Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
July - December 2006

Alert No. 1,511, Thursday, December 28.
  AT&T Proposes Further Merger Conditions
  DC Circuit Rules on FOIA Access to DOC Records Regarding Trade Dispute
  DC Circuit Rules in Nuvio v. FCC

Alert No. 1,510, Wednesday, December 27.
  FCC Releases Report on Cable Prices
  FCC Adopts Order Affecting Local Franchising Authorities
  Adelstein Opposes Franchising Order
  Reaction to FCC Franchising Order
  Jule Sigall Joins Microsoft

Alert No. 1,509, Wednesday, December 20.
  Bush Signs Bill Extending R&D Tax Credit
  DHS Officials Defend Automated Targeting System
  1st Circuit Addresses Copyright Preemption
  1st Circuit Addresses Probative and Substantial Similarity in Copyright Infringement Case

Alert No. 1,508, Tuesday, December 19.
  More Comments on FCC's Consideration of the AT&T BellSouth Merger
  Texas Obtains Permanent Injunction Against Sony BMG
  5th Circuit Rules in Copyright Registration Case
  House Commerce Committee Democrats Seek Further Information from HP's Mark Hurd

Alert No. 1,507, Monday, December 18.
  McDowell Disqualifies Himself in AT&T BellSouth Merger Proceeding
  Antitrust Division Amends 2001 Merger Review Process Initiative
  DOT Seeks Applications for Funding of IT Based Traffic Management Programs
  Bernanke Speaks About Growth in China

Alert No. 1,506, Friday, December 15.
  US and PRC Wrap Up First Strategic Economic Dialogue
  Copyright Industry Groups and National Copyright Administration of China Enter Into MOU
  GAO Reports on Agencies' Failure to Implement IT Worker Exchange Program
  SEC Adopts E-Proxy Rule Changes

Alert No. 1,505, Thursday, December 14.
  FCC Releases Agenda for December 20 Event
  Rep. Pelosi Announces Some Committee Assignments
  Sen. Tim Johnson Hospitalized

Alert No. 1,504, Wednesday, December 13.
  Congress Expands Powers of FTC
  Congress Extends R&D Tax Credit
  House But Not Senate Approves Caller ID Spoofing Bill

Alert No. 1,503, Tuesday, December 12.
  OUSTR Reports on PR China's Continuing Failure to Protect IPR
  Cato Paper Criticizes Use of Predictive Data Mining to Fight Terrorism

Alert No. 1,502, Monday, December 11.
  FCC General Counsel Opinion Authorizes McDowell to Participate in AT&T BellSouth Merger Proceeding
  GAO Reports on Overlap Between NIPLECC and STOP Programs

Alert No. 1,501, Friday, December 8.
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Antitrust Cases

Alert No. 1,500, Thursday, December 7.
  FBI Director Mueller Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee
  Martin and Congressional Leaders Exchange Letters Re AT&T BellSouth Merger
  Cox Discusses Competing XBRL Taxonomies

Alert No. 1,499, Tuesday, December 5.
  5th Circuit Construes Private Right of Action Under 1030
  DOJ Report Discusses FBI's Failures in Creating a Secure Web Accessed File System
  House Approves Bill to Allow USPTO to Extend Deadlines After Disasters

Alert No. 1,498, Monday, December 4.
  DC Circuit Rules in Case Regarding Bells' Discrimination in Favor of Affiliates
  3rd Circuit Construes Sherman Act in Dispute Between AT&T and Prepaid Phone Card Seller

Alert No. 1,497, Friday, December 1.
  Rep. Markey to Seek Chairmanship of Telecommunications and Internet Subcommittee
  Martin Speaks On Broadband Regulation and Competition
  Bernanke Discusses State of Economy and Computing
  DHS Discloses Some Details of Electronic Database of Personal Information

Alert No. 1,496, Thursday, November 30.
  Gingrich Discusses Limits of Free Speech on Internet
  Deputy USTR Bhatia Discusses Tech, Trade and Satellites in India
  Supreme Court Denies Stay in NYT Phone Records Subpoena Case
  GAO Releases Report on Dedicated Access Services

Alert No. 1,495, Wednesday, November 29.
  7th Circuit Holds Illinois Video Game Law Unconstitutional
  FCC Seeks Comments on 10 Year Old Regulations
  USTR Schwab Discusses Trade Agenda

Alert No. 1,494, Monday, November 27.
  FCC to Conduct Media Ownership Studies
  Copyright Office Releases DMCA Anti-Circumvention Exemptions

Alert No. 1,493, Tuesday, November 21.
  California Supreme Court Rules in Section 230 Case
  US and Russia Sign Bilateral Market Access Agreement
  Grand Jury Indicts US Providers of Hizballah TV
  Gonzales Defends Terrorist Surveillance Program
  Paulson Calls for More Effective Section 404 Implementation
  Cox Addresses Affect of Communications Technology on Securities Regulation

Alert No. 1,492, Monday, November 20.
  House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Caller ID Spoofing
  4th Circuit Rules in CAN SPAM Case
  SEC Releases Annual Report

Alert No. 1,491, Friday, November 17.
  Gutierrez Discusses IPR in PR China
  Movie Companies Sue Company that Copies CSS Protected DVD Content onto PVPs

Alert No. 1,490, Thursday, November 16.
  WTO Appellate Body Issues Report in Customs Dispute Between US and EU

Alert No. 1,489, Wednesday, November 15.
  5th Circuit Holds that Cable Television Service is Not a Utility Under 11 U.S.C. 366
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Commercial Speech Case
  FTC Sues Another Malware Distributor
  FTC Announces Promotions and Hirings
  Privacy Board Seeks Comments on Watch List Redress

Alert No. 1,488, Monday, November 13.
  Rep. Barton to Run for Minority Leader
  US and Russia Conduct Negotiations on Russian Accession to the WTO

Alert No. 1,487, Friday, November 10.
  7th Circuit Holds GPL and Open Source Software Do Not Violate Antitrust Law
  Deval Patrick Elected Governor of Massachusetts

Alert No. 1,486, Thursday, November 9.
  Vietnam to Join WTO
  Commentary: Some Possible Consequences of the 2006 Elections on Federal Technology Law

Alert No. 1,485, Wednesday, November 8.
  FCC Releases BPL Order
  Mandelson Discusses IPR and Market Access in PR China
  Internet Governance Forum Discusses IDNs
  NCTA Seeks Delay of Integration Ban
  CEA Files Bi-Directional Digital Cable Compatibility Proposal with FCC

Alert No. 1,484, Tuesday, November 7.
  FCC Releases Order on Remand Regarding Broadcast Indecency
  OUSTR Moves Indonesia From Priority Watch List
  Cato Paper Assesses WTO Proceeding on Internet Gambling
  3rd Circuit Reverses in DirecTV v. Leto

Alert No. 1,483, Monday, November 6.
  FTC Files Administrative Complaint Against Deceptive Adware Distributor
  FTC Sues Spammer Under CAN-SPAM Act for Blocking Opt Out Reply Messages
  Microsoft and Novell Announce Linux Agreement
  Copyright Office Issues Opinion Regarding Meaning of  114's Preexisting Subscription Services

Alert No. 1,482, Friday, November 3.
  FCC Again Delays Approval of AT&T BellSouth Merger
  FCC Declares that BPL is an Information Service
  Adelstein Comments on Pretexting and Privacy
  FTC Releases Report on Noerr Pennington Doctrine

Alert No. 1,481, Thursday, November 2.
  FCC Rules Boston Airport Cannot Regulate WiFi
  NMPA to Settle with Kazaa over P2P Infringement
  Copyright Office Publishes Notice of Ringtones Opinion

Alert No. 1,480, Wednesday, November 1.
  Bush Continues Attacks on Democrats for Voting Record on PATRIOT Act and NSA Electronic Surveillance
  GAO Reports on Federal Government Cybersecurity R&D
  DOJ Suspends Investigation of Entercom's Purchase of Radio Stations from CBS
  2nd Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Antitrust Action Brought by Web Site Payments Processor

Alert No. 1,479, Tuesday, October 31.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Inequitable Conduct Case
  DOJ Approves VITA Patent Policy
  Alfred Kahn Opines Against Net Neutrality Regulation
  Deputy Treasury Secretary Discusses CFIUS

Alert No. 1,478, Monday, October 30.
  Supreme Court Grants Cert In Microsoft v. AT&T
  Copyright Office Delays Release of Triennial DMCA Exemptions Rule
  FCC Releases Agenda for November 3 Meeting

Alert No. 1,477, Friday, October 27.
  Martin Discusses Chevron Deference, Biennial Reviews and Forbearance
  8th Circuit Affirms in Connect Communications v. SWBT
  Copyright Office Opines that Cellphone Ringtones are Digital Phonorecord Deliveries Under Section 115

Alert No. 1,476, Thursday, October 26.
  CEA and Others Announce Digital Freedom Campaign
  FTC to Seek Information About Internet Advertising of Alcohol

Alert No. 1,475, Wednesday, October 25.
  SGI Sues ATI for Patent Infringement in Western District of Wisconsin
  Bush Discusses Electronic Surveillance
  EU Trade Commissioner Advocates IPR Protection

Alert No. 1,474, Tuesday, October 24.
  IBM Sues Amazon for Patent Infringement in Eastern District of Texas
  Federal Circuit Vacates in Qualcomm v. Nokia
  Federal Circuit Rules in Safeclick v. Visa
  Fourth Round of Korea US FTA Negotiations Commence

Alert No. 1,473, Monday, October 23.
  SEC Chairman Plugs Interactive Data and XBRL Reader Products
  FCC Releases NOI on Video Competition and Other Issues
  FCC Adopts NPRM Proposing New DTV Table of Allotments

Alert No. 1,472, Friday, October 20.
  District Court Dismisses Hacking Case Against IBM
  CBS Radio Settles With New York
  OUSTR Seeks Comments on Internet Gambling

Alert No. 1,471, Wednesday, October 18.
  FBI Director Mueller Seeks Data Retention Mandate
  EFF Sues DOJ for Failure to Respond to FOIA Request for Records About FBI's Investigative Data Warehouse

Alert No. 1,470, Tuesday, October 17.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Hatch v. Cellco Partnership
  Federal Reserve Governor Bies Addresses Information Security
  GAO Reports on FBI's IT Management Problems

Alert No. 1,469, Monday, October 16.
  FTC Charges Real Estate Groups that Limited Publication of Listings on Certain Web Sites
  Bush Signs Port Security Bill
  FCC Issues Second Public Notice Seeking Comments on AT&T's Revised Proposed Conditions

Alert No. 1,468, Friday, October 13.
  FCC Further Delays AT&T BellSouth Merger Decision and NOI on Broadband Industry Practices
  FCC Releases Public Notice Seeking Comments on AT&T's Proposed Conditions

Alert No. 1,467, Thursday, October 12.
  FCC Delays its AT&T BellSouth Merger Review Decision
  FCC Adopts Order and FNPRM Regarding TV White Space
  FCC Adopts Order Affecting Qualcomm's Mediaflo Service
  FCC Adopts NOI Regarding Video Competition

Alert No. 1,466, Wednesday, October 11.
  DOJ Approves AT&T BellSouth Merger
  DOJ Fines Oracle $98.5 Million
  SEC Official Addresses Online Identity Theft and Securities Fraud

Alert No. 1,465, Tuesday, October 10.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in TCPA Preemption Case
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in At Home v. Cox and Comcast
  5th Circuit Rules in SBC Texas v. PUC Texas

Alert No. 1,464, Monday, October 9.
  Bush Signs Trademark Dilution Revision Act
  FCC Releases Agenda for October 12 Meeting
  US and EU Enter Into New PNR Agreement
  IG Reports on Porn Surfing and Online Gambling at the Department of the Interior

Alert No. 1,463, Friday, October 6.
  Summary of Existing Federal Laws Related to Pretexting
  Federal Criminal Statutes Related to Pretexting
  Civil and Administrative Actions by Federal Agencies Related to Pretexting
  Federal Private Rights of Action Related to Pretexting
  FCC License Revocation, Renewal and Transfer Proceedings

Alert No. 1,462, Thursday, October 5.
  California Charges Patricia Dunn and Others With Four Felonies
  Cingular Sues Pretexting Firm Involved in HP Scandal
  Verizon Wireless Files John Doe Complaint Against HP's Pretexters
  HP Discloses Terms of Ann Baskins' Resignation Agreement
  Persons Involved in the HP Scandal
  Bibliography for HP Scandal

Alert No. 1,461, Wednesday, October 4.
  House and Senate Approve Port Security Bill With Tech Provisions
  Bush Discusses Surveillance, FISA and HR 5825

Alert No. 1,460, Tuesday, October 3.
  McAfee Asserts That Microsoft's Vista Threatens Security
  Gonzales Addresses Counterfeiting and Piracy
  FCC Approves Alltel Acquisition of Midwest Wireless Holdings
  FCC Releases Order Regarding Support for Telemedicine
  FCC Releases Report on Wireless Competition

Alert No. 1,459, Monday, October 2.
  NTIA and ICANN Sign Agreement
  Status of Intellectual Property Bills

Alert No. 1,458, Friday, September 29.
  WTO Panel Releases Report on EU Biotech Ban
  SEC Initiative Would Update Books and Records Requirement for New IT
  Task Force on Child Obesity and Media Formed

Alert No. 1,457, Wednesday, September 27.
  House Judiciary Committee Puts Off Consideration of Copyright Legislation Until Next Year
  DC Circuit Upholds FCC Regulation of Towers and Antennas Under National Historic Preservation Act
  SEC Awards Contracts to Implement Its Transition to Interactive Data
  Cox Names Silicon Valley Lawyer to SEC Post

Alert No. 1,456, Tuesday, September 26.
  House Commerce Committee Issues Subpoenas in HP Investigation
  Mandelson Discusses Doha and Globalization
  British Library Advocates Exemption to Ban on Circumvention and Other Limitations on IPR
  FCC Releases Order Creating Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau

Alert No. 1,455, Monday, September 25.
  Dunn Resigns Over Role in HP Spying Scandal
  US and PRC Announce Strategic Economic Dialogue
  SEC's Cox Says Interactive Data Will Make U.S. Markets More Competitive Globally
  Stearns and Upton Introduce Bills to Prohibit Deception in Video and Computer Games Rating Process
  Hatch and Feinstein Introduce Bill Regarding Specialized Patent Judges
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Over Consideration of Perform Act and Patent Reform Act
  House to Vote on IP Bills
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Some Judges

Alert No. 1,454, Thursday, September 21.
  Sen. Stevens Addresses Communications Reform Bill
  House Judiciary Committee Holds Mark Up Session
  FCC Completes First Advanced Wireless Services Spectrum Auction
  Copyright Office Announces Notice of Inquiry Regarding Cable Statutory License

Alert No. 1,453, Wednesday, September 20.
  FCC Releases Agenda for September 26 Event
  Summary of 911 VOIP Provisions in Senate's Port Security Bill
  CIIP Subcommittee Considers Bill to Allow Late Application for Patent Extension

Alert No. 1,452, Tuesday, September 19.
  Greg Garcia Named Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Telecommunications at DHS
  Senate Approves US Oman FTA
  AeA Seeks Scaled Approach to SOX 404
  CDT Releases Internet Watch List

Alert No. 1,451, Monday, September 18.
  Sen. Dorgan Criticizes Offshore Outsourcing of Software Development
  Commerce Department Proposes to Mandate Reporting of International IP Transactions
  Paulson Advocates Free Trade and IPR

Alert No. 1,450, Friday, September 15.
  FCC Paper Finds Statistical Relationship Between Local Ownership and Local Programming
  DOJ's Barnett Slams Europe on Antitrust, iPods and Single Firm Conduct Analysis
  EU's Kroes Addresses Competition and Innovation
  Senate Judiciary Committee Puts Off Consideration of Judicial Nominees and Perform Act

Alert No. 1,449, Thursday, September 14.
  Senate Bill Provides $90 Million for Study of the Effect of Internet, DVDs, Video Games and Other Electronic Media on Youth
  Senate Adopts National Alert System Amendment
  HJC Approves Bill Regarding Specialized Patent Judges

Alert No. 1,448, Wednesday, September 13.
  House Judiciary Committee Holds Over Consideration of Copyright Modernization Act
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Nominations of Martin and Kneuer

Alert No. 1,447, Tuesday, September 12.
  Rep. Smith Combines Orphan Works Bill, SIRA, and Other Copyright Act Amendments
  House Commerce Committee Requests Records From HP Regarding Its Use of Pretexting to Obtain Confidential Records
  HP Says Dunn Will Remain as a Director

Alert No. 1,446, Monday, September 11.
  Gonzales Again Says Terrorists Use New Information and Communications Technologies
  Bush Discusses Electronic Surveillance and Amending the FISA
  Technology and Broadcast Groups Debate Merits of Draft WIPO Broadcast Treaty
  HP Board Continues to Meet

Alert No. 1,445, Friday, September 8.
  9th Circuit Rules in Interconnection Dispute
  7th Circuit Addresses Web Based Hotel Reservations and Consumer Fraud Actions
  8th Circuit Rules Against Copyright Owner on Registration Errors

Alert No. 1,444, Thursday, September 7.
  Bernanke Gives Another Speech on ICT and Productivity Growth
  DHS Announces Final Rules for FOIA Exemption for Critical Infrastructure Information
  House Crime Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Proposals to Revise the FISA
  Thomas Perkins' States That HP's Pretexting Practices Were Probable Unlawful Conduct
  IRS Announces Procedures for Refund of Illegally Collected Phone Excise Taxes

Alert No. 1,443, Wednesday, September 6.
  HP Admits Spying on its Directors via Pretexting to Obtain Confidential Home Phone Records
  McDowell Names Permanent Staff

Alert No. 1,442, Thursday, August 31.
  Bush Renominates Five for Courts of Appeals
  FDA States That Canadian Web Sites Sell Counterfeit and Unsafe Drugs
  AT&T Loses Customer Data to Hackers
  FCC Commissioners Praise BellSouth's and Verizon's Elimination of Fees Imposed on DSL Customers

Alert No. 1,441, Wednesday, August 30.
  Solicitor General Urges Reversal in Bell Atlantic v. Twombly
  Schwab Says Many Protectionist Bills In Congress Won't Save a Single American Job

Alert No. 1,440, Tuesday, August 29.
  1st Circuit Rules That 605 Does Not Apply to Theft of Cable Signals Delivered by Wire

Alert No. 1,439, Friday, August 25.
  Bernanke Discusses Trade
  Mandelson Urges US to Extend Trade Promotion Authority
  USTR Meets With ASEAN Ministers

Alert No. 1,438, Thursday, August 24.
  US Attorney in New York Prosecutes Provider of Hizballah TV Broadcasts

Alert No. 1,437, Wednesday, August 23.
  Bush Issues Executive Order Regarding Health Care Information Technology
  1st Circuit Construes Visual Artists Rights Act

Alert No. 1,436, Tuesday, August 22.
  FTC's Majoras Discusses Network Neutrality
  Majoras and Gonzales Offer Contrasting Views of the Internet
  Bush Says Judge Taylor Wrote a Terrible Opinion Re NSA Surveillance

Alert No. 1,435, Monday, August 21.
  SEC Commissioner Defends Section 404
  Georgelas Sentenced in Islamic Cyber Crime Case
  Dennis Carlton Named Head of Economic Analysis in Antitrust Division
  Michelle Connolly Named Chief Economist at FCC

Alert No. 1,434, Friday, August 18.
  DC Circuit Upholds FCC Order Re Separable Security for Cable Set-Top Boxes
  Bush's Press Office Criticizes District Court Opinion on NSA Surveillance Program
  Federal Circuit Addresses Patent Misuse

Alert No. 1,433, Thursday, August 17.
  District Court Holds NSA Surveillance Program Violates Constitution

Alert No. 1,432, Wednesday, August 16.
  Gonzales Says Online Radicalization Must Be Contained
  FTC Sues Movieland for Pop Up Ads Extortionate Tactics
  Diego Ruiz to Move from FCC to SEC

Alert No. 1,431, Tuesday, August 15.
  DC Circuit Upholds FCC's Forbearance Order Regarding Unbundling Obligations Under  271 in Earthlink v. FCC
  9th Circuit Addresses Aesthetic Functionality Doctrine in Trademark Law
  9th Circuit Addresses Trademark Abandonment

Alert No. 1,430, Friday, August 11.
  Copyright Office Seeks Comments on Revising Reporting Practices of Cable Operators
  Grand Jury Indicts Man for Accessing E-Mail of Others at Former Place of Employment
  11th Circuit Rules on Preemption of State Regulation of Wireless Services

Alert No. 1,429, Thursday, August 10.
  Rep. Markey Advocates Data Destruction Bill
  Sen. Hagel Bill Ties Foreign Assistance to Anti-Counterfeiting Measures
  CDT Reports that Well Known Companies Pay to Have Their Ads Displayed Via Harmful Adware
  August Recess Reading List

Alert No. 1,428, Wednesday, August 9.
  9th Circuit Holds There is No Secondary Liability for Violation of ECPA's 2702
  Caprio Named President of Progress and Freedom Foundation
  DC Circuit Affirms in Trudeau v. FTC

Alert No. 1,427, Tuesday, August 8.
  FTC Sues Walsh Optical for Internet Sales of Contact Lens Without Prescriptions
  SEC and EU's CESR to Discuss Interactive Data and Other IT Related Financial Reporting Issues
  FTC Holds That Rambus Unlawfully Monopolized Markets

Alert No. 1,426, Monday August 7.
  House Approves DOPA
  Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Website Labeling Mandate
  CDT Argues That Internet Filtering and Web Site Labeling Bills Threaten Free Speech
  Europe Announces Public Consultation on Regulation of Children's Use of Mobile Phones
  Sen. Bond Introduces Crime Bill That Would Affect Unauthorized Disclosures of  Certain Surveillance Programs
  Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Cyber Security

Alert No. 1,425, Friday, August 4.
  Senate Ratifies Convention on Cybercrime
  Bush Extends Export Control Regime

Alert No. 1,424, Thursday, August 3.
  FCC Adopts MOO Regarding BPL Systems
  FCC Concludes 700 MHz Band Licensees Are Subject to 911/E911 Rules
  GAO Reports That DOD's Critical Information Technologies Lists are Outdated

Alert No. 1,423, Wednesday, August 2.
  SEC Sues Operator of Online Tout and Trade Scheme
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Access to Whois Database
  Paulson Advocates Free Trade
  GAO Reports on Financial Restatements, Sarbanes Oxley, and Section 404

Alert No. 1,422, Tuesday, August 1.
  GAO Reports on Federal Government Transition to IPv6
  DOJ Closes Investigation of MediaNews' Acquisition of Mercury News and Contra Costa Times
  Federal Circuit Orders Reassignment in Eolas v. Microsoft

Alert No. 1,421, Monday, July 31.
  7th Circuit Upholds Indiana Ban on Certain Charitable Telemarketing
  House Votes for Two Year Extension of the R&D Tax Credit
  DOJ Obtains Grand Jury Subpoena for Critic of NSA Surveillance

Alert No. 1,420, Friday, July 28.
  House Approves Health Sector IT Bill
  FCC Releases Agenda for August 3 Meeting
  Kazaa Settles With Music Companies

Alert No. 1,419, Thursday, July 27.
  7th Circuit Rules in Antitrust and Patent Case
  Negotiators Trade Accusations About Collapse of Doha Talks
  PRC's Ministry of Commerce States It Has Perfect IPR Legal System

Alert No. 1,418, Wednesday, July 26.
  Panel Discusses Possible FTA with Taiwan
  House Approves Bill to Create DHS Office of Emergency Communications
  7th Circuit Issues Second Opinion in Computer Hacking Case
  DC Circuit Denies Petition for Review in Echostar v. FCC

Alert No. 1,417, Tuesday, July 25.
  9th Circuit Holds Government Can Conduct Warrantless Random Searches of Laptops of Persons Entering US at Airports
  4th Circuit Affirms in IBM Sales Commission Case

Alert No. 1,416, Monday, July 24.
  6th Circuit Affirms in BellSouth v. Universal Telecom
  FCC Adelphia Order Rejects Network Neutrality Objections
  Report Contends Universal Service Programs Are a Failure

Alert No. 1,415, Friday, July 21.
  District Court Denies DOJ Motion Dismiss Class Action Against AT&T Regarding Warrantless Surveillance
  Federal Reserve Reports on Activity in Tech Sector
  DOJ and SEC File Criminal and Civil Charges Against Former Brocade Executives for Backdating Stock Option Grants

Alert No. 1,414, Thursday, July 20.
  Microsoft Announces What Some of Its Business Practices Will Be After Expiration of U.S. Antitrust Order

Alert No. 1,413, Wednesday, July 19.
  Web Site Operator Indicted for Supporting Terrorism
  11th Circuit Addresses 230 Interactive Computer Service Immunity and Amazon Book Listing

Alert No. 1,412, Tuesday, July 18.
  District Court Rules in DVD Content Editing Copyright Case
  States File Civil Antitrust Complaint Against DRAM Makers

Alert No. 1,411, Monday, July 17.
  Federal Circuit Applies Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act in Patent Dispute
  DC Circuit Rules in Case Regarding AT&T's EPCCs
  FCC Approves Sales of Adelphia Assets

Alert No. 1,410, Thursday, July 13.
  9th Circuit Affirms in FTC v.
  European Commission Takes Another 280.5 Million Euros From Microsoft

Alert No. 1,409, Wednesday, July 12.
  9th Circuit Holds that Operation of Passive Website Is Insufficient to Create Personal Jurisdiction in Trademark Case
  6th Circuit Upholds Choice of Forum Clause in Contract for Lease of Telecom Equipment

Alert No. 1,408, Tuesday, July 11.
  House Approves Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act
  District Court Denies Rep. Jefferson's Motion for Return of Property
  Schwab Discusses Doha Negotiations and Russia's Enforcement of IPR

Alert No. 1,407, Monday, July 10.
  Bush Discusses Technology, Innovation and Foreign Investment
  9th Circuit Addresses 10b Securities Fraud Primary Violation Liability
  PFF Recommends Process at FCC for Limiting Outmoded Social Regulation

Alert No. 1,406, Friday, July 7.
  FCC Announces Agenda for July 13 Meeting
  GAO Reports that BIS Has Failed to Justify Its High Performance Computer Control Threshold
  DC Circuit Denies Petitions for Review in Case Regarding Forbearance from Application of Intercarrier Compensation Rules for ISP Bound Traffic

Alert No. 1,405, Thursday, July 6.
  SEC's Atkins Discusses E-Proxies, XBRL and 404 Reform
  English Professor Raises Copyright Misuse in Complaint Against Estate of James Joyce

Alert No. 1,404, Wednesday, July 5.
  Senate Commerce Committee Marks Up Communications Bill
  Mark Up of Title I -- Interoperable Emergency Communications
  Mark Up of Title II -- Universal Service, Interconnection, VOIP, and VOIP Preemption
  Mark Up of Title III -- Video Franchising
  Mark Up of Title IV -- Video Content and Broadcast Flag
  Mark Up of Title V -- Municipal Broadband
  Mark Up of Title VI -- Use of Broadcast White Space
  Mark Up of Title VII -- Digital Television
  Mark Up of Title VIII -- Mandating Web Site Warning Labels and Censoring Web Page Source Code
  Mark Up of Title IX -- Network Neutrality
  Mark Up of Titles X and XI -- Miscellaneous Provisions
  Reaction to the Senate Commerce Committee' Mark Up of HR 5252

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