Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
January - June, 2007

Alert No. 1,604, Friday, June 29.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Caller ID Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Again Approves Bill to Create MSI Tech Grant Program
  Senate Judiciary Committee Subpoenas President, VP, DOJ and NSC Regarding Warrantless Electronic Surveillance
  House Committee Holds Hearing on SEC
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Case Regarding Discrimination Against Foreign Attorneys

Alert No. 1,603, Thursday, June 28.
  SCUS Holds That All Vertical Price Restraints Are Subject to Rule of Reason
  2nd Circuit Addresses Personal Jurisdiction in Web Based Defamation Case

Alert No. 1,602, Wednesday, June 27.
  FTC Report on Broadband Policy Cautions Against Network Neutrality Mandate
  AG Gonzales Discusses International IP Enforcement
  ITIF Releases Report on IT Related Unfair Trade Practices

Alert No. 1,601, Tuesday, June 26.
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in Case Regarding State Regulation of E-Commerce

Alert No. 1,600, Monday, June 25.
  Four Party Doha Talks In Potsdam Fail
  Supreme Court Rules in Tellabs v. Makor

Alert No. 1,599, Thursday, June 21.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Authorizes Issuance of Subpoenas Directed at Bush Administration Regarding Surveillance

Alert No. 1,598, Wednesday, June 20.
  Supreme Court Rules in Credit Suisse v. Billing
  Google Complained to DOJ Regarding Search Functions in Vista
  PFF Releases Report on Online Child Protection

Alert No. 1,597, Tuesday, June 19.
  6th Circuit Holds That People Have a Reasonable Expectation of Privacy in E-Mail Stored With, or Sent or Received Through, an ISP

Alert No. 1,596, Monday, June 18.
  DC Superior Court Dismisses Lost Laptop Data Case for Lack of Standing
  Administration Officials Promote KORUS FTA
  US FTC and PRC SAIC Enter Into Information Exchange Agreement

Alert No. 1,595, Thursday, June 14.
  11th Circuit Rules in Collective Work Copyright Case
  6th Circuit Addresses Damages in Software Copyright Infringement Case

Alert No. 1,594, Wednesday, June 13.
  House Approves Caller ID Spoofing Bill
  3rd Circuit Grants Panel Rehearing in Core Communications v. Verizon

Alert No. 1,593, Monday, June 11.
  Supreme Court Seeks OSG Brief in Sprint Nextel v. NASUCA
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in ADEA Case Against Sprint
  8th Circuit Rules in Reciprocal Compensation Case
  FCC Announces Members and Mission of Consumer Advisory Committee

Alert No. 1,592, Friday, June 8.
  Rep. McDermott Introduces Bill to License and Tax Internet Gambling
  House Financial Services Committee Holds Hearing on Internet Gambling
  5th Circuit Rules in Speech Case
  DC Circuit Rules in Challenge to FCC Imposition of US Taxes on Interconnected VOIP

Alert No. 1,591, Wednesday, June 6.
  House Approves Commerce Committee's Spyware Bill
  SEC Orders IBM Not to Violate Reporting Requirements
  Paulson Addresses Strategic Economic Dialogue with PR China and IPR
  NTIA Seeks Contractor to Maintain US Top Level Domain
  USTR Discusses US Korea FTA

Alert No. 1,590, Monday, June 4.
  2nd Circuit Vacates and Remands FCC Profanity Order
  Rep. Jefferson Indicted
  GAO Reports on Information Security Weaknesses at FBI

Alert No. 1,589, Thursday, May 31.
  FCC Extends E911 Location Tracking Rules to Interconnected VOIP
  FCC Extends Disability Access Rules to Interconnected VOIP Providers
  FCC Expands EAS Program
  FCC Adopts Rules Changes for MDUs
  DOJ Prosecutes Internet Distributor of Non-Child Related Porn

Alert No. 1,588, Tuesday, May 29.
  Dingell and Markey Want FCC to Plan Consumers' Transition to DTV
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in E-Rate Contract Dispute
  4th Circuit Rules Copyright is Not a Constitutional Right

Alert No. 1,587, Thursday, May 24.
  FCC Releases Agenda for May 31 Meeting
  ITIF Releases Report on Patent Reform
  District Court Dismisses CAN-SPAN Act Case for Lack of Standing and Federal Preemption

Alert No. 1,586, Wednesday, May 23.
  House Approves Spyware Bill
  DOJ Antitrust Action Takes Segmented View of Media
  5th Circuit Rules in 11th Amendment Immunity Case
  Reps. Thompson and Langevin Write Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regarding Cyber Security

Alert No. 1,585, Tuesday, May 22.
  Supreme Court Rules in Bell Atlantic v. Twombly
  House Resolution Asks Foreign Government Agencies to Respect Copyright
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Online Pharmacies

Alert No. 1,584, Monday, May 21.
  Sen. Pryor Introduces Nanotechnology Bills
  Rep. Boucher Introduces Bill to Render Tax Planning Method Patents Unenforceable
  DOJ Releases Proposed Revisions to Copyright and Trademark Law
  Lanny Davis Resigns from Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board

Alert No. 1,583, Friday, May 18.
  Rep. Schiff and Rep. Chabot Introduce Bill to Expand 1030
  Copyright Alliance Announces Its Formation

Alert No. 1,582, Wednesday, May 16.
  House Subcommittee Approves Patent Bill
  Rep. Berman Outlines Copyright Agenda
  9th Circuit Rules in Wiretap Case

Alert No. 1,581, Tuesday, May 15.
  9th Circuit Holds May be Liable for Speech of Users

Alert No. 1,580, Monday, May 14.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in INS v. Qwest
  CO and USPTO Hold Roundtable on Proposed WIPO Broadcast Treaty
  Opponents of WIPO Broadcast Treaty Release Joint Statement

Alert No. 1,579, Thursday, May 10.
  3rd Circuit Holds Interconnection Actions Must First Be Brought in the State PUC
  Bush Reiterates Support for Doha Round, Free Trade Agreements, and Open Investment Policies
  Martin Addresses Cable Convention
  4th Circuit Rules in ECPA and CFAA Case

Alert No. 1,578, Wednesday, May 9.
  FTC and DOJ Release Report Regarding Real Estate Industry and Internet
  9th Circuit Submits Section 332 Question to California Supreme Court
  Rep. Boucher and Rep. Pence Again Introduce Reporter Shield Bill

Alert No. 1,577, Tuesday, May 8.
  OUSTR Invokes GATS Article XXI in WTO Internet Gambling Dispute
  District Court Rules Against EFF on Electronic Surveillance FOIA Request
  Bernanke Advocates Free Trade, Globalization, Offshoring, and IPR Protection

Alert No. 1,576, Monday, May 7.
  9th Circuit Rules on Private RICO Actions in Odom v. Microsoft
  Supreme Court Rules on Patent Obviousness in KSR v. Teleflex
  Supreme Court Rules in Microsoft v. AT&T

Alert No. 1,575, Friday, May 4.
  House Passes Authorization Bills for NSF and NIST
  Senate Finance Committee Hears Testimony on Use of Internet Communications to Avoid US Taxation
  Sen. Lieberman Advocates Disrupting Terrorist Web Sites

Alert No. 1,574, Thursday, May 3.
  Rep. Frank Introduces Bill to Facilitate Licensed Internet Gambling

Alert No. 1,573, Wednesday, May 2.
  En Banc Panel of DC Circuit Affirms Judgment that Rep. McDermott Violated the Wiretap Act
  House Crime Subcommittee Approves Spyware Bill
  Antitrust Division Will Not Oppose IEEE's Standards Setting Process
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Process Patents

Alert No. 1,572, Tuesday, May 1.
  House Commerce Committee Leaders Ask DOJ to Investigate Pretexters for Possible Criminal Prosecution
  House Commerce Committee Leaders Write Gutierrez about Alleged Misconduct in Department of Commerce OIG
  FCC Recommends that Congress Regulate TV Content to Protect Children from Violence Programs
  Presidents Civil Liberties Oversight Board Releases Annual Report
  GAO Report Addresses Data Breaches at Government Agencies

Alert No. 1,571, Monday, April 30.
  FCC Releases 700 MHz Band Order and FNPRM
  Japan's Abe and Bush Discuss Trade Issues
  USTR Schwab Addresses International IPR Protection
  Jack Valenti, 1921-2007

Alert No. 1,570, Wednesday, April 25.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Data Breach Notification Bill
  SEC Charges Former Apple Officers with Stock Option Backdating
  Identity Theft Task Force Releases Report

Alert No. 1,569, Tuesday, April 24.
  Federal Circuit Issues Stay of Injunction in Verizon v. Vonage
  Orphan Works Bill to Be Introduced
  Atkins Discusses IT, Globalization, and Securities Markets

Alert No. 1,568, Monday, April 23.
  House Subcommittee Approves SPY ACT
  Summary of HR 964, the SPY ACT
  FRB's Mishkin Says Computer Demand Boosted by Vista OS

Alert No. 1,567, Thursday, April 19.
  FCC Announces Agenda for April 25 Meeting
  Summary of Patent Reform Act of 2007
  Reaction to the Patent Reform Act of 2007
  Patent Reform Act of 2007 Introduced

Alert No. 1,566, Tuesday, April 17.
  FTC and DOJ Release Report on IPR and Antitrust
  Kimmitt Discusses U.S. Japan Trade
  Supreme Court Rules in Global Crossing v. Metrophones
  Supreme Court Requests Solicitor General Brief in Patent Case

Alert No. 1,565, Monday, April 16.
  FCC Fines Radio Broadcast Companies for Selling Airtime
  Copyright Office Announces Notice of Inquiry Regarding Cable and Satellite Statutory Licenses
  Trade Officials Discuss Doha Round Negotiations

Alert No. 1,564, Wednesday, April 11.
  FTC Issues Report on Marketing of Violent Video Games, Movies and Music to Children
  Copyright Office and USPTO to Hold Roundtable on Draft WIPO Broadcast Treaty

Alert No. 1,563, Tuesday, April 10.
  Senate Finance Committee to Examine Use of ID Theft to Obtain Tax Refunds of Others
  9th Circuit Constrains Computer Privacy

Alert No. 1,562, Monday, April 9.
  US to Complain to WTO Regarding PR China's Failure to Protect IPR

Alert No. 1,561, Friday, April 6.
  Gutierrez Discusses WTO, IPR, and High Tech in Russia
  FCC Creates Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council
  Copyright Office to Begin Online Registrations

Alert No. 1,560, Wednesday, April 4.
  Antitrust Modernization Commission Releases Report
  AMC Addresses Innovation
  AMC Seeks End to Duplicative FCC Antitrust Merger Reviews
  Rep. Markey Writes FCC Chairman Martin Regarding Universal Service
  IRS Reports Loss of Another 490 Computers
  Grand Jury Indicts Four For Exporting Microprocessors to India

Alert No. 1,559, Monday, April 2.
  US and Korea Announce FTA
  OUSTR Releases Trade Report
  House Subcommittee Questions Google Regarding Publication of Satellite Imagery
  Microsoft Still Owns the Windows Mark

Alert No. 1,558, Wednesday, March 28.
  Federal Circuit Rules on Case or Controversy Requirement in Patent DJ Actions
  GAO Finds Information Security Weaknesses at SEC
  SEC's Cox Discusses XBRL Tagging of Executive Compensation Data

Alert No. 1,557, Tuesday, March 27.
  FreeConference Alleges Blocking of Calls by AT&T
  FCC Releases AT&T BellSouth Merger Review Orders
  FCC Releases MDU NPRM
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in Stoneridge Investment v. Scientific-Atlanta

Alert No. 1,556, Monday, March 26.
  FCC Declares Wireless Broadband Is An Information Service
  FCC Adopts NOI Regarding Broadband Market Practices
  FCC Adopts MDU Forced Access NPRM
  FCC Adopts Report on State of Competition in Communications Satellite Services Industry

Alert No. 1,555, Wednesday, March 21.
  8th Circuit Denies Petitions for Review of FCC's Vonage VOIP Order

Alert No. 1,554, Tuesday, March 20.
  Supreme Court Seeks Solicitor General Brief on Patent Settlements with Reverse Payments
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Verity v. FTC
  Michael Copps Announces Staff Changes

Alert No. 1,553, Monday, March 19.
  FCC Releases Agenda for March 22 Meeting
  Martin Announces New Legal Advisors

Alert No. 1,552, Wednesday, March 14.
  9th Circuit Rules Bertelsmann Does Not Have to Produce Attorney Client Communications in Napster Related Copyright Case
  SEC and DOJ Take Action Against Hijackers of Online Brokerage Accounts
  SEC Pursues Second Set of Hijackers of Online Brokerage Accounts
  SEC Suspends Trading in 35 Companies Touted by Spam

Alert No. 1,551, Tuesday, March 13.
  9th Circuit Holds That Wireless Zoning Ordinance Violates 253(a), But This Creates No Private Right Of Action Under 1983
  Viacom Files Complaint Against Google and YouTube Alleging Violation of Copyright Law
  NTIA Releases Converter Box Coupon Program Rules
  DOJ IG Releases Reports on Use of NSLs and Section 215 Authority

Alert No. 1,550, Monday, March 12.
  House Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Bill Related to Pretexting of, and Data Sharing by, Carriers
  Summary of HR 936, the Prevention of Fraudulent Access to Phone Records Act
  DOJ Publishes Rules Regarding Functions of the National Security Division

Alert No. 1,549, Friday, March 9.
  Gates Advocates H1B Visas, Permanent R&D Tax Credit, Patent Reform, and STEM Education
  GAO Reports on Stalled Doha Round Negotiations
  House Commerce Committee To Examine NTIA Efforts to Protect DNS Root Server System

Alert No. 1,548, Wednesday, March 7.
  10th Circuit Rules on State Approval of Interconnection Agreements
  AG Gonzales Discusses Extradition in Software Piracy Case
  FCC Releases Text of Video Franchising Order and Further NPRM

Alert No. 1,547, Tuesday, March 6.
  Microsoft Counsel Says Google Systematically Violates Copyright
  Supreme Court Rules on Doctrine of Forum Non Conveniens

Alert No. 1,546, Monday, March 5.
  DHS Proposes Rules Implementing REAL ID Act
  Skype Files Petition Requesting that FCC Declare that Carterfone Principles Apply to Wireless Carriers
  Tim Wu Paper Advocates Network Neutrality Mandates for Wireless Broadband
  9th Circuit Holds That Web Based Software That Prepares Bankruptcy Petitions Is Unlicensed Practice of Law

Alert No. 1,545, Wednesday, February 28.
  4th Circuit Rules Person Seeking Anonymous usTLD Domain Name Registration Lacks Standing to Challenge NTIA's Disclosure Rules
  House Commerce Committee Targets Digital Currencies
  Rep. Boucher Introduces FAIR USE Act

Alert No. 1,544, Tuesday, February 27.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Copyright Preemption Case
  EFF Files FOIA Suit To Obtain FISA Court's TSP Orders and Rules
  District Court Holds that Injury in Fact is a Prerequisite for Standing in Lost Data Case

Alert No. 1,543, Monday, February 26.
  1st Circuit Rules in Section 230 Case
  8th Circuit Rules in Section 1030 Case

Alert No. 1,542, Thursday, February 22.
  FCC Grants Qwest Petition for Forbearance
  SEC Files and Settles Complaint Against Veritas Software
  Commerce Secretary Discusses Trade with India
  Jury Finds Patent Infringement in Lucent v. Microsoft

Alert No. 1,541, Wednesday, February 21.
  FTC Announces Workshop and Seeks Comments on ID Verification and Authentication
  7th Circuit Approves Use of FISA Wiretap in Domestic Criminal Case Involving Unlicensed Export of Semiconductors
  Panel Debates M2Z Proposal

Alert No. 1,540, Tuesday, February 20.
  XM and Sirius Announce Plans to Merge
  Green and Pickering Reintroduce Bill to Protect Terrestrial Radio from Satellite Radio Competition
  US and Japan Sign MRA on Telecommunications Equipment

Alert No. 1,539, Monday, February 19.
  FTC Files Civil Complaint Against HP's Outside Pretexters
  FCC Releases Biennial Review Reports
  House Approves Patent Judges Bill
  Broadband Regulation Bill Filed in Maryland Legislature

Alert No. 1,538, Thursday, February 15.
  Senate and House Hold Hearings on Trade, TPA and IP Theft in PRC
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Court Security and Judicial Pay

Alert No. 1,537, Wednesday, February 14.
  Federal Reserve Reports on ICT and State of the Economy
  11th Circuit Rules on Privacy, DPPA and 1983 Suits Against DMV Officials

Alert No. 1,536, Tuesday, February 13.
  4th Circuit Applies eBay v. MercExchange in Copyright Injunction Case
  2nd Circuit Rules in Dormant Commerce Clause Case

Alert No. 1,535, Friday, February 9.
  AG Gonzales Discusses Intellectual Property in Brazil
  FTC Releases Final Order and Opinion in Rambus DRAM Proceeding
  Rep. Dingell Says Commerce Committee Will Exercise its Cybersecurity Jurisdiction

Alert No. 1,534, Thursday, February 8.
  10th Circuit Considers TCPA Junk Fax Claims
  FCC Releases Report on Phone Competition
  FCC Report Shows Rapid Growth in Broadband Users

Alert No. 1,533, Tuesday, February 6.
  US Files Complaint with WTO Regarding PRC Export Subsidies
  11th Circuit Rules in Case Involving Disposition of Copyrights by Bankruptcy Court
  8th Circuit Addresses Sections 253 & 1983 in Rights of Way Case

Alert No. 1,532, Monday, February 5.
  FCC Accepts for Filing M2Z's Application for Free Spectrum
  Analysis of Support for a Network Neutrality Mandate in the House and Senate
  Rep. Boucher Suggests Need for Compromise on Net Neutrality
  Summary of the Dorgan Snowe Network Neutrality Bill

Alert No. 1,531, Thursday, February 1.
  Rep. Dingell and Rep. Markey Send Questions to FCC
  DOJ's Barnett Discusses Telecom Mergers
  Bush Calls for Reform of Sarbox 404 Implementation and Extension of TPA
  EFF Files FOIA Complaint to Obtain DOD Records Regarding Monitoring of Army Bloggers

Alert No. 1,530, Wednesday, January 31.
  Priceline, Travelocity and Cingular Agree to Stop Using Deceptive Adware
  FTC Takes Administrative Action Against Sony BMG Over Music CDs
  FTC Obtains $465,000 Judgment Against Company that Induced Spam
  Schwab Discusses Doha Round and IPR Violations in PR China

Alert No. 1,529, Tuesday, January 30.
  FCC Grants Petition for Forbearance From Unbundling Requirements in Anchorage
  SEC Seeks Comments on Proposal to Mandate Internet Availability of Proxy Materials

Alert No. 1,528, Monday, January 29.
  Maine Rejects REAL ID Act
  House Bill Would Mandate Notices for Consumers Regarding DTV Transition
  DOJ's Masoudi Addresses Antitrust, Standard Setting and IPR

Alert No. 1,527, Friday, January 26.
  Atkins Discusses Sarbox 404
  NIST Seeks Applications for EE and IT Grants
  House & Senate Bills Would Temporarily Ban State & Local Taxes that Discriminate Against Mobile Services
  Rep. Rush Re-introduces Bill To Provide Tax Advantages to Promote Diversity Ownership of Telecom Business
  IRS Issues Chilling Release Regarding Telecom Tax Refunds
  House Bill Would Create Congressional Trade Office

Alert No. 1,526, Thursday, January 25.
  Federal Circuit Addresses 11th Amendment Immunity
  Federal Circuit Rules on Antitrust Actions for Enforcement of Patents Obtained by Fraud on USPTO
  Reps. Issa and Schiff Reintroduce Patent Judges Bill
  Bills Would Require FTC to Revise Do Not Call Rules to Cover Political Messages
  Rep. Hayes Introduces Telemarketing Fraud Bill
  House Bill Would Regulate Inmate Phone Services
  House and Senate Bills Address Emergency Communications Interoperability Grants

Alert No. 1,525, Wednesday, January 24.
  District Court Rules in Atlantic v. XM
  Bush Gives Speech
  BSA Announces 2007 Policy Agenda

Alert No. 1,524, Tuesday, January 23.
  DOJ and FTC File Amicus Merits Brief in Case Regarding Minimum Resale Price Maintenance
  Cato Paper Discusses Data Retention Mandate
  Rep. Gordon Introduces Basic Research Authorization Bill
  House Science Committee Bill Would Authorize Funding to Train Math and Science Teachers
  Dodd Ehlers Bill Would Set Voluntary Math and Science K-12 Education Standards
  Rep. Ehlers Introduces STEM Education Bills
  Rep. Ehlers Wants NAS to Study the Value of Online Education
  Rep. Jo Ann Davis Seeks STEM Grants for Associate Degree Colleges

Alert No. 1,523, Monday, January 22.
  2nd Circuit Rules in Internet Free Speech Case
  Paper Addresses Vulnerability of GPS and other Satellite Systems to PRC Attacks
  FCC Releases Latest Phone Subscribership Data
  PFF Releases 2007 Policy Agenda

Alert No. 1,522, Thursday, January 18.
  Gonzales Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee

Alert No. 1,521, Wednesday, January 17.
  NSA to Obtain FISA Authority for Disputed Electronic Surveillance
  Martin Discusses FCC Activities
  AG Gonzales Discusses Judiciary

Alert No. 1,520, Tuesday, January 16.
  Bush Signs Bill That Criminalizes Pretexting to Obtain Phone Records
  Hewlett Packard Pretexter Pleads Guilty in Federal Court
  Trade Negotiators Say Doha Deal is Doable
  IIPA Wants USTR to Put Canada on Priority Watch List for Failure to Protect IPR

Alert No. 1,519, Friday, January 12.
  Cisco Sues Apple for Trademark Infringement

Alert No. 1,518, Thursday, January 11.
  FCC Releases Orders on Requests for Waivers of FCC's Set Top Box Rules
  FCC Releases Agenda for January 17 Event

Alert No. 1,517, Wednesday, January 10.
  Democrats Name House Commerce Subcommittee Chairmen
  Republicans Name House Commerce Subcommittee Ranking Members
  Bush Names Fred Fielding Counsel to the President
  Bush Announces Court of Appeals Nominees
  Bush Announces District Court Nominations
  DOJ Appointments
  FCC Appointments
  Trade Related Appointments

Alert No. 1,516, Tuesday, January 9.
  Supreme Court Rules on Case or Controversy Requirement in Patent Litigation
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Echostar v. Fox
  8th Circuit Upholds IUB Order Regarding Rural Wireless Service

Alert No. 1,515, Monday, January 8.
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in PSLRA Case Regarding Pleading of Scienter
  9/11 Commission Bill Includes Privacy and Civil Liberties Provisions
  More Bills To Be Considered By The House During The Week Of January 8-12

Alert No. 1,514, Friday, January 5.
  Sen. Baucus Advocates TPA and FTAs
  New Senate Bills
  Section 1030 and Wi-Fi

Alert No. 1,513, Wednesday, January 3.
  Washington Research Foundation Files Bluetooth Patent Infringement Action
  Intertainer Files Patent Infringement Complaint Regarding Video on Demand Technology

Alert No. 1,512, Tuesday, January 2.
  FCC to Approve AT&T BellSouth Merger with Conditions

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