Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
January - June 2006

Alert No. 1,403, Friday, June 30.
  FCC Releases Order and NPRM Regarding VOIP and Universal Service Taxes
  House Approves Financial Data Resolution
  Privacy International Files Complaints Against US for Collection of Financial Data

Alert No. 1,402, Thursday, June 29.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Communications Bill
  House Approves CJS/Science/Tech Appropriations Bill
  DC Circuit Remands FCC Denial of SBC's Petition for Forbearance
  Senate Finance Committee Approves Tax Bill with Communications and Tech Provisions

Alert No. 1,401, Wednesday, June 28.
  Senate Commerce Committee Continues Mark Up of Communications Reform Bill
  House Begins Consideration of CJS/Science/Tech Appropriations Bill
  AG Gonzales Talks About International IPR Enforcement in Israel
  Cox Addresses Use of Technology to Empower Consumers and Investors
  Congressional Leaders Say No Doha Deal Is Better Than a Bad Deal
  Bush and Snow Criticize Reporting of Government Financial Data Program

Alert No. 1,400, Tuesday, June 27.
  Senate Commerce Committee to Continue Mark Up of Communications Bill
  Eliot Spitzer Urges Senate to Enact Net Neutrality Mandate
  FTC Advocates Open and Accessible Whois Database

Alert No. 1,399, Monday, June 26.
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in Bell Atlantic v. Twombly
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in Patent Obviousness Case
  Bush Issues Executive Order on Takings of Property by Federal Government
  VP Cheney Discusses Electronic Surveillance in Campaign Speech

Alert No. 1,398, Friday, June 23.
  Supreme Court Dismisses Writ of Certiorari in LabCorp v. Metabolite
  Senate Commerce Committee Begins Mark Up of Communications Reform Bill

Alert No. 1,397, Thursday, June 22.
  FCC to Tax Interconnected VOIP Service Providers
  FCC Adopts FNPRM on Rules Regulating Ownership of Media

Alert No. 1,396, Wednesday, June 21.
  Stevens Bill Includes Changes to FCC and Judicial Procedure
  WTO Panel Releases Report on US-EC Dispute Over LCD Monitors

Alert No. 1,395, Tuesday, June 20.
  Senate Commerce Committee Releases New Draft of Communications Reform Bill
  Atkins Says SEC Seeks More Rational Approach to Section 404

Alert No. 1,394, Monday, June 19.
  DC Circuit Upholds FCC's Unbundling Rules
  2nd Circuit Holds No Misappropriation in Stock Market Indexes Case
  FCC Drops Multicast Must Carry Item

Alert No. 1,393, Friday, June 16.
  DOJ Sues to Block New Jersey Investigation of Phone Companies' Transfer of Phone Call Records
  House CIIP Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Patent Trolls
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on State Telecom Taxes
  USTR Seeks Comments IPR Protection in Various Locations in China

Alert No. 1,392, Thursday, June 15.
  FCC Announces Agenda for June 21 Meeting
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Communications and Antitrust
  Cerf and Others Warn that FCC's CALEA Order Threatens Internet Security and Innovation
  7th Circuit Affirms Sentences of eBay Fencers

Alert No. 1,391, Wednesday, June 14.
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Communications Reform Bill
  FCC Grants Petitions of BellSouth, Verizon & Qwest
  USPTO Seeks Further Comments on Patentable Subject Matter
  BIS's McCormick Addresses Regulation of Tech Exports to PR China

Alert No. 1,390, Tuesday, June 13.
  Supreme Court Requests Solicitor General Brief in Hatch v. Cellco Partnership
  9th Circuit Affirms in Marder v. Lopez
  8th Circuit Rules in Newspaper Freelance Case
  Sen. Specter Writes VP Cheney Regarding NSA Surveillance and Subpoenas

Alert No. 1,389, Monday, June 12.
  Sen. Stevens Discusses His Communications Bill
  SEC's Cox Discusses Regulation and Information
  Bernanke Outlines Theory of Tech Innovation, Innovation Policy, and Economic Growth
  PRC Minister of Commerce Defends Lack of IPR Enforcement
  EU's Mandelson Criticizes PRC for Failure to Enforce IPR
  Senate Confirms Schwab for USTR

Alert No. 1,388, Friday, June 9.
  House Approves COPE Act, Without Network Neutrality Amendment
  Court of Appeals Upholds All of FCC's CALEA Order
  CIIP Subcommittee Approves Section 115 Reform Act

Alert No. 1,387, Thursday, June 8.
  Rules Committee Adopts Rule for Consideration of COPE Act
  House Approves Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act
  1st Circuit Affirms Section 253 Preemption of 5% of Gross Revenue Fee

Alert No. 1,386, Wednesday, June 7.
  CIIP May Mark Up SIRA
  NAB Wants FCC to Investigate Availability of Indecent Satellite Radio Content to Nonsubscribers

Alert No. 1,385, Tuesday, June 6.
  Full House Scheduled to Consider COPE Act
  McDowell Names Acting Legal Advisors
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Trade Protectionism Case
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Cingular v. Mendoza

Alert No. 1,384, Monday, June 5.
  Music Licensing, Satellite Radio, and Perform Act Debated
  Summary of the Sen. Feinstein's Perform Act
  Summary of the RIAA Complaint Against XM Satellite Radio

Alert No. 1,383, Friday, June 2.
  11th Circuit Holds that Stored Communications Act Does Not Apply to Password Protected Discussion Web Site
  Copyright Office Raises Fees

Alert No. 1,382, Thursday, June 1.
  Chris Cox Discusses Interactive Data
  FCC Denies Petition for Reconsideration of CBS's Breast Broadcast Fine
  9th Circuit Attempts to Explain Copyright Preemption

Alert No. 1,381, Wednesday, May 31.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Online Freedom of Speech Case
  California Court of Appeal Rules in Apple Subpoena Case
  1st Circuit Rules Federal Aviation Statute Preempts Part of Maine's Internet Tobacco Sales Statute

Alert No. 1,380, Monday, May 29.
  Bush, Cheney and Gonzales Discuss Terrorism and Surveillance

Alert No. 1,379, Friday, May 26.
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Net Neutrality Bill
  IRS Announces It Will Cease Its Illegal Collection of Excise Taxes on Phone Service

Alert No. 1,378, Thursday, May 25.
  Mark Up of Tech Related Bills
  House CIIP Subcommittee Approves Orphan Works Act of 2006

Alert No. 1,377, Wednesday, May 24.
  Rep. Smith Introduces Orphan Works Act of 2006

Alert No. 1,376, Tuesday, May 23.
  Reps. Issa and Schiff Introduce Bill to Create Pilot Program of Specialized Patent Judges
  BSA Releases Estimates of Piracy Rates and Loses in 97 Nations
  9th Circuit Rules in Quicken Loans v. Wood

Alert No. 1,375, Monday, May 22.
  Sensenbrenner and Conyers Introduce Net Neutrality Bill
  Snowe and Dorgan Introduce Net Neutrality Bill
  Milberg Weiss Indicted for Paying Illegal Kickbacks to Class Action Plaintiffs
  Rep. Wexler Introduces Resolution Requesting DOJ to Provide Records Regarding NSA and Phone Records

Alert No. 1,374, Friday, May 19.
  Tate Discusses Role of Telecom Regulators
  SEC Official Predicts XBRL Based Algorithmic Securities Trading
  Bush Nominates Kimberly Moore for Federal Circuit

Alert No. 1,373, Thursday, May 18.
  9th Circuit Addresses Fair Use and Essential Step Defenses in Software Infringement Case
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in P2P Music Infringement Case

Alert No. 1,372, Wednesday, May 17.
  House Judiciary Committee to Consider Data Retention Mandate
  Bush Addresses Government Surveillance
  BellSouth and Verizon Attack USA Today Story

Alert No. 1,371, Tuesday, May 16.
  Supreme Court Rules on Availability of Injunctive Relief in Patent Cases
  Copps Releases Statement Regarding Privacy

Alert No. 1,370, Monday, May 15.
  FCC Reports Another Decline in Phone Subscribership
  House Democrats Write Regarding NSA Phone Records Database and Phone Privacy

Alert No. 1,369, Friday, May 12.
  Bush Responds to USA Today Story Regarding NSA Database of Phone Calls
  7th Circuit Rules in Case Regarding Installation of Fiber Optic Cable in RR ROW

Alert No. 1,368, Thursday, May 11.
  House Republicans Introduce Bill to Expand CIPA to Include Chat Rooms and Social Networking Sites
  DOJ Asserts That It Lacks Security Clearance to Investigate Itself
  Judge Luttig Resigns

Alert No. 1,367, Wednesday, May 10.
  IRS Loses Another Frivolous Appeal Regarding Telephone Excise Tax

Alert No. 1,366, Tuesday, May 9.
  GAO Reports that Section 404 of Sarbanes Oxley Burdens Small Public Companies
  Sens. Cornyn and Lieberman Introduce Bill to Make Federally Funded Research Available to the Public
  Sen. Cornyn Introduces SKIL Act

Alert No. 1,365, Monday, May 8.
  Court of Appeals Hears Oral Argument in Challenge to FCC's August 5 CALEA Order
  FCC Further Amends CALEA Statute
  Commentary: Administrative Process and the FCC
  Gonzales Says Foreign Governments Should Have Access to Information Collected under Data Retention Mandate
  House Commerce Committee Considers Data Retention Mandate

Alert No. 1,364, Friday, May 5.
  House Crime Subcommittee Approves Internet Gambling Prohibition Act
  Commerce Committee Democrats Write Statement on COPE Act
  Sensenbrenner and Grassley Introduce Bills to Create Judicial Branch Inspector General

Alert No. 1,363, Wednesday, May 3.
  Rep. Markey Introduces Network Neutrality Bill
  Rep. Conyers Introduces Bill to Create National Commission on Surveillance

Alert No. 1,362, Tuesday, May 2.
  Stevens Introduces Telecom Reform Bill
  Section by Section Summary of Sen. Stevens' Telecom Reform Bill

Alert No. 1,361, Monday, May 1.
  2nd Circuit Rules Against IRS on Excise Tax on Phone Service
  Chertoff Defends Extrajudicial Surveillance of Electronic Communications
  8th Circuit Addresses When Insurance Policies Cover Governmental Actions for Privacy Violations
  More on the House Commerce Committee Mark Up of the COPE Act.

Alert No. 1,360, Friday, April 28.
  Amendment by Amendment Summary of Full Committee Mark Up of COPE Act
  GAO Reports on Possibility of Collapse of Doha Round

Alert No. 1,359, Thursday, April 27.
  House Commerce Committee Approves COPE Act
  FCC to Consider CALEA Statute on May 3
  Portman Says There Will Be A Seamless Transition at USTR

Alert No. 1,358, Wednesday, April 26.
  House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Network Neutrality
  House Commerce Committee Begins Mark Up of COPE Bill
  Cox Testifies Regarding Interactive Data
  Bush Renominates Martin

Alert No. 1,357, Tuesday, April 25.
  Gonzales Proposes Data Retention Mandate, Web Site Labeling, and Ban on Deceptive Source Code
  FCC Issues Notice Regarding Procedures for Transition of the 1710-1755 MHz Band
  House Commerce Committee to Mark Up COPE Act

Alert No. 1,356, Monday, April 24.
  U.S. Trade Official Frustrated With Doha Negotiations
  EC Court of First Instance Begins Hearing of Microsoft Appeal
  WTO Releases Trade Policy Review of PR China
  Bush Continues His ACA Pitch
  More Fraud in the FCC's E-Rate Program

Alert No. 1,355, Friday, April 21.
  Hu Says PR China Will Strengthen Intellectual Property Rights and Increase Market Access
  Bush Discusses Research Funding, R&D Tax Credit, and STEM Education
  NSF Creates STEM Commission

Alert No. 1,354, Thursday, April 20.
  Federal Circuit Rules in Software Patent Case
  11th Circuit Rules in Florida UNE Case

Alert No. 1,353, Wednesday, April 19.
  Bush Picks Schwab to be USTR
  Bush Discusses His American Competitiveness Initiative
  Bush Creates National Mathematics Advisory Panel
  Appeals Court Holds Indirect Purchasers Cannot Pursue Microsoft on Antitrust Claims

Alert No. 1,352, Tuesday, April 18.
  FTC Settles CAN-SPAM Act Case
  Supreme Court Addresses Electronic Filings and Discovery of Electronically Stored Information
  Supreme Court Prohibits Prohibitions on Citation of Unpublished Opinions

Alert No. 1,351, Monday, April 17.
  CBS Challenges FCC's Indecency Actions
  DOJ Official States That IP Rights and Enforcement Lead to Innovation

Alert No. 1,350, Friday, April 14.
  DC Circuit Rules in Case Regarding Deemed Lawful Tariffs
  Antitrust Division Sues Qualcomm for Acquisition Gun Jumping
  FTC Comments on Florida Bill Affecting Internet Wine Sales

Alert No. 1,349, Thursday, April 13.
  FCC Adopts Procedures for AWS Auction
  FCC Adopts Rules Changes for BRS and EBS
  PR China's Vice Premier Offers Minimal Assurances Regarding IPR Theft
  US and Peru Sign Trade Agreement

Alert No. 1,348, Wednesday, April 12.
  Reps. Inslee and Blackburn Introduce White Space Bill
  Senate Democrats Introduce Call Center Location Disclosure Bill

Alert No. 1,347, Tuesday, April 11.
  State Department Official Addresses IPR and Trade in Brazil
  Former Bush Administration Official Lauds Virtues of Governments' Censorship of Internet Communications

Alert No. 1,346, Monday, April 10.
  USTR Report Identifies Barriers to Telecom Trade
  FCC to Meet on April 12
  GAO Releases Privacy Analysis of Government Use of Information Resellers

Alert No. 1,345, Friday, April 7.
  Adelstein Decries Fake News
  FCC Amends Junk Fax Rules
  Reps. Terry and Boucher Introduce Universal Service Bill
  Reps. Boucher and Berman Introduce Patent Reform Bill

Alert No. 1,344, Thursday, April 6.
  House Subcommittee Approves COPE Act
  House Subcommittee Rejects Network Neutrality Amendment
  Amendment by Amendment Summary of Subcommittee Mark Up of COPE Act

Alert No. 1,343, Wednesday, April 5.
  New York State Sues Spyware Distributor
  Martin Discusses Newspaper Broadcast Cross Ownership Rule

Alert No. 1,342, Tuesday, April 4.
  FCC Reports on Broadband Penetration
  FCC Releases Report on Local Phone Competition
  Rep. Goodlatte Introduces Design Protection Bill

Alert No. 1,341, Monday, April 3.
  House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet Holds Hearing on COPE Act
  Summary of COPE Act
  Sen. Schumer Introduces Bill to Expedite Supreme Court Review of NSA Intercept Program
  Sen. Bennett Introduces Bill Regarding Sale of Contact Lenses

Alert No. 1,340, Friday, March 31.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Phone Records Bill
  2nd Circuit Rules FCC Has Primary Jurisdiction in Media Cross Ownership Matter
  4th Circuit Holds Release and Covenant Not to Sue Extends to WIPO Domain Name Actions

Alert No. 1,339, Thursday, March 30.
  CompTel Seeks Judicial Review of FCC's Granting of Verizon Petition for Forbearance
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Basic Research
  House Science Committee Debates Commerce Department's Outsourcing Study
  Court of Appeals Holds that Rep. McDermott Violated Wiretap Act

Alert No. 1,338, Wednesday, March 29.
  GAO Reports on Offshoring by Federally Funded Agencies
  U.S. Chamber of Commerce Study Ranks State Court Systems
  Copyright Office to Hold Hearings on Exemptions to Anti-Circumvention Provisions

Alert No. 1,337, Tuesday, March 28.
  Committee to Hold Hearing on National Cable Franchising, Net Neutrality, and VOIP/E911 Bill
  DOJ Responds to House Judiciary Committee Questions Regarding NSA's Extra-Judicial Surveillance
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in NY Times v. Hatfill

Alert No. 1,336, Monday, March 27.
  Supreme Court Rules in Georgia v. Randolph
  Federal Election Commission to Consider Internet Speech Rules

Alert No. 1,335, Thursday, March 23.
  House Commerce Committee to Mark Up DATA Bill
  WTO Releases U.S. Trade Policy Review

Alert No. 1,334, Wednesday, March 22.
  FCC Announces that Verizon Petition for Forbearance is Deemed Granted
  Verizon Seeks Access to  Cablevision Programming
  SEC Chairman Cox Addresses Internet Proxy Proposal
  Supreme Court Rules in SLUSA Pre-emption Case
  Bhatia Addresses Threat of Protectionism in US and China

Alert No. 1,333, Tuesday, March 21.
  FBI Loses More Computers
  DISA's IPv6 Transition Chief Indicted for P2P Porn on Office Computer
  CIIP Subcommittee to Hold Hearings on Revisions to Patent Law
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Innovation and Competitiveness

Alert No. 1,332, Monday, March 20.
  USTR Portman Discusses Trade and IPR in China
  DUSTR Bhatia Discusses Trade Talks with Malaysia
  Copps Announces Staff Changes
  FCC Creates Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau
  FCC Adopts Further NPRM Re Children's Programming Obligations
  FCC Adopts NPRM Re Public Safety Communications in the 700 MHz Band
  FCC Releases Indecency Orders

Alert No. 1,331, Friday, March 17.
  Bush Signs Anti-Counterfeiting Bill
  Sen. Snowe Introduces Bill to Protect Terrestrial Radio Broadcasters
  Retransmission Consent Rules Debated
  Adelstein Addresses DTV Transition

Alert No. 1,330, Thursday, March 16.
  House Financial Services Committee Approves Internet Gambling Bill
  House Judiciary Committee Creates Task Force on Telecom and Antitrust
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Bayh-Dole Resolution
  HJC Approves Bill to Allow USPTO to Waive Statutory Requirements After Disasters

Alert No. 1,329, Tuesday, March 14.
  Pulver Asks FCC to Require Greater Number Porting in Emergencies
  House Financial Services Committee to Mark Up Internet Gambling Bill
  Texas Sues to Shut Down Unlicensed Online Payment Service

Alert No. 1,328, Monday, March 13.
  FCC Announces Agenda for March 17 Event
  SEC to Hold Series of Roundtable Meetings on XBRL
  Bush Discusses R&D and Innovation
  Rep. Gallegly to Retire
  DHS Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee Releases Report
  DOJ and FCC to Create National Security Units
  Bush Picks Wainstein to be AAG for New National Security Division

Alert No. 1,327, Friday, March 10.
  Bush Signs PATRIOT Act Extension Bills
  Senate Approves Trademark Dilution Revision Act
  New York Sues Entercom for Selling Airtime
  FBI Investigates FEC for Fraud and Corruption
  CDT Releases Proposed Bill to Limit the FEC's Authority to Regulate Online Speech

Alert No. 1,326, Thursday, March 9.
  House CIIP Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Orphan Works
  7th Circuit Applies Computer Hacking Statute to Use of Trace Removers on Employee Laptops

Alert No. 1,325, Wednesday, March 8.
  House Approves Stop Counterfeiting in Manufactured Goods Act
  House Approves S 2271
  FCC Releases NPRM on M-LMS Systems
  Gonzales Discusses Electronic Surveillance and Data Sharing
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Amendment Regarding Jurisdiction of Federal Circuit

Alert No. 1,324, Tuesday, March 7.
  Sen. Specter Introduces Further PATRIOT Act Related Bill
  Sen. Wyden Introduces Net Neutrality Bill
  Reaction to AT&T BellSouth Merger
  AEI Paper Urges Quicker SEC Development of XBRL for GAAP

Alert No. 1,323, Monday, March 6.
  AT&T and BellSouth Announce Merger
  Internet Companies Write House Commerce Committee Regarding Net Neutrality
  Microsoft Denies Vista Will Include Back Door for Government Agencies
  AEI Brookings Study Criticizes Proposals to Regulate Ratings Companies
  Microsoft Accuses EC of Secret Collaboration with Microsoft Adversaries
  RIM and NTP Settle Blackberry Related Patent Litigation
  PFF Paper Advocates Empowering Authors

Alert No. 1,322, Friday, March 3.
  Senate Approves Bill to Extend Expiring Provisions of PATRIOT Act
  House Judiciary Committee Approves IP Jurisdiction Bill
  NTIA Releases Report on DTV Susceptibility to UWB Interference
  USTR Releases 2005 Trade Report
  Bush Discusses Globalization and Outsourcing
  Bush and Singh Release Statements Re Trade, IPR and Innovation

Alert No. 1,321, Thursday, March 2.
  Supreme Court Vacates in Patent Tying Antitrust Case
  Senate Approves S 2271
  Library of Congress Comments Section 108 Exemptions and Book Scanning

Alert No. 1,320, Wednesday, March 1.
  Supreme Court Reverses in Texaco v. Dagher
  Senate Invokes Cloture on PATRIOT Act Amendments Bill

Alert No. 1,319, Tuesday, February 28.
  District Court Rules in Perfect 10 v. Google
  SEC's Glassman Addresses XBRL

Alert No. 1,318, Monday, February 27.
  Library of Congress to Examine Digital Copying Under Section 108

Alert No. 1,317, Friday, February 24.
  10th Circuit Holds FDA Can Obtain Disgorgement of Profits from Drug Importer
  DHS Cracks Down on Importation of Prescription Drugs
  Montgomery County, Maryland, Sues FDA Over Importation of Drugs
  CDT Advocates New Protections Against Government Intrusions on Privacy

Alert No. 1,316, Thursday, February 23.
  SEC Settles with KPMG Partners in Suit Regarding Xerox Audits
  EPIC Argues Attorneys Who Hire Phone Data Pretexters Violate State Bar Rules
  Portman and Mandelson Discuss Doha, IPR and PR China
  WTO DG Lamy Discusses Status of Doha Round

Alert No. 1,315, Wednesday, February 22.
  Court Grants Cert in Case Involving Whether Patent Licensee in Good Standing Can Challenge Validity
  Senate Approves Bill to Criminalize Trafficking in Counterfeit Marks
  Commerce Department Releases Report on IPv6

Alert No. 1,314, Tuesday, February 21.
  Sen. Allen Introduces Bill to Allow Unlicensed Wireless Use of Broadcast White Space
  Congressional Committees Hold Hearings on Trade
  District Court Issues Order Regarding FOIA Request for DOJ/NSA Record

Alert No. 1,313, Monday, February 20.
  IG Report Criticizes Treasury Department's Communications Procurement Program
  9th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Class Action Suit Against Directv for Sending Signal Theft Demand Letters
  5th Circuit Addresses Personal Jurisdiction in IPR Cases
  Utah Supreme Court Addresses Personal Jurisdiction Based upon Sending E-Mail
  4th Circuits Holds that Governors Can Blacklist Reporters Without Violating Section 1983

Alert No. 1,312, Friday, February 17.
  House Commerce Committee Seeks Information from Phone Data Brokers
  FCC Fines Behringer USA for Making Unauthorized Digital Audio Devices
  Bush Awards National Medals of Technology and Science
  House Democrats Promote Their Innovation Agenda
  Commentary: National Medal of Technology Program

Alert No. 1,311, Thursday, February 16.
  AG Gonzales Discusses DOJ Activities
  Bernanke Testifies Regarding Tech and Economy
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Electronic Payments System

Alert No. 1,310, Wednesday, February 15.
  USTR Release Report on Trade with China
  FCC Rulemaking Proceeding on CPNI May Extend to Internet Protocol Services

Alert No. 1,309, Tuesday, February 14.
  WTO Appellate Body Upholds Panel Report on AJCA
  Sen. Burns Introduces Bill to Expand Universal Service Programs
  Sen. Stevens Discusses State and Local Regulation and Franchising

Alert No. 1,308, Monday, February 13.
  FCC Adopts NPRM Regarding Privacy of Consumer Phone Records
  Rep. Smith Introduces Bill to Criminalize Pretexting to Obtain Consumer Phone or VOIP Records
  Texas Sues Seller of Consumers' Phone Records
  FCC Describes Annual Report on Video Competition
  NAB Seeks Changes of Broadcast/Newspaper Cross-Ownership and Television Duopoly Rules

Alert No. 1,307, Friday, February 10.
  Republican Senators Announce Agreement on PATRIOT Act Extension
  FCC Report Reevaluates A La Carte Video Programming
  PFF Paper Recommends Loser Pays Rule in Patent Litigation

Alert No. 1,306, Thursday, February 9.
  Martin Discusses Network Neutrality
  Rep. Wilson Advocates Updating of FISA
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on NSA Surveillance

Alert No. 1,305, Wednesday, February 8.
  Senators Debate Net Neutrality Mandate

Alert No. 1,304, Tuesday, February 7.
  Bush Nominates Robert McDowell to Be FCC Commissioner
  Bush Signs Bill Extending Sunset Date of PATRIOT Act Provisions
  FCC to Host Event in Keller Texas

Alert No. 1,303, Friday, February 3.
  US and Korea to Negotiate Free Trade Agreement
  Congress Enacts DTV Transition Legislation

Alert No. 1,302, Thursday, February 2.
  House Approves Further Extension of Expiring Sections of PATRIOT Act
  Bush Discusses NSA Surveillance in Nashville Speech
  Copyright Office Recommends Orphan Works Legislation

Alert No. 1,301, Wednesday, February 1.
  Bush Announces American Competitiveness Agenda

Alert No. 1,300, Tuesday, January 31.
  DOJ Brings Another DRAM Price Fixing Action
  ICANN Seeks Comments on Settlement of Litigation with VeriSign
  Microsoft Offers to License Certain Windows Server Source Code

Alert No. 1,299, Monday, January 30.
  1st Circuit Rules in Trademark Case
  Rep. Davis Writes USPTO Regarding NTP Patents and Patent Process
  Duster Bhatia Addresses PR China, IPR and Trade

Alert No. 1,298, Friday, January 27.
  FTC Sues ChoicePoint for Sale of Consumer Data to Identity Thieves
  Korea Relaxes Trade Barriers to Foreign Movies
  Bush Asserts Power to Use Technology to Protect the American People

Alert No. 1,297, Thursday, January 26.
  Bush Nominates Bradbury for OLC
  Bush Nominates Kavanaugh for DC Circuit
  Bush Nominates Chagares for 3rd Circuit
  Rep. Conyers Writes Communications and IT Companies Re Government Surveillance and Customer Data
  House Commerce Committee Leaders Request Information from FCC Re CPNI Compliance

Alert No. 1,296, Wednesday, January 25.
  AG Gonzales Defends Legality of NSA E-Surveillance Program

Alert No. 1,295, Tuesday, January 24.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Blackberry Patent Case
  Supreme Court Rules in State Sovereign Immunity Case
  GAO Releases Report on Impact of Internet Tax Moratorium
  Bush Defends NSA Electronic Surveillance Program
  Gen. Hayden Defends NSA E-Surveillance Program
  EPIC Files FOIA Complaint Against DOJ for Records Related to NSA Domestic Terrorist E-Surveillance
  ACLU Sues NSA to Enjoin Domestic Terrorist E-Surveillance

Alert No. 1,294, Monday, January 23.
  Sen. Schumer Introduces Consumer Telephone Records Protection Act
  Sen. Durbin Introduces Phone Records Protection Act
  FCC Issues Citations for Failure to Respond to Subpoenas for Records Regarding Illegal Transfer of Consumers' Phone Data
  9th Circuit Rules in Cell Tower Case
  FTC Sues Company for Submitting False Data to Credit Reporting Agencies

Alert No. 1,293, Friday, January 20.
  President Bush Addresses Municipal Broadband
  U.S. and Oman Sign FTA

Alert No. 1,292, Thursday, January 19.
  Supreme Court Vacates in Will v. Hallock
  Rep. Barton and Sen. Stevens Comment on Sale of Customer Phone Data
  FCC to Investigate Sale of Customer Phone Data
  State Department Official Discusses IPR, Free Trade, and Internet Regulation
  Cox Says Interactive Data Will Democratize Financial Information and Analysis
  Rice and Chertoff Discuss Visas

Alert No. 1,291, Tuesday, January 17.
  Sen. Reid Asks FCC to Investigate Sale of Consumer Phone Data
  9th Circuit Rules in  253 Cases Brought by Qwest Against Local Governments

Alert No. 1,290, Monday, January 16.
  4th Circuit Rules in Trademark Infringement and Dilution Case
  NAB Opposes Encryption at Source Mandate for Digital Radio

Alert No. 1,289, Friday, January 13.
  9th Circuit En Banc Panel Rules Against Yahoo in French Internet Censorship Case

Alert No. 1,288, Thursday, January 12.
  9th Circuit Rules On Availability of Injunctive Relief in Copyright Case
  SEC Seeks Companies to Participate in Interactive Data Test Group
  Bush Discusses NSA Surveillance and PATRIOT Act

Alert No. 1,287, Wednesday, January 11.
  Law Professors Assert That NSA Electronic Surveillance Program Violates Law

Alert No. 1,286, Tuesday, January 10.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Texas Spam Blocking Case
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in EC v. RJR Nabisco
  Supreme Court Seeks SG Brief in Patent Case Involving Inherent Anticipation

Alert No. 1,285, Monday, January 9.
  Copyright Royalty Board Commences Proceedings
  CEA's Shapiro Addresses Tech Policy

Alert No. 1,284, Friday, January 6.
  Richard Epstein Criticizes HR 1201
  Bush Signs DOJ Reauthorization Bill

Alert No. 1,283, Thursday, January 5.
  SEC Fines McAfee $50 Million

Alert No. 1,282, Wednesday, January 4.
  Bush and U.S. Attorneys Advocate Enactment of Conference Report on PATRIOT Act Extension

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