Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
July - December, 2005

Alert No. 1,281, Friday, December 30.
  8th Circuit Rules in North Kansas City Municipal Broadband Case
  California Superior Court Rules in Cebridge v. Nevada County
  8th Circuit Rules in Reciprocal Compensation Case

Alert No. 1,280, Thursday, December 29.
  NTIA Releases Estimates of 1710-1755 MHz Band Relocation Costs
  DOJ Requires AMC and Loews to Divest Theaters in Five Markets
  Texas Amends Spyware Complaint Against Sony BMG

Alert No. 1,279, Friday, December 23.
  House and Senate Approve Five Week Extension of Sunsetted Sections of PATRIOT Act
  EU Seeks More Money and Disclosures from Microsoft
  NIST Seeks Applications for EE and IT Lab Grants

Alert No. 1,278, Thursday, December 22.
  Senate Approves Six Month Extension of Sunsetted Provisions of the PATRIOT Act
  FCC Report to Congress on More Spectrum for ERPs Suggests Use of Commercial Services
  USPTO Seeks Comments on Subject Matter Eligible for Patents

Alert No. 1,277, Wednesday, December 21.
  Sensenbrenner and Conyers Introduce Analog Content Protection Bill
  OMB Releases Report on E-Government

Alert No. 1,276, Tuesday, December 20.
  Bush, Gonzales & Hayden Discuss Presidential Intercepts and PATRIOT Act
  Reaction to NSA Intercepts
  3rd Circuit Rules Directv Can Sue Under 2520 for Violation of 2511(1)(a)
  Bush Announces FEC Nominations

Alert No. 1,275, Monday, December 19.
  Cloture Motion on PATRIOT Act Extension Bill Defeated in Senate
  President Bush Discloses Interception of Communications Without Court Approval
  Chairman Barton Hospitalized

Alert No. 1,274, Friday, December 16.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Bill to Expand FTC Powers to Pursue Online Fraud
  House Commerce Committee Postpones Markup of DATA Bill

Alert No. 1,273, Thursday, December 15.
  House Approves Conference Report on PATRIOT Act Extension Bill
  GAO Reports on Trade with PR China
  USTR Releases Annual Report on PR China's Violations of its WTO Obligations
  FTC Sues and Settles with Directv for Violation of TSR

Alert No. 1,272, Wednesday, December 14.
  House to Vote On PATRIOT Act Extension Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Nominations of Tate and Copps
  Copps and Stevens Advocate Less Transparency at FCC
  Software Pirate Pleads Guilty

Alert No. 1,271, Tuesday, December 13.
  Senators Introduce Bill to Extend Sunsetted Provisions of Patriot Act for 3 Months
  GAO Reports on Computer Recycling
  Court Denies Cert in Case Involving Federal Preemption of State Law Claims Regarding Long Distance Phone Rates
  Supreme Court Grants Cert, and Vacates, in US v. Matthews

Alert No. 1,270, Monday, December 12.
  7th Circuit Holds Downloading Copyrighted Music with P2P Software is Not Fair Use
  Companies Write Snow Regarding IRS Disregard for Court Opinions on 3% Excise Tax
  PFF Paper Opposes Content Based Restraints of Satellite Radio Broadcasts

Alert No. 1,269, Friday, December 9.
  House and Senate to Vote on Conference Report on PATRIOT Act Extension Bill
  Senate Opponents Say Conference Report Lacks Support in Senate
  Reaction to Conference Report on the PATRIOT Act Extension Bill
  Korean Government Orders Microsoft to Remove Functionality From Software
  8th Circuit Upholds North Dakota's Ban on Use of Professional Telemarketers to Solicit Charitable Contributions
  Sen. Specter Outlines Schedule for Senate Judiciary Committee

Alert No. 1,268, Thursday, December 8.
  GAO Reports There is Widespread Domain Name Registration Dishonesty
  IRS Releases Proposed Rules Regarding Electronic Tax Preparation

Alert No. 1,267, Wednesday, December 7.
  DC Circuit Holds GLB Privacy Provisions Do Not Apply to Lawyers
  Comptel Urges Delay in Markup of Telecom Bill

Alert No. 1,266, Tuesday, December 6.
  NYU Releases Paper on Fair Use
  8th Circuit Rejects Claim that Disney Infringed Trademark
  7th Circuit Rules on Telemarketing and First Amendment

Alert No. 1,265, Monday, December 5.
  FCC Announces Agenda for December 9 Meeting
  DOJ and Samsung File Plea Agreement
  Extradited Ukrainian Infringer Pleads Guilty in U.S. District Court
  AAI President Criticizes Antitrust Modernization Commission

Alert No. 1,264, Friday, December 2.
  FTC Takes Action Against Retailer for Lax Data Security Practices
  BEA Data Shows Growth in Tech Investment

Alert No. 1,263, Thursday, December 1.
  SEC Proposes to Allow Internet Delivery of Proxy Materials
  New York Announces Settlement of Payola Investigation of Warner Music

Alert No. 1,262, Wednesday, November 30.
  FTC Releases Report on Effectiveness of Spam Countermeasures
  Antitrust Division and FTC to Hold Hearings on Single Firm Conduct
  GAO Reports on Offshoring of Services

Alert No. 1,261, Tuesday, November 29.
  Supreme Court to Consider Availability of Injunctive Relief in Patent Cases

Alert No. 1,260, Monday, November 28.
  WTO Releases Draft Hong Kong Ministerial Text
  Portman Discusses Status of WTO Trade Negotiations
  Mandelson Discusses Status of WTO Trade Negotiations
  EU Commissioner Advocates EU Wide Copyright and Censorship Regimes
  EU Commissioner Advocates State Supported Innovation

Alert No. 1,259, Wednesday, November 23.
  Senate Commerce Committee to Hold Public Hearings
  9th Circuit Rules on Work Made for Hire Issues in Twentieth Century Fox v. Dastar
  USPTO Releases Annual Report
  SEC Seeks Contractor to Remake EDGAR

Alert No. 1,258, Tuesday, November 22.
  Texas Sues Sony BMG Alleging Violation of Texas Spyware Statute
  Federal Circuit Affirms Holding Regarding Claim Invalidity in IPXL v. Amazon
  7th Circuit Holds Federal Wiretapping Statute Can Apply to Secret Use of Video Cameras

Alert No. 1,257, Monday, November 21.
  AG Gonzales Addresses IPR Enforcement in Beijing
  Reps. Terry and Boucher Propose New Internet Taxes
  House Science Committee Holds Hearing on Nanotech
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Future of Science and Universities

Alert No. 1,256, Friday, November 18.
  Abernathy to Leave FCC
  House Commerce Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Fair Use

Alert No. 1,255, Thursday, November 17.
  Tempest in Tunis Subsides
  House Approves Resolution Opposing UN Regulation of Internet
  Bush Discusses Freedom and Free Trade in Kyoto
  Portman Discusses APEC and Doha
  House Approves Resolution on Russia's Lack of IPR Protection
  Federal Circuit Denies Rehearing in Case Involving Prosecution Laches

Alert No. 1,254, Wednesday, November 16.
  Rep. Pelosi Announces House Democratic Innovation Initiative
  Bush Announces Plans for Zero Tariffs on Multi-chip Integrated Circuits
  Senate Approves Stop Counterfeiting in Manufactured Goods Act
  Senate Approves Protecting American Goods and Services Act of 2005

Alert No. 1,253, Tuesday, November 15.
  USTR Discusses IPR and Market Access in China
  NARA Requests Comments on Archiving Internet and Other Electronic Records

Alert No. 1,252, Monday, November 14.
  AG Gonzales Proposes Intellectual Property Protection Act
  Bush to Discuss IPR with Asian Leaders
  Bush Picks Cresanti for Technology Administration

Alert No. 1,251, Thursday, November 10.
  Bush Nominates Tennessee Regulator to FCC
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Telecom Law Reform
  State Department Official Announces Plans for IPR Enforcement Cooperation Between US and Europe
  Portman Says There Has Been a Lack of Progress in Talks Leading Up to Hong Kong Meeting
  Conferees on PATRIOT Act Extension Bill to Meet

Alert No. 1,250, Wednesday, November 9.
  CTIA Writes Guidelines for Wireless Content
  SEC Chairman Cox Discusses Use of Interactive Data in Corporate Reporting
  10th Circuit Dismisses Appeal in USF Case

Alert No. 1,249, Tuesday, November 8.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Software Copyright Case
  3rd Circuits Holds Employer May Sue Former Employee Under 1030
  Grokster to Cease Distributing Client Application for its P2P File Sharing System

Alert No. 1,248, Monday, November 7.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves VOIP 911 Bill
  FEC to Write Rules Regulating Online Speech by End of February
  Amazon Announces Book Digitization Programs
  FCC Revises Rules Regarding DTV Tuner Requirements

Alert No. 1,247, Friday, November 4.
  FCC Adopts NPRM Regarding Local Franchising of Video Services
  FCC Requires DBS, Satellite Radio, Digital Broadcasters, and Others to Carry AES Communications
  Chief Justice Roberts Recuses Himself in Case Regarding Patentable Subject Matter
  2nd Circuit Affirms in Drug Patent Antitrust Case

Alert No. 1,246, Thursday, November 3.
  IRS Loses Another Appeal Regarding 3% Excise Tax
  FCC Sets Comment Deadlines for DR Petition on IP Originated VOIP Traffic and Intercarrier Compensation
  House Rejects Online Freedom of Speech Act
  Commentary: Analysis of the Vote on HR 1606

Alert No. 1,245, Wednesday, November 2.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in RF Radiation Cases
  FCC Announces Its Approval of SBC/AT&T Verizon/MCI Mergers With Enforceable Conditions
  8th Circuit Affirms in Qwest v. Minnesota PUC
  4th Circuit Affirms in NCSC v. Cisco
  Court of Appeals Vacates in Kidd v. FCC
  Rep. Oxley to Retire
  FCC Revises Agenda for November 3 Meeting

Alert No. 1,244, Tuesday, November 1.
  Bush Picks Sam Alito for Supreme Court
  Commentary: Alito's Opinions in Select Tech Related Cases
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in LabCorp v. Metabolite
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Challenge to State Income Tax on Out of State Teleworkers
  Connecticut Legislators Seek End to New York's Taxation of Out of State Workers
  Supreme Court Seeks Views of SG in FTC v. Schering-Plough
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Microsoft v. Eolas
  District Court Issues Stay in Google v. Microsoft

Alert No. 1,243, Monday, October 31.
  Appeals Court Rejects Challenge to Settlement of Sprint WorldCom Class Action
  GAO Reports on the U.S.'s and India's Measurement of Offshoring
  DHS Advisory Committee Recommends Conditions for Use of Commercial Data
  VeriSign and ICANN Settle
  FCC Postpones Announcement of Merger Orders

Alert No. 1,242, Friday, October 28.
  DOJ Approves Verizon MCI and SBC AT&T Mergers Subject to Divestitures
  DOJ Initiates Clayton Act  7 Proceeding Against SBC and AT&T
  DOJ Initiates Clayton Act  7 Proceeding Against Verizon and MCI
  Copyright Office Publishes Interim Regulations for Preregistration of Unpublished Works
  Bush Withdraws Miers Nomination
  Bush Makes Appointments to Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
  FCC Releases Agenda for November 3 Meeting

Alert No. 1,241, Thursday, October 27.
  House Commerce Committee Approves DTV Bill
  IRS Announces That It Will Violate Court of Appeals Ruling Regarding Excise Tax on Phone Service
  USTR Requests Information From PR China Regarding IPR Enforcement
  International Publishers Association Criticizes Google's Scanning of Library Collections
  Bush Discusses Free Trade and Doha Trade Negotiations

Alert No. 1,240, Wednesday, October 26.
  FCC CALEA Order Challenged
  Export Control Chief Discusses iPods
  FCC Files Brief in Challenge to Unbundling Order
  SEC Chairman Cox Speaks in Beijing

Alert No. 1,239, Tuesday, October 25.
  Bush Picks Bernanke to Replace Greenspan
  Congress Considers Bills to Split 9th Circuit
  Google, Publishers and Authors Debate Google's Print for Libraries Program

Alert No. 1,238, Monday, October 24.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves DTV Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves WARN Act
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Prepackaged News Story Bill
  FCC Announces Agenda for October 28 Meeting
  District Court Orders Interior Department to Disconnect Certain Computers
  Bush Picks Paul McNulty to Be Deputy Attorney General

Alert No. 1,237, Thursday, October 20.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Considers Bloggers and Reporters' Privilege Legislation
  FCC Files Brief with 9th Circuit in Brand X Case
  Major Book Publishers Sue Google for Digitizing Copyrighted Books

Alert No. 1,236, Wednesday, October 19.
  4th Circuit Denies Rehearing in Hatfill v. NYT Defamation Case in 6-6 Vote
  Federal Circuit Rules on Exclusive Licensee's Standing to Sue for Infringement
  Groups Oppose DOD Electronic Database on Privacy Grounds

Alert No. 1,235, Tuesday, October 18.
  Solicitor General to Argue IP Tying Antitrust Case
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Merck v. Teva
  FFIEC Urges Use of Better Authentication Methods in Internet Banking

Alert No. 1,234, Monday, October 17.
  Portman Discusses Trade Negotiations
  Kroes Wants American Style Private Antitrust Lawsuits in Europe
  FCC Sets Comment Deadlines for FNPRM Regarding Amending CALEA

Alert No. 1,233, Friday, October 14.
  DOJ Charges Samsung with DRAM Price Fixing
  Microsoft and Yahoo Announce Plans to Make IM Service Interoperable
  Grand Jury Indicts Counterfeiters
  3rd Circuit Rules on Lending Tree's Web Use of Real Estate Brokers' Trademarks

Alert No. 1,232, Wednesday, October 12.
  Microsoft and RealNetworks Settle
  Verizon Seeks Reversal in Texaco v. Dagher
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in 10b5 Class Action Against Merrill Lynch for Hyping Internet Stocks
  Court Denies Cert Petition from Convicted Former Cisco Employee

Alert No. 1,231, Tuesday, October 11.
  USTR Seeks to Break Doha Deadlock

Alert No. 1,230, Monday, October 10.
  Senate Banking Committee Holds Hearing on CFIUS
  Cogent and Level 3 Have Peering Dispute
  4th Circuit Rules Dirty Dancing is not Expressive Conduct
  Bush Nominates Bohigian to Head Market Access and Compliance

Alert No. 1,229, Friday, October 7.
  House Commerce Committee Leaders Oppose UN Efforts to Regulate Internet
  Groups Seek Delay in Broadcast Flag Legislative Process
  Copyright Office Announces Proceeding on DMCA Anti-Circumvention Exemptions
  FTC Files Complaint Against Spyware Distributor
  Senate Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Spyware

Alert No. 1,228, Thursday, October 6.
  Supreme Court Lets Stand Holding that Copyright Action Cannot Be Assigned
  Supreme Court Lets Stand Holding That Product Numbers Are Not Copyrightable
  2nd Circuit Dismisses Uzan Appeal
  Sprint Sues Vonage for Patent Infringement
  EC Appoints Monitoring Trustee for Microsoft
  DOJ Amends Complaint Against Realtors

Alert No. 1,227, Wednesday, October 5.
  Supreme Court Requests Brief From Solicitor General in Patent Obviousness Case
  Supreme Court Vacates in US v. Maxwell
  11th Circuit Rules in HGI v. Wetmore
  Bush Holds Press Conference

Alert No. 1,226, Tuesday, October 4.
  2nd Circuit Vacates in Twombly v. Bell Atlantic
  Bush Picks Harriet Miers for Supreme Court
  SMU Law School

Alert No. 1,225, Monday, October 3.
  WTO Concludes AJCA Still Violates DSB's FSC/ETI Rulings
  US Consul General Discusses Trade and IPR in Hong Kong
  Bush Picks Thomas Rosch for FTC
  9th Circuit Rules in Arizona Cartridge v. Lexmark
  EC Issues Statement Regarding Plans to Digitize Libraries

Alert No. 1,224, Thursday, September 29.
  GAO Reports on Real Estate Brokers and Use of the Internet
  State Department Official Addresses IPR Protection in Ukraine
  House Ways and Means Committee Holds Hearing on Trade with Japan
  FTC Takes Action Against Mortgage Lender for Failure to Protect Customer Data

Alert No. 1,223, Wednesday, September 28.
  FCC Again Extends Its Deadline for VOIP Providers to Cut Off Customers
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on State Business Activity Taxes

Alert No. 1,222, Tuesday, September 27.
  Treasury Secretary Advocates Free Trade
  GAO Finds Information Security Weaknesses at FAA
  House Committee Holds Hearing on Regulation of Internet Speech

Alert No. 1,221, Monday, September 26.
  Communist China Announces More Regulation of Unhealthy Online News
  FCC Releases Policy Statement Regarding Internet Regulation

Alert No. 1,220, Friday, September 23.
  CIIP Subcommittee Holds Hearing on P2P Piracy on Campus
  GAO May Rate Universities on Efforts to Stop P2P Infringement
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Communications and Hurricane Katrina

Alert No. 1,219, Thursday, September 22.
  SEC Commissioner Discusses Use of Internet and the SEC's Point of Sale Initiative
  House Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on Goodlatte Boucher BAT Bill

Alert No. 1,218, Wednesday, September 21.
  Author's Guild Sues Google for Copyright Infringement
  2nd Circuit Stays District Court Injunction in National Security Letter Case
  CDT Releases Paper on Broadcast Flag

Alert No. 1,217, Tuesday, September 20.
  Senators Introduce Anticounterfeiting Bill
  11th Circuits Rules Courts Can Compel Disclosure of Intellectual Property of Non-Party Without Compensation

Alert No. 1,216, Monday, September 19.
  House Commerce Committee Releases Draft of Bill to Regulate Internet Protocol Services
  Reaction to House Commerce Committee Discussion Draft
  Representatives Urge Hard Date for DTV Conversion and Funding for Converter Boxes
  Pulver Criticizes FCC for Slighting VOIP and Other IP Services

Alert No. 1,215, Friday, September 16.
  House Science Committee Holds Hearing on Cyber Security
  Enzi Advocates Export Administration Act
  House Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on Financial Services Regulatory Relief Act

Alert No. 1,214, Thursday, September 15.
  Mandelson Advocates Conclusion of Doha Round of Trade Negotiations
  Bush Advocates Conclusion of Doha Round
  US Chamber Criticizes PR China's Failure to Comply with Its WTO Obligations on IPR and Telecom
  Trial Court Issues Preliminary Injunction in Microsoft v. Kai-Fu Lee and Google

Alert No. 1,213, Wednesday, September 14.
  2nd Circuit Holds Foreign Governments Cannot Use RICO to Collect Taxes in US Courts
  GAO Reports on DOD Development of Passive RFID Technology

Alert No. 1,212, Tuesday, September 13.
  EBay to Acquire Skype
  Oracle to Acquire Siebel
  Ambassador Gross Says UN Will Not Be in Charge of the Internet
  3rd Circuit Affirms in Pharmacy Web Site Case

Alert No. 1,211, Monday, September 12.
  SEC Releases Memo on Market Based Methods for Valuing Employee Stock Options
  GAO Writes Yet Another Report Criticizing FBI's Info Tech
  EPIC Wants Judiciary Committee to Question Roberts on Electronic Privacy

Alert No. 1,210, Friday, September 9.
  DOJ Sues National Association of Realtors for Obstructing Internet Based Brokers
  FCC Announces Agenda for September 15 Meeting
  District Court Dismisses SEC's Reg FD Complaint Against Siebel Systems
  Court Holds Hearing on Microsoft's Motion for Preliminary Injunction Against Google

Alert No. 1,209, Thursday, September 8.
  Federal Circuit Issues Opinion on State Secrets Privilege
  NCTA Continues Opposition to Multicast Must Carry
  DOJ Requires NSM and Ecast to End Digital Jukebox Non-Compete Agreement

Alert No. 1,208, Wednesday, September 7.
  Australian Court Finds Sharman Infringed Music Copyrights

Alert No. 1,207, Tuesday, September 6.
  William Rehnquist Died
  William Rehnquist's Legacy in Technology Law

Alert No. 1,206, Friday, September 2.
  Tech Lawyers Scheduled to Testify at Roberts Confirmation Hearing
  11th Circuit Rules in Drug Patent Antitrust Case
  PFF Paper Asserts Declining Stock Prices of Media Companies Belies Media Monopoly Arguments

Alert No. 1,205, Thursday, September 1.
  FCC Issues Public Notices Related to Hurricane Katrina
  USTR Lifts Trade Sanctions on Ukraine and Announces Special 301 Out of Cycle Review

Alert No. 1,204, Tuesday, August 30.
  Greenspan Discusses Innovation and Free Trade
  GAO Reports on Government Data Mining Projects and Privacy

Alert No. 1,203, Monday, August 29.
  4th Circuit Upholds TSR Provisions Regarding Fundraising on Behalf of Charities
  11th Circuit Construes Driver's Privacy Protection Act

Alert No. 1,202, Friday, August 26.
  FCC Delays Its VOIP Customer Lockout Mandate for 30 Days
  Suit Challenges Constitutionality of National Security Letters
  Senate Judiciary Committee Requests Information From FBI Regarding Data Mining Project
  Trade Secrets Case To Proceed Against Corporation Owned by PRC

Alert No. 1,201, Thursday, August 25.
  4th Circuit Rules for Jerry Falwell's Cyber Squatter
  FCC Delays Proceeding on State Regulation of Airport WiFi Hotspots

Alert No. 1,200, Wednesday, August 24.
  Federal Circuit Addresses Inducement of Patent Infringement by Foreign Silicon Wafer Maker
  FCC Releases Report and Order on Satellite Must Carry Requirements in Alaska and Hawaii

Alert No. 1,199, Monday, August 22.
  Federal Circuit Addresses Priority Date of Patents Originating from Foreign Applications
  FCC Seeks Further Comments on USF Proposals
  WTO Sets Deadline for US Compliance with Internet Gambling Order

Alert No. 1,198, Friday, August 19.
  10th Circuit Construes Removal Provisions of Class Action Fairness Act
  Federal Circuit Issues Order in Integra v. Merck
  FTC Takes Action Against Deceptive Online Marketing of Credit Monitoring Service
  FCC Releases Text Of NOI on Whipsawing
  8th Circuit Addresses District Court's E-Mail Service Failures

Alert No. 1,197, Wednesday, August 17.
  Bush Names McCallum Acting Deputy Attorney General
  Federal Circuit Affirms in Pause v. Tivo
  Federal Circuit Issues New Opinion in NTP v. RIM

Alert No. 1,196, Tuesday, August 16.
  2nd Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Uniform Cable Rate Class Action
  FCC Issues NALS in Tax Collection Actions

Alert No. 1,195, Monday, August 15.
  FCC Seeks Comments on Petitions for Reconsideration of E911 VOIP Order
  FCC Releases NOI on Video Competition and Other Topics
  US Argues Congress Has Commerce Clause Authority to Criminalize Acts Involving Use of Computer

Alert No. 1,194, Friday, August 12.
  1st Circuit Issues En Banc Opinion in Councilman Case
  So, Just What Are All These Statutory Sections Cited in the Councilman Case?
  US v. Councilman and VOIP Communications

Alert No. 1,193, Thursday, August 11.
  7th Circuit Finds No Federal Jurisdiction in HP EEPROM Class Action
  4th Circuit Rules in Software Engineer's Employment Discrimination Case
  9th Circuit Rules in Trademark Case
  8th Circuit Enforces Covenant Not to Compete

Alert No. 1,192, Wednesday, August 10.
  Recess Appointments in the August Break
  Court Holds Cable Companies Do Not Have to Pay Fees to Multiple Local Franchising Authorities
  AG Gonzales Addresses PATRIOT Act Extension
  FCC Releases Order Approving Sprint Nextel Merger

Alert No. 1,191, Tuesday, August 9.
  FCC Amends CALEA Statute
  FTC and DOJ File Amicus Brief in Patent Tying Antitrust Case
  Rep. Boucher Proposes Network Neutrality Legislation
  FCC Chairman Directs Enforcement Bureau to Conduct Payola Investigation
  Barr Bashes UN Efforts to Govern the Internet

Alert No. 1,190, Monday, August 8.
  FCC Classifies DSL as Information Service
  Reaction to the FCC's Classification of DSL
  FCC Adopts a Policy Statement Regarding Network Neutrality
  FCC Adopts Order Amending Service Rules for AWS

Alert No. 1,189, Friday, August 5.
  10th Circuit Rules on When Copyright Registration Occurs
  10th Circuit Addresses Search and Seizures Associated with Misappropriation of Trade Secrets Cases

Alert No. 1,188, Thursday, August 4.
  FCC Postpones Meeting from Thursday to Friday
  FCC and DOJ Approve the Merger of Sprint and Nextel
  FTC Takes Action Against Deceptive Marketing of Adware
  Zoellick Discusses Trade and IPR in China

Alert No. 1,187, Wednesday, August 3.
  Court Holds Texas's Blocking of Legal E-Mail Is Neither Preempted by CAN-SPAM Act, Nor In Violation of 1st Amendment
  1st Circuit Rules on Application of Lanham Act to Foreign Defendants
  Bush Signs Document Related to BIS/BXA Regulation

Alert No. 1,186, Tuesday, August 2.
  FCC Seeks Comments of Massachusetts Port Authority's Attempt to Regulate Airport WiFi Hotspots
  Martin Gives Speech At NARUC Meeting
  DC Circuit Rules in FTC Competition Case
  GAO Examines Information Security Practices of Financial Market Organizations

Alert No. 1,185, Monday, August 1.
  FCC Announces Short Agenda for August 4 Meeting
  Chertoff Discusses Statute Limiting Liability for Developers of Anti-Terrorism Technologies
  Appeals Court Affirms in Telemarketing Sales Rule Case
  4th Circuit Reinstates Hatfill's Defamation Suit Against NYT

Alert No. 1,184, Thursday, July 28.
  House Approves DR-CAFTA Free Trade Bill
  FCC Amends E911 VOIP Order's Subscriber Notice, Reporting and Cancellation Requirements

Alert No. 1,183, Wednesday, July 27.
  Senate Committee Approves Cybercrime Treaty
  Sen. Hatch Comments on Judicial Selection and IP Law
  Senate Banking Committee Holds Hearing on Nomination of Rep. Cox to Be SEC Chairman
  Tether Testifies Regarding DARPA's Development of Ultraviolet Optical Communications
  PFF Paper Criticizes Compulsory Music Licensing

Alert No. 1,182, Tuesday, July 26.
  Bush Nominates Boyden Gray to be US Representative to EU
  FCC NARUC Task Force on VOIP 911 Regulation Formed
  8th Circuit Permits Game Maker to Incorporate Marks of Others

Alert No. 1,181, Monday, July 25.
  GAO Finds that DHS Violated Privacy Act
  Copyright Office Commences Rulemaking on Preregistration of Unpublished Works
  Bush Names Chris Israel Coordinator for International Intellectual Property Enforcement

Alert No. 1,180, Friday, July 22.
  House Approves PATRIOT Act Extension Bill

Alert No. 1,179, Thursday, July 21.
  House Rules Committee Adopts Rule for PATRIOT Act Extension Bill
  10th Circuit Dismisses Appeal by Payphone Providers
  U.S. Chamber and Visa USA to Host Seminars on Data Security
  PFF Paper Argues Against Data Breach Notification Mandates

Alert No. 1,178, Wednesday, July 20.
  Bush Nominates John Roberts for Supreme Court
  House Scheduled to Consider PATRIOT Act Extension Bill
  Microsoft Sues Former Employee Who Joined Google
  OMB Seeks Comments on Federally Funded Collaborative Research
  UN Seeks Vast Authority to Regulate Operation and Use of the Internet

Alert No. 1,177, Tuesday, July 19.
  Court of Appeals Denies Petitions for Review in Northpoint v. FCC
  Court Allows AOL To Waive A-C Privilege for Communications Between Corporate Counsel and Employees
  DC Circuit Affirms in Shays v. FEC

Alert No. 1,176, Monday, July 18.
  GAO Reports on Pervasive Information Security Weaknesses at 24 Agencies
  8th Circuit Holds That It Has Jurisdiction Over Patent Counterclaims
  3rd Circuit Denies Petition for Review in SBC v. FCC

Alert No. 1,175, Friday, July 15.
  House Intelligence Committee Marks Up Bill to Extend Expiring Provisions of PATRIOT Act
  Senators Introduce Bill to Extend Expiring Provisions of PATRIOT Act
  GAO Reports Information Security Weaknesses at DHS
  GAO Reports on Health Information Technology

Alert No. 1,174, Thursday, July 14.
  House Judiciary Committee Marks Up Bill to Extend Expiring Provisions of PATRIOT Act
  Summary of Amendments to HR 3199 Approved by the House Judiciary Committee
  DHS Announces Reorganization Plans
  Bush Picks Stewart Baker for DHS Policy Position

Alert No. 1,173, Wednesday, July 13.
  Federal Circuit Issues En Banc Opinion on Claim Construction
  Senate IP Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Music Licensing Reform

Alert No. 1,172, Tuesday, July 12.
  House Judiciary Committee to Mark Up Bill to Make Permanent the Sunsetted Provisions of the PATRIOT Act
  Summary of HR 3199 IH
  PR China Agrees to Increased Prosecution of IPR Violations, and Other IPR Terms
  FCC Approves Alltel Acquisition of Western Wireless

Alert No. 1,171, Monday, July 11.
  Grokster Case Debated
  EPIC Complains to FTC About Online Information Brokers
  AEI Brookings Paper Argues State and Local Policies are Ineffective at Promoting Broadband
  FCC Reports on Number of Phone Lines

Alert No. 1,170, Friday, July 8.
  FCC Meeting Agenda Includes Further NPRM on Media Ownership Rules
  DOJ Approves Alltel's Acquisition of Western Wireless, With Divestitures
  5th Circuit Rules on Copyrightability of Graphic Designs
  Federal Circuit Rules in Seachange v. C-COR
  FCC Reports on Number of Broadband Lines and Wireless Channels
  Rep. Sensenbrenner Addresses PATRIOT Act Extensions

Alert No. 1,169, Thursday, July 7.
  Public Knowledge Proposes Government Planning and   Regulation of Broadband Internet Services
  9th Circuit Rules on Ripeness of Challenge to Interim Rates for Access to UNEs
  7th Circuit Rules on Federal Preemption in Suit Involving Long Distance Telephone Rates

Alert No. 1,168, Wednesday, July 6.
  Broadcom Files Antitrust Complaint Against Qualcomm
  House Government Reform Committee Holds Hearing on IPv6
  GAO Reports on FACT Act and Identity Theft
  Libertelli Joins Skype

Alert No. 1,167, Tuesday, July 5.
  FCC Sets Deadlines for Comments on VOIP NPRM
  25 House Commerce Committee Members Praise MGM v. Grokster
  State Department Official Says Internet and Wireless Communications Promote Freedom
  Justice O'Connor Resigns

Alert No. 1,166, Friday, July 1.
  NTIA Rebuffs UN Efforts to Gain Control Over Internet Governance
  Senate Approves CAFTA Implementation Bill
  DOJ Announces Operations Against Online Distributors of Pirated Works
  2nd Circuit Rules on Willfulness in Software Copyright Infringement Case

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