Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
January - June, 2004

Alert No. 929, Wednesday, June 30.
  COPA Sponsor Addresses Supreme Court Decision
  NTIA Releases Reports on Spectrum Management
  DC Circuit Denies Petition for Review in NASUCA v. FCC

Alert No. 928, Tuesday, June 29.
  Supreme Court Affirms Preliminary Injunction of COPA
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Securities Fraud Case
  8th Circuit Affirms in Leach v. Mediacom
  Judiciary Committee Members Introduce Spyware Bill
  FCC Issues Public Notice on Use of Small Antennas for Unlicensed Wi-Fi and Other Devices

Alert No. 927, Monday, June 28.
  Bush Addresses Technology Issues
  Kerry Addresses Tech Issues
  Senate Passes PIRATE Act to Enable DOJ to Bring Civil Actions for Copyright Infringement
  Senate Passes ART Act
  Senate Passes CREATE Act to Promote Collaborative Research
  Bush Signs Standards Development Organization Advancement Act
  Bush Signs Antitrust Criminal Penalty Enhancement and Reform Act
  House Commerce Committee Approves Junk Fax Bill
  Rep. Kleczka Introduces RFID Bill
  US EU Summit in Ireland Addresses Tech Related Issues
  OMB Issues Memorandum Re Executive Branch Entity Critical Infrastructure Plans

Alert No. 926, Friday, June 25.
  House Commerce Committee Approves Spyware Bill
  4th Circuit Denies Rehearing En Banc in PSINet v. Chapman Following Procedural Flukes
  House and Senate Committees Take Up US Australia FTA Implementation Act

Alert No. 925, Thursday, June 24.
  Senators Introduce Bill to Amend Copyright Act to Ban Inducement of Infringement
  Senate Subcommittee Holds Hearing on P2P Technology
  House Commerce Committee to Mark Up Spyware Bill
  Senators Address Impending Expiration of R&D Tax Credit
  AT&T and Bells Continue to Debate Unbundling Order

Alert No. 924, Wednesday, June 23.
  Chairman Barton Says Commerce Committee Will Mark Up Boucher Doolittle Bill in July
  Judiciary Committee Leaders Allege Jurisdictional Power Grab
  House Commerce Committee's Primary Jurisdiction Over HR 107

Alert No. 923, Tuesday, June 22.
  Supreme Court Affirms 9th Circuit in Intel v. AMD
  Supreme Court Upholds Statute Compelling Identification

Alert No. 922, Monday, June 21.
  House Subcommittee Approves Spyware Bill
  Legislators Introduce Bills Pertaining to NCIC Database, Data Mining and FISA Surveillance
  Rep. Dreier Addresses Economic Growth, Productivity, and Information Technology
  Treasury Secretary Comments on ETI Repeal Bills
  11th Circuit Limits Private Suits by DBS Providers Against Pirates

Alert No. 921, Friday, June 18.
  House Passes Bill to Repeal ETI
  Cheney Addresses Technology

Alert No. 920, Thursday, June 17.
  District Court Upholds Constitutionality of 514 of Uruguay Round Agreements Act
  FTC Recommends Against National Do Not E-Mail Registry
  NTIA's Gallagher Writes Powell Re Interim Unbundling Rules
  FCC Commissioners Address Local Telephone Competition Rules

Alert No. 919, Wednesday, June 16.
  House Financial Services Committee Approves Stock Options Bill

Alert No. 918, Tuesday, June 15.
  House Ways and Means Committee Approves Tax Bill that Repeals ETI
  Ways and Means Committee Approves Bill to Limit Deductions for IP Contributions
  Ways and Means Committee Votes to Extend Research and Development Tax Credit
  Ways and Means Committee Debates Private Tax Collectors and Information Privacy
  Supreme Court Denies Cert for Law Firm Seeking Consumer Complaints to FTC

Alert No. 917, Monday, June 14.
  House to Take Up Tax Bill with ETI Repeal and Tech Provisions
  DOD and NIST Enter Into MOU Re Defense Technology
  Microsoft Appeals European Commission Decision
  10th Circuit Rules on Enforcement of FTC Act Injunctions
  District Court Construes Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Alert No. 916, Friday, June 11.
  CLECs Seek Stay of Court of Appeals Opinion in USTA II
  FCC Adopts RO & NPRM Re ITFS/MDS Band
  FCC Adopts RO and NPRM Regarding Spectrum Sharing in the 1.6 and 2.4 GHz Bands
  FCC Adopts NOI For Annual Report to Congress on Video Programming
  FCC Releases Quarterly Report on Informal Consumer Complaints and Inquiries
  Clear Channel Settles With FCC
  Secretary Ridge Testifies Regarding Homeland Security

Alert No. 915, Thursday, June 10.
  Solicitor General Will Not Seek Supreme Court Review in USTA II
  EPIC Sues TSA And FBI Under FOIA For Records Related to CAPPS II Debate
  FCC Revises Agenda for June 10 Meeting

Alert No. 914, Wednesday, June 9.
  Ashcroft Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee
  Ashcroft Testifies Regarding PATRIOT Act
  2nd Circuit Rules Public Has First Amendment Right of Access to Court Dockets
  3rd Circuit Rules in CWA Union Dues Case

Alert No. 913, Tuesday, June 8.
  Pate Addresses US EU Differences on Antitrust, Microsoft, and IPR
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Section 230 Immunity Case
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Ranger Cellular
  Circuit Courts Rule in Counterfeiting Cases

Alert No. 912, Monday, June 7.
  Rep. Cox Addresses Technology and Homeland Security
  McCain and Leahy Introduce Low Power FM Bill
  GAO Reports on P2P Piracy at Universities
  Senators Nelson and Feinstein Introduce Bill to Regulate Foreign Outsourcing

Alert No. 911, Friday, June 4.
  FCC Announces Agenda for June 10 Meeting
  Powell Addresses Wireless Broadband Issues
  Ken Starr Says the Big Issue in the FCC's TRO and USTA II is Separation of Powers
  House Commerce Committee Approves Satellite Home Viewer Extension and Reauthorization Act
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on DTV Transition

Alert No. 910, Thursday, June 3.
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on FTC Nominees
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Ben Wu Nomination

Alert No. 909, Wednesday, June 2.
  U.S. and Mexico Settle Telecom Dispute
  GAO Reports on Economic Arrangements Among Small Webcasters
  GAO Reports on Spectrum Management
  DC Circuit Dismisses AT&T's Petition for Review of Public Notice of 272 Sunset

Alert No. 908, Tuesday, June 1.
  Directv Denies Plans to Scrap Use of Satellites for Broadband Access
  11th Circuit Holds Award of Liquidated Damages for Violation of ECPA is Discretionary
  GAO Reports on Computer Control Weaknesses at FDIC
  FCC Extends Deadline for Reply Comments in Broadband Over Powerline Proceeding

Alert No. 907, Friday, May 28.
  GAO Reports on Data Mining at Federal Agencies
  Phil Bond Addresses the Politics of Nanotechnology
  DOJ Files Criminal Complaint Against NEC Subsidiary Alleging E-Rate Fraud

Alert No. 906, Thursday, May 27.
  Powell and Adelstein Address FCC Spectrum Related Proceedings
  1st Circuit Construes Attorneys Fees Shifting Section of Copyright Act
  DC Circuit Rules in Patent Malpractice Case
  Privacy Groups Comment on Proposed Rules Regarding Use of Medical Information in Financial System

Alert No. 905, Wednesday, May 26.
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Internet Wine Sales Cases
  FCC Releases NPRM Regarding Unlicensed Use of TV Spectrum
  Snow Addresses Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Alert No. 904, Monday, May 24.
  Sensenbrenner and Conyers Introduce Bill to Modify Antitrust Law in Reaction to Trinko and Goldwasser Cases
  FBI Director Mueller Appears Before Senate Judiciary Committee
  Ashcroft Calls for Extension of PATRIOT Act Provisions
  FRB's Bies Addresses Role of Info Tech in Corporate Governance

Alert No. 903, Friday, May 21.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Business Meeting
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves ENFORCE Act
  House CIIP Subcommittee Holds Hearing on DVD Filtering Technology
  Sen. Wyden Places Hold on Majoras Nomination
  Rep. Meek Introduces Bill to Require Federal Privacy Officers
  Rep. Capuano Introduces Visas Mantis Bill
  Rep. Eshoo Addresses E-911
  11th Circuit Addresses Loss of Use Damages for Severance of Fiber Optic Cable

Alert No. 902, Thursday, May 20.
  House Telecom Committee Holds Hearing on New Technologies
  Rep. Cox Suggests Shutting Down the FCC

Alert No. 901, Wednesday, May 19.
  Bush Will Renominate Alan Greenspan
  U.S. and Australia Sign FTA
  Commerce Department Releases Report on Standards and Trade Barriers
  Powell Addresses Future of Broadband
  SEC Files Complaint Against Lucent

Alert No. 900, Tuesday, May 18.
  DOD Advisory Committee Backs Data Mining, with Attention to Privacy
  European Commission Adopts Decision on Airline Passenger Data
  Sen. Kennedy Introduces Health Care Info Tech Bill

Alert No. 899, Monday, May 17.
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Business Activity Taxes
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Creating Fair Use Exceptions to DMCA
  Rep. Barton Addresses Spyware
  OECD Meeting Addresses Doha and Outsourcing
  Zoellick Addresses IPR and Russian Accession to WTO
  Rep. Markey Introduces Data Protectionism Bill
  FCC Adopts NPRM Regarding One Call Notification System
  FCC Adopts Access Charge Reform Report and Order
  FCC Affirms International Bureau's Whipsawing Order
  DHS Creates Data Analysis Entity

Alert No. 898, Friday, May 14.
  FCC Adopts NPRM Regarding Unlicensed Use of Broadcast TV Spectrum

Alert No. 897, Thursday, May 13.
  Capital Markets Subcommittee Approves Stock Options Bill
  House Judiciary Committee Holds Mark Up Session
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Domain Name Fraud Bill
  Bill Would Reinstate Video Description Rules

Alert No. 896, Wednesday, May 12.
  Muris Resigns, Majoras Nominated
  G8 Nations Issue Statement on Cyber Security
  DOJ's Delrahim Addresses Compulsory Licensing of IPR In Antitrust Cases
  2nd Circuit Affirms in CalPERS v. WorldCom

Alert No. 895, Tuesday, May 11.
  Bush Nominates Griffith for DC Circuit
  Greenspan Addresses Information Technology and Globalization
  FRB Governor Olson Addresses Use of Information Technology in Banking
  PFF Releases Papers on Compulsory Licensing

Alert No. 894, Monday, May 10.
  Bush Addresses Trade and Broadcast and Internet Speech
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Nomination of Dudas to Head the USPTO
  Microsoft Bounty Leads to Arrest of Worm Perpetrator
  DOJ Reports that 1,724 FISA Orders Were Issued for Electronic Surveillance and Physical Search in 2003
  EIA Releases Tech Policy Recommendations
  8th Circuit Rules on Interstate Nature of Phone Calls in Criminal Case

Alert No. 893, Friday, May 7.
  House Telecom & Internet Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Dot Kids Domain
  House Passes Bill to Delay INTELSAT IPO
  FCC Releases Agenda of May 13 Meeting
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on P2P Smut

Alert No. 892, Thursday, May 6.
  FCC Forms Wireless Broadband Access Task Force
  House Judiciary Committee Puts Off Mark Up of Tech Related Bills
  Rambus Files Antitrust Suit Against Micron, Hynix, Siemen & Infineon

Alert No. 891, Wednesday, May 5.
  Bush Continues To Address Broadband in Campaign Speeches
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Extending SHVIA
  Groups Oppose Fraudulent Online Identity Sanctions Act
  Privacy Groups Argue that All Google Gmail Users May Be Criminals

Alert No. 890, Tuesday, May 4.
  Congressional Committees Consider Extension of Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act of 1999
  NIST Releases Draft Report on VOIP Security
  ACCF Predicts TRO and Opinion in USTA v FCC Will Increase Capital Spending, GDP and Employment
  FTC and DOJ Bring First CAN SPAM Act Cases
  6th Circuit Rules on Compensation for ISP Bound Traffic

Alert No. 889, Monday, May 3.
  Senate Passes Weakened Version Internet Non-discrimination Act
  Google Files IPO Registration Statement with SEC
  EPIC Inquires About Use of Google Technologies by FBI
  US Courts Releases 2003 Data on Interception of Wire Oral & Electronic Communications

Alert No. 888, Friday, April 30.
  9th Circuit Grants Rehearing in Case Regarding Personal Jurisdiction Over Internet Retailers
  House Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on Digital Fair Use Bill
  Representatives Write Ridge About Cyber Security
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Four Intellectual Property Bills

Alert No. 887, Thursday, April 29.
  Senate Passes Bill Allowing Delay in INTELSAT IPO
  Comcast Withdraws Proposal to Acquire Disney
  Tech Companies Seek Senate Passage of USPTO Fee Bill
  FCC Files Amicus Brief in Vonage v. Minnesota PUC
  Lawsuit Challenges Constitutionality of Law Allowing FBI to Obtain Records from Electronic Communication Service Providers
  District Court Rules on Personal Jurisdiction Over Foreign Web Site Operator in Copyright Infringement Case

Alert No. 886, Wednesday, April 28.
  President Bush Advocates Conversion to Electronic Medical Records
  Bush Addresses Privacy of Electronic Medical Records
  FCC Releases NPRM on Unlicensed Use of the 3650-3700 MHz Band
  FCC Releases Report and Order Regarding RFID

Alert No. 885, Tuesday, April 27.
  Bush Addressed Broadband Access Taxes, Research and Development, and Conversion to Electronic Medical Records
  Senate Begins Consideration of Internet Tax Non-Discrimination Act
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Telecom Cases

Alert No. 884, Monday, April 26.
  Sen. Edwards Introduces Telehealth Bill
  Rep. Frank Introduces Bill To Require Reimbursement of Some Gains from Sale of Stock Acquired by Option
  Sen. Leahy and Sen. Feingold Write Colleagues Regarding Data Mining by Federal Agencies
  Sen. Leahy Responds to President Bush's Speeches about the PATRIOT Act
  FRB Governor Discusses Labor Markets

Alert No. 883, Friday, April 23.
  European Commission Releases Microsoft Decision
  DOJ Announces Raids of Online Piracy Organizations
  Sen. McConnell Advocates Extension of Expiring Sections of the PATRIOT Act
  5th Circuit Rules in Cyber Squatting and Trademark Dilution Case
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Trademark Dilution
  Senate Judiciary Committee Postpones Consideration of Intellectual Property Bills

Alert No. 882, Thursday, April 22.
  FCC Rules on AT&T's VOIP Petition
  Bush Addresses Broadband Policy, Free Trade and the PATRIOT Act
  Senate Judiciary Committee to Take Up Intellectual Property Bills

Alert No. 881, Wednesday, April 21.
  Bush Continues to Speak About PATRIOT Act
  FCC and NextWave Settle
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Greene v. Sprint

Alert No. 880, Tuesday, April 20.
  Bush Proposes to Extend and Expand PATRIOT Act
  Bush Opposes Congressional Proposals to Roll Back Parts of PATRIOT Act
  4th Circuit Holds that Consumers Lack Standing to Sue Under Lanham Act

Alert No. 879, Monday, April 19.
  Bush Addresses PATRIOT Act
  OMB Revises Peer Review Guidelines
  Greenspan Reviews Roles of Commercial Law and Reputation for Integrity
  FBI's National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Council to Address Outsourcing
  USTR Reorganizes Asian Affairs

Alert No. 878, Friday, April 16.
  FCC Announces FNPRM and NOI Regarding Digital Audio Broadcasting
  FCC Announces NPRM Regarding Unlicensed Use in the 3650-3700 MHz Band
  FCC Announces Report and Order Regarding Use of RFID with Shipping Containers
  NTIA's Gallagher Writes Senate Regarding Reallocating Spectrum for 3G Use
  More States Join Antitrust Suit Against Oracle

Alert No. 877, Thursday, April 15.
  FRB Governors Offer Economic Analyses of Offshoring and Free Trade
  Senators Ask TSA for Information about Acquisition of Airline Passenger Data
  Appeals Court Rejects Entrapment Argument in Encryption Export Case

Alert No. 876, Wednesday, April 14.
  Appeals Court Rules There is No Cybersquatting Claim When Registered Mark is Held to Be Generic
  Sen. Clinton Introduces Bill That Mixes Trade Protectionism and Data Privacy
  Sen. Frist Addresses Outsourcing
  Local Phone Companies Offer Support for DOJ's Petition to Expand CALEA to Cover Information Services

Alert No. 875, Tuesday, April 13.
  FCC Receives Comments Regarding DOJ Petition to Expand the CALEA to Cover Information Services
  Internet Companies Oppose DOJ CALEA Petition
  Scalia Asserts That There Is a First Amendment Right Not to Speak on Radio or Television
  Microsoft and InterTrust Settle DRM Patent Dispute

Alert No. 874, Monday, April 12.
  USTR Releases Report on Telecom Market Access Barriers
  USTR Releases US-Morocco FTA and Report of Advisory Committees
  Sen. Burns Introduces Bill to Allow Delay in INTELSAT IPO
  American Airlines Gave Passenger Data to TSA and Others
  FCC Fines Clear Channel $495,000
  Commerce Department Official Warns of Nano Luddites

Alert No. 873, Friday, April 9.
  FCC Releases Agenda of April 15 Meeting
  FCC Receives Few Substantive Comments on DOJ Petition For Rulemaking
  Summary of DOJ Petition for Rulemaking to Expand the CALEA to Cover Information Services

Alert No. 872, Thursday, April 8.
  Sununu and Pickering Introduce VOIP Regulatory Freedom Bills
  Summary of VOIP Regulatory Freedom Bills
  Ballmer Addresses Cybersecurity
  Privacy Groups Request That Google Suspend Its New Free Gmail Service
  FTC and USPTO Officials Will Participate in Patent Conference

Alert No. 871, Wednesday, April 7.
  Bush Addresses Math and Science Education
  Cable Companies Seek Stay of Brand X Mandate
  ICANN Moves to Dismiss Most of VeriSign's Wildcard Complaint
  BIS Annual Report Addresses Encryption, IT Hardware, and Deemed Exports

Alert No. 870, Tuesday, April 6.
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Wire Fraud Case
  Five Indicted for Fraud in Connection with FCC E-Rate Subsidy Program
  SBC and Sage Announce Agreement to Replace UNE-P
  Abernathy Addresses Telecommunications Security
  Google's New Free E-Mail Service Starts Privacy Debate

Alert No. 869, Monday, April 5.
  Microsoft and Sun Microsystems Settle
  Pate Criticizes EC Decision Regarding Microsoft
  Senators Bash FASB Stock Options Proposal and Class Action Lawyers
  WTO Panel Rules Regarding Telecommunications In Mexico
  Japan Joins US in Complaining to WTO About China's Discriminatory Tax on Integrated Circuits

Alert No. 868, Friday, April 2.
  9th Circuit Denies Rehearing in BrandX v. FCC
  FCC Commissioner Copps Addresses Broadband Network Neutrality
  California Court Rules on Recording of Phone Conversations
  Rep. Cox Addresses Cyber Security

Alert No. 867, Thursday, April 1.
  FASB Proposes Expensing of Stock Options
  FCC to Seek Extension of Stay of DC Circuit Vacatur of TRO
  FTC Supports State Legislation Allowing Internet Wine Sales

Alert No. 866, Tuesday, March 30.
  U.S. Legislators Criticize EU Action Against Microsoft
  Treasury Secretary Snow Addresses Outsourcing
  Leahy and Hatch Introduce Bill to Give DOJ Authority to Bring Civil Actions for Copyright Infringement
  Sen. Biden Introduces Anticounterfeiting Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Cable Rates

Alert No. 865, Monday, March 29.
  Bush Calls for Universal Broadband Access by 2007
  Bush Speech Omits Reference to FCC
  Bush Addresses Economic Isolationism
  Sen. Kerry States That He is Not a Protectionist
  AEA Opposes Protectionist Response to Outsourcing
  Dingell and Upton Write to FCC About Broadcast Auxiliary Services
  9th Circuit Considers Genetic Privacy

Alert No. 864, Friday, March 26.
  Supreme Court Reverses in Nixon v. Missouri
  Divided 4th Circuit Affirms in Internet Smut Case, PSINet v. Chapman

Alert No. 863, Thursday, March 25.
  European Commission Seeks 497 Million Euros and Code Removal from Microsoft
  US Antitrust Chief Says EU's Microsoft Decision Could Harm Innovation and Consumers
  Microsoft Will Challenge EC Decision in Court
  4th Circuit Affirms That Section 230 Immunity Extends to Federal Civil Rights Action
  Evans Opposes Isolationist Response to Outsourcing

Alert No. 862, Wednesday, March 24.
  Senate Communications Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Spyware Bill
  GAO Finds That FBI's IT Transformation is Over Budget and Behind Schedule
  NCTA's Sachs Addresses Cable Programming, Decency, and Parental Controls
  E-Mail Threatens Financial Viability of USPS

Alert No. 861, Tuesday, March 23.
  Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Identification Case
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Copyright Case
  Senators DeWine and Kohl Urge Solicitor General to Seek Cert in USTA v. FCC
  Rep. Dreier Addresses Innovation, Offshoring and Isolationism

Alert No. 860, Monday, March 22.
  Study Suggests Public Subsidies of Research Parks are Ineffective
  House Committee Holds Hearing on Internet Pharmacy Bill
  Jon Dudas Testifies Before House Appropriations Subcommittee on USPTO Budget
  Sen. Lieberman Propounds Interrogatories to DHS on Cyber Security
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Process of Preparing for WRCs
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on CAPPS II
  Representatives Introduce Resolution Condemning Judicial Reliance Upon Foreign Precedent

Alert No. 859, Friday, March 19.
  EU and Microsoft Fail to Reach Settlement
  US Complains to WTO About PR China's Tax Preference for Domestic Producers of Integrated Circuits
  More People Write DOJ and FCC Regarding Whether to Seek Cert in TRO Case
  FCC General Counsel Submits Letter Brief in Media Ownership Case
  FTC Obtains TRO Against Computer Sales Scam

Alert No. 858, Thursday, March 18.
  California Court Finds Jurisdiction Over Nevada Hotels Based on Interactive Websites
  California Court Finds Jurisdiction Over Out of State Telemarketers
  Judge Posner Writes Opinion on Attorneys Fees in Copyright Case
  PFF Paper Criticizes Open Source and Free Culture Movements
  Rep. Smith Urges Senate to Pass Intellectual Property Bills
  Cato Paper Criticizes Hysteria and Demagoguery on IT Outsourcing

Alert No. 857, Wednesday, March 17.
  Colin Powell Discusses Outsourcing
  Rep. Tauzin Introduces Bill to Limit Foreign Government Control of FCC Licenses
  Four Senators Urge AG Ashcroft to Appeal in Unbundling Case
  District Court Sets June 7 Trial Date in U.S. v. Oracle
  Verizon Required to Bargain with CWA Over Giving Time Off for Blood Drives

Alert No. 856, Tuesday, March 16.
  Bush Addresses Trade and Protectionism
  Greenspan Opposes New Round of Protectionism
  House CIIP Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Compulsory Licensing

Alert No. 855, Monday, March 15.
  House Passes Broadcast Decency Bill
  FTC Announces CAN-SPAM Act Rulemaking
  FCC Announces Rulemaking on Wireless Provisions of CAN-SPAM Act

Alert No. 854, Thursday, March 11.
  Powell Offers Timetable for FCC's Fourth Attempt to Write Unbundling Rules
  House Passes CREATE Act
  DOJ and Oracle Agree on Trial Date in Action to Stop Acquisition of PeopleSoft
  EPIC Comments on Incorporating Privacy Protections in IPv6

Alert No. 853, Wednesday, March 10.
  Martin Criticizes DC Circuit Opinion in USTA v. FCC
  USTR Zoellick Testifies to Senate Finance Committee
  Senate Commerce Committee Marks Up Broadcast Decency Bill
  NTIA/NIST Publish Public Comments on IPv6

Alert No. 852, Tuesday, March 9.
  Supreme Court to Allow EU to Participate In Oral Argument in Intel v. AMD
  6th Circuit Rules for Domain Name Registrant Who Published Complaint Web Site
  7th Circuit Rules in Indiana Bell v. McCarty
  Donaldson Addresses New Technologies and Market Regulation
  Small Wineries File Petition for Writ of Certiorari Re NY Direct Sales Ban
  Legislators Introduce Bills to Limit Deductions for Contributions of IPR
  FEC Wraps Up Bush Cheney 2000 Air Charter Matter

Alert No. 851, Monday, March 8.
  Rep. Wolf Introduces Bill To Transfer USTR Reporting & Enforcement Functions to Commerce
  Senators Introduce Children's Listbroker Privacy Act
  House Commerce Committee Considers Database Bills
  House to Vote on CREATE Act
  House Commerce Committee Passes Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act

Alert No. 850, Friday, March 5.
  FCC Announces Agenda of March 11 Meeting
  House Commerce Committee Chairman Barton Announces Organizational Changes
  Republicans Discuss House Commerce Committee Agenda
  House Commerce Committee Republicans Discuss Rewrite of Telecom Act
  Rep. Barton Plans to Examine E-Rate Subsidies

Alert No. 849, Thursday, March 4.
  House Passes USPTO Fee Bill
  House Passes Copyright Royalty and Distribution Act
  Northwest Airlines Answers Privacy Complaint Re Transfer of Passenger Data to NASA

Alert No. 848, Wednesday, March 3.
  Appeals Court Overturns Key Provisions of FCC Triennial Review Order
  Reaction to the Appeals Court Opinion in USTA v. FCC
  House Rules Committee Adopts Rule for Consideration of USPTO Fee Bill
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing On Civil Rights Division

Alert No. 847, Tuesday, March 2.
  Senators Introduce Anti-Spyware Bill
  EU Imposes FSC/ETI Sanctions
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Cleveland v. Viacom
  7th Circuit Rules in Interconnection Case
  Adelstein Addresses Broadband Issues

Alert No. 846, Monday, March 1.
  House Scheduled to Take Up USPTO Fee Bill
  Antitrust Division Sues Oracle to Enjoin Its Proposed Acquisition of PeopleSoft
  Greenspan Discusses Property Rights in Conceptual Products
  Zoellick Condemns PR China's Theft of Intellectual Property
  Canadian Court Rules It Has Jurisdiction Over Washington Post Based on Web Publication
  GAO Reports on Competitive Sourcing by Federal Agencies
  US and EU Release Statement on GPS/Galileo Negotiations

Alert No. 845, Friday, February 27.
  Commerce Department Releases Report on TeleHealth
  Senators Write in Opposition to State Taxation of Internet Access
  Japanese FTC Investigates Microsoft
  Rep. DeLauro and Rep. Dingell Introduce Outsourcing Protectionism Bill
  Panitchpakdi Addresses Doha Round, Multilateralism and Outsourcing
  Lamy Addresses Doha Agenda

Alert No. 844, Thursday, February 26.
  House Science Committee Holds Hearing on Visa Delays for Alien Scientists
  Gates Announces Plans for Caller ID for E-Mail
  District Court Upholds TSR Against Challenge by Non-Profits That Hire Telemarkers
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing On VOIP
  Copps Wants an Expensive Broadband Regulatory Regime
  House Commerce Subcommittee Approves Alternative Database Bill

Alert No. 843, Wednesday, February 25.
  Supreme Court Holds No Recovery Against Federal Government Under Privacy Act for Disclosure of SSNs Without Showing of Actual Damages
  GAO Reports on Use of Social Security Numbers
  Third Circuit Rules in Compelled Speech Case

Alert No. 842, Tuesday, February 24.
  Tom Ridge Addresses Technology, Critical Infrastructures, and Information Sharing
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Video Pipeline v. Buena Vista
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Patent Cases
  FCC Seeks Comment on National TV Ownership Cap
  SEC Commissioner Glassman Addresses ECNs

Alert No. 841, Monday, February 23.
  Greenspan Addresses Outsourcing
  DHS Finds No Privacy Act Violation In Connection With JetBlue Transfer of Passenger Data
  EPIC Seeks OMB Reversal of FBI Exemption of NCIC Database from Privacy Act Requirements
  FBI Announces Anti-Piracy Seal

Alert No. 840, Thursday, February 19.
  FDA Supports Use of RFID to Combat Counterfeit Drugs
  DHS Announces Adoption of Rules Implementing the Critical Infrastructure Information Act
  2nd Circuit Rules in Internet Wines Sales Case
  Federal Circuit Rules in Patent Case Involving Interactive Program Guides

Alert No. 839, Wednesday, February 18.
  10th Circuit Upholds Constitutionality of Do Not Call Registry
  Cingular Wireless Announces Deal to Acquire AT&T Wireless
  ALJ Dismisses FTC Complaint Against Rambus
  4th Circuit Rules USPTO Ad Campaign Was Not A Reviewable Final Agency Action
  USTR Zoellick Discusses US Outsourcing
  NTIA Publishes Notice Regarding TOP Grants

Alert No. 838, Tuesday, February 17.
  Sen. Alexander Introduces Bill Regarding Internet Tax Moratorium
  USTR Announces Plans to Negotiate FTA with Thailand

Alert No. 837, Monday, February 16.
  FCC Adopts NPRM Regarding Regulation of Internet Protocol Services
  House Science Committee Holds Hearing on R&D Funding
  Appeals Court Rules Contributory Infringement Claim Against AOL Must Go to Jury
  District Court Lets Stand $19,725,270.00 Infringement Verdict for Copying Newsletter onto Corporate Intranet
  Appeals Court Addresses Meaning of "Necessary" in FCC Biennial Review Process
  District Court Addresses Personal Jurisdiction in Patent Litigation
  House Subcommittee Approves Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act
  Comcast Makes Bid for Disney
  IIPI Paper Examines Tax Deductions for IP Donations
  FTC Releases Data on Do Not Call Registry Complaints and Registrations

Alert No. 836, Friday, February 13.
  GAO Report Finds CAPPS II Fails to Meet Congressional Criteria
  Democratic Representatives Write Bush Re CAPPS II
  Viacom Seeks FEC Advisory Opinion on Mock Online Election
  GAO Reports on Government Information Technology Management
  FCC Rules Pulver's FWD Is Not Telecommunications, Is Not Telecommunications Service, and Is Information Service
  Reaction to the FCC's Pulver Ruling
  FCC Adopts Broadband Over Powerline NPRM

Alert No. 835, Thursday, February 12.
  House Delays Consideration of USPTO Fee Bill
  Greenspan Testifies Regarding Monetary Policy, IT Spending, IT Based Productivity Gains, and Tech Stocks
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Violent and Indecent Programming

Alert No. 834, Wednesday, February 11.
  GAO Releases Report on Cable Competition
  GAO Reports on How USTR Picks FTA Partners
  House Subcommittee Approves Defense of Privacy Act
  Sen. Brownback Introduces Bill to Increase Maximum Fine for Broadcast Indecency
  CATO Essay Criticizes Efforts to Regulate VOIP
  FBI Now Seeks a Rulemaking to Expand CALEA to Cover VOIP Services

Alert No. 833, Tuesday, February 10.
  Powell Opposes Regulations to Impose Broadband Network Neutrality
  US and Australia Conclude FTA with Extensive Info Tech Provisions
  PPI Proposes Replacing Agriculture Subsidies with Investment in Rural Communities
  CFA and CU Release Report Critical of Cable Industry

Alert No. 832, Monday, February 9.
  House to Vote on Bill to End USPTO Fee Diversion
  House Committee Holds Hearing on L Visas
  NTIA Seeks Public Comments on Spectrum Management
  NTIA Seeks Comments on Use of 3650-3700 MHz Band By Unlicensed Devices
  Defendant Pleads Guilty to Hijacking PayPal Accounts

Alert No. 831, Friday, February 6.
  Commerce Committees Schedule More Meetings Regarding Broadcast Indecency
  FCC Releases Agenda for February 12 Meeting
  E-Mail Shows DARPA's Interest in Huge Databases of Commercial Information

Alert No. 830, Thursday, February 5.
  FCC Writes Re Effect of Appropriations Bill on Judicial Review of Media Ownership Rules
  Representatives Introduce Bill to Deter Domain Name Fraud
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on False Domain Name Registration Data
  House Committee Holds Hearing on Competition in Communications
  Rep. Tauzin to Retire from Congress

Alert No. 829, Wednesday, February 4.
  Bush Releases Budget Proposal for FY 2005
  Bush Budget Proposal for Commerce Department
  Bush Budget Proposes No USPTO Fee Diversion in FY 05
  Bush's FCC Budget Proposal Addresses Broadband and Spectrum Policy
  Bush Proposes Budget Increase for FTC
  EC Releases Communication on Information Technologies
  10th Circuit Reverses in Dominion v. EchoStar

Alert No. 828, Tuesday, February 3.
  California Court Addresses Constitutionality of Regulation of Cyber Cafes
  EC Proposes Community Patent Court
  CDT Releases Paper on DMV Fraud
  NCTA Proposes Framework for Regulation of VOIP
  Documents Describe Microsoft's Government Security Program
  Court Holds Judgment for Willful Patent Infringement Not Dischargable in Bankruptcy
  11th Circuit Rules on Statute of Limitations in 10b Suit

Alert No. 827, Monday, February 2.
  Tauzin Asks FCC for Prompt Response on AT&T VOIP Petition
  Ashcroft Opposes Senate Bill to Roll Back PATRIOT Act Provisions
  DOJ Submits Report on Complaints Regarding Abuses of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
  Microsoft and SCO Offer Rewards for Information Leading to Conviction of Malicious Coder
  European Trade Commissioner Addresses WTO and Doha
  Microsoft Will Not Now Make Eolas Related Changes to Windows or MSIE
  Republicans Appoint Hall to Commerce and Science Committees with Seniority
  Rep. Dunn Will Not Seek Re-election

Alert No. 826, Thursday, January 29.
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Internet Tobacco Sales Enforcement Act
  DHS Announces National Cyber Alert System
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Repeal 88 Year Old Anti-Dumping Statute
  SEC Files Complaint Against Presto Telecommunications

Alert No. 825, Wednesday, January 28.
  Thornburgh Files Final Report in MCI WorldCom Bankruptcy Case
  DOJ Files Competitive Impact Statement in USA v. First Data and Concord
  EPIC Files Complaint Against NASA Seeking Records Regarding Transfer of Passenger Data

Alert No. 824, Tuesday, January 27.
  Bush Signs Omnibus Appropriations Bill
  Summary of Technology Related Provisions of the Omnibus Appropriations Bill
  House Commerce Committee Takes Up Broadcast Indecency
  Greenspan Addresses Info Tech and Economic Flexibility
  Appeals Court Affirms in CBC v. Disney
  Court Rules on Jurisdiction Over Suit for Breach of Contract by Cell Phone Company
  USTR Makes Announcement Re Costa Rica, CAFTA, Communications and IPR
  NTIA Official Addresses Rights of Way and Broadband Deployment

Alert No. 823, Monday, January 26.
  Sen. Hatch Announces Amended Version of PACT Act
  Senators Introduce Satellite Home Viewer Extension Act
  SCO's McBride Writes Letter to Congress Regarding Open Source Software
  SEC Files Complaint Against Former Computer Associates Executive
  EU Publishes Comments Received Regarding Technology Transfer Agreements
  Four Representatives Write FCC Re Triennial Review Order

Alert No. 822, Friday, January 23.
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Database Protection Bill
  Abernathy Addresses VOIP Regulation
  FTC Releases Report on Fraud and Identity Theft
  CDT Challenges President's Statement on PATRIOT Act

Alert No. 821, Thursday, January 22.
  House Judiciary Committee Approves CREATE Act to Promote Collaborative Research
  RIAA Shifts to John Doe Lawsuits Against P2P Infringers
  Sen. Leahy Responds to President Bush's Comments on PATRIOT Act

Alert No. 820, Monday, January 21.
  SCO Sues Novell for Slander of Title
  EPIC Complains to DOT About Transfer of Airline Passenger Data to NASA
  Supreme Court Rules on Petitions for Writ of Certiorari in Cases Related to Trinko

Alert No. 819, Tuesday, January 20.
  NTIA Submits Comment to FCC in UWB Proceeding
  NTIA and NIST Request Comments on IPv6
  Northwest Airlines Provided Passenger Data to NASA for Data Mining Study

Alert No. 818, Monday, January 19.
  6th Circuit Rules in Trademark Dispute Involving Term LawOffice
  House Democrats Criticize Bush Administration on Cyber Security and Use of IT
  Governments and Microsoft File Joint Status Report
  DC Circuit Vacates Part of FCC Order Regarding Fees Charges by LEC to Paging Carrier
  Bush Gives Judge Pickering a Recess Appointment

Alert No. 817, Friday, January 16.
  Court Rules That Search Engines Use of Trademarks to Display Banner Ads May Infringe Trademarks
  House Committee Seeks Chicago School Records in Investigation of E-Rate Waste, Fraud and Abuse
  Cato Paper Criticizes Compulsory Licensing
  6th Circuit Rules in Cell Tower Case
  Microsoft Agrees to Modify Windows XP Feature At Request of DOJ
  GAO Reports on Use of Public Key Infrastructure at Federal Agencies
  USPTO Announces Top Ten Patent Companies
  IBM CEO Advocates Government Support for Innovation Ecosystem

Alert No. 816, Thursday, January 15.
  Powell Addresses Regulation of VOIP
  Cato Study Opposes FCC Imposition of Network Neutrality
  GSA Audit Faults Government Contracting for Information Technology
  FCC Releases MOO Approving News Corp.'s Acquisition of DirecTV

Alert No. 815, Wednesday, January 14.
  Supreme Court Holds That There is No Sherman Act Claim in Verizon v. Trinko
  Lamy Addresses Doha Development Agenda
  Level 3 Files VOIP Petition With FCC
  Summary of Other VOIP Proceedings at the FCC

Alert No. 814, Tuesday, January 13.
  Supreme Court Returns from Recess
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Case Involving LFAs and Cable Franchise Transfers
  7th Circuit Opinion Addresses Number Portability
  USTR Releases Statement on Doha Development Agenda

Alert No. 813, Monday, January 12.
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in Trademark Case
  Court of Appeals Dismisses KERM Petition for Review for Lack of Standing
  7th Circuit Addresses Market Power and Distinct Markets
  Verizon's Seidenberg Addresses Broadband
  IBM Receives Wells Notice from SEC

Alert No. 812, Friday, January 9.
  FCC Releases Agenda for January 15 Meeting
  FCC Responds to National League of Cities' Petition for Rehearing in Brand X Case
  US and EC to Hold Discussions on GPS/Galileo Issues

Alert No. 811, Thursday, January 8.
  FRB Governor Kohn Addresses Role of Technological Change in Global Economy
  Posner Opines on Copyright and Fair Use

Alert No. 810, Tuesday, January 6.
  FCC Fines Fax Mill Five Million
  District Court Compares AT&T to Lily "Ernestine" Tomlin
  Ferguson Addresses Information Tech and Productivity Growth

Alert No. 809, Monday, January 5.
  DOD Releases Report on DARPA's Total Information Awareness Program
  DOT To Allow Most Airline Computer Reservation Systems Rules to Sunset
  Rep. Hall Becomes a Republican

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