Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
January - June, 2003

Alert No. 690, Monday, June 30.
  5th Circuit Holds Texas Wine Sales Statute Unconstitutional
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in SBCCI v. Veeck
  4th Circuit Affirms in WorldCom v. Boyne

Alert No. 689, Friday, June 27.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves FCC Reauthorization Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act
  Appeals Court Vacates Java Must Carry Injunction in Sun v. Microsoft

Alert No. 688, Thursday, June 26.
  Representatives Introduce Public Domain Enhancement Act
  Commentary: Lofgren Bill Could Prompt Copyright Office to Update Registration Regulations for Internet Media
  RIAA Announces Plans to Sue Individual P2P Infringers

Alert No. 687, Wednesday, June 25.
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Nixon v. Missouri Municipal League
  Representatives Baird & Inslee Introduce ICANN Bill
  U.S. Focuses on Trade and Tech in Islamic Nations
  9th Circuit Construes Section 230 Immunity in Suit Against Listserv Operator
  District Court Enters Final Judgment in US v. Village Voice and NT Media
  Amici File Brief In Support of RIAA in DMCA Subpoena Case

Alert No. 686, Tuesday, June 24.
  Supreme Court Upholds Children's Internet Protection Act
  FCC Announces Agenda for June 26 Meeting
  Representatives Smith & Berman Introduce Internet Piracy Education Bill
  Bills Introduced to Provide Grants for Community Telecom Planning
  Rep. Frank Introduces FOIA Exemption Bill
  Senators Hatch & Leahy Introduce Spam Crime Bill
  Tiger Woods' Licensing Agent Cannot Stop Sale of "Masters of Augusta"

Alert No. 685, Friday, June 20.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Bills
  Senate Commerce Committee Passes Media Ownership Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Passes Spam Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Nanotech R&D Bill

Alert No. 684, Thursday, June 19.
  Sen. Hatch Comments Further About Remedies for P2P Piracy
  DOJ and Microsoft File Briefs with DC Circuit in CCIA/SIIA Appeal
  Senate Finance Committee Holds Hearing on Chile and Singapore FTAs
  Reps. Lofgren and Boucher Address FTAs and DMCA

Alert No. 683, Wednesday, June 18.
  Senate Committee Holds Hearing on P2P Networks
  News Analysis: Hatch Hyperbolizes About Destroying Computers on P2P Networks
  BIS Amends EAR Regarding Encryption Products
  OECD Releases Cross Border Fraud Guidelines

Alert No. 682, Tuesday, June 17.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Baystate v. Bowers
  Sen. Schumer Introduces Spam Bill
  Sen. McCain Introduces FTC Reauthorization Bill

Alert No. 681, Monday, June 16.
  Sen. McCain Introduces Telecom Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee to Hold Mark Up Session
  Bill Would Task DHS's IAIPD With National Parks Protection Responsibilities
  Sen. Schumer Introduces Wireless Number Portability Bill
  Senators Introduce Cell Phone Users Bill of Rights
  Rep. Sanders Introduces Bill to Reverse FCC's Media Ownership Report & Order

Alert No. 680, Friday, June 13.
  House Passes Class Action Fairness Act
  4th Circuit Declines to Rule on Scienter Requirements of PSLRA
  J.D. Edwards Files Complaint Against Oracle
  SEC and U.S. Atty. Charge Former Network Associates Controller
  Rep. Smith Addresses Intellectual Property Rights
  Representatives Introduce Patent Bill to Encourage Collaborative Research
  Legislators Re-Introduce Bills to Address State IPR Sovereign Immunity

Alert No. 679, Thursday, June 12.
  House Passes Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act
  House Rules Committee Adopts Rule for Class Action Fairness Act
  3rd Circuit Revises Opinion in Omnipoint v. Easttown Following Rehearing
  EPIC Files FOIA Complaint Regarding Computer Assisted Passenger Screening System
  Total Information Awareness Oversight Board to Meet
  FTC Seeks Increased Authority to Regulate Spam
  FTC Seeks End to Communications Common Carrier Exemption

Alert No. 678, Wednesday, June 11.
  DC Circuit Addresses Standing to Challenge FCC Orders
  House Passes Internet Gambling Bill
  Ways and Means Committee Holds Hearing on Chile and Singapore FTAs
  Commissioner Abernathy Addresses FCC Spectrum Policy

Alert No. 677, Tuesday, June 10.
  9th Circuit Rules on Misappropriation of  Trade Secrets, and Application of Antitrust Law to Patents
  Sen. Baucus Asks for GAO Report on Lack of Transparency in the FTA Process
  FCC Announces NPRM Regarding Communications Facilities and the National Historic Preservation Act
  GAO Reports on DHS's Visa Entry/Exit Info Tech
  House To Take Up Internet Gambling Bill
  Bush Nominates Goldsmith to Head OLC

Alert No. 676, Monday, June 9.
  Senators Introduce Bill to Relax Student Loan Requirements for Online Education
  SCO And Novell Continue Argument Over Rights in UNIX Operating System
  Oracle Makes Hostile Bid for PeopleSoft
  DC Circuit Upholds FCC's Number Portability Rules for Wireless Carriers
  DHS Creates Cyber Security Division
  US and Chile Sign FTA
  FTC Opposes Class Action Settlement Involving Software Coupons
  Treasury Department Announces Rules for Incentive Stock Options
  SEC Files Civil Fraud Complaint Against Former Xerox Officers

Alert No. 675, Friday, June 6.
  Bush Issues Spectrum Policy Memorandum
  Reaction to the President's Spectrum Memorandum
  Senators Introduce Bill to Regulate Internet Cigarette Sales
  Senators Introduce Global Internet Freedom Act
  Rep. Langevin Complains About FCC Delay in Releasing Triennial Review Order

Alert No. 674, Thursday, June 5.
  FCC Releases NPRM Regarding Increasing Amount of Unlicensed Spectrum
  Federal Circuit Affirms in Pioneer v. Micro Linear
  Juster Addresses Barriers to High Tech Development in India
  Microsoft Praises Singapore and Chile FTAs
  Court of Appeals Denies Stay in RIAA v. Verizon

Alert No. 673, Wednesday, June 4.
  4th Circuit Addresses Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in Cyber Squatting Case Involving Foreign Trademarks
  Court Hears Arguments on Bar Associations' Challenges to FTC's Financial Privacy Rules
  9th Circuit Rules That An Accrued Cause of Action for Copyright Infringement May Be Assigned
  Eighth Circuit Holds Ban on Sales of Violent Video Games to Minors Violates First Amendment
  GAO Report Finds That Computer Weaknesses At IRS Put Taxpayer Data At Risk

Alert No. 672, Tuesday, June 3.
  Supreme Court Reverses in Dastar v. Fox
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Case Involving R&D Tax Credit for Software Development
  7th Circuit Rules in Privacy Case
  FCC Announces Revisions to Media Ownership Rules
  Reaction to the FCC's Media Ownership Announcement

Alert No. 671, Monday, June 2.
  California Court Rules on Jurisdiction in Dispute Over Who Pays to Relocate Telecom Facilities Underground
  GAO Reports on Spectrum Management in Defense Acquisitions
  Another Spam Bill Introduced in House
  4th Circuit Vacates District Court Opinion in Case Affecting Internet Alcohol Sales

Alert No. 670, Friday, May 30.
  Microsoft and AOL Time Warner Settle Antitrust Lawsuit
  Rep. Tauzin Responds to Critics of FCC's Forthcoming Report and Order on Media Ownership
  Novell Asserts Intellectual Property Rights in UNIX Technology
  German Software Group Threatens to Sue SCO Over Linux Claims
  9th Circuit Addresses Copyright Issues

Alert No. 669, Thursday, May 29.
  FCC to Consider Media Ownership Rules on June 2
  Tax Bill Signed, Without Broadband Expensing Provision or IP Deductions Limitation
  DHS and NIST to Collaborate
  Media Security and Reliability Council Considers Recommendations
  Microsoft Licenses Technology at Issue in Caldera v. IBM
  Bill Would Facilitate Internet Sale of Replacement Contact Lenses
  Rep. Forbes Introduces Bill to Provide Grants for Digital and Wireless Technology for MSIs
  Sen. Breaux Criticizes Award of Government Contract to MCI WorldCom

Alert No. 668, Friday, May 23.
  4th Circuit Rules in Cybersquatting Case
  6th Circuit Adopts Standard for Substantial Similarity in Copyright Infringement Cases
  FTC Files Complaint Against Staples Alleging False Statements in Web Site
  FCC Sets Deadlines for Comments in Broadband Over Powerline Inquiry
  FRB Governor Addresses Prospects for Economic Growth
  Rep. Meeks Addresses MCI WorldCom Bankruptcy
  Representatives Address FCC's Failure to Produce Triennial Review Order

Alert No. 667, Thursday, May 22.
  7th Circuit Addresses Erroneous Copyright Registrations, Assignments, and Works Made for Hire
  4th Circuit Rules on Relation of Telecom Act to Antitrust Law
  9th Circuit Rules in Antitrust Case
  Adelstein Addresses Media Ownership

Alert No. 666, Wednesday, May 21.
  Rep. Upton Criticizes FCC for Failure to Release Triennial Review Order
  Senators Hatch and Leahy Introduce Antitrust Bill
  House Financial Services Committee Approves Revised Internet Gambling Bill
  USPTO Releases Report on Technological Systems to Protect Digitized Copyrighted Works
  DARPA Releases TIA Report

Alert No. 665, Tuesday, May 20.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Patent Case Involving On Sale Bar
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Case Involving Personal Jurisdiction in Internet Defamation Suit
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Pay Phone Antitrust Case
  1st Circuit Rules E-Rates Subsidies Owed By USAC To Bankrupt Contractor Are Not Part of Estate
  FCC Releases Text of FNPRM on Regulatory Framework for Local Phone Companies Offering LD Service
  Adelstein Addresses Cognitive Radio Technologies

Alert No. 664, Monday, May 19.
  Senate Passes Tax Bill With Broadband Expensing Amendment
  Senate Passes Tax Bill with Limitation of Deduction for Charitable Contributions of Intellectual Property
  Senate Rejects Amendment to Make R&D Tax Credit Permanent
  Senate to Take Up Defense Authorization Bill
  House to Take Up Defense Authorization Bill
  FCC Announces NPRM Regarding Long Distance
  FCC Sets Deadlines for Comments on News Corp.'s DirecTV Deal
  House Committee Holds Hearing on Class Action Reform Bill

Alert No. 663, Friday, May 16.
  FCC Adopts Order Allowing Some Secondary Leasing of Spectrum
  Copps Disputes FCC's Authority to Allow Secondary Leasing of Spectrum
  FCC Adopts NPRM to Increase Unlicensed Spectrum
  FCC Unlicensed Spectrum NPRM and the Jumpstart Broadband Act
  FCC Releases Working Paper on Unlicensed Devices
  Powell Sticks to June 2 Date for Broadcast Ownership Biennial Review
  Representatives Introduce Bill to Update Computer Professionals Exception to Overtime Pay Requirement

Alert No. 662, Thursday, May 15.
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Internet Gambling Bill
  Federal Circuit Rules in StorageTek v. Cisco
  Report Offers Recommendations for Authentication Systems
  PPI Report Addresses Native American IPR and Digital Divide

Alert No. 661, Wednesday, May 14.
  Adelstein and Copps Seek Delay of FCC Action on Media Ownership
  Legislators Introduce Bills to Establish 35% National Broadcast Ownership Cap
  Antitrust Division Has No Present Intention to Challenge Chemical Industry Database
  FBI Legal Memorandum Addresses Questions Related to Government Use of Private Databases

Alert No. 660, Tuesday, May 13.
  Court Upholds FCC Order Allowing Public TV to Offer Subscription Services on Excess Digital Capacity
  FCC Receives Few Comments on AOL Time Warner Petition
  Rep. Rush Introduces Telecom Diversity Bill in House

Alert No. 659, Monday, May 12.
  1st Circuit Holds Monitoring Web Site Traffic Can Violate Wiretap Act
  Senate Passes Amendments to FISA
  Murdoch Defends News Corp.'s DirecTV Deal
  House Members Question Powell Regarding Internet and Cable News Media
  Donaldson Blames Internet and Cable News Media for Disillusionment with Wall Street

Alert No. 658, Friday, May 9.
  FCC Announces Agenda for May 15 Meeting
  FCC to Consider Further NPRM Regarding Spectrum Markets
  Bush Names Members of Info Tech Advisory Panel
  Senate Democrats Continue Filibuster of Owen and Estrada

Alert No. 657, Thursday, May 8.
  House Passes Nanotech R&D Bill
  Abernathy Advocates Reliance on Market and Criticizes Triennial Review Order
  DOJ Addresses First Amendment and Antitrust Enforcement Against Newspaper and Web Publishers
  FCC Fines Qwest for Providing In Region InterLATA Service
  WTO Authorizes FSC/ETI Related Tariffs

Alert No. 656, Wednesday, May 7.
  House Crime Subcommittee Approves Internet Gambling Bill
  House Crime Subcommittee Holds Hearing on DOJ Reauthorization
  Murdoch to Testify at House Hearing
  House to Consider Nanotechnology R&D Act
  NIST Announces ATP Grants
  Supreme Court Rules Fraud Actions Against Telemarketers Do Not Violate First Amendment
  Bush and Goh Sign US Singapore FTA
  USTR Releases Annual Special 301 Report
  FCC Sets Deadlines for Comments in NOI Re Interference Immunity Performance Specifications
  FCC Releases NOI on Broadband Over Power Lines
  FCC Releases E-Rate Order and NPRM

Alert No. 655, Monday, May 5.
  Comment Period Closes in FCC's Plug and Play Cable Compatibility Rulemaking Proceeding
  Senate Passes Technology Grant Bill
  USTR Proposes to Liberalize Trade in Telecommunication and Information Services
  Sen. Ensign Introduces Bill to Impose Moratorium on Mandating Stock Option Expensing

Alert No. 654, Friday, May 2.
  Attorney General Releases Annual FISA Report
  House Science Committee Approves Bill to Authorize Funding for Nanotech Research
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Nanotechnology
  PPI Recommends Network Government
  Bush Signs PROTECT Act
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Internet Gambling Bills

Alert No. 653, Thursday, May. 1.
  House Commerce Committee Passes Spectrum Relocation Bill
  USPTO Proposes Inter Partes Reexamination Rule Changes
  Snow Wants Iraq to Focus on Intellectual Property Rights
  GAO Recommends Integration of Watch List Data
  6th Circuit Rules Cable Act Provides No Private Right of Action for Landowners

Alert No. 652, Wednesday, April 30.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Internet Jurisdiction Case
  Virginia Makes Sending Certain Spam a Felony
  FTC Finds that Two Thirds of Spam Messages Contain False Information
  House Commerce Committee Subpoenas USAC for E-Rate Records

Alert No. 651, Tuesday, April 29.
  Supreme Court Requests SG Brief in Cable Franchise Transfer Case
  FRB Governor Offers Economic Analysis of Tech Investment
  Export Regulation Official Addresses Hong Kong Technology Trade
  Commerce Department Official Discusses Policies Affecting Broadband Deployment
  Powell Discusses History of FCC Regulation

Alert No. 650, Monday, April 28.
  District Court Holds No Contributory or Vicarious Infringement by Grokster or Streamcast P2P Networks

Alert No. 649, Friday, April 25.
  District Court Rules That A DMCA  512(h) Subpoena for the Identity of an P2P Infringer Does not Violate the Constitution

Alert No. 648, Thursday, April 24.
  FCC Announces Order and NPRM Regarding E-Rate Subsidies
  FCC Announces NOI Regarding Broadband Over Powerlines
  FCC Announces Changes to Satellite Licensing System

Alert No. 647, Wednesday, April 23.
  10th Circuit Rules on Civil Liability for Violation of Wiretap Act
  Microsoft to Revise Licensing Terms for Server Operating System Products

Alert No. 646, Tuesday, April 22.
  FCC Announces Agenda for April 23 Meeting
  DOJ Files Brief in Support of RIAA in Verizon Subpoena Matter
  EPIC Asserts Amazon Product Reviews Violate COPPA
  E-Government Act Goes Into Effect

Alert No. 645, Wednesday, April 16.
  DHS Begins Rulemaking Proceeding on FOIA Exemption for Critical Infrastructure Information
  Sen. McCain Introduces Bill to Create Spectrum Relocation Fund
  Microsoft Settles Florida Antitrust Class Action Litigation
  FCC Commissioner Abernathy Addresses Media Ownership
  FCC Approves Three Qwest Long Distance Applications

Alert No. 644, Tuesday, April 15.
  Panel Addresses PATRIOT Act and Civil Liberties
  FCC Approves SBC's Nevada Long Distance Application
  WorldCom Files Plan of Reorganization with Bankruptcy Court
  Tom Ridge Addresses Privacy and Government Information
  District Court Issues Opinion On Class Certification in Microsoft Antitrust Proceeding

Alert No. 643, Monday, April 14.
  Senators Burns and Wyden Re-Introduce Can Spam Bill
  Rep. Putnam Addresses Broadband Policy
  GM, Hughes and News Corps Announce Directv Deal
  Legislators Urge Bush Not to Delay US Chile FTA
  Rep. Tauzin Presses SEC for Documents Regarding Accounting Practices of Telecom Companies

Alert No. 642, Friday, April 11.
  House and Senate Pass Conference Report on Child Protection Bill
  Treasury Official Addresses Information and Identity Theft
  6th Circuit Rules On Trademark Infringement And Post Domain Portion of URLs
  Legislators Pressure FCC on Media Ownership Rules

Alert No. 641, Thursday, April 10.
  FTC Seeks Budget Increase
  7th Circuit Rules on Jurisdiction Over Appeals in Patent Cases
  House Subcommittee Approves Spectrum Relocation Fund Bill
  House Science Committee Holds Hearing on Nanotechnology
  Commerce Department Official Addresses Nanotechnology
  Fed, Treasury & SEC Report on Resiliency of Financial System to Terrorist Attacks

Alert No. 640, Wednesday, April 9.
  4th Circuit Holds North Carolina Ban On Internet Wine Sales Is Unconstitutional
  DC Circuit Vacates FCC's Slamming Fines
  Intel and Via Settle Patent Litigation

Alert No. 639, Tuesday, April 8.
  FRB Vice Chairman Ferguson Addresses Business Method Patents
  9th Circuit Rules in Reciprocal Compensation Case

Alert No. 638, Monday, April 7.
  Greenspan Addresses Intellectual Property Laws
  House and Senate Conferees to Meet on Child Protection Bill
  AOL Time Warner Petitions FCC for Relief From Instant Messaging Restriction
  Federal Claims Court Rules in Cell Phone Lotteries Case

Alert No. 637, Friday, April 4.
  House CIIP Subcommittee Holds Hearing on USPTO Fees
  USTR Releases US Chile FTA
  House Financial Services Committee Holds Hearing on Information Security
  Greenspan Addresses Role of Information Technology in Financial Education
  FCC Fines Broadcaster for Indecency, Threatens Revocation

Alert No. 636, Thursday, April 3.
  GAO Reports on Cyber Security at Four Agencies
  USTR Releases Report on Market Access in Foreign Telecom Markets
  GAO Reports on U.S. Efforts to Monitor China's WTO Compliance
  FCC Releases NPRM Regarding Re-examination of ITFS Rules

Alert No. 635, Wednesday, April 2.
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Bill to Make Internet Tax Moratorium Permanent
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Bill to Replace CARPs
  House Judiciary Committee Seeks More Information From DOJ Regarding USA Patriot Act Implementation
  Legislators Urge FCC to Amend Broadcast Ownership Rules by June

Alert No. 634, Tuesday, April 1.
  USTR Submits Proposal to WTO Regarding Trade in Services
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Network Elements Case
  9th Circuit Rules on Antitrust Immunity of ILECs

Alert No. 633, Monday, March 31.
  Tether States that DARPA's Total Information Awareness Project Does Not Data Mine
  Tether Addresses TIA and Other Defense Info Tech Projects
  Treasury Official Addresses Anti Money Laundering Compliance and Information Technologies
  House Passes HR 1104
  Powell Addresses Media Concentration
  FCC Reports on Consumer Complaints and Inquiries
  5th Circuit Rules in Texas Coalition v. FCC
  Chairman and Members of Cyber Security Subcommittee Named

Alert No. 632, Thursday, March 27.
  FCC Announces Appointments to Office of General Counsel
  Do Not Call Registry Compliance Required On October 1
  DOJ Requires Univision to Divest Interests in Entravision Before Acquiring Hispanic Broadcasting
  Bush Issues Executive Order Regarding Classification of Infrastructure Information

Alert No. 631, Wednesdy, March 26.
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing On Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act
  Rules Committee Adopts Rule for HR 1104
  AEI Brookings Report Addresses Financial Privacy

Alert No. 630, Tuesday, March 25.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in WorldCom v. USTA
  8th Circuit Upholds TCPA
  5th Circuit Discusses Copyright and Divorce Jurisdiction
  4th Circuit Rules in Copyright Registration Case

Alert No. 629, Monday, March 24.
  Rep. Upton Introduces Spectrum Relocation Bill
  U.S. & Australia Complete First Round of FTA Negotiations
  Administration Will Work With Congress on EAA
  FTC/DOJ Oppose Restraints on E-Commerce Posed by Unlicensed Practice of Law Rules
  Rep. Boehlert Addresses Math and Science Education

Alert No. 628, Friday, March 21.
  Bush Picks Frank Libutti for Key Tech Position at DHS
  FCC Releases Report on Telecommunications Industry Revenues
  Copyright Office to Hold Hearings on DMCA Anti Circumvention Exemptions

Alert No. 627, Thursday, March 20.
  FCC Approves Verizon Long Distance Applications for Maryland, WV & DC
  Verizon Says It Has Broadband Deployment Plans
  Adelstein Names Assistants
  Deputy Assistant USTR Testifies Re Lack of Transparency and IPR Enforcement in China

Alert No. 626, Wednesday, March 19.
  Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Internet Gambling Bill
  RIAA Notifies 300 Corporations of P2P Infringement on Their Networks
  Rosen Addresses Enforcement of Music Copyrights
  Senate Finance Committee Addresses IT Modernization at IRS

Alert No. 625, Tuesday, March 18.
  Rep. Conyers Introduces Bill to Delay Internet Gambling Legislation
  Rep. Dreier Introduces Bill to Shorten Tech Depreciation Periods
  Rep. Tancredo Introduces Bill to End FCC Schools and Libraries Program
  2nd Circuit Vacates Rule 11 Sanction of Law Firm for Submitting False Affidavit in Trademark Case

Alert No. 624, Monday, March 17.
  FCC Announces NOI Re Receiver Performance Standards
  FCC Announces NPRM To Provide Flexibility To Users of MMDS/ITFS Spectrum
  NIST Releases Report on Facial Recognition Technology
  Rep. Tauzin Writes Powell Re Waste Fraud & Abuse In E-Rate Program
  9th Circuit Applies Doctrine of Merger in Copyright Case

Alert No. 623, Friday, March 14.
  Bush Fills More Tech Positions at DHS
  Leahy Introduces Bill to Limit FOIA Exemption for Critical Infrastructure Information
  House Committee Approves Internet Gambling Bill
  Senate Committee Approves Technology Grant Program for Minority Serving Institutions

Alert No. 622, Thursday, March 13.
  Bush Picks Pate for Antitrust AAG
  Tauzin Writes Powell Re Cable Modem Service NPRM
  Rep. Thomas Writes Colleagues Re FSC Dispute
  Sen. Lugar Introduces Bill to Extend NTR to Russia
  Sen. Dayton Introduces Bill to Regulate Computer Technical Support and Spam

Alert No. 621, Wednesday, March 12.
  7th Circuit Rules in ITOFCA v. MetaTrans
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on HR 1161
  Zoellick Announces Appointments at USTR

Alert No. 620, Tuesday, March 11.
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Verizon v. Trinko
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Natron v. STMicroelectronics
  DOD Establishes Technology and Privacy Advisory Committee

Alert No. 619, Monday, March 10.
  FCC Announces Agenda of March 13 Meeting
  Senators Introduce Bill to Allow Electronic Coverage of Court Proceedings
  Reps. Goodlatte and Boucher Re-Introduce Class Action Fairness Act
  Third Circuit Rules in COPA Case
  USTR Releases US Singapore FTA

Alert No. 618, Thursday, March 6.
  Supreme Court Rules in Trademark Dilution Case
  Adelstein Discusses Universal Service Support for Broadband Internet Services
  Rep. Lofgren Re-Introduces Digital Fair Use Bill
  Bush Nominates Chertoff for Third Circuit

Alert No. 617, Wednesday, March 5.
  Bush Administration Announces Digital Freedom Initiative
  Rep. Stearns Introduces Media Ownership Bill
  Rep. Rohrabacher Introduces Bill to End USPTO Fee Diversion
  Sen. Craig Introduces Bill to Block Hynix Chips

Alert No. 616, Tuesday, March 4.
  Rep. Pence Introduces Truth in Domain Names Act
  Rep. Stearns Introduces Bill to Preempt State Regulation of Digital Commercial Transactions
  Solicitor General to Participate in Oral Argument in Lanham Act Case
  GAO Reports on Internet Based Training at DOD
  GAO Report on Cyber Threats to Financial Services Sector

Alert No. 615, Monday, March 3.
  Senate Commerce Committee Examines E911 Implementation
  Virginia Court Rules on Duty of Computer Consultant to Placement Agency
  Bush Amends Executive Orders Pertaining to Cyber Security
  Hearing On Triennial Review Order Serves As Forum For Other Issues

Alert No. 614, Friday, February 28.
  House Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on FCC Triennial Review Order
  Senate Finance Committee Passes Trade Bill
  Sen. Grassley Outlines Tech Agenda for Senate Finance Committee

Alert No. 613, Thursday, February 27.
  Mankiw to Replace Hubbard at Council of Economic Advisors
  DOJ Withholds Support for SBC's Long Distance Application
  DOJ Seizes Web Site In Copyright Case
  USTR Testifies On Administration Trade Agenda

Alert No. 612, Wednesday, February 26.
  Former Qwest Officers Indicted
  SEC Sues Former Qwest Officers
  Senators Release Report on FISA Implementation
  Senators Introduce Domestic Surveillance Oversight Act

Alert No. 611, Tuesday, February 25.
  Senate Passes PROTECT Act
  Valenti Addresses Morality of Copyright Infringement

Alert No. 610, Monday, February 24.
  Third Circuit Reverses in Domain Name Arbitration Case
  USTR Discusses Trip to China
  Bush Criticizes Democratic Filibuster of Estrada

Alert No. 609, Friday, February 21.
  FCC Announces UNE Report and Order
  FCC Order Offers Broadband Regulatory Relief
  FCC Announces Decision on Switching
  Commentary: Republicans Split On FCC UNE Order
  Congressional Reaction To FCC UNE Order
  DOJ Recommends Approval of Qwest 271 Applications in Three States

Alert No. 608, Thursday, February 20.
  USTR Zoellick Discusses IPR With PR China Officials
  SEC Files Fraud Complaint Against Spammer
  Representatives Discuss Cyber Security and IPR with EU Officials

Alert No. 607, Wednesday, February 19.
  New Hampshire Court Rules on Tort Liability of Information Brokers
  ACLU Seeks Supreme Court Review of FISA Procedure

Alert No. 606, Tuesday, February 18.
  Representatives Introduce Bill To Authorize Nanotech R&D Funding
  Representatives Introduce Bill to Exempt Lawyers from GLB Privacy Provisions
  Federal Circuit Rules in Altiris v. Symantec
  DC Circuit Revises Opinion in 21st Century Telesis v. FCC
  Federal Circuit Sanctions Appellant for Frivolous Appeal

Alert No. 605, Monday, February 17.
  Bush Administration Releases Final Cyber Security Plan
  Sen. Edwards Proposes Homeland Intelligence Agency
  Senate Passes Do Not Call Implementation Act
  Federal Circuit Affirms in Intel v. VIA
  Third Circuit Rules in Cell Tower Section 332 Dispute
  3rd Circuit Rules on Retroactivity of Cyber Squatting Act

Alert No. 604, Friday, February 14.
  FCC Announces UWB Report and Order and Further NPRM
  10th Circuit Holds No Federal Subject Matter Jurisdiction in Railroad Rights of Way Case
  House and Senate Pass FY 2003 Appropriation Package With TIA Amendment
  Don Evans Proposes Combining Tech Related Entities at Commerce Department

Alert No. 603, Thursday, February 13.
  House Homeland Security Committee Members Named
  Grand Jury Returns DMCA Indictment
  FBI Asks People Not To Hack Iraq
  Commerce Department Official Predicts Few Digital Content Bills Will Pass in 2003
  FRB Vice Chairman Reviews Y2K Remediation Efforts
  NTIA Director Writes State Department Re ENUM

Alert No. 602, Wednesday, February 12.
  USTR Makes Proposals for FTAA
  Greenspan Discusses Role of Flexibility, IT & Innovation in Economy
  9th Circuit Affirms in Oracle v. Falotti
  9th Circuit Rules in Challenge to AT&T Consumer Services Agreement

Alert No. 601, Tuesday, February 11.
  Rogovin Named FCC General Counsel
  Ashcroft Addresses Information and Law Enforcement
  European Commission Proposes To Create A Cyber Security Agency
  CO to Consider Programs Embedded in Printers and Cartridges In DMCA Exemptions Rulemaking

Alert No. 600, Monday, February 10.
  FCC To Announce Unbundled Network Elements Order
  PPI Recommends Congressional Legislation to Remove Barriers to Internet Wine Sales
  Defense Department Announces Total Information Awareness Oversight Boards
  Hewitt Pate Addresses International Antitrust
  Ninth Circuit Rules In Online Vote Trading Case
  Sen. Grassley Files Class Action Reform Bill
  White House Press Office Gives Advice About Cyber Attacks

Alert No. 599, Thursday, February 6.
  EPIC Argues Black Marker Redaction Inappropriate under FOIA for Electronic Records
  California Court Rules on Electronic Discovery
  U.S. and India Sign Statement of Principles for Tech Commerce

Alert No. 598, Wednesday, February 5.
  Administration Officials Discuss Technology Related Budget Items
  GAO Reports on Government Use of Smart Cards
  Court Holds Export License Application Information is Exempt from FOIA Disclosure

Alert No. 597, Tuesday, February 4.
  Administration Releases FTC Budget Estimate
  Administration Releases Commerce Department Budget Estimates
  Administration Releases FCC Budget Estimates
  President Bush Releases Proposed Budget for FY 2004
  FCC and NTIA Execute Memorandum of Understanding Re Spectrum
  Representatives Write FASB Re Accounting for Employee Stock Options

Alert No. 596, Monday, February 3.
  Representatives Introduce Bills to Make R&D Tax Credit Permanent
  Bill Would Require the Government to Create a National Electronic File Format
  Rep. Chabot Introduces Federal Agency Privacy Bill
  Representatives Introduce Bill to Block FCC Digital TV Tuner Mandates
  6th Circuit Rules in APJ v. Philips
  DC Circuit Rules in 21st Century Telesis v. FCC
  DC Circuit Adopts "Somewhere Between" Standard in Ruggiero Case
  Law Professor Submits Apocalyptic Declaration in RIAA v. Verizon

Alert No. 595, Friday, January 31.
  Sen. McCain Introduces Telecom Diversity Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Radio Ownership
  Verizon Seeks Stay of Order Regarding RIAA Subpoena
  GAO Reports on Government Management Challenges and Program Risks

Alert No. 594, Thursday, January 30.
  Federal Circuit Rules in Rambus v. Infineon
  House Commerce Committee Members Write FCC in Opposition to UNE-P
  Rep. Tauzin Discusses Possible Legislation
  House Commerce Committee Passes Do Not Call Registry Bill
  SEC Files Complaint Against KPMG and Partners Re Xerox Audits
  FCC Amends Cable Home Wiring Rules

Alert No. 593, Wednesday, January 29.
  Sen. Grassley Identifies Pending Tax Issues
  1st Circuit Addresses Scraper Robots and Section 1030
  First Circuit Rules on Section 252(e)(6) Jurisdiction
  4th Circuit Certifies Questions to State Court in Challenge to Net Smut Statute

Alert No. 592, Tuesday, January 28.
  Supreme Court Rules in NextWave Case
  DOJ Files Antitrust Complaint Against Newspaper and Web Site Publishers for Allocation of Markets
  DOJ Recommends Approval of Verizon Long Distance Applications in MD, WV & DC
  David Sibley Named Head of Economic Analysis at Antitrust Division
  FCC Announces Digitial TV NPRM
  Sen. Grassley Addresses Trade Agenda

Alert No. 591, Monday, January 27.
  Cisco Sues Huawei and FutureWei
  Grand Jury Returns Wire Act Indictment for Listening in on Conference Calls
  House Members Write FCC Re UNE Triennial Review and Wireline Broadband Proceedings

Alert No. 590, Friday, January 24.
  Senate Approves Total Information Awareness Amendment
  Another Group Formed to Oppose Copyright Protection Technology Mandates
  4th Circuit Rules in Cyber Squatting Case

Alert No. 589, Thursday, January 23.
  Commissioner Martin Addresses TV Programming
  Sen. Grassley Writes FBI Re Ptech Software
  Appeals Courts Discuss Internet Use in Sentencing Cases

Alert No. 588, Wednesday, January 22.
  DARPA States FBI Is Involved in Total Information Awareness Program
  District Court Rules DMCA Subpoenas Available for P2P Infringers

Alert No. 587, Tuesday, January 21.
  Sen. Burns Announces Tech Agenda
  Sen. Burns and Sen. Baucus Introduce Broadband Expensing Bill
  Sen. Edwards Introduces Federal Cyber Security Bill
  Summary of Tech Related Bills In 108th Congress (Introduced 1/7-1/20)

Alert No. 586, Monday, January 20.
  Sen. Boxer and Sen. Allen Introduce WiFi Spectrum Bill
  Sen. Allen Introduces Bill to Create Technology Grant Program for MSIs
  Sen. Feingold Introduces Data Mining Moratorium Bill
  Sen. Corzine Introduces Bill to Prohibit Use of Cell Phones While Driving

Alert No. 585, Friday, January 17.
  Commissioners Address Media Ownership
  4th Circuit Rules First Amendment Includes Right to Receive Information
  IRS Launches Free File
  District Court Issues Ruling in Total Information Awareness FOIA Suit
  WTO Appellate Body Holds Byrd Amendment Inconsistent With WTO Agreements

Alert No. 584, Thursday, January 16.
  Supreme Court Upholds CTEA in Eldred v. Ashcroft
  FCC Holds "State of the FCC" Meeting
  Senators Write AG Ashcroft Re Data Mining by DOJ
  Groups Write House Armed Service Committee Re Total Information Awareness
  CompTel Releases UNE-P Report
  USPTO Orders Reexamination of NTP Patents

Alert No. 583, Wednesday, January 15.
  BIS Amends Rules for Export of Microprocessors
  Software, Computer and Music Companies Reach Agreement on Digital Copyright Issues
  GAO Reports on Homeland Security IT Issues

Alert No. 582, Tuesday, January 14.
  Supreme Court Returns from Recess
  Supreme Court Requests Solicitor General Brief in Intel v. AMD
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Personal Jurisdiction Case
  E-Commerce Proponent to Become Solicitor General of Texas
  Consumer Groups Write Senate Commerce Committee Re Regulation of Bells
  Sen. Grassley Writes FBI Re FISA Warrants
  Reps. Boucher and Doolittle Introduce Digital Fair Use Bill
  Sen. Edwards Proposes Including Internet in Emergency Warning System
  Rep. Honda Introduces Nanotechnology Bill

Alert No. 581, Monday, January 13.
  District Court Squeezes Sharman on Internet Based Personal Jurisdiction
  11th Circuit En Banc Reverses Panel in Reciprocal Compensation Case
  House Organizational News
  Rep. Issa Introduces Amendment to Plant Patent Act
  Bush To Nominate McQueary for Science and Technology Position at DHS
  FCC Seeks Comments on Cable TV Plug and Play MOU

Alert No. 580, Friday, January 10.
  Senate Organizational News
  Rep. Cox and Sen. Wyden Introduce Bill to Make Permanent Net Tax Ban

Alert No. 579, Thursday, January 9.
  House Organizational News
  California Republicans Dominate Committee Chairmanships
  Chris Cox to Chair New House Homeland Security Committee
  Rep. Leach Introduces Internet Gambling Bill
  USTR Launches FTA Negotiations with Central American Countries
  SGI Pleads Guilty to Selling HPCs to Russian Nuclear Weapons Lab
  Condor Systems Charged With Making False Statements About Software in Export Application
  FCC to Hold Meeting on January 15

Alert No. 578, Wednesday, January 8.
  Bush Names Three to New Department of Homeland Security
  Bush Proposes Changes to Tax Laws
  Bush Nominates Judges

Alert No. 577, Tuesday, January 7.
  DOJ Opposes CCIA and SIIA Attempt to Appeal in Microsoft Antitrust Case
  Adelstein Addresses Copyright and Media Ownership
  Commentary: Adelstein Revives Red Lion
  Federal Circuit Rules in Amgen v. TKT

Alert No. 576, Monday, January 6.
  9th Circuit Punts in Kremen v. Network Solutions
  Court Allows EPIC Discovery on Whether OHS is Agency for FOIA Purposes
  7th Circuit Applies Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition
  FRB Governor Addresses Stock Market Bubbles
  MSC.Software Seeks FTC Approval of Divestiture to EDS

Alert No. 575, Friday, January 3.
  FCC Releases Annual MVPD Report
  FTC Charges Quicken Loans with Violation of FCRA
  FCC Issues Order in Dominant Non-Dominant Proceeding

See also, Story Titles from July - December, 2002.