Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
July - December, 2002

Alert No. 574, Tuesday, December 24.
 • Frist Elected Senate Majority Leader
 • District Court Rules Microsoft Must Carry Sun's Java
 • Administrative Law Judge Concludes Mitnick Has Been Rehabilitated
 • Sendo Files Complaint Against Microsoft
 • DC Circuit Rules in Pole Attachments Act Case
 • FCC Approves Long Distance Application for Nine Western States
 • BSA Recommends Funding Levels for Cyber Security
 • Holiday Reading List

Alert No. 573, Monday, December 23.
 • Where Sen. Frist Stands on Tech Issues
 • Divided 11th Circuit Denies Rehearing En Banc in Covad v. BellSouth
 • Court Rules No Duty to Defend/Indemnify in Patent Case Based on Advertising Injury Clause
 • GAO Reports on E-Government Initiatives
 • CCIA and SIIA Seek to Appeal as Amici in Microsoft Case
 • Associate USTR Addresses Free Trade, FTAs and Technology

Alert No. 572, Friday, December 20.
 • DOJ OIG Report Criticizes FBI Management of IT Resources
 • Greenspan Addresses Monetary Policy and Technology
 • Defense Department Releases Report on Information Privacy
 • Cable and Consumer Electronics Companies Announce DTV Agreement
 • FCC Approves Long Distance Applications for California, Florida and Tennessee
 • DC Court Rules in USTR FOIA Case
 • 8th Circuit Rules in Copyright Case

Alert No. 571, Thursday, December 19.
 • Federal Circuit to Rehear Elan v. Mayo En Banc
 • Indictment Alleges Dallas Computer Business Was Funded by Middle Eastern Terrorist
 • FTC Amends Telemarketing Sales Rule
 • Treasury Official Addresses R&D Tax Credit Rulemaking

Alert No. 570, Wednesday, December 18.
 • Bush Signs E-Government Act
 • FCC Releases Semiannual Broadband Data Report
 • EPIC Files FOIA Complaint and TRO Motion Against DOD Seeking Total Information Awareness Records
 • EPIC Files Amicus Brief in USA v. Bach
 • Jury Acquits ElcomSoft in DMCA Anticircumvention Case
 • FTC and DOJ Support Grant of Certiorari in Verizon v. Trinko Antitrust Case
 • State Department Official Addresses Trans-Atlantic Trade
 • Tom Ridge Discusses Cyber Security with Government Employees
 • Tech Crime Report

Alert No. 569, Tuesday, December 17.
 • 5th Circuit Rules in Brittan v. Southwestern Bell
 • 7th Circuit Rules R&D Tax Credit Does Not Apply to Software Development

Alert No. 568, Monday, December 16.
 • 4th Circuit Rules in Internet Jurisdiction Case
 • 5th Circuit Rules in Online Gambling Case
 • SEC Amends Rule for Internet Investment Advisers

Alert No. 567, Friday, December 13.
 • US and Chile Negotiate FTA
 • USTR Reports to Congress on PR China's WTO Compliance
 • EPIC Files FOIA Complaint Re DOT Database
 • Treasury Official Addresses International Tax Policy
 • So, Just What Are All of These FCC Broadband Proceedings About Anyway?
 • Martin Offers Proposal for Resolution of Pending FCC Broadband Proceedings

Alert No. 566, Thursday, December 12.
 • NTIA Director Victory Addresses Spectrum Management
 • DOJ Official Comments on EchoStar DirecTV Merger
 • FCC Announces Notice of Inquiry Re More Spectrum for Unlicensed Use
 • Sen. Enzi Plans to Reintroduce Export Administration Act in 108th Congress
 • Tenhula Named Director of FCC Spectrum Policy Task Force

Alert No. 565, Wednesday, December 11.
 • FCC Postpones Meeting Because of Weather
 • Powell and Victory Meet to Discuss Spectrum Management
 • FTC Chairman Muris Speaks on Antitrust Law
 • Bush Names Tech Sector Representatives to Trade Agreement Advisory Committee
 • NCTA Debates Content Providers on Openness of Internet
 • EchoStar and DirecTV Terminate Proposed Merger
 • Bush Picks New SEC Chairman

Alert No. 564, Tuesday, December 10.
 • FCC Releases Local Phone Competition Data
 • High Court Rules Australia Has Jurisdiction Over Dow Jones Based on Web Site

Alert No. 563, Monday, December 9.
 • O'Neill and Lindsey Resign
 • FCC's NRIC Proposes Security Measures for Telecoms and ISPs
 • 9th Circuit Dismisses Appeal in Knisley v. Network Associates
 • 6th Circuit Buries Protectionist Statute in Tennessee Casket Case

Alert No. 562, Friday, December 6.
 • 7th Circuit Reverses in FutureSource v. Reuters
 • Indictment Charges Theft of Trade Secrets from Transmeta, Sun, NEC & Trident
 • Wal-Mart Withdraws Subpoena in DMCA Dispute

Alert No. 561, Thursday, December 5.
 • Bush Signs Dot Kids Bill
 • FCC Announces Agenda for Open Meeting
 • WorldCom and AT&T Seek Cert in USTA v. FCC
 • Court Holds California PUC Does Not Have Jurisdiction Over Unfair Competition Complaints
 • Bush Names McCallum Associate Attorney General

Alert No. 560, Wednesday, December 4.
 • Adelstein Sworn In as FCC Commissioner
 • WalMart Obtains DMCA Subpoena to Obtain Identity of Poster of Advertised Price Data
 • SEC Fines Broker Dealers $8,250,000 for Failure to Save E-Mail
 • SEC Files Complaint Against Former FVC Executives

Alert No. 559, Tuesday, December 3.
 • GAO Reports on Internet Porm
 • GAO Reports on Digital TV
 • GAO Reports on Internet Gambling
 • West Virginia to Appeal in Microsoft Antitrust Case
 • Supreme Court Asks Solicitor General for Brief in SBCCI v. Veeck Copyright Case

Alert No. 558, Monday, December 2.
 • US To Propose Tariff Reductions to WTO
 • District Court Issues Judgment Against WorldCom
 • Genuity Files Chapter 11 Petition
 • Bush Signs Cyber Security Research and Development Act
 • Massachusetts to Appeal in Microsoft Case
 • District Court Issues Order in FOIA Case Re PATRIOT Act
 • Consumers Union Criticizes FCC Protection of Cable Industry

Alert No. 557, Tuesday, November 26.
 • California Has No Personal Jurisdiction Over Non Resident DeCSS Poster
 • SEC Sues Siebel for Regulation FD Violation
 • 9th Circuit Rules on Duty to Defend Suit Brought Under 106A of the Copyright Act
 • FCC Seeks Comments on Spectrum Policy Task Force Report
 • IP Groups Write OMB Director Re USPTO Funding
 • Judge Posner Offers an Economic Theory of Creation of Intellectual Property Rights
 • GAO Report Criticizes DOJ Info Tech Management

Alert No. 556, Monday, November 25.
 • O'Neill Says India's Tech Sector Needs Less Regulation
 • Crichton Novel on Nanotechnology Goes on Sale
 • Recording Industry Plaintiffs File Contempt Motion Against Madster

Alert No. 555, Friday, November 22.
 • EU Releases Report on US Barriers to Trade
 • SBC Offers UNE Proposal to FCC
 • DOJ and Microsoft Pick Settlement Watchers
 • Zoellick Discusses Trade in the Philippines

Alert No. 554, Thursday, November 21.
 • Boxer and Allen to Propose Legislation to Require Allocation of Unlicensed Spectrum

Alert No. 553, Wednesday, November 20.
 • USTR Announces Agreement for FTA with Singapore
 • Greenspan Explains Resiliency of Financial Markets to Collapse in Telecom Sector
 • Senate Passes Homeland Security Bill
 • House Committee Holds Hearing on Lack of Computer Security at Federal Agencies
 • Congress Passes Small Webcaster Amendments Act

Alert No. 552, Tuesday, November 19.
 • FISA Appeals Court Reverses FISA Lower Court
 • 8th Circuit Holds 4th Amendment Does Not Require Presence of Officer at ISP Searches
 • FCC Releases Spectrum Policy Task Force Report
 • FCC Releases OPP Paper With Spectrum Reform Proposal

Alert No. 551, Monday, November 18.
 • Congress Passes NSF Authorization Bill
 • DOJ and EU Grant Antitrust Clearance to 3G Patent Platforms
 • 11th Circuit Rules on FCC Pole Attachments Rates
 • Dam Addresses International Tax Policy
 • Court Holds New York's Ban on Internet Wine Sales Is Unconstitutional
 • FCC Releases ITS NPRM
 • Tech Crime and Fraud Report

Alert No. 550, Friday, November 15.
 • Senate Approves Dot Kids Bill
 • House Approves New Version of Homeland Security Act
 • FCC Releases AT&T Comcast Order
 • Federalist Society Panel Discusses Privacy and Telecommunications
 • FCC Relieves Winning Bidders in Auction 35

Alert No. 549, Thursday, November 14.
 • FCC and DOJ Approve AT&T Comcast Merger
 • Greenspan Testifies on Economic Outlook
 • USTR Plans FTA Negotiations with Australia
 • Tech Crime & Fraud Report

Alert No. 548, Wednesday, November 13.
 • House Approves Cyber Security R&D Act
 • District Court Enters Final Judgment in Microsoft Case
 • Ballmer Speaks in Washington DC
 • FRB Governors Address Technology and Economy
 • Supreme Court Vacates Judgment in Intermatic v. Lamson & Sessions
 • Supreme Court to Hear CIPA Case
 • FTC Commissioner O'Leary Addresses Antitrust
 • European Commissioner Addresses Tech Issues
 • DOT's Proposed Rule Changes Do Not Include Regulation of Internet Sales of Airline Tickets

Alert No. 547, Tuesday, November 12.
 • Steve Ballmer to Speak Today at Brookings Institute
 • DC Circuit Vacates FCC's Video Description Rules
 • MPAA v. FCC and Web Pages

Alert No. 546, Monday, November 11.
 • House to Take Up Cyber Security Research and Development Act
 • DOJ and Microsoft File Revised Settlement
 • State Department Official Addresses IPR in India
 • FCC Adopts 3G Order and NRPM
 • FCC Adopts Intelligent Transportation Systems NPRM

Alert No. 545, Friday, November 8.
 • FCC Announces Report on Spectrum Policy
 • FCC Announces Another EEO Rulemaking for Broadcasters
 • Federal Judiciary Opposes Application of E-SIGN Act to Court Filings
 • First Circuit Rules in Copyright Damages Case
 • Sixth Circuit Rules in Verizon v. Strand
 • USPTO Releases Interpretation of Amendments to Section 102 of Patent Act

Alert No. 544, Thursday, November 7.
 • FTC Commissioner Swindle Addresses Information and Network Security
 • Sen. Grassley to Pursue Solution of FSC/ETI Dispute
 • Microsoft Offers Legislative Recommendations to Congress
 • EPIC Urges Universities Not to Monitor P2P Networks for Piracy
 • FCC Does Not Require AT&T and Comcast to Publicly Disclose ISP Agreement With AOL

Alert No. 543, Wednesday, November 6.
 • SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt Resigns
 • Control of Senate Switches to Republicans
 • Republicans Retain Control of House
 • High Tech Broadband Coalition Lobbies FCC
 • USTR Zoellick Writes Congress Re Trade Negotiations

Alert No. 542, Tuesday, November 5.
 • Commerce Department Official Addresses IT Issues
 • Virginia Court Affirms Denial of Motion to Quash Subpoena for AOL Records on Anonymous Poster
 • 6th Circuit Rules on Insurance Defense and Patent Suits
 • 3rd Circuit Rules on Bankruptcy Jurisdiction in Learnout & Hauspie Case
 • Supreme Court News
 • PFF Releases Report Ranking States in Use of IT
 • GAO Reports on Federal Agency Transfer of Intellectual Property

Alert No. 541, Monday, November 4.
 • District Court Approves Microsoft Settlement
 • Reactions to the Microsoft Rulings
 • EPIC Report Criticizes P3P
 • President Signs Bill Containing Tech Related Provisions
 • District Court Enjoins Aimster
 • IIPA Submits Special 301 Out of Cycle Recommendations to USTR

Alert No. 540, Friday, November 1.
 • Judge Kotelly to Release Rulings in Microsoft Cases on Friday at 4:30
 • FCC Announces Agenda for November 7 Meeting
 • DOJ and States Sue to Block Echostar Directv Merger
 • GAO Reports on Competition Between Cable and DBS
 • Greenspan Addresses Education, Knowledge, Innovation and Technology
 • Tech Crime Report

Alert No. 539, Thursday, October 31.
 • Powell Addresses Spectrum Policy
 • FCC Approves Verizon's Virginia Long Distance Application
 • GAO Reports on Government Use of Personal Information
 • US Ambassador Addresses IT in India
 • CDT Releases Paper on ICANN Reform
 • IRS Enters Into Agreement with Electronic Tax Preparation Consortium
 • US and EU Release Best Practices for Merger Reviews

Alert No. 538, Wednesday, October 30.
 • District Court Holds ADA Does Not Apply to Web Site
 • NIST Releases Guidelines for Federal Cyber Security
 • DOJ Recommends Approval of SBC Long Distance Application for California
 • 9th Circuit Rules on SLUSA Pre-emption of State Fraud Claims
 • 7th Circuit Reverses Judgment Against Cable Pirates
 • Microsoft Discusses Regulatory Treatment of Internet Services with FCC

Alert No. 537, Tuesday, October 29.
 • Rep. Boucher Writes AG Ashcroft In Support of Echstar Directv Merger
 • Cato Criticizes High Tech Pork
 • Appeals Court Affirms Dismissal of Class Action Antitrust Suit Against MSFT & OEMs
 • DC Circuit Rules in Comptel v. FCC
 • GAO Reports on Monitoring of Employee Computer Use
 • USPTO Schedules Roundtables on Small Business Views on Foreign Patent Challenges

Alert No. 536, Monday, October 28.
 • DOJ Recommends Approval of BellSouth Long Distance Applications for Florida and Tennessee
 • APEC Forum Produces Digital Economy Statement
 • FTC Official Addresses Merger Enforcement
 • District Court Enjoins Insider Traders
 • Sniper Capture Spurs Debate over Databases and Privacy
 • FCC Approves Transfer of Licenses to Intelsat

Alert No. 535, Friday, October 25.
 • FRB Vice Chairman Addresses Impact of Computer and Software Technology on Productivity Gains
 • Colin Powell Addresses Digital Divide
 • House Committee Releases DOJ Responses to Questions About USA PATRIOT Act
 • EPIC Files Complaint Against DOJ Seeking Records Relating to Implementation of USA PATRIOT Act

Alert No. 534, Thursday, October 24.
 • Greenspan Addresses Productivity Gains and Technological Innovation
 • USTR Offers Recommendations to Japan
 • Treasury Official Praises Korea's Policies and Tech Driven Economy
 • Bush Advocates Senate Passage of Bill Regarding Computer Generated Images

Alert No. 533, Wednesday, October 23.
 • DC Circuit Largely Affirms FCC's Massachusetts 271 Approval
 • DOJ Recommends Approval of Qwest Long Distance Application
 • Federal Circuit Rules in Patent Infringement Case
 • Powell Addresses DTV
 • FCC Releases UWB Study
 • BIS Announces ISTAC Meeting
 • GAO Reports on Grants Funded by H1B Visa Fees
 • FCC Receives Comments Regarding CPNI

Alert No. 532, Tuesday, October 22.
 • Legislators Introduce Tech Related Bills
 • Rep. Honda Introduces Nanotech Bill
 • Sen. McCain Introduces Telecom Ownership Diversification Bill
 • McCain & Feingold Propose Vouchers for Broadcast Political Ads
 • Supreme Court Tech News

Alert No. 531, Monday, October 21.
 • AT&T Files Petition to Re-Regulate Special Access Charges
 • Commerce Officials Address Role of Government in Nanotech
 • 7th Circuit Upholds Mandatory Arbitration Clause in AT&T Consumer Contract
 • 7th Circuit Amends Trademark Metatags Opinion
 • Federal Circuit Rules in Patent Case Involving LED Display
 • NTIA Director Addresses Wireless Broadband Issues
 • SEC Official Addresses Internet Advisor Rule
 • USTR Submits Comment to WTO Re Trade Remedy Rules
 • USTR to Hold Hearing on Central American FTA

Alert No. 530, Tuesday, October 15.
 • Juster Addresses Export Controls
 • ATP Announces Awards for 2002
 • FBI Memo Lists Problems with FISA E-Mail and Cell Phone Surveillance
 • Cox and Wyden Introduce Global Internet Freedom Act

Alert No. 529, Monday, October 14.
 • Reps. Upton and Tauzin Introduce Spectrum Reallocation Bill
 • Rep. Terry Introduces Bill to Create Rural Issues Advisory Board at FCC
 • Bills Introduced to Give Local Government More Control over Broadcast and Cellular Towers
 • NTIA Seeks Comments on Wills & Trusts Exception to E-SIGN Act
 • Copyright Office Seeks Comments on DMCA Anti Circumvention Exemptions

Alert No. 528, Friday, October 11.
 • Commerce Secretary Evans Writes Powell Re Auction 35
 • USTR Seeks Comments Special 301 Identifications
 • FCC Declines to Approve EchoStar DirectTV Merger
 • FCC Adopts Technology for Digital AM/FM Broadcasting
 • SEC Files Complaint Against Lernout & Hauspie
 • SEC Files Another WorldCom Complaint
 • Movie and Music Industry Write to Universities About P2P Piracy

Alert No. 527, Thursday, October 10.
 • Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument Re Copyright Term Extension Act
 • Commerce Department Official Addresses Regional Technology Development
 • SBC Fined $6 Million for Failing to Provide Shared Transport
 • FCC and AT&T Enter Into E911 Consent Decree

Alert No. 526, Wednesday, October 9.
 • Senate Passes Conference Report on DOJ Authorization Bill
 • House Passes Small Webcaster Amendments Act of 2002
 • Deputy Treasury Secretary Addresses FSC/ETI and WTO Rulings
 • SEC Brings Insider Trading Case Against Software Exec

Alert No. 525, Tuesday, October 8.
 • Markle Report Offers Recommendations on Homeland Security Information Issues
 • House Passes Federal Agency Privacy Bill
 • Greenspan Addresses Importance of Computing, Databases and Data Mining to Banking System
 • 1st Circuit Rules on Insurer's Duty to Defend Open Software Foundation

Alert No. 524, Monday, October 7.
 • Posner Opinion Provides Economic Analysis of Trademark, Dilution & Cybersquatting
 • NIST Publishes Computer Security Guides
 • Rep. Israel Introduces Bill to Expand Tax Deduction for Computer Contributions

Alert No. 523, Friday, October 4.
 • Charles James to Leave Antitrust Division
 • Fed Vice Chairman Addresses Post 9/11 Continuity in Data Storage and Communications
 • Reps. Boucher and Doolittle Introduce Digital Media Consumer Rights Act
 • Summary of the Digital Media Consumer Rights Act
 • Commentary: Commerce Versus Judiciary Committee Jurisdiction
 • FCC Announces Agenda for October 10 Meeting

Alert No. 522, Thursday, October 3.
 • Rep. Lofgren Introduces Digital Fair Use Bill
 • Reps. Boucher and Doolittle to Introduce Copyright Bill
 • Crime, the Internet and Computer Generated Images
 • NTIA Director Addresses Barriers to Broadband and Universal Service
 • FCC Releases New Forms for E-Rate Applications
 • Senate Judiciary Committee Considers Federalism and Intellectual Property
 • Grand Jury Indicts Shan

Alert No. 521, Wednesday, October 2.
 • 6th Circuit Rules Rules on "Smart Power" Trademark
 • Qwest Refiles Long Distance Application for Nine States
 • House Approves Unlawful Internet Gambling Funding Prohibition Act
 • NTIA Seeks Comments on Family Law Documents Exception to E-SIGN Act
 • USTR Zoellick Addresses Trade, Tech, and IPR
 • Congressional Hearings

Alert No. 520, Tuesday, October 1.
 • GAO Reports on Spectrum Management
 • House DOJ Authorization Bill Includes Distance Learning Provisions
 • NTIA Announces PTFP Grants, Including Distance Learning Grant
 • District Court Excludes Plaintiffs' Expert Testimony in Cell Phone Brain Cancer Case
 • 2nd Circuit Rules on Adverse Inference Jury Instructions for Failure to Produce E-Mail
 • 6th Circuit Rules in Michigan Bell v. BRE

Alert No. 519, Monday, September 30.
 • Sen. Baucus Calls WTO Dispute Settlement Process a "Kangaroo Court"
 • House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Berman P2P Piracy Bill
 • House Passes Conference Report on DOJ Authorization Bill
 • DOJ Authorization Bill Modifies Extension Procedure for H1B Visas
 • DOJ Authorization Bill Includes Carnivore Reporting Provisions
 • DOJ Authorization Bill Changes Procedure for Service of Search Warrants on ISPs
 • House to Vote on Internet Gambling Bill
 • FCC and NextWave Argue Over Pleadings on Eve of Oral Argument
 • FCC to Hold Hearing on Financial State of Telecom Industry

Alert No. 518, Friday, September 27.
 • Greenspan Addresses Computing, Communications, and Financial Services
 • Rep. Sensenbrenner Introduces Bill to Delay Webcasting Royalty Rule
 • House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on State Impediments to E-Commerce

Alert No. 517, Thursday, September 26.
 • Copps Addresses Media Ownership
 • 9th Circuit Rules in Favor of Rocky Horror Cybersquatter
 • NTIA Requests More Comments on E-SIGN Act
 • House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Local Tax Exemption for Satellite Radio
 • House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Check Clearing and Tech
 • House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on DTV Transition
 • Former Execs Charged

Alert No. 516, Wednesday, September 25.
 • FCC Media Ownership NPRM Seeks Comments on Impact of Internet
 • PPI Report Advocates Government Action to Boost Broadband Demand
 • GAO Releases Report on PR China's Membership in WTO
 • VOD Over IP Company Files Antitrust Suit Against AOLTW, Sony, Universal
 • Congressional Hearings
 • Tech Bills Signed in California

Alert No. 515, Tuesday, September 24.
 • 9th Circuit Rules in US West v. Jennings
 • Technology Administration Releases Report on Broadband Demand
 • Microsoft Meets with FCC Re Broadband Regulation
 • GAO Releases Report on Internet Gambling Funding

Alert No. 514, Monday, September 23.
 • Senate Adds Cyber Security Amendment to Homeland Security Bill
 • House Telecom Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on Draft DTV Bill
 • Treasury Official Urges Unified Rule Writing Process, But Diverse Supervision
 • GAO Reports on USPTO
 • BellSouth & SBC File §271 Applications for Florida, Tennessee and California
 • 4th Circuit Rules No Recovery Under Privacy Act for Disclosure of SSNs Without Actual Damages
 • DOJ Official Addresses International Competition Network
 • James, Muris, Monti, Others to Speak at International Competition Network Meeting
 • NTIA Extends ICANN Contract for One Year
 • GAO Reports on Allocation of Export Reviews Between State and Commerce
 • Groups File Amicus Brief in FISA Appeal

Alert No. 513, Friday, September 20.
 • Senate Commerce Committee Approves Nanotechnology Bill
 • Senate Commerce Committee Approves FTC Reauthorization Bill
 • Senate Commerce Committee Approves NSF Doubling Act
 • Senate Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Antitrust Enforcement
 • Second Circuit Affirms in Gerber v. Computer Associates
 • House Committees Hold Hearing on SS Numbers and Identity Theft

Alert No. 512, Thursday, September 19.
 • FCC Commissioner Addresses Government Role in Broadband Deployment
 • FCC Approves BellSouth Long Distance Application
 • FCC Releases Order With Competition Analysis of Radio Ownership
 • SEC Official Addresses Smart Routing Technologies

Alert No. 511, Wednesday, September 18.
 • Senators Introduce Nanotechnology R&D Bill
 • Grassley and Baucus Organize Meeting on FSC/ETI Issue
 • CEA CEO Criticizes Record and Movie Companies on Copyright
 • Bush Campaigns on Judicial Appointments
 • Representatives Write Powell Re UNE Pricing

Alert No. 510, Tuesday, September 17.
 • CO Seeks Comment on Broadcasters' Motion for Stay of Rule
 • 9th Circuit Applies Fair Use Exemption to News Video Footage
 • Court Rules on Appointment of Lead Plaintiff in Class Action Securities Suit Against Tech Company
 • Satellite Broadcasters Criticize Landrieu Bill

Alert No. 509, Monday, September 16.
 • FCC Announces Broad Review of Media Ownership Rules
 • USTA Asks USTR Not to Export US Telecom Policies
 • IIPI Conference Addresses Creation of Specialized Court for Copyright Cases
 • Judge Rader Comments on IPR and Courts in PR China
 • IIPI Report Argues IP Courts are Critical for Economic Growth
 • EU Lists Products Under Consideration for FSC/ETI Related Retaliatory Tariffs

Alert No. 508, Friday, September 13.
 • FCC Seeks Comments on Scenarios for Relief of NextWave Re-Auction Winners
 • RIAA Files Proposed Injunction Order in Aimster Case
 • US Chamber Reports on PR China's Compliance with WTO Obligations
 • Greenspan Testifies Regarding Fiscal Issues
 • FCC Announces Appointments

Alert No. 507, Thursday, September 12.
 • Senators Introduce MVDDS Licensing Bill
 • House Committee Approves Federal Agency Protection of Privacy Act
 • TDA Awards e-Learning Grant to China
 • Tech Crime Report
 • Rep. Stearns Addresses NextWave Spectrum Auctions
 • 9th Circuit Rules on Priority of Security Interests in Unregistered Copyrights

Alert No. 506, Wednesday, September 11.
 • 10th Circuit Rules in Private Telecom Antitrust Case
 • Qwest Withdraws Long Distance Applications
 • PFF Releases Paper on ICANN

Alert No. 505, Tuesday, September 10.
 • FTC Opposes State Restraint on Internet Casket Sales
 • GAO Reports on Control of Deemed Exports
 • EPIC Comments on FTC's Proposed Consent Order Affecting Microsoft's Privacy Practices
 • Copyright Holders Move for Summary Judgment Against Peer to Peer Services
 • FBI Announces Meetings on Criminal Information Sharing and Privacy

Alert No. 504, Monday, September 9.
 • 9th Circuit Reverses in Trek Trademark Case
 • 10th Circuit Construes Contract to Locate Venture Capital
 • Appeals Court Vacates Restitution Order for Computer Hacker
 • 2nd Circuit Rules on Copyrightable Subject Matter
 • NewCom Executives Indicted
 • 1st Circuit Rules in Cell Tower Permit Case
 • Law Professor Criticizes Supreme Court Spectrum Speech Cases

Alert No. 503, Friday, September 6.
 • House Transportation Committee Holds Hearing on Driver's Licenses
 • PWC Study Rates USPTO Web Site Best in Government
 • Senate Judiciary Committee Rejects Justice Owen in Party Line Vote
 • FCC Announces Agenda for September 12 Meeting
 • DOJ Recommends Approval of Verizon's Virginia Long Distance Application
 • Sen. Allen Opposes Sen. Biden's Anticounterfeiting Bill
 • FCC Creates Federal State Forum on Regulatory Accounting Issues
 • DC Circuit Denies Requests for Rehearing in USTA v. FCC

Alert No. 502, Thursday, September 5.
 • WTO DG Panitchpakdi Addresses Trade and Doha
 • District Court Finds Contributory and Vicarious Infringement by Madster
 • FCC Comments on Electioneering Communications
 • Consumer Groups Petition FTC to Promulgate Rule Banning Deceptive Spam
 • USPTO to Host Meeting on Patent Examinations for Semiconductors and Electrical and Optical Systems
 • IIPI To Host Conference on Specialized IP Courts

Alert No. 501, Wednesday, September 4.
 • WTO Issues FSC/ETI Countermeasures Decision
 • New WTO Director To Pursue Doha Agenda
 • INTA Files Amicus Brief in Trademark Dilution Case
 • GAO Reports on Technology Issues in Homeland Defense
 • Lucent May Be Liable in Contract for Delay in Filing SEC Form S-3
 • 4th Circuit Rules on Pole Attachments Act and Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies
 • Verizon and Privacy Groups Oppose RIAA Subpoena
 • EPIC and Privacy International Release Annual Privacy Report
 • California Governor Signs Community Technology Programs Bill

Alert No. 500, Tuesday, September 3.
 • NTIA Seeks Comments on Exceptions to ESIGN Act
 • Greenspan Addresses Economic Volatility and High Tech
 • Coble Writes About Berman Bill
 • 10th Circuit Disallows R&D Tax Credit for Software Development Costs
 • Federal Circuit Rules in Patent and Trade Secrets Case
 • WorldCom Accountants Indicted
 • DOJ Files Brief in USA v. Visa
 • SBA Comments on FCC Classification of Wireline Broadband Access to the Internet

Alert No. 499, Tuesday, August 27.
 • 6th Circuit Expands Public Right of Access to Quasi Judicial Proceedings
 • Federal Circuit Rules in Monsanto v. McFarling
 • 4th Circuit Rules in Harrods Domain Name Dispute
 • BellSouth Seeks UNE Relief from FCC
 • RIAA Seeks to Enforce Subpoena to Identify Anonymous Infringer
 • 9th Circuit Dismisses Appeal in Abada v. Schwab
 • 7th Circuit Applies Doctrine of Laches in Trademark Infringement Case
 • Arbitration Clause That Bars Punitives Does Not Prevent Award of AT Treble Ds

Alert No. 498, Monday, August 26.
 • Court Holds There is Presumptive Entitlement to Attorneys' Fees in Small Copyright Infringement Cases
 • 9th Circuit Rules on Application of Wiretap Act and Stored Communications Act to Secure Web Sites

Alert No. 497, Friday, August 23.
 • District Court Grants Summary Judgment to Prodigy in Patent Infringement Case
 • GAO Reports Foreign Patent Challenges Facing Small Businesses
 • DOJ Official Addresses Online Copyright Infringement
 • House Committee Seeks Records from Global Crossing and Citibank
 • DOJ Recommends Approval of Qwest Long Distance Request
 • Federal Circuit Rules on Preemption and Shrink Wrap Contracts
 • CDT Reports on Access to State Court Records
 • Record Companies Withdraw Lawsuit Against Internet Backbone Companies

Alert No. 496, Wednesday, August 21.
 • Rep. Barr Loses Primary Election
 • Sen. Enzi Wins Primary Election
 • DOJ Clears eBay Acquisition of PayPal
 • FTC Sets Deadline for Comments on MSC Software Consent Agreement

Alert No. 495, Tuesday, August 20.
 • Music Companies Sue Internet Backbone Companies to Block Access to Pirate Site in PRChina
 • CDT Writes NTIA Regarding Reform of ICANN

Alert No. 494, Monday, August 19.
 • Bush Extends Export Administration Act Again
 • DOJ Settles Antitrust Suit Against MathWorks
 • 4th Circuit Rules in Lanham Act Case
 • 9th Circuit Issues Amended Opinion in Syntek v. Microchip Technology

Alert No. 493, Friday, August 16.
 • IRS Loses More Computers, Jeopardizes Taxpayer Info
 • Treasury Department Withholds Report on Network Security Weaknesses at IRS
 • IRS Seeks John Doe Summonses for Credit Card Records
 • Bush Addresses Homeland Security Bill
 • Federal Circuit Opinions

Alert No. 492, August 15.
 • 8th Circuit Rules States Cannot Bar Municipalities From Providing Telecom Services
 • 6th Circuit Affirms District Court Cellular Tower Variance Order
 • FTC Requires MSC.Software to License Nastran Software Royalty Free
 • Computer Chips v. Corn Chips

Alert No. 491, August 14.
 • 7th Circuit Rules on Use of Trademarks in HTML Meta Tags
 • Charles James Discusses Antitrust Activities
 • DOJ Official Addresses International Competition Network
 • Bush Addresses Broadband Deployment
 • Bush Addresses Trade Policy
 • GAO Reports on Internet Cigarette Sales

Alert No. 490, Tuesday, August 13.
 • Sens. Baucus and Grassley Propose Working Group on ETI/FSC
 • Federal Circuit Rules in Patent Case Involving Surfing the Web by Voice
 • Federal Circuit Upholds Validity of Cipro Patent
 • SEC Chairman Warns Legal Profession to Avoid Mistakes of Accounting Profession

Alert No. 489, Monday, August 12.
 • FCC to Sunset Cellular Analog Requirements
 • FCC to Eliminate Anti Trafficking and Other Cellular Rules
 • FCC Releases Order Setting DTV Mandates and Deadlines
 • FCC Issues NPRM on Broadcast Flag
 • FCC Debates Its Authority to Promulgate Broadcast Flag Rule
 • DHHS Revises HIPAA Health Privacy Rules
 • AG Ashcroft Addresses Liberty, Order, and Electronic Surveillance
 • USITC Institutes Section 337 Investigation

Alert No. 488, Friday, August 9.
 • FTC Files and Settles Complaint Against Microsoft
 • Customs Service Loses 2,251 Computers
 • FCC Mandates DTV Standards and Deadlines
 • CEA Will Appeal FCC DTV Order
 • Commissioner Martin Dissents from DTV Order
 • Rep. Boucher Writes FCC re DTV Transition
 • CATO Scholar Opposes DTV Mandates
 • Legislators Urge DOJ to Use Intellectual Property Laws Against P2P Systems
 • WorldCom Restates Earnings, Again
 • NTIA Announces Agenda for Convergence Roundtable

Alert No. 487, Thursday, August 8.
 • 8th Circuit Rules on PSLRA
 • SEC Files Alleges Fraud in Sale of Securities in IP Telephony Companies
 • FCC Fines Junk Faxer $5,379,000
 • OECD Adopts Information Security Guidelines
 • Bush Talks About Judge Picking
 • RIAA to Appeal Webcasting Rule
 • IRS Buys Computers

Alert No. 486, Wednesday, August 7.
 • Dingell Wins Primary Election
 • Ninth Circuit Rules on Use of Thermal Imaging Devices
 • Bush Signs Trade Promotion Authority Bill
 • FTC Takes Action Against Phillips Electronics for False Statements Regarding Rebates
 • Ashcroft Comments on Loss of 317 Laptops by FBI
 • Sen. Lieberman Introduces Stock Options Bill
 • Microsoft Hires Law Firm to Lobby for Allocation of Unlicensed Spectrum

Alert No. 485, Tuesday, August 6.
 • Microsoft Addresses Compliance with Proposed Settlement in Antitrust Case
 • FCC Suspends Enforcement of CIPA for Libraries Seeking E-Rate Subsidies
 • GAO Releases Report Criticizing Bush's Relaxing of MTOPS Levels for HPC Exports
 • FBI Loses 317 Laptops
 • McCain Introduces Consumer Broadband Bill
 • Sen. Cleland Introduces Bill to Limit Online Collection of Information About Children
 • Sen. Kerrey Introduces Bill for Relief of NextWave Re-Auction Winners

Alert No. 484, Monday, August 5.
 • FEC Proposes Rules that Exclude Webcasts from Electioneering Communications
 • Federal Circuit Issues Split Decision in Inventorship Case
 • More Federal Circuit Opinions
 • Former Adaptec VP Indicted for Insider Trading
 • Former Cisco Employee Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud

Alert No. 483, Friday, August 2.
• Senate Passes Trade Promotion Authority Bill
• Commerce Department Official Addresses Technology Policy
• DOJ Charges Former WorldCom Executives
• DOJ Recommends Approval of Verizon Long Distance Applications in Delaware & NH
• FCC Announces Agenda for August 8 Meeting
• President Bush to Leave for August Break

Alert No. 482, Thursday, August 1.
• Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Telecom and Internet Issues
• Committee Hearing Addresses Section 214 and Service Disruptions
• Senators Debate Broadband Deployment
• Powell's Market Oriented Approach Gives Democrats Heartburn
• Hollings Hints at Cable Regulation
• FCC Chairman Has Home WiFi Network
• Silicon Valley Representatives Issue Statement on Stock Options
• Sen. Wyden Introduces Stock Options Bill
• 8th Circuit Rules in PSLRA Case

Alert No. 481, Wednesday, July 31.
• 4th Circuit Rules No Antitrust Liability for Primarily Foreign Conduct
• Eli Lilly Punished Again for Accidental Privacy Violation
• 9th Circuit Rejects Privacy of Association
• NTIA Director Addresses WiFi Networks
• FCC to Host Forum on Rights of Way Issues
• DOJ Recommends Approval of BellSouth Long Distance Application
• Senate Committee Holds Hearing on ETI/FSC Tax Regime

Alert No. 480, Tuesday, July 30.
 • MIT Media Lab Profs Offer Vision for Future of the Internet
 • Trade Promotion Authority News
 • USPTO News

Alert No. 479, Monday, July 29.
 • House Passes Bill to Create Department of Homeland Security
 • Correction Re FOIA Exemption
 • House Passes Trade Promotion Authority Conference Report
 • Qwest to Revise Revenue Statements
 • WorldCom Comments on Reports of Criminal Investigation
 • Senate Approps Rejects Bush Proposals for Increased Funding for Tech Related Agencies
 • FTC Takes No Action on Synopsys Acquisition of Avant
 • Ashcroft Testifies to Senate Judiciary Committee Regarding Electronic Surveillance
 • FRB Governor Says E-Commerce Will Increase Economic Viability of Rural Areas
 • Intellectual Property Decisions

Alert No. 478, Friday, July 26.
 • Rep. Berman Introduces Bill to Legalize Self Help Technologies to Disable P2P Piracy
 • Reaction to the Berman Bill
 • News Analysis: The Berman Bill
 • House Begins Consideration of Homeland Security Bill
 • Edelman Sues N2H2
 • Bush Makes Judicial Appointments a Campaign Issue

Alert No. 477, Thursday, July 25.
 • FCC Declines to Commence NPRM on Location Privacy
 • Senate Committee Approves FOIA Exemption Amendment to DHS Bill
 • FOIA Exemption Debated at House Subcommittee Hearing
 • FCC Seeks Comment on NTIA 3G Viability Assessment
 • 9th Circuit Addresses Trademarks and Parody
 • SEC Files Complaint Against Adelphia
 • GAO Reports on Critical Infrastructrure Protection
 • Third Circuit Interprets Dormant Commerce Clause

Alert No. 476, Wednesday, July 24.
 • Government Officials Announce 3G Spectrum Plan
 • Administration Proposes Legislation to Create Spectrum Relocation Fund
 • Sen. Hollings Comments on 3G Plan
 • Powell Comments on 3G Plan
 • Privacilla Paper Addresses Privacy Torts
 • DOJ Recommends Approval of Qwest Long Distance Application
 • GAO Reports on Multitude of Critical Infrastructure Protection Entities