET
  PFF Seeks Release of FCC's 13th Annual Report on Video Competition

Alert No. 1,766, Wednesday, May 14.
  FCC Announces NPRM for D Block Auction
  FCC Commissioner Tate Addresses Broadband Regulation
  Copyright Office Terminates Phantom Signal Proceeding

Alert No. 1,765, Tuesday, May 13.
  Rep. Price Introduces Bill to Increase Transparency in Intelligence Contracting
  Reps. Matheson and Terry Introduce Video Game Regulation Bill
  Sens. Specter and Lieberman Introduce Bill Regarding Foreign Forum Shopping Libel Actions

Alert No. 1,764, Monday, May 12.
  Rep. Langevin Introduces Bill Related to Information Security at DHS
  9th Circuit Issues Third Opinion Regarding California's Bogus Escheat Schemes
  4th Circuit Affirms in Criminal Copyright Infringement Case
  NFL Network Files Complaint with FCC
  PFF Paper Argues Against State Cable Carrier Mandates

Alert No. 1,763, Thursday, May 8.
  House Passes PRO IP Act
  Rep. Conyers and Rep. Lofgren Introduce Antitrust Based Network Neutrality Bill

Alert No. 1,762, Wednesday, May 7.
  House IP Subcommittee Approves Orphan Works Bill
  House Commerce Committee Members Advocate Keeping ICANN and Root Server System in US

Alert No. 1,761, Tuesday, May 6.
  DHS Under Secretary Discusses Terrorism and the Cyber Realm
  Senators Request Information Regarding Federal Cybersecurity Initiative

Alert No. 1,760, Monday, May 5.
  DC Circuit Receives Briefs in Challenge to FCC CPNI Opt-In Rules
  FCC Adopts Cap on High Cost Universal Service Support
  What Shakespeare Had to Say About XBRL and Interactive Data

Alert No. 1,759, Friday, May 2.
  Microsoft Withdraws Offer to Acquire Yahoo
  DC Circuit Upholds FCC 800 MHz Band Reconfiguration Orders
  Rep. Dingell and Rep. Markey Seek Open Devices Requirement for Satellite Radio

Alert No. 1,758, Thursday, May 1.
  House Judiciary Committee Approves PRO IP Act
  9th Circuit Dismisses Slamming Complaint Against VOIP Provider
  AOUSC Releases Report on Title III Wiretaps in 2007
  Sen. Stevens Introduces VOIP Regulation Bill
  DOJ Seeks En Banc Rehearing in Nacchio Case

Alert No. 1,757, Wednesday, April 30.
  EPIC Argues for Civil Penalties for Companies that Fail to Protect Personal Information on Their Networks
  District Court Denies John Doe P2P Infringer's Efforts to Quash Subpoena to ISP
  Bush Administration Opposes Pence/Boucher Free Flow of Information Act

Alert No. 1,756, Tuesday, April 29.
  EC Releases Report on US Barriers to Trade and Investment
  Presidential Candidates, Political Parties and Free Trade
  Rep. King Introduces Free Speech Protection Act
  Supreme Court Upholds State Statute Requiring Photo ID to Vote

Alert No. 1,755, Monday, April 28.
  FCC Releases Inspector General's D Block Investigation Report
  OUSTR Releases 2008 Special 301 Report
  Sen. Baucus Introduces Tax Extenders Bill that Includes Extension of R&D Tax Credit
  Sen. Collins Introduces Bill to Extend R&D Tax Credit for 5 Years

Alert No. 1,754, Friday, April 25.
  DC Circuit Grants Petition for Review of FCC BPL Order
  New Jersey Supreme Court Holds Individuals Have Expectation of Privacy in ISP Records
  10th Circuit Considers Product Bundling and Discounts Under Colorado Competition Law
  Rep. Eshoo Introduces M2Z Spectrum Bill
  Rep. DeFazio Introduces Bill to Ban Use of Cell Phones on Scheduled Flights
  Reps. Rush and Upton Introduce Bill to Allow E-Rate Subsidies to be Used for Emergency Notification Services

Alert No. 1,753, Thursday, April 24.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Resolution Condemning FCC Media Ownership Order
  4th Circuit Addresses Availability of Statutory Damages for Theft of Satellite Signals
  SEC Chairman Addresses Marriage of IFRS and Interactive Data
  Kroes Discusses Proposal for Euro Class Action Antitrust Litigation
  Oxford and Cambridge Sue Georgia State for Online Infringement of Scholarly Works

Alert No. 1,752, Wednesday, April 23.
  Court of Appeals Rules in Rambus v. FTC
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Bankruptcy Case Involving Spectrum Licenses
  SEC Files Complaint Against Broadcom Over Backdated Stock Options

Alert No. 1,751, Tuesday, April 22.
  Supreme Court Seeks Solicitor General Brief in Case Regarding 11th Amendment and Patents
  9th Circuit Holds that 11th Amendment Bars Reverse Condemnation Actions Against States in Federal Courts
  Senate to Proceed on Agee Nomination to 4th Circuit

Alert No. 1,750, Monday, April 21.
  Bush and Lee Urge Congressional Approval of US Korea FTA
  Federal Reserve Paper Advocates Benefits of Free Trade in Services
  10th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Class Action Against Qwest

Alert No. 1,749, Thursday, April 17.
  Sen. Hatch Discusses R&D Tax Credit and U.S. Competitiveness
  IRS Budget Proposal Decreases Funding for Business Systems Modernization Despite IG's Warning About Data Security and ID Theft
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Child Exploitation Via the Internet
  District Court Sends AOL Pricing Plan Suit Back to State Court
  GAO Reports on Sale of Sensitive and Stolen Military Items on eBay and Craigslist

Alert No. 1,748, Wednesday, April 16.
  Reps. Lofgren and Cannon Introduce Cell Tax Fairness Act
  House Passes Tax Bill with Cell Phone Tax Provision
  Supreme Court Rules on State Taxation of Lexis/Nexis Sale Capital Gain
  7th Circuit Applies FCRA to Wireless Communications

Alert No. 1,747, Tuesday, April 15.
  Comcast and Pando Networks to Create P2P Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
  IRS Commissioner Shulman Testifies Regarding Electronic Filing
  President Bush and Senate Democrats Reach Compromise on 6th Circuit Nominees
  Sen. Specter Questions Presidential Candidates on Keisler Nomination

Alert No. 1,746, Monday, April 14.
  FTC Receives Comments Regarding Online Behavioral Advertising
  House to Consider Tax Bill That Removes Cell Phones From IRC 280F
  House Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearing on Bill to Provide Federal Funding to Schools for Surveillance Equipment
  SEC General Counsel Predicts SEC Will Soon Propose Making XBRL Mandatory
  FCC Enforcement Bureau Recommends Denial of 222 Complaint Against Verizon

Alert No. 1,745, Friday, April 11.
  IRS Initiative Taxes Employees for Use of Work Cell Phones and Other Devices
  Bills Introduced to Stop IRS from Taxing Employees for Work Cell Phones and Other Devices
  District Court Dismisses Phone Tax Refund Claims
  Commentary: Excise Tax and 280F Regime Compared
  GAO Reports on Growth of Media and Regulation of Media Ownership

Alert No. 1,744, Wednesday, April 9.
  OUSTR Releases Section 1377 Review of Telecom Trade Agreements
  Inspector General Report Finds Lack of Security on IRS Networks
  TACD Adopts Net Neutrality Resolution
  7th Circuit Addresses Libel Suits Involving Anonymous Posts to Web Sites

Alert No. 1,743, Tuesday, April 8.
  11th Circuit Rules on Web Page Meta Tags and Trademark Infringement
  Federal Circuit Receives Amicus Briefs Re Business Method Patents and Patentable Subject Matter
  Verizon Wireless and AT&T Announce Plans for Use of Spectrum Acquired in 700 MHz Auction

Alert No. 1,742, Monday, April 7.
  DHS Extends OPT to 29 Months As Congress Sits on H1B Reform Proposals
  EC Releases Paper on Private Rights of Action for Violation of Competition Law
  Microsoft Threatens Yahoo with Hostile Proxy Battle

Alert No. 1,741, Wednesday, April 2.
  Secretary Gutierrez Writes Sen. Leahy Regarding Patent Reform
  FCC Releases Agenda for April 10 Meeting
  En Banc 9th Circuit Panel Rejects Section 230 Immunity in Case
  Court of Appeals Reinstates Complaint Against Facebook Founders

Alert No. 1,740, Tuesday, April 1.
  DHS Grants REAL ID Extensions
  Rep. McDermott Owes One Million Dollars in Attorneys Fees to Rep. Boehner in Wiretap Case
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Case Regarding FBI Search of Congressional Office
  Kroes Asserts that EC Antitrust Enforcement is Not Socialist
  NTIA Completes Mid-Term Review of JPA with ICANN
  Grand Jury Indicts Software Engineer for Theft of Communications Software Trade Secrets

Alert No. 1,739, Monday, March 31.
  Martin Proposes Dismissal of Skype Petition
  Copyright Office Section 108 Study Group Releases Report
  Senate Commerce Committee to Consider Bill to Move Up Reimbursement for LP TV Stations from DTV Transition Fund

Alert No. 1,738, Thursday, March 27.
  Comcast and BitTorrent Reach Accord on Network Management Practices
  Reaction to Comcast BitTorrent Accord
  FCC Releases DBS HD Carry One Carry All Order
  FCC Order Cites Wikipedia

Alert No. 1,737, Wednesday, March 26.
  Google Asks FCC to Allow Unlicensed Android Devices to Use TV White Space
  CTIA Urges FCC to Adopt Auction/License Model for TV White Space
  Yahoo, Google and MySpace to Form OpenSocial Foundation for Web Based Social Applications
  House Commerce Committee to Examine Loss of Laptop with Sensitive Patient Information by NIH

Alert No. 1,736, Tuesday, March 25.
  DOJ Won't Challenge XM Sirius Merger
  CDT Releases Collection of Definitions Related to Online Behavioral Targeting
  SEC Suspends Trading in Stocks Touted by YouTube Videos
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Intel Patent Case
  CEI Condems EMI Suit Against MP3tunes
  Supreme Court Delays Consideration of Cert Petition of Microsoft Counterfeiter

Alert No. 1,735, Monday, March 24.
  FCC Releases Details of 700 MHz Auction
  FCC Will Not Offer D Block in Auction 76
  EPIC Files FOIA Complaint Against FTC
  FTC Obtains $2.9 Million Fine Against Spammer

Alert No. 1,734, Thursday, March 20.
  FCC Report Concludes Broadband Services Are Being Deployed in a Reasonable and Timely Fashion
  FCC Adopts Order Regarding Broadband Data Collection
  FCC Order Abrogates Property Owners' Contracts with Telcos
  FCC Closes 700 MHz Auction
  Rep. Markey Announces Hearing on 700 MHz Auction
  Bush Names Wainstein Top Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor

Alert No. 1,733, Wednesday, March 19.
  GAO Issues Report on IP Enforcement Trends
  FCC Delays Location Tracking Compliance Deadline
  FTC Issues Consent Order Regarding Restrictions on Web Publication of Real Estate Listing Agreements
  Amicus Groups Argue that Significant Purpose Standard for FISA Surveillance Orders Violates 4th Amendment

Alert No. 1,732, Tuesday, March 18.
  10th Circuit Reverses Nacchio's Conviction
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in FCC Fleeting Expletives Case
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Microsoft v. Novell
  8th Circuit Affirms Injunction of State Regulation of Violent Video Games

Alert No. 1,731, Monday, March 17.
  7th Circuit Applies Section 230 Immunity in Craigslist Case
  Bush and House Democrats Remain Deadlocked on FISA Reform

Alert No. 1,730, Wednesday, March 12.
  Bush Announces He Will Veto Latest House Democratic FISA Proposal
  DOJ Inspector General Releases Second Report on FBI Misuse of National Security Letters
  GAO Releases Report on FCC Enforcement Actions
  District Court Enjoins Spyware Distributor

Alert No. 1,729, Tuesday, March 11.
  House May Consider FISA Bill
  FCC Announces Agenda for March 19 Meeting
  EC Approves Google DoubleClick Merger
  House Approves 911 Resolution
  FCC Files Opposition to Stay in Challenge to Its Latest Wireless E911 Location Tracking Mandates

Alert No. 1,728, Monday, March 10.
  Martin Discusses Complaints Against Comcast and Verizon Wireless

Alert No. 1,727, Wednesday, March 5.
  House Subcommittee Amends PRO-IP Act
  Barnett Discusses Foreign Application of Antitrust Law

Alert No. 1,726, Tuesday, March 4.
  House Delays Consideration of FISA Reform Bill
  Bush Executive Order Changes Intelligence Oversight Bodies
  9th Circuit Overturns Criminal Sentence Not to Use Computers

Alert No. 1,725, Monday, March 3.
  HCC Democrats Comment on Telecom Provisions of Bush's Budget
  New York Senate Passes Libel Terrorism Protection Act
  2nd Circuit Affirms in Ehrenfeld v. Mahfouz

Alert No. 1,723, Wednesday, February 27.
  9th Circuit Holds that Licensed Karaoke Producer Has No Claims for Competitive Injuries Stemming From Infringement by Unlicensed Karaoke Producers
  eBay Settles with MercExchange
  Bush Nominates Members of New Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board
  Paper Advocates Performance Right for Recording Artists
  DC Circuit Vacates FCC Order Regarding Birds and Towers

Alert No. 1,723, Tuesday, February 26.
  EC Demands More Money From Microsoft
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Darden v. Peters
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Convolve v. Seagate
  Court of Appeals Holds One Satisfaction Rule Applies in Copyright Cases
  CCIA Comments on FTC Letter Regarding Copyright Notices Complaint

Alert No. 1,722, Monday, February 25.
  Microsoft Announces Commitment to Open Connections
  Kroes Discusses EC's Global Regulation Goals
  Bush and Democrats Swap Insults Over Surveillance Bill
  Bain Drops Bid to Acquire 3Com in Face of CFIUS Review

Alert No. 1,721, Thursday, February 21.
  Representatives Trade Accusations Over Expiration of FISA Bill
  DOJ Permits Thomson's Acquisition of Reuters Subject to Divestiture of Financial Datasets
  Rep. Markey Introduces Network Neutrality Bill
  7th Circuit Addresses Meaning of Prevailing Party under Section 505 of Copyright Act

Alert No. 1,720, Wednesday, February 20.
  Supreme Court Affirms in Rowe v. New Hampshire Motor Transport Association
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in ACLU v. NSA
  6th Circuit Addresses Constitutionality of Surveillance Cameras in Public School Locker Rooms

Alert No. 1,719, Tuesday, February 19.
  Martin Writes Regarding DTV Transition and Analog Broadcasts of Low Power TV Stations
  FTC Releases Report on Consumer Fraud
  Protect America Act Expires
  5th Circuit to Hold En Banc Review in Volkswagen Transfer Matter

Alert No. 1,718, Thursday, February 14.
  Bush and House Democrats Continue Standoff Over Surveillance and Telco Immunity
  Inouye and Dingell Propose Interagency DTV Task Force
  EPIC Pursues FTC for Records Related to Majoras's Alleged Conflict of Interest

Alert No. 1,717, Wednesday, February 13.
  Senate Passes Its FISA Bill, While House Rejects 21 Day Extension Bill
  DOJ Approves Bain/THL Clear Channel Acquisition Subject to Divestitures
  IIPA Submits Special 301 Comments
  Yahoo Writes Shareholders

Alert No. 1,716, Tuesday, February 12.
  Senate Rejects Efforts to Remove Immunity Language from FISA Reform Bill
  FCC Releases Order and NPRM on Cable Ownership Cap
  Cable Programming Networks Challenge FCC's September Viewability Order
  SEC Pursues Securities Lawyer for E-Mail Pump and Dump Offerers
  CDT and PFF Criticize Pending Bills Related to Protecting Children Online

Alert No. 1,715, Monday, February 11.
  Yahoo Asserts Microsoft Offer Undervalues Yahoo
  Bush Again Addresses FISA Reform
  Boucher and Goodlatte Again Introduce BAT Bill
  Cox Announces Tech Related Items on SEC's 2008 Agenda

Alert No. 1,714, Friday, February 8.
  Bush and Leahy Trade Barbs over Delays in Confirmations
  Mukasey Testifies Regarding FISA Reform
  FCC Releases Text of Media Ownership Order
  FCC Sets Comments Deadlines for Forbearance NPRM
  FCC Sets Comments Deadlines for Pole Attachments NPRM

Alert No. 1,713, Thursday, February 7.
  House to Consider Student Aid Bill with Peer to Peer Infringement Language
  House and Senate Pass Two Do Not Call Registry Bills
  FCC Releases Report on Wireless Competition

Alert No. 1,712, Wednesday, February 6.
  Dudas Discusses Patent Reform
  House Commerce Committee to Examine Google DoubleClick and Microsoft Yahoo Mergers
  US Joins Trade Negotiations with P-4 Nations
  SEC's Sirri Discusses Dark ATSs

Alert No. 1,711, Tuesday, February 5.
  Bush Releases FY 2009 Budget Proposal
  Bush Releases Proposed Budget and Legislative Proposals for FCC
  Bush Releases Proposed Budget for USPTO
  Bush Administration Opposes Senate Version of Patent Reform Act

Alert No. 1,710, Monday, February 4.
  Microsoft Makes Offer to Acquire Yahoo
  Google Opposes Microsoft Bid for Yahoo
  House to Vote on Do Not Call Registry Fee Extension Act
  SEC Delays Sarbox 404 Implementation
  District Court Again Denies EFF's FOIA Request for DOJ Records on NSA Wiretapping

Alert No. 1,709, Friday, February 1.
  NTIA Report Praises Progress on Broadband Deployment
  Bush Advocates FISA Reform, Signs 15 Day Extension Bill
  Paper Argues PAA Presents Threat to Network Security
  SEC Commissioner Condemns SEC and DOJ Efforts to Weaken Attorney Client Privilege

Alert No. 1,708, Thursday, January 31.
  DHS Announces Minimal REAL ID Act Grants
  FTC Seeks Contempt Order Against MySpace Page Jackers
  FTC Sues Operator of Children's Web Site for Privacy Violations
  FTC Brings Action Against Fraudulent Spam Advertiser
  Jury Acquits Man of Unlawful Access to E-Mail of Others

Alert No. 1,707, Wednesday, January 30.
  FCC Releases Three NPRMs Regarding Universal Service Subsidies
  District Court Extends Expiring Provisions of Final Judgments in Microsoft Antitrust Case
  Treasury's McCormick Discusses US-PRC Relations
  USTR Discusses Doha, Bilateral FTAs, TPA, and Russia

Alert No. 1,706, Tuesday, January 29.
  Bush Delivers State of the Union Address
  House Votes for 15 Day Extension of FISA Bill
  10th Circuit Addresses Personal Jurisdiction in Copyright DJ Actions Following DMCA Take Down Notices

Alert No. 1,705, Monday, January 28.
  Copps Addresses Public Interest, Broadcast Licensing, and PSAs

Alert No. 1,704, Wednesday, January 23.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Wireless Line Item Billing Case
  Supreme Court Requests Solicitor General Brief in Telecom Antitrust Case
  OUSTR Puts Czech Republic on Watch List
  Bush Signs Secret Export Control Directives for Dual Use Items
  7th Circuit Again Reverses in Makor v. Tellabs
  9th Circuit Holds Arbitration Provisions in T-Mobile's Service Agreements Unenforceable in Washington State

Alert No. 1,703, Tuesday, January 22.
  9th Circuit Addresses Privacy and Government Background Investigations of Private Sector Scientists
  8th Circuit Addresses Offers to Distribute CP on P2P Systems
  OUSTR Seeks Special 301 Comments on Countries that Deny Adequate IPR Protection

Alert No. 1,702, Monday, January 21.
  6th Circuit Addresses Arbitrability of Copyright Claims When Copyright Holder Has a Contractual Relationship with Infringer
  10th Circuit Remands in NEHCEPF v. Woodruff and Nacchio
  USTR Schwab Addresses PRC Violations, Doha Negotiations, and Korea US FTA
  PFF Releases First Two Parts of Media Metrics Study

Alert No. 1,701, Wednesday, January 16.
  Supreme Court Rules in Stoneridge v. Scientific Atlanta
  7th Circuit Addresses Choice of Forum and Bench Trial Clauses in Telecom Equipment Sales Contracts
  MySpace and State AGs Sign Document Regarding Online Safety

Alert No. 1,700, Tuesday, January 15.
  EC Again Targets Microsoft
  Barnett Addresses Application of Competition Law to Unilateral Conduct
  New York Announces Investigation of Intel
  5th Circuit Rules No Personal Jurisdiction Over Out of State Regulator of Online Commerce
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Unsolicited Fax Case

Alert No. 1,699, Monday, January 14.
  Frontline Wireless Announces That It Is Closed For Business
  Martin Discusses Recent FCC Rules Changes
  DHS Releases REAL ID Regulations

Alert No. 1,698, Wednesday, January 9.
  Apple Announces iTunes Price Drop in UK Following EC Antitrust Investigation
  USTR Schwab Addresses Trade in Electronics

Alert No. 1,697, Tuesday, January 8.
  House Commerce Committee Announces Investigation of FCC
  Bush Signs Bill Regarding Court Security and Federal Judgeships
  5th Circuit Denies Attorneys Fees to Prevailing Defendant in P2P Music Case

Alert No. 1,696, Monday, January 7.
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Case Regarding Private Rights of Action Under Communications Act

Alert No. 1,695, Friday, January 4.
  DOJ Prosecutes Operators of Pump and Dump Securities Scheme Under CAN-SPAM and CFAA
  Department of State Adopts Rules for Vicinity RFID Passport Cards

Alert No. 1,694, Thursday, January 3.
  James Assey Joins NCTA
  9th Circuit Rules in Karaoke Copyright Case
  One More Opinion in Doe v. Chao

Alert No. 1,693, Wednesday, January 2.
  5th Circuit Addresses Statute of Limitations in Internet Based Libel Case
  DC Circuit Rejects Challenges to FCC Junk Fax Rule

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