Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
July - December, 2004

Alert No. 1,047, Thursday, December 30.
  Powell Says FCC Plans to Auction 3G Spectrum in Summer of 2006
  FCC Publishes Notice in Federal Register of Report & Order Re Reaccommodation of Government Users in the 1710-1755 MHz band
  6th Circuit Applies Noerr Pennington Doctrine in Dispute Between Cable Operators

Alert No. 1,046, Wednesday, December 29.
  7th Circuit Holds There is No Duty to Defend and Indemnify Junk Faxer Under Advertising Injury and Privacy Violation Clause
  Financial Regulators Publish Notice of Final Rule Implementing Section 216 of FACT Act

Alert No. 1,045, Tuesday, December 28.
  Bush Signs Telecom Bill
  FCC Increases Nextel's Credit by $452 Million in Spectrum Swap
  DHS's National Infrastructure Advisory Council Meeting to Cover Cyber Security
  FCC Sets Comment Deadlines on 2FNPRM Regarding Secondary Markets for Spectrum

Alert No. 1,044, Monday, December 27.
  Bush to Renominate 20 for Federal Judgeships

Alert No. 1,043, Thursday, December 23.
  European Court of First Instance Denies Microsoft's Application for Interim Measures
  FTC, AIPLA, and National Academies to Host Series of Public Meetings on Patent Reform
  Bob the Beerman Loses Lanham Act Appeal

Alert No. 1,042, Wednesday, December 22.
  3rd Circuit Opines on Copyright Originality Requirement and Rules Based Expression
  EPIC Urges FTC to Open Investigation on Data Products and FRCA
  FCC Publishes Respondent's Briefs in Pending Cases

Alert No. 1,041, Monday, December 20.
  Reaction to FCC Unbundling Order
  AEI Panel Addresses Telecom Regulation
  BellSouth CEO Ackerman Offers Recommendations for Next Telecom Act
  11th Circuit Holds Trade Secrets Lawsuit Not Covered by Advertising Injury Clause

Alert No. 1,040, Friday, December 17.
  DOJ and FTC Warn Massachusetts Bar That Its Drafts Rules Restrict Legal Software
  FCC Adopts Order and NPRM Regarding Air Ground Service in the 800 MHz Band
  FCC Expands Rural Telemedicine Subsidy Program
  DOJ Charges Company with Universal Service Subsidy Fraud
  5th Circuit Rules on Jurisdiction, Removal and Remand in Dispute Over Laying of Fiber Optic Cable

Alert No. 1,039, Thursday, December 16.
  FCC Adopts Unbundling Order
  FCC Announces NPRM on Cellphones in Airplanes
  FCC Adopts UWB Second Report & Order
  7th Circuit Rules on Removal of WorldCom Related Securities Case
  1st Circuit Affirms Insider Trading Judgment

Alert No. 1,038, Wednesday, December 15.
  USTR Releases 3rd Annual Report on WTO Compliance by PR China
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Copyright and Reverse Passing Off Case
  Federal Circuit Rules in Blackberry Patent Infringement Case

Alert No. 1,037, Tuesday, December 14.
  President Signs CREATE Act
  Senate Approves Video Voyeurism Prevention Act
  Oracle Finally to Acquire PeopleSoft

Alert No. 1,036, Monday, December 13.
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in P2P Case
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Takings Clause Case
  9th Circuit Decisions Scrutinized by Supreme Court
  Senates Approves Anti-counterfeiting Amendments Act and Fraudulent Online Identity Sanctions Act
  Senate Approves Commercial Space Launch Bill
  House Resolution Would Require that Bills and Amendments Be Published on Internet 24 Hours Before Consideration

Alert No. 1,035, Friday, December 10.
  Bush Signs Omnibus Appropriations Bill
  Congress Approves Telecom Bill
  Baucus Criticizes Administration Failure to Negotiate Free Trade Agreements in Asia
  Zoellick Discusses Tech, TPA and Trade Agreements
  DC Circuit Rules in EMR v. FCC
  SEC Official Suggests Role for Web and E-Mail in Mutual Fund Disclosure Regime

Alert No. 1,034, Thursday, December 9.
  Supreme Court Rules on Fair Use in Trademark Case
  FCC Releases Agenda for December 15 Meeting

Alert No. 1,033, Wednesday, December 8.
  FTC Settles With Alyon Technologies
  SEC's Glassman Addresses Use of Internet in Securities Offerings
  Groups Complain to FTC About CRAs' Design of Web Site for Free Credit Reports
  7th Circuit Rules on Jurisdictional Issues in IP Case

Alert No. 1,032, Tuesday, December 7.
  Supreme Court Denies Local Governments' Cross Petition for Cert in Brand X Case
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Pruitt v. Comcast
  Supreme Court Reverses in San Diego v. Roe
  Powell Urges Senate to Approve Telecom Bill
  Sen. Wyden to Leave Commerce Committee

Alert No. 1,031, Monday, December 6.
  Bush Signs Internet Tax Nondiscrimination Act
  Coalition Seeks Passage of Composite Bill Regarding Spectrum, E911 and E-rate

Alert No. 1,030, Friday, December 3.
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Brand X Case
  DOJ Brings More DRAM Price Fixing Charges
  DOJ Charges Former McAfee Executive with Insider Trading for Exercising Stock Options
  WTO Director General Mentions PR China's Counterfeiting and Piracy

Alert No. 1,029, Thursday, December 2.
  Appeals Court Finds MPAA Not Liable for Good Faith Exercise of DMCA Notice and Takedown Procedure
  7th Circuit Affirms Judgment for New York Times in Defamation Case

Alert No. 1,028, Wednesday, December 1.
  Bush Issues Memorandum Regarding Spectrum Management
  SBC Files Tariff with FCC on Service for VOIP Providers
  Tom Ridge Resigns

Alert No. 1,027, Tuesday, Nov. 30.
  Supreme Court Declines to Hear Several Tech Related Cases
  Appeals Court Issues Opinion Regarding Compelled Speech

Alert No. 1,026, Monday, Nov. 29.
  FTC Finds No COPPA Violation by Amazon
  FRB Governor Reviews Role of IT in Economy

Alert No. 1,025, Wednesday, Nov. 24.
  House Approves Bill that Includes the Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act
  House Approves Commercial Space Launch Bill
  House Approves CREATE Act Again
  Appropriations Bill Includes SHVERA
  Greenspan Discusses Role of Intellectual Property in Trade

Alert No. 1,024, Tuesday, Nov. 23.
  Senate Approves Copyright Bill
  FCC Releases Study on Cable and Satellite A La Carte Pricing
  FCC to Fine Seller of Unauthorized Radio Transmitters
  New European Commissioners Take Office

Alert No. 1,023, Monday, Nov. 22.
  Congress Approves Omnibus Appropriations Bill
  Appropriations Bill Provides $1.54 Billion for USPTO, Temporary Fee Increases, But No End to Diversion
  Appropriations Bill Provides $281 Million for FCC
  Appropriations Bill Includes H1B and L1 Visa Provisions
  Bush Addresses Trade at APEC Conference

Alert No. 1,022, Friday, Nov. 19.
  Senate May Consider Intellectual Property Bill
  Congress Considers Video Voyeurism Bill

Alert No. 1,021, Thursday, Nov. 18.
  House Approves Copyright Royalty and Distribution Act
  House Approves DOE Supercomputing Bill
  DOJ Closes Investigation of Merger of Paging Companies

Alert No. 1,020, Wednesday, Nov. 17.
  Opponents of IPPA Urge Delay Until 109th Congress
  Summary of Briefs in MGM v. Grokster

Alert No. 1,019, Tuesday, Nov. 16.
  Amicus Brief Argues that Wiretap Act Covers Accessing Stored E-Mail
  Sen. Leahy Files Amicus Brief in US v. Councilman

Alert No. 1,018, Monday, Nov. 15.
  Novell Sues Microsoft
  FCC Releases Vonage VOIP Order
  USTR Issues Statement on China's Currency

Alert No. 1,017, Friday, Nov. 12.
  Sen. Leahy Comments on Gonzales Nomination
  FCC Releases MO&O Re Rules for 4.9 GHz Band
  District Court Holds Copyright Registration Invalid on Technicality

Alert No. 1,016, Thursday, Nov. 11.
  PeopleSoft Board Rejects Oracle's $24 Per Share Offer
  WTO Panel Instructs Congress to Amend Wire Act to Legalize Internet Gambling
  FCC to Collect More Data with Form 477
  Reaction to the FCC's Vonage Order
  Bush Picks Alberto Gonzales to be Next Attorney General

Alert No. 1,015, Wednesday, Nov. 10.
  FCC Adopts Order on Vonage's VOIP Petition
  9th Circuit Construes Meaning of Identity Theft for Sentencing Purposes
  GAO Reports That Governments Make Social Security Numbers Available for Identity Thieves
  Attorney General Ashcroft Resigns

Alert No. 1,014, Tuesday, Nov. 9.
  Microsoft Reaches Agreements with Novell and CCIA
  PFF Urges Supreme Court to Grant Certiorari in MGM v. Grokster
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Larimer v. IBM

Alert No. 1,013, Monday, Nov. 8.
  Cato Panel Criticizes Spyware Bills
  Rep. Oxley Asks for GAO Report on E-Commerce and Real Estate Services
  9th Circuit Construes Copyright Restoration Section

Alert No. 1,012, Friday, Nov. 5.
  MPAA Members to File Lawsuits Against Individual Infringers
  Appeals Court Holds No Infringement by GU87 Phone
  Bush Discusses Plans for Second Term
  6th Circuit Vacates Preliminary Injunction in DMCA Case

Alert No. 1,011, Thursday, Nov. 4.
  FCC Announces Agenda for November 9 Meeting
  FCC Fines ACR Electronics for Marketing Uncertified RF Devices
  Sen. Grassley Addresses Trade Promotion Authority and Other Trade Issues
  Democrats May Lose Seat on Senate Finance Committee
  Several Free Trade Advocates Will Not Return for the 109th Congress

Alert No. 1,010, Wednesday, Nov. 3.
  Summary of the Senate Elections
  Summary of the House Elections

Alert No. 1,009, Tuesday, Nov. 2.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Challenge to USPTO Ad Campaign
  1st Circuit Rules in Contract Case Involving Effect of E-Mail Messages
  FCC to Host Symposium on Numbering System and VOIP

Alert No. 1,008, Monday, Nov. 1.
  AOL and Others File Complaints Against Spammers
  2nd Circuit Rules in Motorola v. Uzan
  European Commission Clears Oracle Acquisition of PeopleSoft
  Monti Addresses Competition Policy
  Assistant USTR Addresses IPR and Europe
  Donaldson Addresses Why Markets Are More Resilient Today
  FCC Concurs With Selection of Transition Administrator Team to Oversee Reconfiguration of 800 MHz Band

Alert No. 1,007, Friday, Oct. 29.
  6th Circuit Rules in Cyber Squatting Case
  Music Companies Settle Puretunes Infringement Case
  CNET Publishes Tech Related Voting Records of Senators and Representatives

Alert No. 1,006, Thursday, Oct. 28.
  Powell Addresses Spectrum Policy and Proceedings
  FCC Reports 4th Straight Decline in Telephone Subscribership

Alert No. 1,005, Wednesday, Oct. 27.
  FRB Vice Chairman Addresses Business Investment in Info Tech
  FCC Announces Report and Order Regarding Unbundling Obligations Under  271
  FCC Releases NOI on Foreign Mobile Termination Rates

Alert No. 1,004, Tuesday, Oct. 26.
  DOJ Approves Cingular's Acquisition of AT&T Wireless, Subject to Divestitures
  FCC Approves Cingular's Acquisition of AT&T Wireless
  1st Circuit Rules in Export Administration Act Case
  EU May Lift FSC/ETI Sanctions

Alert No. 1,003, Monday, Oct. 25.
  Bush Signs FSC/ETI Repeal Bill
  SEC Fines Qwest $250 Million
  CEA Conducts Poll on Polling
  Copps and Adelstein Seek Reexamination of the FCC's Public File Rules
  Federal Circuit to Hear Oral Argument in Info Tech Cases

Alert No. 1,002, Friday, Oct. 22.
  DOJ Releases Policy Guide to Remedies for Anticompetitive Mergers

Alert No. 1,001, Thursday, Oct. 21.
  7th Circuit Rules on Class Certification in Railroad Rights of Way Case
  Court of Appeals Affirms Zero Arbitration Award in Theis v. Brown & Bain
  PPI Hosts Panel Discussion of Technology, Due Process, and Privacy

Alert No. 1,000, Wednesday, Oct. 20.
  Powell Discusses VOIP Regulation
  8th Circuit Address Derivative Works and Fair Use
  GAO Reports on Federal Networks that Support Homeland Security

Alert No. 999, Tuesday, Oct. 19.
  District Court Modifies 2000 Judgment to Allow Cingular to Acquire Certain AT&T Wireless Licenses
  Berman and Boucher Introduce Bill to Provide for Post Grant Reviews of Patents
  FCC Releases Fiber to the Curb Order
  2nd Circuit Reverses Injunction In WorldCom Multidistrict Securities Litigation

Alert No. 998, Monday, Oct. 18.
  FCC Reschedules Auction 58 and Denies Requests to Alter or Waive Entrepreneurial Eligibility Rules
  FCC Issues NOI on Foreign Mobile Termination Rates
  PFF Reports on State Barriers to VOIP Deployment
  Trade Officials Comment on FSC/ETI Repeal
  9th Circuits Affirms Judgment Against Corporate Hacker
  Bureau of Customs and Border Protection Conducts DMCA Rulemaking

Alert No. 997, Friday, Oct. 15.
  FCC Adopts BPL Report and Order
  FCC Adopts Report and Order Re 1710-1755 MHz Band
  FCC Rules ILECs Have No  251 Unbundling Obligations for FTTC

Alert No. 996, Thursday, Oct. 14.
  9th Circuit Rules in Qwest v. Portland
  District Court Dismisses Complaint Challenging Senate Filibusters of Judicial Nominees
  FCC Announces Partial Forbearance From ISP Remand Order

Alert No. 995, Wednesday, Oct. 13.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Unbundling Case
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in DMCA Subpoena Case
  Senators Debate Intellectual Property Protection Act Provisions
  DOJ IP Task Force Issues Recommendations
  IIPA Releases Study of Size of Copyright Industries
  House and Senate Approve Tax Bill That Repeals FSC/ETI
  House and Senate Approve Tax Bill That Limits Deductions for IP Contributions

Alert No. 994, Monday, Oct. 11.
  Movie and Music Industry Entities File Cert Petition in MGM v. Grokster
  FTC Files Complaint Against Spyware Con Artists
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Large Collection of Copyright Bills

Alert No. 993, Friday, Oct. 8.
  FCC Announces Agenda for October 14 Meeting
  House Approves Second Spyware Bill
  GAO Reports on PR China's Noncompliance with WTO Obligations
  US Chamber Offers Communications Policy Recommendations

Alert No. 992, Thursday, Oct. 7.
  1st Circuit Grants Rehearing En Banc in Councilman Case
  House Approves Satellite Home Viewer Extension Reauthorization Act
  Senate Approves Bill Regarding Certification Marks
  Senate Approves Copyright Royalty and Distribution Reform Act
  House Approves Bill to Create New Judgeships and Split the 9th Circuit
  Senate Approves Bill Regarding Privatization of INTELSAT and Inmarsat
  Senate Judiciary Committee to Meet On Thursday
  Senate Has Yet To Approve Several Major House IP Bills

Alert No. 991, Wednesday, Oct. 6.
  House Passes First Spyware Bill
  Summary of House Commerce Committee Spyware Bill
  5th Circuit Rules on Copyright, Fair Use, Attorneys Fees, and Alter Egos

Alert No. 990, Tuesday, Oct. 5.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Do Not Call Registry Case
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Reverse Passing Off Case
  Juster Addresses Computer and Software Technology

Alert No. 989, Monday, Oct. 4.
  7th Circuit Vacates in Chicago v. Comcast
  District Court Holds National Security Letters Statute Unconstitutional
  DOJ Will Not Appeal Oracle Antitrust Case
  Cyber Security Chief Yoran Resigns

Alert No. 988, Friday, Oct. 1.
  Hatch and Leahy Continue to Work on an Inducement of Infringement Bill
  FCC Hosts Discussion of Wireline Competition Bureau Topics
  Carlisle Discusses the FCC's Bipolar World, Powell's Network Freedoms, and a Network Layers Model of Regulation
  FCC Officials Discuss VOIP Regulation

Alert No. 987, Thursday, Sept. 30.
  Opponents Criticize Latest Draft of Inducing Infringement of Copyright Act

Alert No. 986, Wednesday, Sept. 29.
  House Approves Copyright Bill
  Senate Judiciary Committee Releases Agenda for September 30 Meeting
  9th Circuit Rules in Compelled Speech Case

Alert No. 985, Tuesday, Sept. 28.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Releases Draft of the Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act
  Donaldson Addresses New Technologies and Regulation NMS
  Ridge Addresses Public Safety Interoperability
  Rep. Lofgren Introduces Bill to Repeal AMT Treatment of Incentive Stock Options

Alert No. 984, Monday, Sept. 27.
  9th Circuit Grants Rehearing in SEC v. Yuen
  House Bill Would Create Position of Assistant USTR for IPR
  Rep. Dreier Proposes National Identification Card and Database
  SEC Official Addresses Regulation NMS and Electronic Markets

Alert No. 983, Friday, Sept. 24.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Wireless Privacy Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Spyware Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Rural Universal Service Reform Bill
  FCC Sets Comments Deadlines in Broadband, VOIP and CALEA Proceeding
  GAO Reports on Offshoring of Services
  House Government Reform Committee Holds Hearing on IPR

Alert No. 982, Thursday, Sept. 23.
  FCC Fines Viacom $550,000 for Super Bowl Indecency
  Former Computer Associates CEO Sanjay Kumar Indicted
  DOJ Charges CA With Securities Fraud and Obstruction of Justice
  SEC Brings Civil Actions Against Computer Associates, Kumar, and Others
  Groups Urge 9th Circuit to Rehear French Internet Censorship Case
  Senate Commerce Committee Marks Up Bills

Alert No. 981, Wednesday, Sept. 22.
  TSA Requires Airlines to Provide Customer Data
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Wireless Privacy
  House Approves Video Voyeurism Prevention Act
  House Approves Anti-counterfeiting Amendments of 2003 and Fraudulent Online Identity Sanctions Act
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Over Tech and IP Bills
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Copyright Royalty and Distribution Reform Act

Alert No. 980, Tuesday, Sept. 21.
  Senators Introduce Bill Pertaining to Certification Marks
  Senate Judiciary Committee May Consider Inducement Bill

Alert No. 979, Monday, Sept. 20.
  Senate Commerce Committee to Mark Up Tech and Communications Bills
  OMB Directs Federal Agencies to Adopt Personal Use Policies to Control Improper P2P File Sharing
  Sen. Ensign Addresses Senate Republican High Tech Task Force and Tech Related Bills

Alert No. 978, Thursday, Sept. 16.
  DOJ Charges Infineon With Felony Price Fixing; Infineon Pleads Guilty
  House and Senate Committees to Hold Hearings on Wireless Number Privacy
  Rep. Dreier Addresses the eBay Economy
  AG Ashcroft Addresses Cyber Crime

Alert No. 977, Wednesday, Sept. 15.
  Representatives Introduce Bill to Increase Authority of DHS's Top Cyber Security Officer
  Representatives Introduce Homeland Security Science and Tech Bill
  House Committee Holds Hearing on Cyber and Other Threats to Financial Infrastructure
  DOT Dismisses Privacy Related Complaint Against Northwest Airlines

Alert No. 976, Tuesday, Sept. 14.
  Dodd and Lieberman Introduce Bill to End Double State Taxation of Teleworkers
  Sen. Feingold Introduces Bill to Amend PATRIOT Act Provisions Regarding Interception of Computer Trespasser Communications
  Senate Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Tools to Fight Terrorism Act
  Sen. Alexander Wants to Delay Consideration of Internet Tax Ban Until Next Year
  FCC Releases Report on Availability of Broadband
  FCC Adopts Report to Congress on Competition in the Commercial Wireless Industry

Alert No. 975, Monday, Sept. 13.
  District Court Holds Pennsylvania Internet Statute Unconstitutional
  FTC Sues AT&T and Sprint for Violating FCRA
  Pate Addresses US Competition Law And Differences With EU
  GAO Again Finds FBI IT Management Lacking
  FCC Adopts Item Making Additional 20 MHz of Spectrum Available for AWS
  FCC Adopts Report and Order Re Children's Programming Obligations of DTV Broadcasters
  FCC Adopts Report and Order Re FCC Licensing and the National Historic Preservation Act

Alert No. 974, Friday, Sept. 10.
  DOJ Loses Oracle Case
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on CALEA and the Internet
  Rep. Pickering Asks About Relationship Between the DOJ's Brand X Cert Petition and the FCC's CALEA NPRM

Alert No. 973, Thursday, Sept. 9.
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Spyware Bill
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Intellectual Property Bills
  9th Circuit Rules State Claim for Breach of Implied in Fact Contract Is Not Preempted by Copyright Act

Alert No. 972, Wednesday, Sept. 8.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Announces Agenda for September 9 Meeting
  Bush Nominates Verizon's Crotty for Federal Judgeship
  Appeals Court Judge Rips AT&T's Billing and Litigation Shell Game
  Ridge Addresses Identification Technology, National ID Cards, and Drivers Licenses
  AEI Brookings Study Backs Use of Information Markets by Government

Alert No. 971, Tuesday, Sept. 7.
  Federal Circuit Rejects Anti-Circumvention Claim in Garage Door Opener Case

Alert No. 970, Monday, Sept. 6.
  Copyright Office Releases Draft Version of Inducement Bill
  FTC Stops Deceptive Claims by Security Software Maker
  WTO Arbitrator Allows Sanctions for Byrd Amendment

Alert No. 969, Friday, Sept. 3.
  FCC Releases Agenda for September 9 Meeting
  FCC Releases Second Secondary Markets Report and Order
  10th Circuit Rules in MDU Inside Wiring Case

Alert No. 968, Thursday, Sept. 2.
  Office of the Solicitor General Backs FCC in Brand X Case
  FTC Brings First Action for Violation of TSR for Calling Numbers on Do Not Call Registry
  9th Circuit Reverses District Court Dismissal of Securities Fraud Suit Against Oracle
  Oracle Loses Appeal in Contract Dispute

Alert No. 967, Thursday, August 26.
  10th Circuit Upholds Oklahoma Statute that Discriminates Against Electronic Commerce
  DOJ Executes Search Warrants in Investigation of Criminal Infringement by P2P Users

Alert No. 966, Wednesday, August 25.
  FCC Releases Order and NPRM Re Unbundling Rules
  Opponents of the Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act Submit Alternative Proposal
  Comparison of Hatch Leahy Inducement Bill and Opponents' Proposal

Alert No. 965, Tuesday, August 24.
  9th Circuit Reverses in Yahoo v. LICRA

Alert No. 964, Monday, August 23.
  District Court Holds Rep. McDermott Violated Wiretap Act

Alert No. 963, Friday, August 20.
  9th Circuit Holds No Vicarious Infringement in Grokster Case
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Inducement Bill
  Judge Jackson Fines Journalists $500 Per Day
  House Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearing on Tech Issues in 9-11 Commission Report and TAPAC Report

Alert No. 962, Thursday, August 19.
  GAO Reports on DHS Enterprise Architecture
  Federal Circuit Affirms in PMT v. Siemens

Alert No. 961, Wednesday, August 18.
  NTIA Submits Comments to FCC on Temperature Interference Model
  District Court Refuses to Block Arch Coal Merger
  District Court Finds No Federal Jurisdiction in Contract Claim Pertaining to Ownership of Copyright

Alert No. 960, Tuesday, August 17.
  Summary of the FCC's CALEA NPRM
  Summary of the CALEA NPRM's Tentative Conclusion Regarding Broadband Internet Access Services
  Summary of the CALEA NPRM's Tentative Conclusion Regarding Certain VOIP Services
  Summary of the CALEA NPRM's Declaratory Ruling Regarding Push To Talk Services
  Summary of the CALEA NPRM's Substantial Replacement Analysis
  Summary of the CALEA NPRM's Future Services Analysis
  Summary of the CALEA NPRM's Private Intercept Management Provider Proposal

Alert No. 959, Monday, August 16.
  FCC Reports Another Decline in Telephone Subscribership
  Pinkos Named USPTO Deputy Director

Alert No. 958, Thursday, August 12.
  9th Circuit Rules in Trademark Dilution and Infringement Case Involving Domain Name Registration
  Blaster Worm Defendant Pleads Guilty

Alert No. 957, Wednesday, August 11.
  9th Circuit Rules in Anonymous Speech Case
  Court Rules in Case Regarding Breach of Contract to Transfer Stock in Failed Dot Com
  Cato Releases Paper on Threats to Privacy
  CBO Releases Economic Analysis of Copyright and Digital Media

Alert No. 956, Tuesday, August 10.
  FCC Adopts Order Regarding Wireless SPAM
  FCC Releases Order on Reconsideration Regarding FTTH to MDUs
  District Court Enters Final Order in FTC Case Against Defendants Who Exploited Microsoft Messenger to Display Pop Up Ads

Alert No. 955, Monday, August 9.
  Bush Again Extends Export Administration Act
  Federal Election Commission Dismisses Fahrenheit 9/11 Complaint
  VeriSign Paper Rebuts ICANN Paper on Redirection in the Com and Net Domains

Alert No. 954, Friday, August 6.
  FCC Adopts Order on Reconsideration Re Unbundling Requirements of ILECs for FTTH to MDUs
  FCC Adopts R&O Approving Digital Protection Technologies and Recording Methods
  Powell Discusses Brand X Case
  FCC Adopts R&O Regarding DTV Conversion
  FCC Adopts R&O and FNPRM Regarding Reporting of Network Outages
  FCC Adopts NPRM Regarding Emergency Alert System

Alert No. 953, Thursday, August 5.
  FCC Adopts NPRM and Declaratory Ruling Regarding CALEA Obligations
  FCC Legislates Expansion of CALEA Obligations

Alert No. 952, Wednesday, August 4.
  Bush Signs US Australia FTA Implementation Act
  Class Action Lawyers Sue Yahoo, Google and Others for Serving Targeted Ads of Gambling Web Sites
  GAO Testifies on Information Technology and Terrorism
  District Court Issues Opinion in FOIA Action Seeking Draft of CAPPS II Privacy Impact Assessment

Alert No. 951, Tuesday, August 3.
  4th Circuit Rules in Reciprocal Compensation Case
  President Bush Responds to 9-11 Report
  Rep. Crane Introduces Bill to Provide Tax Break for Certain Spectrum Based and   Information Technologies in Vehicles
  Rep. Hooley Introduces Children's Listbroker Privacy Act
  Muris to Leave FTC on August 15

Alert No. 950, Monday, August 2.
  Bush Gives Majoras and Liebowitz Recess Appointments to the FTC
  GAO Reports on DOD's Global Information Grid
  Terrorism Threat Level Raised for Financial Services Facilities in Washington DC, NYC and NJ
  FCC Issues NOI on Violent TV Programming
  Rep. Nadler Introduces Bill to Criminalize Accessing Stored E-Mail
  Rep. Inslee Introduces E-mail Privacy Act
  Tech Issues in Presidential Election Campaign
  Apple and RealNetworks Dispute Legality of Harmony Technology

Alert No. 949, Friday, July 30.
  4th Circuit Addresses Filed Rate Doctrine and Consumer Protection Statutes
  3rd Circuit Rules in First Amendment Case

Alert No. 948, Thursday, July 29.
  FCC Announces Agenda for August 4 Meeting
  DOJ Announces Annual Awards
  Chasser to Leave USPTO

Alert No. 947, Wednesday, July 28.
  9th Circuit Rules in Verizon v. Covad
  Dallas Computer Guys Indicted for Supporting HAMAS
  Microsoft Rejects Japanese FTC Recommendation Regarding OEM Licensing Agreements
  GAO Reports on Critical Infrastructure Information Sharing
  Bush Signs Executive Order Naming the PCAST as the National Nanotechnology Advisory Panel
  Zywicki To Leave FTC

Alert No. 946, Tuesday, July 27.
  Senate Commerce Committee Passes VOIP Regulation Bill
  Summary of VOIP Related Bills
  Verizon and Skype Announce New VOIP Services

Alert No. 945, Monday, July 26.
  Sen. Wyden Blocks FTC Nominees
  Rep. Cox Urges Bush to Instruct IRS Not to Expand Excise Tax on Phones
  6th Circuit Addresses Statute of Limitations and Award of Attorneys Fees in Music Copyright Case
  DC Circuit Reverses in CCI v. FCC
  EPIC Files FOIA Complaint Against DOD Seeking Records Regarding Data Mining Project

Alert No. 944, Friday, July 23.
  House Passes US Morocco FTA Bill
  House Judiciary Committee Passes Family Movie Act
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Satellite Home Viewer Extension Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Junk Fax Bill
  Rep. Greenwood Will Not Seek Re-election

Alert No. 943, Thursday, July 22.
  Indictment Charges Theft of Customer Data Held By Acxiom
  US Morocco FTA Bill Moves in Congress
  Federal Reserve Board Reports on State of the Economy

Alert No. 942, Wednesday, July 21.
  House Passes Stock Option Accounting Reform Act
  House Passes Junk Fax Bill
  Microsoft Announces Stock Buy Back and Dividend Plans
  Microsoft General Counsel Discusses Legal Actions
  BTG Sues Microsoft and Apple Alleging Patent Infringement

Alert No. 941, Tuesday, July 20.
  Foundations Release Report on Health Care and Information Technology and Common Cause Request FTC to Censor TV Network
  Gallagher Addresses Independent Management of DNS

Alert No. 940, Monday, July 19.
  DC Circuit Grants Petition for Review in Verizon v. FCC
  PFF Advocates Less Regulation by the ICANN
  Senate Passes ETI/FSC Repeal Bill
  Senate Passes US Australia FTA

Alert No. 939, Friday, July 16.
  House Commerce Subcommittee Holds Hearing on RFID Technology
  House Subcommittee Approves SSN Privacy and Identity Theft Prevention Act
  Appeals Court Affirms Conviction of Man Who Stole President Clinton's SSN
  President Bush Signs Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act
  FTC Settlement With AspenTech Requires Divestiture of Software Businesses
  House Committee to Hold Hearing on EMP Attacks

Alert No. 938, Thursday, July 15.
  Powell Praises Broadband Over Powerline
  9th Circuit Rules in California 252 Case
  8th Circuit Rules in False Designation of Origin of Book Case
  House Passes US Australia FTA
  House Passes Resolution Regarding IPR in the PRC
  House Passes Resolution Regarding WTO's Disparate Treatment of Taxes
  Draft Bills Implementing US Morocco FTA Approved by Committees

Alert No. 937, Wednesday, July 14.
  DOJ Releases Report Touting Benefits of PATRIOT Act
  EPIC Files Appeal Brief in FOIA Case Regarding DOJ Lobbying Over PATRIOT Act Amendment
  11th Circuit Rules U.S. Courts Have Subject Matter Jurisdiction Over Foreign Infringer Who Sends Copies Into the U.S.
  2nd Circuit Addresses Copyright Protection for Electronic Compilations of Data

Alert No. 936, Tuesday, July 13.
  9th Circuit Rules Federal Courts Lack Jurisdiction Over Suit by Homeowners Association Against a Condo Owner for Placement of Satellite Dish
  PR China Agrees to Stop Preferential Tax Treatment for Domestic Producers of Integrated Circuits
  Monti Addresses Competition Policy and New Media
  Senate Democrats Block Class Action Fairness Act
  USAO in Northern District of California Prosecutes Unauthorized Access to Protected Computer Cases
  FCC Adopts Report and Order Regarding Interference in the 800 MHz Band

Alert No. 935, Monday, July 12.
  Rep. Stearns and Rep. Boucher Introduce VOIP and Internet Regulation Bill
  Michael Powell Starts a Web Log
  FCC Settles With AT&T in Proceeding Regarding Do Not Call Registry Violations
  FTC Charges Web Site Operator with Violation of Privacy Policy
  FTC Reports on Marketing of Violent Games, Movies and Music to Children

Alert No. 934, Friday, July 9.
  FCC Adopts Second Secondary Markets Report and Order
  FCC Adopts Report and Order Regarding Unlicensed Devices
  FCC Eliminates Pick and Choose Rule
  House Commerce Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Stock Options Bill
  House Passes CJS Appropriations Bill

Alert No. 933, Thursday, July 8.
  FTC Rules Noerr-Pennington Doctrine Does Not Block Antitrust Action for False Representations Regarding Patents During Standards Setting Process
  DC Circuit Uphold's FCC's $6 Million Fine of SBC for Violating Unbundling Provision in SBC/Ameritech Merger Approval Order
  FCC Proposes That Broadcasters Retain Recordings To Facilitate Enforcement of Smut Ban
  GAO Finds Error Prone IT Environment at DOD
  House Begins Consideration of CJS Appropriations Bill

Alert No. 932, Wednesday, July 7.
  5th Circuit Holds that Texas Universal Service Tax is Preempted by Section 254
  US, UK and Australia Sign MOU Regarding Spam
  CDT Writes Senators Regarding Inducement of Infringement Bill

Alert No. 931, Tuesday, July 6.
  FCC Releases Agenda for July 8 Meeting
  FTC Publishes Final Rule Under Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Act
  IRS Publishes Advance NPRM Regarding Expanding the Excise Tax on Telephones to Include New Technologies
  Bush Makes Recess Appointments

Alert No. 930, Thursday, July 1.
  DC Circuit Rejects Appeal in Microsoft Antitrust Case
  1st Circuit Holds Wiretap Act Does Not Apply to E-Mail in Storage
  4th Circuit Rules in CoStar v. LoopNet
  3rd Circuit Rules in Media Ownership Case
  DOJ States That It Is Incapable of Copying its Own Data

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