Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
July - December, 2003

Alert No. 808, Wednesday, December 31.
  Sir Tim Berners-Lee
  FCC Releases Cognitive Radio Technology NPRM
  Circuit Courts Issue Opinions in Intellectual Property Cases Involving Toys
  DOJ Settles Case Against Interactive Computer Service

Alert No. 807, Tuesday, December 30.
  SEC Sues Vivendi and Messier
  FCC Releases E-Rate Order and NPRM

Alert No. 806, Monday, December 29.
  EPIC Asserts Microsoft's Palladium Raises Privacy Issues
  Federal Agencies to Review GLB Privacy Rules
  FTC Files and Settles Complaint Against Domain Name Services Company
  DOJ Ends Investigation of Pressplay and MusicNet

Alert No. 805, Wednesday, December 23.
  Powell Prophesies the Digital Revolution
  IRS Plans Crack Down on Charitable Contributions Deductions Involving Transfers of Intellectual Property
  FCC Releases Telephone Subscriber Data
  Solicitor General Files Brief in COPA Case

Alert No. 804, Monday, December 22.
  DC Circuit Reverses in RIAA v. Verizon
  FCC Approves News Corp.'s Acquisition of DirecTV, With Conditions
  USTR Complains About Lack of Transparency in the PR China
  Europe Complains About the USA's Trade Barriers
  Commentary: Process and Transparency
  GAO Finds Inconsistencies, Inaccuracies and Omissions in the DOD IT Budget Submission for FY 2004

Alert No. 803, Friday, December 19.
  USTR Releases 2nd Annual Report on WTO Compliance by PR China
  California Court Rules City Can Only Charge Reasonable Costs for Fiber Optic Access to ROW
  7th Circuit Rules in Cell Tower Case
  FCC Issues First Citation Under FCC Do Not Call Rules
  GAO Reports that Federal Agencies' Enterprise Architecture Management is Limited, and Not Improving

Alert No. 802, Thursday, December 18.
  Bush Signs Critical Infrastructure Protection Directive
  Court Holds That FOIA Does Not Require FTC to Produce Unredacted Copies of Consumer Complaints
  USTR Announces Central American FTA

Alert No. 801, Wednesday, December 17.
  Europeans Agree to Transfer of Airline Passenger Data to DHS
  OMB Issues Memorandum on E-Authentication
  FCC Receives Comments on Regulation of VOIP Services

Alert No. 800, Tuesday, December 16.
  California Supreme Court Rules in Orloff v. Pacific Bell
  DOJ Settles With First Data and Concord EFS
  FCC Announces Deadlines for Comments on Unlicensed Devices NPRM
  FCC Publishes Notices Regarding 10th Circuit Universal Service Remand
  Iranian Trade Embargo Does Not Prohibit the Importation or Copyrighting of Iranian Movies
  Federal Court Lacks Federal Question Jurisdiction in Tower Citing Case

Alert No. 799, Monday, December 15.
  Bush Signs Intelligence Authorization Bill

Alert No. 798, Friday, December 12.
  Sen. Frist Addresses Intellectual Property Piracy
  GAO Reports on DOD Procurement of Satellite Bandwidth
  Greenspan Addresses Trade, Jobs, Info Tech, and Creative Destruction

Alert No. 797, Thursday, December 11.
  3rd Circuit Rules on Application of ECPA to Stored E-Mail
  FCC Announces Agenda for December 17 Meeting
  World Summit on the Information Society
  FBI Publishes CALEA Final Notice of Capacity
  Why Would Anybody Want to Launch a DDOS Attack on SCO?
  ChoicePoint Database Acquisitions Prompted Criticism in Mexico

Alert No. 796, Wednesday, December 10.
  Rogan Will Leave USPTO
  EU Adopts Resolution on FSC/ETI Retaliatory Tariffs
  FCC Files Brief with Appeals Court in Consolidated Challenges to Media Ownership Rules

Alert No. 795, Tuesday, December 9.
  FCC Commissioner Abernathy Addresses Competition and Regulation
  FCC Fines Infinity for Broadcasting Garbage
  GAO Recommends That DOD Delay Start of Transformational Satellite Acquisition Program
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Raritan Computer v. Apex

Alert No. 794, Monday, December 8.
  NCTA Files Petition for Rehearing En Banc in Brand X v. FCC
  Verizon Not Liable for Employee's Forged and Fraudulent E-Mail to Complaining Customer
  California Court of Appeal Rules in Case Regarding Echostar Advertising
  BSA & ISSA Release Results of Survey on Information Security
  Bush Signs Bill to Promote E-Commerce in Contact Lens Sales
  Grand Jury Returns Indictment for Illegal Distribution of Prescription Drugs
  Bond Urges Holistic Approach to Dealing With Nanotechnology's Ethical and Societal Issues
  Sachs Addresses DTV Must Carry Requirements and Cable Prices

Alert No. 793, Friday, December 5.
  Bush Signs Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act
  FCC Files Petition for Rehearing En Banc in Brand X Case
  Appeals Court Denies Stay of Number Portability Order
  FCC Writes AT&T Re Number Porting Delays
  USTR Zoellick Addresses Trade in Services
  Bush Ends Steel Tariffs

Alert No. 792, Thursday, December 4.
  Bush Signs Nanotech R&D Funding Bill
  Ridge Addresses Cyber Security
  Treasury Department Official Addresses Critical Infrastructure Protection
  9th Circuit Denies Petition for Rehearing En Banc in Section 230 Immunity Case
  FCC Approves Final 271 Application

Alert No. 791, Wednesday, December 3.
  FBI Employee Pleads Guilty to Computer Crime
  Markle Foundation Releases Report on Homeland Security and Information Technology
  Reps. Tauzin & Greenwood Request GAO Report on E-Rate Waste, Fraud & Abuse
  FTC Comments on Internet Advertising of Prescription Drug Products
  Sen. Hatch Introduces Bill With Numerous Amendments to Copyright Act

Alert No. 790, Tuesday, December 2.
  FCC Holds VOIP Forum
  FCC Forms Internet Policy Working Group
  FCC Releases E911 Report and Order and 2nd Further NPRM

Alert No. 789, Monday, December 1.
  ALJ Dismisses FTC's Patent Ambush Complaint Against Unocal
  FCC Releases NOI/NPRM on Interference Temperature Approach
  FCC Sets Deadlines for Comments in Digital Plug and Play Proceeding

Alert No. 788, Friday, November 28.
  7th Circuit Rules in Copyright and Database Protection Case
  Posner Addresses Copyright Misuse
  FCC Releases Order Regarding Service Rules for 3G Spectrum
  Senators Introduce Bill Related to FSC/ETI Replacement

Alert No. 787, Wednesday, November 26.
  Senate Passes Another Version of Spam Bill
  Rep. Smith Introduces Bill to Strengthen Ban on Counterfeit Labeling of Software, Movies and Music
  FCC Publishes Notices Regarding Secondary Leasing of Spectrum
  DC Circuit Dismisses Petitions for Review in AT&T v. FCC

Alert No. 786, Tuesday, November 25.
  Senators Introduce Bill to Increase Protection of Pre-Released Movies and Other Unpublished Works
  Bush Signs Defense Authorization Act

Alert No. 785, Monday, November 24.
  House Passes Spam Bill
  Six Senators Ask P2P Companies To Obey Laws
  House Tax Bill Amends Special 301 Provisions
  House and Senate Pass Conference Report on Credit Reporting Bill
  Appeals Court Sets Expedited Briefing Schedule in Number Portability Case
  FCC Sets Comment Deadlines in 271(b)(2) Rulemaking

Alert No. 784, Friday, November 21.
  House and Senate Pass Nanotech R&D Bill
  Senators Introduce Bill to Require Expensing of Stock Options Granted to Officers
  Rep. Markey and Rep Pitts Introduce Bill to Limit Wireless Directory Assistance
  FCC Denies Petition for Stay of Number Portability Order
  DOJ/FTC to Release Herfindahl-Hirshman Index Data

Alert No. 783, Thursday, November 20.
  House Passes Contact Lens Bill
  Powell Addresses Number Portability
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Cyber Security and Consumer Data
  Book Review: Human Accomplishment, by Charles Murray

Alert No. 782, Wednesday, November 19.
  Senators Daschle and Kerry Introduce Call Center Protectionism Bill
  House Passes Conference Report on Energy Bill with Nanotechnology Provision
  NTIA to Hold Hearings on Spectrum Management
  FDA and Health Canada Debate Internet Drug Sales
  CDT Releases Report on Spyware

Alert No. 781, Tuesday, November 18.
  Groups Seek Regulation of Radio Frequency Identification Tags
  Bush Seeks Senate Ratification of Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime
  Ashcroft Defends PATRIOT Act in Speech
  Commentary on the Nature and Causes Innovation, and the Implications for Public Policy
  Bush Says Liberty Creates Innovation Which Creates Wealth

Alert No. 780, Monday, November 17.
  GAO Reports that Treasury Department Has Information Security Weaknesses
  Senators Introduce Bill to Fund Technology Projects with Spectrum Auction Revenues
  SEC Files Complaint Against Former Gateway Officers
  DC Circuit Rules on Appeal in Ranger Cellular v. FCC

Alert No. 779, Friday, November 14.
  FCC Adopts Report and Order Allocating More Spectrum for Unlicensed Devices
  FCC Announces NOI/NPRM on Interference Temperature Model
  Powell Praises FCC Spectrum Policy Task Force
  FCC Expands Universal Service Support for Rural Clinics and Telemedicine
  FCC Announces Report and Order Regarding E911 Rules

Alert No. 778, Thursday, November 13.
  USPTO Orders Reexamination of Eolas Patent
  GAO Report on Progress in Four E-Government Initiatives
  GAO Reports on Piecemeal Availability of E911

Alert No. 777, Wednesday, November 12.
  7th Circuit Rules in Illinois UNE Case
  NIST Releases Draft Information Security Guidelines for Federal Agencies

Alert No. 776, Tuesday, November 11.
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Intel v. AMD
  Briefs Filed With Supreme Court in Nixon v. Missouri Municipal League
  FCC Releases LNP Order That Addresses Wireline to Wireless
  Bush Names Patrick Hughes for Information Analysis Position at DHS

Alert No. 775, Monday, November 10.
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Computer Viruses
  FCC Announces Agenda of November 13 Meeting
  FCC To Consider Item Expanding Eligibility for Support for Rural Clinics
  Senate Fails to Pass Bill Extending Expired Net Tax Moratorium
  District Court Rules on Remand in ECPA Case Involving Web Site Monitoring
  9th Circuit Applies Four Part Fair Use Test in Elvis Video Case
  Microsoft Addresses Spam Legislation
  Sen. Leahy Discusses Criminal Spam Act

Alert No. 774, Friday, November 7.
  FCC to Hold Hearing and Issue NPRM on Regulation of VOIP
  1st Circuit Upholds Constitutionality of Electronic Highway Toll Collection System
  FTC Files Complaint Against Company Exploiting Microsoft Messenger to Display Pop Up Ads
  FTC Lawsuit Creates Uncertainty Regarding Application of FTCA to Internet Communications
  FRB Governor Says Info Tech Is One Reason for Jobless Recovery
  Commissioner Adelstein and Sen. McCain Address Payola and Pay for Play

Alert No. 773, Thursday, November 6.
  Microsoft Offers Rewards for Information Leading to Convictions of People Who Launch Malicious Code
  House Passes E-911 Implementation Act
  More Reaction to the FCC Broadcast Flag Item
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Aviation Security & CAPPS II

Alert No. 772, Wednesday, November 5.
  Ninth Circuit Holds Sound Recording Sampling is De Minimis Copying
  FCC Releases Broadcast Flag Rule
  FCC Releases Report and Order Adopting Rules to Implement Various WRC Decisions
  Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Database Security
  Pascal Lamy Discusses EU FSC Retaliation

Alert No. 771, Tuesday, November 4.
  Bush Nominates Fran Harvey for DOD/NII
  Sen. Grassley Meets with Lamy Re FSC/ETI
  FCC Fines AT&T For Violation of FCC Do Not Call Rules

Alert No. 770, Monday, November 3.
  DC Circuit Rules In CFA's Challenge to AT&T Comcast Merger
  Commerce Department Releases Third Quarter GDP Data
  GAO Reports on LOCAL TV Act

Alert No. 769, Friday, October 31.
  DeWine and Kohl Introduce Bill to Revise Tunney Act
  Commerce Secretary Evans Discusses Talks in China
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Internet Wine Sales
  Groups Argue for Anonymity in Domain Name Registration

Alert No. 768, Wednesday, October 29.
  Evans Says China Must Move To A Market Based Economy and Provide Greater IPR Protections
  FTC Releases Report on Competition and Patent Law
  DC Circuit Upholds FCC DTV Tuner Mandates Order
  Hollings and Stevens Write FCC Re Broadcast Flag Proceeding

Alert No. 767, Tuesday, October 28.
  DOJ Creates Web Site to Defend the PATRIOT Act
  FTC To Release First Report on IPR and Competition Law
  FCC Responds to CTIA LNP Petition for Writ of Mandamus
  PFF Paper Addresses DMCA Section 512 Subpoenas
  CATO Issues Paper on Internet Taxes and Tax Collusion
  District Court Rules on Internet Jurisdiction

Alert No. 766, Monday, October 27.
  GAO Releases Study on Cable Industry
  Bush Addresses Internet Pormography
  USTR Offers Recommendations to Japan Regarding Regulatory Reform

Alert No. 765, Friday, October 24.
  DOJ Sues to Stop Merger of PIN Debit Networks
  Representatives Write FCC Regarding Broadcast Flag Proceeding
  Bush States That Intellectual Property Is An Important Issue
  Zoellick Discusses Intellectual Property and 3G Issues with China
  Legislators Announce Formation of International Anti-Piracy Caucus
  Senate Passes Burns Wyden Spam Bill

Alert No. 764, Thursday, October 23.
  Senate Rejects Class Action Fairness Act
  Incenting Innovation: Medals, Funding, and Property Rights
  4th Circuit Rules in Cell Phone Products Liability Case
  Rep. Otter Introduces Bill to Amend PATRIOT Act

Alert No. 763, Wednesday, October 22.
  7th Circuit Interprets Section 230 Immunity and ECPA
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Splitting Ninth Circuit
  5th Circuit Affirms in Southwestern Bell v. PUC Texas
  Senate Committee Holds Hearing on PATRIOT Act
  EPIC Files FOIA Suit Seeking DOJ Records Regarding Lobbying Over PATRIOT Act Amendment

Alert No. 762, Tuesday, October 21.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in PSLRA Case
  Microsoft and DOJ Submit Joint Status Report on Compliance with Antitrust Judgment
  CDT Releases Report on Broadcast Flag
  Ashcroft Addresses Roving Wiretaps
  House Intellectual Property Caucus Advocates Ending USPTO Fee Diversion

Alert No. 761, Monday, October 20.
  Powell Appoints Nancy Victory to WRC-07 Post
  Sen. Warner Advocates Public Private Nanotechnology Efforts
  SEC Commissioner Addresses Trade Through Rules and Technology
  FCC Announces Services Rules for 3G Spectrum
  FCC Announces Rules for Licensing 71-76 GHz, 81-86 GHz, and 92-95 GHz Bands
  FCC Announces Order on Remand Regarding High Cost Universal Service Support Mechanism
  Senators Debate Internet Taxes
  Senate to Take Up Class Action Reform Bill

Alert No. 760, Friday, October 17.
  District Court Holds that Vonage's VOIP is an Information Service
  9th Circuit Rules on Service in Domain Name Dispute

Alert No. 759, Thursday, October 16.
  FCC Approves SBC Long Distance Applications for OH, IL, IN & WI
  4th Circuit Holds That Policy Covering Property Damage Does Not Extend to Damage to Software
  Snow Addresses Executive Stock Options
  International Panel Addresses Spam
  Ridge Addresses Cyber Security

Alert No. 758, Wednesday, October 15.
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in COPA Case
  FCC Files Opposition to ILEC's Petitions for Writ of Mandamus Re UNE-P Provisions of TRO
  DHS General Counsel Addresses Data Mining by the National Targeting Center
  NIST Releases Five IT Security Publications

Alert No. 757, Tuesday, October 14.
  FCC Announces Agenda for October 16 Meeting
  DOJ Recommends Approval of Qwest's Arizona Long Distance Request
  Joint Conference on Accounting Issues Submits Recommendations to FCC
  California Court Rejects Privacy Challenge to Electronic Fingerprinting of Welfare Recipients
  FRB Governor Discusses High Tech Equity Markets
  Bush Praises Class Action Reform Bill
  Sen. Leahy Introduces Bill to Expand List of Surveillance Provisions of PATRIOT Act to Be Sunsetted
  Sen. Feingold Introduces Bill to Limit Delayed Notice Warrants
  Senate Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearings on Combatting Terrorism and Protecting Liberties

Alert No. 756, Thursday, October 9.
  House Approves Bill to Limit P2P File Sharing at Government Agencies
  DOC's Ben Wu Advocates Appropriate Regulatory Framework for Nanotechnology
  FRB's Ferguson Addresses Impact of Information Technology on Financial Services
  FCC Issues LNP Order
  Reaction to 9th Circuit Opinion in Brand X Internet Services v. FCC
  6th Circuit Rules in Gordon v. Nextel
  NBC and Vivendi Announce Merger Plans

Alert No. 755, Wednesday, October 8.
  10th Circuit Stays District Court Injunction of Implementation of Do Not Call Registry
  FCC Finally Releases R&O and FNPRM in Secondary Spectrum Markets Proceeding
  Sen. Grassley Writes PR China Regarding WTO Obligations
  GAO Reports on Distance Learning at Minority Serving Institutions

Alert No. 754, Tuesday, October 7.
  9th Circuit Vacates FCC Declaratory Ruling That Cable Modem Service is an Information Service Without a Separate Offering of a Telecommunications Service
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Communications Cases
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Pole Attachments Case
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Ruggiero v. FCC
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in AT&T v. Ting
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in AT&T v. U.S.
  IP Coalition Urges End to Diversion of USPTO Fees

Alert No. 753, Monday, October 6.
  Reps. Goodlatte and Boucher Introduce Bill to Limit Business Activity Taxes
  Senate Finance Committee Approves FSC/ETI Replacement Bill
  DOJ Files Amicus Brief Re Section 8 of Clayton Act
  ICANN Demands That VeriSign Cease Wildcard Feature
  Senators Craig and Dubin Introduce Bill to Modify PATRIOT Act
  Sen. Feingold Introduces Bill to Limit Delayed Notice Warrants

Alert No. 752, Friday, October 3.
  House Subcommittee Approves Internet Tobacco Sales Enforcement Act
  First Circuit Reverses Certification of Defendant Class in Copyright Action
  House Committee Addresses Trade with China
  Powell Writes Direct Marketers Regarding Do Not Call List
  FCC Announces Creation of Do Not Call Enforcement Team
  FCC Fines Infinity for Indecent Broadcasts
  7th Circuit Dismisses Appeal in Albert v. Trans Union

Alert No. 751, Thursday, October 2.
  House Commerce Committee Approves E-911 Implementation Act
  Bush Signs Homeland Security Appropriations Bill
  Homeland Security Appropriations Bill Purports to Restrict Use of Funds for CAPPS II
  TSA Receives Comments In CAPPS II Privacy Proceeding
  President Signs Defense Appropriations Bill, With Total Information Awareness Ban
  SEC Files Complaint Against JP Morgan for IPO Allocation Practices

Alert No. 750, Wednesday, October 1.
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Do Not Call Registry
  OMB Issues Guidance to Executive Branch Entities Regarding Privacy and E-Government
  9th Circuit Rules Law Firm May Require Employees to Sign Agreements to Arbitrate Employment Disputes

Alert No. 749, Tuesday, September 30.
  11th Circuit Rejects Georgia Power's Petitions for Review of Pole Attachments Orders
  Do Not Call Registry Developments
  House Committee Passes Bill to Restrict P2P File Sharing on Computers and Networks of Federal Agencies
  Appeals Court Orders FCC to Respond to Petitions for Writ of Mandamus Regarding Number Portability

Alert No. 748, Monday, September 29.
  Federal Circuit Rules in Festo on Remand
  Federal Circuit Reverses in Computer Based Inventions Case
  CCIA Files Amicus Curiae Brief in MGM v. Grokster
  FTC Appeals District Court Ruling That Do No Call Registry Violates 1st Amendment
  CompTel Files Petition for Review of FCC TCPA Order
  Other TCPA & Do Not Call Registry Related Proceedings
  More Petitions for Review of the FCC's NorthPoint Orders

Alert No. 747, Friday, September 26.
  Colorado District Court Holds Do Not Call Registry Violates 1st Amendment
  Congress Passes Bill to Authorize Do Not Call Registry
  6th Circuit Rules Addresses Patent Jurisdiction and Patent Ownership
  Cheney Addresses Economy and Tech Sector

Alert No. 746, Thursday, September 25.
  Oklahoma Court Rules FTC Do Not Call Registry Invalid
  Info Tech and Productivity Growth
  Abernathy Addresses Broadband Over Powerline
  Ashcroft Addresses Roving Wiretaps and Access to Business Records

Alert No. 745, Wednesday, September 24.
  Senators Write DOJ and FCC Recommending Conditions for News Corp. Directv Merger
  House Telecom Subcommittee Marks Up E-911 Implementation Act
  FTC Files Administrative Complaint Against AOL and Compuserve
  FRB Governor Addresses Info Tech and Consumer Financial Services
  Ashcroft and Critics Continue Debate Over Section 215 Access to Business Records

Alert No. 744, Tuesday, September 23.
  EPIC Submits Privacy Complaint To FTC Regarding JetBlue
  Court Denies Class Certification in Freelance Photographers' Copyright Infringement Case
  Echostar Files Petition for Review of FCC's Northpoint Orders
  FCC Approves Merger of HBC and Univision
  VeriSign Refuses to Suspend Deployment of Wildcard Service
  Keep Good Time Records

Alert No. 743, Monday, September 22.
  ICANN Asks VeriSign to Suspend Wildcard Service
  3rd Circuit Rules on Section 211 and Filed Rate Doctrine
  5th Circuit Rules in El Paso Rights of Way Case

Alert No. 742, Thursday, September 18.
  FCC Approves SBC's Michigan Long Distance Application
  House Republicans Assert That They Are The High Tech Party
  Rep. Lamar Smith Says House CIIP Subcommittee Won't Revisit DMCA Subpoena Issue
  Spam Legislation May Move in House

Alert No. 741, Wednesday, September 17.
  Senate Passes Resolution to Block FCC Changes to Media Ownership Rules
  Presidential Directive Creates Terrorist Screening Database
  FCC Releases Quarterly Report on Informal Consumer Inquiries and Complaints
  Telemarketers Sue FCC To Get Names, Addresses, and Numbers of Consumers Who Complained to FCC
  NIST Publishes Draft of Computer Security Incident Handling Guide
  SEC Files Petition to Block Vivendi Payment to Ex-CEO Messier
  Federal Circuit Rules in Akamai v. C&W

Alert No. 740, Tuesday, September 16.
  Amit Yoran Named Head of Cyber Security Division
  Secretary Evans Criticizes PR China on IPR Enforcement
  Ashcroft Says American Library Association Attacks on PATRIOT Act Are Hysteria and Hyperbole
  11th Circuit Applies Antitrust Analysis to Agreements Regarding Patents
  FCC Releases TELRIC NPRM and Working Paper

Alert No. 739, Monday, September 15.
  House to Consider Internet Tax Bill
  WTO Negotiations Collapse in Cancun
  GAO Reports That Interior Department Has Limited Capability to Manage its IT Investments
  FCC Receives Comments Regarding Competition in Video Programming Market
  ILECs Seek Stay of FCC's Triennial Review Order
  FTC Sues VeriSign for Deceptive Trade Practices
  FCC Announces NPRM Regarding Regulations Affecting the Use of Spectrum in Rural Areas
  FCC Announces NPRM Regarding Unlicensed Devices

Alert No. 738, Friday, September 12.
  Bush Proposes Expanded Administrative Subpoena Power
  CTIA Announces Voluntary Consumer Code for Wireless Carriers
  SCO CEO Criticizes Open Source Development Model
  Senate Foreign Relations Committee Holds Hearing on PR China
  9th Circuit Rules on Customer Antitrust Injury

Alert No. 737, Thursday, September 11.
  FCC Announces NPRM To Review TELRIC Rules
  FCC Adopts Digital Plug and Play Cable Compatibility Rules
  FCC States That It Will Act On Broadcast Flag
  CDT Sues Pennsylvania Alleging Censorship of ISPs
  State Department Official Addresses International Cyber Security

Alert No. 736, Wednesday, September 10.
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Contact Lens Bill
  Senate Judiciary Committee Hears Testimony on Copyright Infringement on P2P Networks
  Senate Judiciary Committee Hears Testimony on Porm on P2P Networks
  FCC Rules that Howard Stern Has a Bona Fide News Interview Program
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Transportation Security

Alert No. 735, Tuesday, September 9.
  Music Companies File Lawsuits Against Individual P2P Infringers
  Bush Designates McCallum Deputy Attorney General
  FCC Fines Verizon for Section 272 Violation
  7th Circuit Rules in Cell Tower Case

Alert No. 734, Monday, September 8.
  ILECs File Petitions for Review of FCC Triennial Review Order
  TSA and EPIC Reach Agreement Regarding Production of Documents Regarding CAPPS II
  Federal Reserve Governor Predicts Growth in IT Investment Directory Activated
  2nd Circuit Hears Oral Argument in Internet Wine Sales Case

Alert No. 733, Friday, September 5.
  Senate Appropriations Committee Marks Up CJS Bill
  Senate Appropriations Bill Prevents FCC From Implementing New National TV Ownwership Rule
  Senate Appropriations Bill Includes Northpoint Spectrum Amendment
  Senate Appropriations Bill Limits Negotiating Authority of USTR
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Inaccurate Whois Data
  Estrada Withdraws From Consideration For DC Circuit Judgeship
  EPIC Files FOIA Suit For CAPPS II Records

Alert No. 732, Thursday, September 4.
  FTC Will Not Enforce GLB Rule Against Attorneys Pending Resolution of Court Challenge
  Bush Signs Chile and Singapore FTA Bills
  Treasury Secretary Addresses Trade With China
  Survey Estimates the 10 Million Americans Have Been Victims of ID Theft in Last Year
  3rd Circuit Stays FCC's Media Ownership Rule Changes
  FCC Announces Agenda for September 10 Meeting

Alert No. 731, Wednesday, September 3.
  9th Circuit Rules on Personal Jurisdiction Over Internet Retailers
  Federal Circuit Rules on Personal Jurisdiction in Patent Cases
  FCC Publishes Notices Regarding Triennial Review Order
  FCC Sets Deadlines for Comments Regarding Spectrum Reallocations Relating to 3G Services
  OMB Proposes Peer Review of Scientific Findings of Regulatory Agencies
  House to Take Up Treasury & Transportation Appropriations Bill

Alert No. 730, Tuesday, September 2.
  ILECs File Petitions for Writ of Mandamus Challenging Triennial Review Order
  A Petition For Writ of Mandamus?
  6th Circuit Holds That Doctrine of Laches, Not Statute of Limitations, Applies in Cybersquatting Cases
  FBI Makes Arrest In Connection With Variant of Blaster Worm

Alert No. 729, Friday, August 29.
  9th Circuit Holds That An Unlawful Subpoena to ISP for E-Mail Can Violate the Stored Communications Act
  FCC Speeds LPFM Licensing
  SEC Criticizes Oklahoma Prosecution of WorldCom

Alert No. 728, Thursday, August 28.
  Oklahoma Files Criminal Charges Against MCI WorldCom
  DOJ Submits Its Evaluation of SBC Long Distance Application for Four States
  Federal Circuit Rules in E-Pass v. 3Com
  9th Circuit Issues Another Opinion in LANS v. Reuters

Alert No. 727, Wednesday, August 27.
  3rd Circuit Addresses Fair Use and Copyright Misuse
  3rd Circuit Breaks New Ground on Copyright Misuse
  Breeden Releases Report on Restoring Trust at MCI WorldCom

Alert No. 726, Tuesday, August 26.
  California Supreme Court Rules in DeCSS Case
  9th Circuit Holds No Private Right of Action for Violation of Payphone Compensation Rules
  5th Circuit Affirms Dismissal in Goldstein v. MCI WorldCom

Alert No. 725, Monday, August 25.
  Summary of FCC Triennial Review Order

Alert No. 724, Friday, August 22.
  FCC Releases Triennial Review Order
  Abernathy Praises FCC Broadcast Localism Initiative
  Music Publishers File Appeal Brief in P2P Infringement Case
  Shumaker Pleads Guilty to Criminal Copyright Infringement

Alert No. 723, Thursday, August 21.
  FCC Releases Order Permitting AOL Time Warner to Provide Advanced IM Services
  10th Circuit Rules in Cell Tower Case
  FCC Release NOI On Communications Towers and Migratory Birds
  Copps Criticizes Powell's Localism in Broadcasting Initiative

Alert No. 722, Wednesday, August 20.
  Powell Predicts Imminent Release of Triennial Review Order
  Powell Announces Localism in Broadcasting Initiative
  FTC Chairman Explains Role of FTC
  Muris States Spam Debate on Capitol Hill is Veering Off On the Wrong Track

Alert No. 721, Tuesday, August 19.
  FCC Extends Effective Date of Portions of New Unsolicited Fax Rule
  NTIA Releases Report to Congress Re Internet Filtering Technology
  BXA Announces Fine of Computer Exporter
  4th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Antitrust Action Against Washington Post

Alert No. 720, Monday, August 18.

Alert No. 719, Friday, August 15.
  Poindexter Writes About Uses of Information Technology to Fight Terrorism
  Cyber Security Division Issues Advisory Re Blaster Worm
  Defendant Pleads Guilty to Aiding and Abetting the Publication of a Conference Call
  FCC Releases Report and Order Re Hearing Aid Compatible Digital Phones

Alert No. 718, Thursday, August 14.
  9th Circuit Applies Section 230 Immunity to Online Dating Service
  SCO Group Delivers Notice to IBM of Termination of UNIX License Agreement
  CAI Settles Suit Brought By The Canopy Group
  Commentary: Canopy Group, SCO and Caldera
  Cato Paper Criticizes McCain Proposal to Mandate Campaign Programming and Create Campaign Ad Voucher System

Alert No. 717, Wednesday, August 13.
  7th Circuit Holds State Cannot Substitute Tariff Filing for Negotiations to Set Prices and Terms for Interconnection
  USPIRG Seeks Broad Regulation of Cable Service Providers
  GAO Report Faults EOUSA IT Management
  Cato Paper Addresses Middle East Free Trade Area

Alert No. 716, Tuesday, August 12.
  Jury Returns Verdict of Infringement Against Microsoft in Eolas Browser Patent Case
  Powell Addresses E911 and DTV Transition
  NetCoaltion Propounds Interrogatories by Letter to RIAA Re DMCA Subpoenas

Alert No. 715, Monday, August 11.
  Broadcom and Intel Settle Patent Suits
  Business Software Alliance Estimates Software Piracy In Each State
  FCC Hosts Tutorial on Fiber to the Home
  Legislators Introduce Bills to Repeal ETI Regime and Extend R&D Tax Credit

Alert No. 714, Friday, August 8.
  FTC Files Administrative Complaint Seeking Rescission of Aspen Tech's Acquisition of Hyprotech
  FCC and NTIA Announce Timetable for Implementation of WRC-03 Final Acts
  Bankruptcy Court Approves SEC MCI WorldCom Settlement
  District Court Holds IBM Pension Plan Violates Age Discrimination Prohibitions of ERISA
  Judge Posner Opines On Amicus Briefs
  FRB Governor Addresses Banking Operational Risks and Information Technology

Alert No. 713, Thursday, August 7.
  Court Holds That State Laws Requiring Opt-In For Information Sharing Among Affiliated Financial Institutions Are Preempted
  DOJ Files Brief with Appeals Court in Challenge to Consent Judgment in Microsoft Case
  EC Releases Statement About Its Microsoft Antitrust Investigation

Alert No. 712, Wednesday, August 6.
  Sen. Lisa Murkowski Introduces Bill to Roll Back Surveillance Provisions of PATRIOT Act
  The PATRIOT Act and the Murkowski Bill: An Analysis of Rules for Issuance of Electronic Surveillance Orders
  Section by Section Summary of S 1552
  Sen. Feingold Introduces Data Mining Reporting Act

Alert No. 711, Tuesday, August 5.
  Sen. Hollings Will Not Run in 2004
  Atlanta Lawyers at DOJ
  GAO Reports on Information Security Control Weaknesses at
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Regulate Internet Cigarette Sales
  Internet Cigarette Sales Bill Introduced in House
  Senate Banking Committee Approves Internet Gambling Bill
  Senate Subcommittee Holds Hearing on ICANN

Alert No. 710, Monday, August 4.
  Senate Passes Singapore and Chile FTAs
  10th Circuit Holds AOL May Have Violated ADA By Not Hiring Deaf Person for Call Center
  California Court Allows Service of Complaint By Mail on Chinadotcom in Hong Kong
  Qualcomm Sues TI Over Production of CDMA Chips
  GSA Disbars MCI WorldCom From Competing for New Government Contracts
  Presidential Commission Reports on USPS and E-Mail
  Senate Democrats Continue Filibusters of Pryor, Estrada and Owen Nominations

Alert No. 709, Friday, August 1.
  Judge Awards Motorola $4,265,793,811.32 From Turkish Telecom Deadbeats
  Pacific Bell Internet Services Sues RIAA Over Infringer Subpoenas
  Antitrust Division Closes Orbitz Investigation
  FTC Releases Policy Statement on Use of Equitable Remedies of Disgorgement and Restitution in Competition Cases
  Treasury Secretary Addresses Internet Based Identity Theft
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Bill to Extend Internet Tax Moratorium
  Tauzin and Upton Request Documents From FCC Re MCI WorldCom Avoidance of Paying Access Charges
  House Commerce Committee Leaders Ask FCC to Revise TELRIC Pricing Rules

Alert No. 708, Thursday, July 31.
  Sen. Wyden Introduces Bill to Require Government to Disclose Its Use of Databases
  McCain and Hollings Introduce NTIA Authorization Bill
  FCC Releases Agenda for August 6 Meeting
  SEC Chairman Discusses Tech Sector
  GAO Reports on WTO Trade Remedy Rulings
  AEI Brooking Study Compares US and EU Privacy Practices in E-Commerce
  GAO Reports That Uneven Compliance With Privacy Act Leaves Privacy Rights Unprotected
  Bush Nominates Takings Clause Advocate to Federal Claims Court

Alert No. 707, Wednesday, July 30.
  Representatives Introduce E911 Implementation Act
  Court Rules FBI Use of Private Hacker Does Not Violate 4th Amendment
  FBI Wants Broadband Internet Access Classified As A Telecommunications Service So That CALEA Will Apply

Alert No. 706, Tuesday, July 29.
  Rep. Bono Introduces Spyware Bill
  Representatives Introduce Bill to Protect Children from P2P Smut
  Commentary: Spyware and P2P Smut Bills Would Also Restrict P2P Music Piracy
  Representatives Introduce DTV Transition Bill

Alert No. 705, Monday, July 28.
  House Approves Singapore and Chile FTAs
  House Passes CJS Bill With Media Ownership Section
  DC Circuit Affirms in TransIntel v. FCC
  SDNY Rules on Cost Shifting in Electronic Pre-Trial Discovery
  Security of Electronic Voting Machines Debated

Alert No. 704, Wednesday, July 23.
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Classification of Broadband Services
  California Court Rules in Unsolicited Fax Case
  Federal Circuit Rules in IPD v. UA Columbia Cablevision
  DC Circuit Rules in Starpower v. FCC
  OMB Comments on Draft E-Authentication Policy
  House Begins Consideration of CJS Bill
  OMB Director Hints At Presidential Veto of CJS Bill If It Contains Media Ownership Provisions
  House Science Committee Approves MSI Technology Grant Bill
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on WorldCom Bankruptcy

Alert No. 703, Tuesday, July 22.
  Delegates Discuss World Radiocommunications Conference
  House to Consider CJS Appropriation Bill
  USTR to Hold Hearing on PR China's Compliance with WTO Obligations
  Commerce Department Releases Report on IT Training

Alert No. 702, Monday, July 21.
  Sen. Dorgan Introduces Resolution to Prevent Media Ownership Rule Changes From Taking Effect
  Conyers and Berman Introduce Bill to Criminalize Placing Copyrighted Works on P2P Networks
  House Science Committee Holds Hearing on Supercomputing
  1st Circuit Rules Insurance Policy Does Not Cover CLEC
  9th Circuit Rules on Subject Matter Jurisdiction in Contract and Copyright Cases
  Secretary Evans Releases Proposed Bill to Place NTIA, NIST and Other Entities in One Administration

Alert No. 701, Friday, July 18.
  House CIIP Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Piracy Deterrence and Education Act
  House Committee Holds Hearing on IP Piracy and Terrorism
  Senate Commerce Approves Technology Administration Authorization Act
  Free Trade Agreements Advance Through Committees
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves E-911 Bill

Alert No. 700, Thursday, July 17.
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Internet Tax Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Internet Tax Bill
  Court Rules Retaliation by State for Work Related E-Mail is Not Actionable Under  1983
  DOJ Does Not Support SBC's Michigan Long Distance Application
  House Appropriations Committee Approves FCC Appropriation, with TV Ownership Cap Rider

Alert No. 699, Wednesday, July 16.
  Greenspan Testifies Before House Committee
  Senate Finance Committee Holds Hearing on Tax Policy and International Competitiveness
  House Debates Foreign Relations Authorization Act

Alert No. 698, Tuesday, July 15.
  House Commerce Committee Requests Information from IBM in E-Rate Fraud Investigation
  8th Circuit Applies SLUSA
  Yahoo to Acquire Overture
  DOJ Grants Early Termination of HSR Waiting Period in PeopleSoft J.D. Edwards Transaction
  PeopleSoft and Oracle Representatives to Testify to House Subcommittee
  NTIA to Hold Capitol Hill Briefing on Implementation of the Dot Kids Act
  House to Take Up Foreign Relations Authorization Bill
  House to Consider Global Internet Freedom Act of 2003
  House Foreign Relations Authorization Bill Authorizes Funding for Combatting Piracy

Alert No. 697, Monday, July 14.
  Sen. Smith Introduces Universal Service Reform Bill
  House to Take Up Ag Approps Bill, With Distance Learning, Telemedicine & Broadband Provisions
  GSA and OMB Release Draft E-Authentication Policy
  NAB Withdraws Support for Bill to Set National TV Ownership Cap at 35%
  4th Circuit Rules in Cybersquatting Case
  DC Circuit Upholds FCC Payphone Order

Alert No. 696, Friday, July 11.
  House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Spam Bill
  House Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Spam
  Spam Bills Pending in the House and Senate
  House Passes Labor, HHS and Education Appropriations Bill With CIPA Language
  FCC Meeting Addresses WRC-03
  Ways and Means Committee Holds Hearing on Abuse of SSNs
  House and Senate Committees Hold Hearings on Singapore and Chile FTAs

Alert No. 695, Thursday, July 10.
  House Judiciary Committee Approves USPTO Fee Bill
  House Science Committee Holds Hearing on MSI Tech Grant Bill

Alert No. 694, Wednesday, July 9.
  House Passes Defense Appropriations Bill
  FCC Releases NPRM Regarding Allocating Spectrum to DOD to Replace Spectrum Allocated for 3G Services
  FCC Releases Annual Report on Cable Industry Prices
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Radio Ownership
  Microsoft to Grant Employees Stock Awards Instead of Stock Options

Alert No. 693, Tuesday, July 8.
  Court Rules Operation of Website Does Not Create Personal Jurisdiction Over Out of State Defendant
  9th Circuit Affirms in PSLRA Case
  DC Circuit Rules in Ranger Cellular v. FCC
  District Court Approves SEC Settlement with WorldCom

Alert No. 692, Monday, July 7.
  District Court Dismisses Sharman's Sherman Act Counterclaims
  FCC Announces Agenda for July 10 Meeting
  World Radio Conference 2003 Concludes
  FCC Releases Media Ownership Order and NPRM
  FTC Report Concludes That Allowing Direct Sales of Wines Would Enhance Consumer Welfare
  CCIA Files Amicus Brief In Lexmark v. Static Control

Alert No. 691, Tuesday, July 1.
  Sen. Feinstein Introduces Bill to Require Disclosure of Unauthorized Access to Electronic Data
  7th Circuit Affirms Preliminary Injunction in Aimster Case
  NTIA Releases E-SIGN Act Report
  GAO Reports on Info Tech at Bioterrorism Preparedness Agencies

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