Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
January - June, 2005

Alert No. 1,165, Thursday, June 30.
  AMD Files Antitrust Complaint Against Intel
  House Rural Caucus Seeks Expansion of Universal Service Taxes and Subsidies and Interconnection Regulation
  Bush Nominates McCormick and Jackson for Export Control Office
  Groups Debate Impact of DTV Transition

Alert No. 1,164, Wednesday, June 29.
  WTO Appellate Body Reverses in Korean DRAM Proceeding
  GAO Reports on Prevalence of Prurience on P2P Networks
  GAO Releases Report on DHS's Cyber Security Efforts
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in McFarling v. Monsanto
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in WH TV v. Zenith

Alert No. 1,163, Tuesday, June 28.
  Supreme Court Rules in MGM v. Grokster
  Reaction to the Supreme Court's Opinion in MGM v. Grokster
  Supreme Court Rules in Brand X Case
  Reaction to the Supreme Court's Opinion in the Brand X Case
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Dagher

Alert No. 1,162, Monday, June 27.
  CIIP Subcommittee to Mark Up USPTO Fee Bill
  CIIP Subcommittee to Mark Up Intellectual Property Jurisdiction Clarification Act
  1st Circuit Delays Decision in First Amendment Case Regarding State Regulation of Broadcast Speech
  4th Circuit Affirms in Invention Promoter Case

Alert No. 1,161, Friday, June 24.
  Sen. Stevens Discusses His Process for Revising Telecom Law
  DC Circuit Rules in Northpoint v. FCC

Alert No. 1,160, Thursday, June 23.
  US Chamber Hosts Panel on Municipal Broadband
  Sen. Ensign to Introduce Telecom Bill in July
  Matthew Berry Joins FCC

Alert No. 1,159, Wednesday, June 22.
  GAO Releases Report on USPTO Management
  GAO Reports on Prospects for Imposing Countervailing Duties on Chinese Products

Alert No. 1,158, Tuesday, June 21.
  Supreme Court News
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Patent Tying Antitrust Case
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Honeywell v. Hamilton Sundstrand
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari Railroad Rights of Way Case
  GAO Report Finds Bad Management of Conversion to Electronic Patent System
  9th Circuit Holds FCRA Preempts Parts of California Financial Information Privacy Act
  Sensenbrenner Defends House Judiciary Committee Hearings on PATRIOT Act

Alert No. 1,157, Monday, June 20.
  FTC Advises Congress That Mandating Subject Line Labeling Would Not Be Effective Anti-Spam Tool
  PFF Project Recommends Making FCC More Like the FTC and Antitrust Division
  Glassman Argues That Trade Through Rule Impedes Technology and Innovation
  Groups Oppose Legislation Giving FCC Authority to Write Broadcast Flag Rules

Alert No. 1,156, Friday, June 17.
  Sen. McCain Introduces DTV Transition Bill
  NAB and CEA Address Digital to Analog Converter Boxes
  FRB Governor Addresses Effects of Info Tech on Financial Markets
  Microsoft Brings Suits Against Counterfeiters Under New Anti Counterfeiting Amendments Act

Alert No. 1,155, Thursday, June 16.
  House Approves Amendment Related to Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act
  FCC Releases NPRM Regarding Its Mismanagement of Universal Service Programs
  Brad Smith to Leave FEC

Alert No. 1,154, Wednesday, June 15.
  Senate Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Injunctions in Patent Litigation
  APEC Statement Addresses Technology Related Trade Issues

Alert No. 1,153, Tuesday, June 14.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Media Ownership Rules Case
  Supreme Court Rules on Research Exemption to Patent Infringement
  4th Circuit Rules in 11th Amendment Immunity Case
  GAO Reports on Spam, Phishing and Spyware Threats to Federal Agencies
  FCC Adopts Order and NPRM Regarding Its Digital Tuner Rules

Alert No. 1,152, Monday, June 13.
  FCC Adopts DR and NPRM Regarding CSEA Implementation
  FCC Adopts Order Regarding Hearing Aid Compatibility of Wireless Phones
  House Votes to Keep U.S. in WTO
  Supreme Court Watch
  Commentary: Partisan Theatrics Threaten Efforts to Place Limits in Title II of PATRIOT Act

Alert No. 1,151, Friday, June 10.
  House CIIP Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Patent Bill
  Deputy AG Comey Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee on PATRIOT Act
  Bush and AG Gonzales Address PATRIOT Act
  Bush Names Members of Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board
  Senate Confirms Judicial Nominees

Alert No. 1,150, Wednesday, June 8.
  7th Circuit Construes Removal Provision of Class Action Fairness Act
  Pate Addresses IPR and Antitrust

Alert No. 1,149, Tuesday, June 7.
  Sen. Stevens Advocates Government Secrecy and DTV Transition
  Supreme Court Upholds Broad Congressional Power to Enact Criminal Statutes Under Commerce Clause
  Bush Advocates Free Trade And CAFTA

Alert No. 1,148, Monday, June 6.
  FCC Releases VOIP E911 Order

Alert No. 1,147, Friday, June 3.
  FCC Releases Agenda for June 9 Meeting
  Court of Appeals Upholds 514 of Uruguay Round Agreements Act

Alert No. 1,146, Thursday, June 2.
  Rep. Cox to Replace Donaldson as SEC Chairman
  GAO Reports on Doha Development Agenda
  GAO Reports That DHS Has Failed To Address Cyber Security

Alert No. 1,145, Wednesday, June 1.
  GAO Releases Report on Status of Government Efforts to Introduce IT to Health Care
  State Department Official Hopes That When China Moves Up Tech Value Added Ladder It Will Then Enforce IPR
  1st Circuit Addresses Substantial Similarity Test in Music Copyright Case

Alert No. 1,144, Tuesday, May 31.
  GAO Reports on Government Use of RFID Technology
  FCC Receives Comments Regarding Use of Consumer Electronic Devices on Aircraft
  FBI Seeks CALEA Rules in FCC Proceeding Regarding Wireless Devices on Aircraft

Alert No. 1,143, Thursday, May 26.
  FCC Reports Continuing Decline in Telephone Subscribership
  Adelstein Angles for More FCC Regulation of Speech
  Senate IP Subcommittee Holds Hearing on International IP Piracy

Alert No. 1,142, Wednesday, May 25.
  FTC Announces Effort to Educate ISPs About Spam Zombies
  University Publishers Accuse Google of Systematic Infringement of Copyright on a Massive Scale
  House Approves Business Checking Freedom Act
  House Approves Two Spyware Bills

Alert No. 1,141, Tuesday, May 24.
  House Approves Bill Regarding Trafficking in Counterfeit Marks
  House Commerce Subcommittee to Hold Hearing On Discussion Draft of DTV Transition Bill
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Portland v. Qwest
  Supreme Court Rules in Compelled Speech Case
  Groups Oppose Administrative Subpoenas in National Security Investigations

Alert No. 1,140, Monday, May 23.
  House to Vote on Spyware Bills
  Senate Approves Transportation Bill With Intelligent Transportation Systems Provisions
  FRB Governor Addresses Technological Innovation in Payments System

Alert No. 1,139, Friday, May 20.
  FCC Adopts Order Expanding E911 Regulation to Include Some VOIP Service Providers
  Summary of the FCC's 911 VOIP Order
  Opponents of FCC 911 VOIP Order State that the FCC Exceeded Its Statutory Authority
  More Reaction to the FCC's 911 VOIP Order

Alert No. 1,138, Wednesday, May 18.
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearings on IP Theft in China and Russia
  Bush Says New USTR Will Stop IPR Piracy in China
  FCC Releases NPRM on Cable Ownership Limits

Alert No. 1,137, Tuesday, May 17.
  Supreme Court Rules in Internet Wine Sales Case
  Tech Related Cases Still Pending In The Supreme Court
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Uzan v. Motorola

Alert No. 1,136, Monday, May 16.
  Pulver Writes That FCC's Imminent VOIP E911 Order May Be a Regulatory Black Hole for Innovative Services
  House to Take Up DHS Authorization Act, With Amended DHS Cybersecurity Enhancement Act
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Spyware
  Greenspan Addresses Info Tech and Corporate Management
  FRB Vice Chairman Addresses Globalization, Trade and Technology

Alert No. 1,135, Friday, May 13.
  FCC Meeting Agenda Includes Adopting E911 Rules for IP Enabled Services
  Debate Over Broadcast Flag Legislation Begins

Alert No. 1,134, Thursday, May 12.
  Rep. Barton Proposes Outlawing Use of SSNs for Non-Governmental Purposes
  CEA Write Rep. Barton Regarding Hard Cutoff Date for Analog Transmission

Alert No. 1,133, Wednesday, May 11.
  Hewitt Pate Resigns
  Senate Approves REAL ID Act
  Rep. Boucher Comments on FCC Subsidies for Telemedicine
  IRS Loses Appeal Over 3% Excise Tax on Communications

Alert No. 1,132, Tuesday, May 10.
  GAO Reports on Electronic Substitutes for USPS Mail Service
  11th Circuit Rules in Cell Tower Case

Alert No. 1,131, Monday, May 9.
  DC Circuit Reverses FCC's Broadcast Flag Rules
  7th Circuit Rules Copyright Act Does Not Preempt State Right of Publicity Claim

Alert No. 1,130, Friday, May 6.
  House Approves Bill Providing for Federally Regulated Identification Cards and Databases
  Senate Commerce Committee to Hold Hearing on Law Respecting Prepackaged News Stories
  FCC Denies SBC's Petition for Forebearance of Common Carrier Regulation of IP Services
  House Republican Hi-Tech Working Group Announces Agenda

Alert No. 1,129, Thursday, May 5.
  Senate Approves ORBIT Act Amendments
  House to Take Up Supplemental Appropriations Bill That Includes Drivers License Mandates
  Rep. Ross Introduces Resolution Critical of FCC BPL Rules

Alert No. 1,128, Wednesday, May 4.
  Leahy and Sununu Introduce E-Mail Privacy Act
  Rep. Miller Introduces Bill to Repeal Excise Tax on Phones
  European Commissioner Discusses Innovation Gap

Alert No. 1,127, Tuesday, May 3.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in DMCA Notice and Take Down Case
  2nd Circuit Affirms District Court's Dismissal of 9/11 Suit Against Motorola
  Senators Write Bush Regarding IPR Violations by the PR China
  EU's Mandelson Addresses Trade with Asia
  New York Sues Intermix Alleging Its Distribution of Spyware Is Fraudulent Business Practice

Alert No. 1,126, Monday, May 2.
  USTR Releases 2005 Special 301 Report
  BIS Chief Discusses Export Regulation

Alert No. 1,125, Friday, April 29.
  House Crime Subcommittee Begins Oversight Hearings On PATRIOT Act
  House Crime Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Pen Register and Trap and Trace Device Authority
  House Crime Subcommittee Holds Hearing on  209 of PATRIOT Act, Stored Communications and VOIP
  House Crime Subcommittee Holds Hearing on  217 of PATRIOT Act and Computer Trespassers
  House Crime Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Library and ISP Records and  215 of the Patriot Act and National Security Letters
  Summary of Title II of the PATRIOT Act

Alert No. 1,124, Wednesday, April 27.
  House Approves High-Performance Computing Revitalization Act
  House Appropriations Subcommittee Holds Hearing on FCC
  7th Circuit Rules on Implied Private Right of Action under 13(d) in Chinadotcom Case
  Supreme Court Rules in Hoffer v. Microsoft

Alert No. 1,123, Tuesday, April 26.
  9th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Trademark Infringement Case Regarding Parallel Imports
  GAO Releases Report on LOCAL TV Act
  Comcast and Time Warner to Buy Adelphia

Alert No. 1,122, Monday, April 25.
  Summary of the Committee Print of the Patent Act of 2005
  What is Not in the Committee Print of the Patent Act of 2005

Alert No. 1,121, Friday, April 22.
  DOJ Charges Hynix with DRAM Price Fixing
  USTR Nominee Discusses IPR Theft in PR China
  FCC Announces Agenda for April 28 Meeting
  9th Circuit Rules on Warrant Requirement for Searching Laptops

Alert No. 1,120, Thursday, April 21.
  House Subcommittee Approves Cybersecurity Bill
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Video Over Internet Protocol
  Federal Circuit Reverses in Loral v. Lockheed

Alert No. 1,119, Wednesday, April 20.
  House Approves Copyright Bill
  House Approves Trademark Dilution Bill
  Supreme Court Reverses in Dura Pharmaceuticals
  7th Circuit Affirms Broad Reach of Section 1030

Alert No. 1,118, Tuesday, April 19.
  Seidenberg Condemns Local Franchising Requirements as Barrier to Video Programming Over Fiber
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Nissan Motor v. Nissan Computer
  Sen. Stabenow Introduces Bill to Create Position of Special Trade Prosecutor
  GAO Reports on Prospects for FTAA
  Allgeier Addresses Trade Agreements and Internet Gambling

Alert No. 1,117, Monday, April 18.
  House to Take Up Intellectual Property Bills
  IRS Information Security Weaknesses Put Taxpayer Data at Risk
  4th Circuit Rules DBS Providers Can Sue Pirates for Damages
  Martin Named Defense Commissioner

Alert No. 1,116, Friday, April 15.
  Senate Commerce Committee Again Approves Sen. Allen's MSI Tech Grant Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Again Approves Junk Fax Bill
  MPAA Settles With ESS Technology in DVD CSS Licensing Dispute
  OpenNet Initiative Releases Report on Internet Filtering in PR China

Alert No. 1,115, Thursday, April 14.
  FTC Files CAN SPAM Act Complaint
  Senate Commerce Committee Announces Subcommittee Memberships
  FCC Releases Order Regarding Waiver of Newspaper Broadcast Cross Ownership Rule
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Data Security

Alert No. 1,114, Wednesday, April 13.
  5th Circuit Rules in Employment Discrimination Case Against Outsourcing Software Company
  7th Circuit Rules Against Deadbeat DA in ECPA Compensation Case
  Business Groups Announce Formation of Coalition to Advocate Rewrite of Telecom Laws
  Reed Elsevier's LexisNexis Revises Estimate of Security Breach Upwards

Alert No. 1,113, Tuesday, April 12.
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Universal Service and Antideficiency Act
  Federal Circuit Vacates in Patent Suit Involving Java Technology for Phones
  Philadelphia to Host Convention on Government Provided Broadband

Alert No. 1,112, Monday, April 11.
  House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on PATRIOT Act
  Greenspan Addresses Technology and Consumer Credit

Alert No. 1,111, Friday, April 8.
  WTO Appellate Body Upholds U.S. Laws Affecting Internet Gambling
  8th Circuit Affirms in Case Involving Leasing of Railroad Property for Fiber Optic Communications
  6th Circuit Issues Amended Opinion in Cell Tower Case
  House CCIP Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Digital Music Interoperability
  Reps. Boucher, Doolittle and Barton Reintroduce Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act

Alert No. 1,110, Wednesday, April 6.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on PATRIOT Act
  Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Touches on Pen Register and Trap and Trace Device Authority
  Sen. Specter Discusses Health

Alert No. 1,109, Tuesday, April 5.
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in State Sovereign Immunity Case
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Copyright Fair Use and Attorneys Fees Case
  8th Circuit Rules Against Crackpot Cybersquatter
  9th Circuit Rules in Favor of Crackpot Cybersquatter

Alert No. 1,108, Monday, April 4.
  Congressional Committees Schedule Hearings On USA PATRIOT Act
  Bush Picks Bernanke To Be Chairman of Council of Economic Advisors
  Bush Announces Appointments to Key DOD Post

Alert No. 1,107, Friday, April 1.
  Intel Accepts Recommendation of Japanese FTC Regarding Anticompetitive Marketing Practices
  USTR Release Report on Anti-Competitive Regulations in Telecom Sector
  Bush Seeks Extension of Trade Promotion Authority
  5th Circuit Dismisses Appeal of Class Action Certification Order in Baldridge v. SBC
  Bush to Nominate Alice Fisher to Head DOJ's Criminal Division

Alert No. 1,106, Wednesday, March 30.
  Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Brand X Case
  Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in MGM v. Grokster
  Cato Paper Argues For Negligence Liability Rather Than Statutory Regulatory Regime for Data Security Breaches
  9th Circuit Rejects California's 11th Amendment Defense of Bogus Escheat of Intel Stock

Alert No. 1,105, Tuesday, March 29.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Newspaper Defamation Case
  European Commissioner Advocates More Competition in ICT
  BIS Announces Rulemaking Regarding Deemed Exports

Alert No. 1,104, Monday, March 28.
  FCC Rules That State PUCs Cannot Require ILECs To Provide DSL To CLEC's UNE Voice CustomersWith Voice Service
  9th Circuit En Banc Panel Holds That Copyright Infringement Actions Cannot Be Assigned
  Lexar Wins Jury Verdict In Flash Memory Case Against Toshiba

Alert No. 1,103, Friday, March 25.
  Copps Addresses Satellite and Communications Issues
  GAO Finds Weak Information Security At SEC
  SEC Sues Time Warner for Overstating Online Ad Revenues
  FEC Approves NPRM on Internet Speech

Alert No. 1,102, Thursday, March 24.
  Utah Supreme Court Grants Certiorari to Decide Whether Sending One E-Mail Can Create Personal Jurisdiction
  Bloggers Dodge McCain Feingold Bullet

Alert No. 1,101, Wednesday, March 23.
  Supreme Court Holds That Individuals Who Sue Under 332 Cannot Also Recover Damages Under 1983
  Texas Sues Vonage Over Marketing of VOIP Service
  Sen. Reid Introduces Bill to Exempt Internet Communications From Certain FEC Regulation
  Democratic Representatives Urge FEC Not to Regulate Blogs

Alert No. 1,100, Tuesday, March 22.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Recess Appointments Cases
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in DMCA Case
  7th Circuit Rules On Insurers Duty to Defend DMCA Claim
  4th Circuit Rules in Dormant Commerce Clause Case
  FEC to Consider Rules Regulating Internet Speech
  EPIC Writes Majoras Regarding Regulation of Data Aggregators

Alert No. 1,099, Monday, March 21.
  RIM to Pay $450 Million to Settle NTP's Blackberry Related Patent Claims
  Sen. Stevens Addresses Telecom and Internet Issues
  FCC Again Delays Deadline for Integrating Navigation and Security Functionalities in Cable Set Top Boxes
  Donaldson Says Internet Disclosure May Be A Part of Mutual Fund Disclosure Reform
  USPTO Releases Top Ten List of Universities Receiving Patents
  IRS Commissioner Addresses Electronic Filing of Tax Returns

Alert No. 1,098, Friday, March 18.
  4th Circuit Reverses in Pinney v. Nokia
  Bush Picks Rep. Portman to be USTR
  House Subcommittee Approves Manufacturing Technology Competitiveness Act

Alert No. 1,097, Thursday, March 17.
  Bush Names Kevin Martin Chairman of FCC
  Chairman Barton Suggests Ending E-Rate Program

Alert No. 1,096, Wednesday, March 16.
  Senate Committee Holds Hearing on SBC/ATT and Verizon/MCI Mergers
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Data Aggregators
  Jury Returns Guilty Verdict in Ebbers Case
  SEC Files Civil Complaints Against Qwest's Nacchio and Others

Alert No. 1,095, Tuesday, March 15.
  Federal Circuit Dismisses Appeal in Pause v. Tivo for Lack of Appellate Jurisdiction
  WTO DG Panitchpakdi Addresses WTO and Doha Agenda
  House Commerce Committee to Hold Hearing on Data Aggregators
  Bush Hands Out National Medals of Science and Technology

Alert No. 1,094, Monday, March 14.
  FCC Adopts Order Regarding Wireless Broadband in the 3650-3700 MHz Band
  FCC Releases Cognitive Radio Technology Order
  FCC Grants Waiver of UWB Rules
  FCC Extends Truth in Billing Requirements to CMRS Carriers
  FTC Sues Fraudulent Anti-Spyware Software Seller
  Solicitor General Files Conditional Cross Petition for Writ of Certiorari in Media Ownership Case
  Sen. Stevens Wants to Expand Indecency Regulation to Cable, Broadband & VOIP

Alert No. 1,093, Friday, March 11.
  Reed Elsevier Reveals Fraudulent Access to Databases of Personal Information
  Senate Banking Committee Holds Hearing on Data Security
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Copyright Bill
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Trademark Dilution Bill
  House Science Committee Holds Hearing on FY 2006 R&D Budget

Alert No. 1,092, Thursday, March 10.
  House Commerce Committee Approves Spyware Bill

Alert No. 1,091, Wednesday, March 9.
  11th Circuit Overturns FTC Conclusion that Schering's Settlements of Patent Infringement Cases Violated Antitrust Law
  Patent Law Reform
  Bush Discusses Freedom and Creativity
  TechNet Releases 2005 Policy Agenda
  FTC Releases Report on Spyware

Alert No. 1,090, Tuesday, March 8.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Covad v. BellSouth
  9th Circuit Rules in Wireless Communications Tower Case
  10th Circuit Rules in Qwest II
  EPIC Releases Report on Privacy
  FCC Adopts and Releases NPRM Implementing  207 of SHVERA

Alert No. 1,089, Monday, March 7.
  FCC Releases Agenda for March 10 Meeting
  FCC Stops Broadband Provider From Blocking VOIP Traffic

Alert No. 1,088, Friday, March 4.
  House CIIP Subcommittee to Take Up Patent Reform
  House CIIP Subcommittee Approves Family Entertainment and Copyright Act
  House CIIP Subcommittee Amends and Approves Trademark Dilution Revision Act

Alert No. 1,087, Thursday, March 3.
  Federal Circuit Vacates in Eolas Patent Case
  7th Circuit Rules in Indian Jewelry IPR Case
  EPIC Opens West Coast Office

Alert No. 1,086, Wednesday, March 2.
  Copps Addresses VOIP and 911
  Antitrust Modernization Commission Releases Revised Memo on Study Groups and Issues
  FCC Denies Several Indecency Complaints
  Senator Stevens Discusses Indecency

Alert No. 1,085, Tuesday, March 1.
  Attorney General Gonzales Urges Extension of Sunsetting PATRIOT Act Provisions
  Christopher Wray Resigns

Alert No. 1,084, Monday, February 28.
  6th Circuit Rules in Cell Tower Case
  5th Circuit Rules in Lanham Act Case Involving Erroneous Phone Directory Entries
  Bush and Putin Discuss Russian Entry into the WTO
  European Trade Commissioner Addresses IPR in China

Alert No. 1,083, Friday, February 25.
  Sen. Specter Holds News Conference
  Senate Judiciary Committee Could Hold Hearings on ChoicePoint, Technology, Privacy and Security
  DHS Appoints Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee

Alert No. 1,082, Thursday, February 24.
  FCC Orders AT&T to Pay Access Charges and USF Payments on Some Calling Cards
  Class Action Law Firm Sues Dell Over Sales and Financing Practices
  Class Action Lawyers Sue eBay Alleging Shill Bidding Scheme

Alert No. 1,081, Wednesday, February 23.
  CIIP Subcommittee Holds Hearing On Trademark Dilution Revision Act
  ChoicePoint Describes Its Sale of Data to Identity Thieves
  Cato Releases Paper on DRM and P2P

Alert No. 1,080, Tuesday, February 22.
  WTO Panel Concludes US DRAM Countervailing Duties Order Violates SCM
  Bush Signs Class Action Reform Bill
  Greenspan Testifies on Technology and Workforce Skills
  House Subcommittee Marks Up Spyware Bill

Alert No. 1,079, Thursday, February 17.
  House Science Committee Holds Hearing on R&D Funding
  University and Industry Representatives Urge More R&D Funding
  House Approves Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act
  Deputy USTR Discusses Doha, Trade in Services, and Immigration

Alert No. 1,078, Wednesday, February 16.
  9th Circuit Issues En Banc Opinion in v. L.L.Bean
  10th Circuit Rules in Copyright Case Involving Koraoke Sound Recordings
  House to Take Up Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act
  Panel Discusses Adoption of Info Tech by Government

Alert No. 1,077, Tuesday, February 15.
  Bush Seeks Extension of Sunsetting Provisions of the PATRIOT Act
  Sen. Feingold Introduces Bill Regarding Interception of Computer Trespasser Communications
  Sen. Feingold Introduces Bill to Limit Sneak and Peak Authority
  Sen. Feingold Introduces Bill To Amend Patriot Act Regarding Library Records and Electronic Communications Providers
  Verizon to Acquire MCI WorldCom
  Representatives Criticize JCT Proposal to Tax Internet Communications

Alert No. 1,076, Monday, February 14.
  FCC Adopts FNPRM in Intercarrier Compensation Proceeding
  FCC Releases Overview of Wireless Broadband Access Task Force's Report
  House Approves Real ID Act
  Greenspan Discusses Technology in Speeches in UK

Alert No. 1,075, Friday, February 11.
  Senate Approves Class Action Reform Bill
  House Commerce Subcommittee Schedules Markup of SPY Act
  Rep. Goodlatte Reintroduces Criminal Spyware Bill
  Sen. Stevens Addresses Process for Revising Telecom and Tech Laws
  FCC Adopts Digital Multicasting Must Carry Order
  9th Circuit Grants Rehearing En Banc in Yahoo v. LICRA
  Microsoft Advocates Free Trade Agreements With IPR Protection

Alert No. 1,074, Thursday, February 10.
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on IP Enabled Services
  House Commerce Committee Approves Bill to Increase Broadcast Indecency Fines
  Joint Committee on Taxation Offers Recommendations for Expanding Excise Tax on Phones to IP Services

Alert No. 1,073, Wednesday, February 9.
  Bush Gives Speech on Economic Policy
  DOJ and FTC State the Proposed Kansas Bar Rules Would Impede Information Technology
  Sen. McCain Reintroduces LPFM Bill
  Digital Multicasting Must Carry Developments
  FCC Releases SHVERA NPRM Regarding Significantly Viewed Signals

Alert No. 1,072, Tuesday, February 8.
  Bush Releases Budget Proposal for FY 2005
  Bush's Budget Would Provide USPTO $1.7 Billion
  Summary of Bush's Budget Proposals for the Commerce Department
  Bush's Budget Would Provide FTC $212 Million
  Bush's Budget Would Provide FCC $304 Million
  President's Budget Proposes to Give IRS Access to New Hires Database
  Summary of Bush's Budget Proposals for Other Agencies

Alert No. 1,071, Monday, February 7.
  FCC Releases Unbundling Order
  FCC Releases Reports on MVPD Competition and Cable Prices
  Sen. Stevens Discusses SBC Acquisition of AT&T
  Cato Paper Analyses Telecom Bust

Alert No. 1,070, Friday, February 4.
  FCC Announces Agenda for February 10 Event
  Sen. Baucus Discusses Trade with China, Technology, IPR, FTAs, R&D and Education
  FCC Order Allows SBC to Obtain Numbers from NANPA for IP Enabled Services
  EU Adopts Regulation Regarding FSC/ETI Duties

Alert No. 1,069, Thursday, February 3.
  Senate Approves Copyright Bill
  Bush Delivers State of the Union Address
  Senate Commerce Committee Announces Subcommittees
  Sen. Baucus Advocates Open Trade with China and Other Countries
  Appeals Court Affirms Judgment Against Mintz Levin

Alert No. 1,068, Wednesday, February 2.
  Senate Judiciary Committee to Mark Up Class Action Fairness Act
  8th Circuit Affirms Approval of Settlement in Nextel Billing Dispute
  FTC Releases Data on Consumer Complaints Regarding Fraud and Identity Theft in 2004
  PFF Announces Digital Age Communications Act Project
  Zoellick Discusses IPR and WTO Accession with Russian Trade Rep

Alert No. 1,067, Tuesday, February 1.
  SBC to Acquire AT&T
  FCC Releases NPRM on Regulatory Framework to Apply to Price Cap LECs for Interstate Special Access Services

Alert No. 1,066, Monday, January 31.
  Federal Circuit Addresses Jurisdictional Issues
  Copyright Office Initiates Inquiry on Orphan Works

Alert No. 1,065, Friday, January 28.
  Bush Promotes Electronic Medical Records
  NCTA Picks Kyle McSlarrow to Replace Sachs
  FCC Releases Paper on Competition Between DBS & Cable

Alert No. 1,064, Thursday, January 27.
  House Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Spyware Bill
  FCC States That Unbundling Rules Will Be Released by February 4
  2nd Circuit Holds That ISP Did Not Violate ECPA When It Acquired E-Mail of Customer With Terminated Account
  Cisco Prevails in Corporate Raiding Case
  Copps Addresses Media Concentration

Alert No. 1,063, Wednesday, January 26.
  Petitioners, Solicitor General, & Amici Urge Supreme Court to Reverse in MGM v. Grokster
  FCC Denies 36 Indecency Complaints

Alert No. 1,062, Tuesday, January 25.
  Stevens Addresses Organization of Senate Commerce Committee
  4th Circuit Rules that Commerce Clause Trumps Younger Doctrine in Case Against PSC

Alert No. 1,061, Monday, January 24.
  FCC Chairman Powell Announces Resignation
  FRB's Bernanke Addresses Productivity Growth and Information Technology

Alert No. 1,060, Friday, January 21.
  2nd Circuit Affirms Dismissal of 10b5 Complaint Against Merrill Lynch for Hyping Internet Stocks
  FCC and USA File Brief in Brand X Case
  7th Circuit Rules in Zenith v. WH-TV
  USTR Announces Out of Cycle Special 301 Reviews of Poland and Taiwan

Alert No. 1,059, Wednesday, January 19.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in American Axle v. Dana
  NCTA Files Brief with Supreme Court in Brand X Case
  DOJ Antitrust Chief Suggest Topics for Study

Alert No. 1,058, Tuesday, January 18.
  4th Circuit Rules Subcontractor to Contract to Create Computer Records Systems Cannot Sue for Breach
  FBI Reports on Use of Carnivore and Similar Products in FY 2002 and 2003
  FRB Governor Discusses Asset Prices and Economic Performance
  FRB Governor Discusses Information, Governments and Transparency

Alert No. 1,057, Monday, January 17.
  6th Circuit Holds That Disclosure of Social Security Numbers by a City Does Not Violate Privacy Act
  5th Circuit Addresses Copyright Infringement, Factual Copying, Independent Creation, and Substantial Similarity
  Secretary Evans Rips Red Chinese for IPR Theft
  GWU to Host Intellectual Property Lecture Series
  Powell Announces FCC Investigation Regarding Armstrong Williams

Alert No. 1,056, Friday, January 14.
  SEC Issues Cease and Desist Order to Google
  FTC to Revise COPPA Rule
  EU and US Tariff Systems Challenged

Alert No. 1,055, Thursday, January 13.
  6th Circuit Rules on Federal Question Jurisdiction, Copyright Act Preemption, and Complete Preemption Doctrine
  Johanna Shelton to Become Minority Counsel for House Commerce Committee

Alert No. 1,054, Wednesday, January 12.
  Bush to Nominate Chertoff to be Secretary of Homeland Security
  Liscouski to Leave DHS
  District Court Issues Preliminary Injunction Against Spyware Distributor
  IBM Releases Statement Regarding Software Patents and Open Source Software

Alert No. 1,053, Tuesday, January 11.
  Supreme Court Takes Case Involving Research Exemption to Patent Infringement
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Chiron v. Genentech
  Republicans Named to House Ways and Means Committee

Alert No. 1,052, Monday, January 10.
  FCC Announces Agenda for January 13 Meeting
  EPIC Seeks Congressional Hearing and FTC Workshop on Data Products and FCRA
  Republicans Named to House Commerce Committee

Alert No. 1,051, Thursday, January 6.
  Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Nomination of Carlos Gutierrez
  1st Circuit Rules in Dispute Over Damage to Computer During Moving
  State Court Rules Employer Can Consent to Search of Computer Used By Employee

Alert No. 1,050, Wednesday, January 5.
  8th Circuit Holds RIAA Cannot Use 512(h) Subpoenas on ISPs for Info on P2P Infringers
  4th Circuit Rules BellSouth Employees Do Not Have to Wear Uniform with CWA Logo
  FCC Moves to Dismiss Petition for Writ of Mandamus

Alert No. 1,049, Tuesday, January 4.
  FCC Publishes Notices For Rules and FNPRM Regarding Children's Programming Obligations of DTV Broadcasters
  DC Circuit Rules in NJTV v. FCC
  11th Circuit Affirms RICO Judgment Against AT&T for Fraudulently Billing Gambling Charges as Long Distance

Alert No. 1,048, Monday, January 3.
  Appeals Court Reverses Summary Judgment in Software Counterfeiting Case
  FCC Reports Rapid Growth in Number of High Speed Internet Access Connections
  FCC Releases Report on Local Phone Competition

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