Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
July - December, 2007

Alert No. 1,692, Friday, December 21.
 • SEC and DOJ Fine Lucent $2.5 Million for Entertaining Chinese Telecom Employees
 • Cox Discusses Impact of Technology and Mergers in Securities Markets
 • DOJ Fines Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo $31.5 Million for Advertising of Internet Gambling
 • WTO Allows Offshore Nation not to Enforce US IPR as Damages for US Protection of Onshore Internet Gambling
 • Sen. Kyl and State AGs Address Rep. Frank's Internet Gambling Bill and WTO

Alert No. 1,691, Wednesday, December 19.
 • Bush Condemns Senate Delay on FISA Amendments Bill
 • FTC Will Not Block Google DoubleClick Merger
 • FTC Proposes and Seeks Comments on Voluntary Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising
 • DOJ Announces $1.1 HSR Act Fine

Alert No. 1,690, Tuesday, December 18.
 • Bills Introduced in House and Senate to End Terrestrial Broadcasters' Performance Right
 • 1st Circuit Holds Copyright Act Limitation Applies to State Law Claim for Accounting for Sales of Items for which Copyright Ownership is Disputed
 • Chertoff Addresses Terrorism and Identification

Alert No. 1,689, Monday, December 17.
 • Senate Delays Consideration of FISA Amendments Bill
 • SEC Commissioner Discusses Interactive Data and Convergence of Accounting Standards
 • 9th Circuit Issues Opinion in TransUnion Conspiracy Case
 • Wainstein Discusses Export Controls
 • 11th Circuit Applies 4th Amendment to Contents of Computers Attached to Networks

Alert No. 1,688, Thursday, December 13.
 • Rep. Barton Questions Google on Doubleclick Merger and Privacy
 • EPIC Seeks Recusal of Majoras in Google Doubleclick Merger Review
 • Greg Garcia Addresses Cybersecurity
 • Copps and Adelstein Complain About FCC Media Ownership Agenda Item
 • Copyright Office Issues Notice of Inquiry Regarding Cable Systems

Alert No. 1,687, Wednesday, December 12.
 • FCC Announces Agenda of December 18 Event
 • House Passes Two Do Not Call Registry Bills
 • House Passes Financial Services Bill Regarding Consumer Protection Authority
 • House Passes Amendments to Missing Children's Assistance Act
 • House Passes CP Reporting and Data Retention Bill

Alert No. 1,686, Tuesday, December 11.
 • Public Knowledge Asks FCC to Declare that Blocking and Refusing to Carry Text Messages Violates Title II
 • GAO Finds There Is No Comprehensive Plan for DTV Transition
 • Martin Responds to Dingell's Questions About Lack of Transparency at the FC
 • DC Circuit Rules on Retroactivity of FCC Order on Prepaid Calling Cards

Alert No. 1,685, Monday, December 10.
 • District Court Dismisses Aharonian's Complaint
 • DOJ Requires Divestiture by CommScope
 • DHS and Arizona Sign Agreement Regarding Implementation of REAL ID Act
 • FTC Brings and Settles Case for Using Spyware to Display Pop-Up Porn Ads

Alert No. 1,684, Thursday, December 6.
 • Court of Appeals Denies Petitions for Review of FCC's Deemed Granting of Verizon's Forbearance Petition
 • AT&T to Open Wireless Network to More Devices
 • Bush Picks Mark Filip to Be Deputy Attorney General
 • House Republicans Shuffle Commerce Committee Ranking Member Positions

Alert No. 1,683, Wednesday, December 5.
 • Representatives Introduce PRO IP Act
 • Supreme Court to Hear Case Regarding Patent Exhaustion Doctrine
 • Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Perfect 10 v. CCBill
 • Supreme Court Denies Cert in Eichorn v. AT&T
 • Supreme Court Denies Rep. McDermott's Cert Petition

Alert No. 1,682, Sunday, December 2.
 • 3rd Circuit Rules in DBS Signal Theft Case
 • 11th Circuit Rules in False Designation of Origin Case

Alert No. 1,681, Saturday, December 1.
 • US and PRC Reach Agreement Regarding PRC Trade Subsidies
 • 2nd Circuit Judges Decline Recusal in Copyright Litigation
 • Verizon Wireless to Open its Network to Others' Devices, Software and Apps

Alert No. 1,680, Friday, November 30.
 • 8th Circuit Affirms Preliminary Injunction of SpeedNet's Sale to Clearwire
 • FCC Approves Transfer of Clear Channel TV Licenses
 • FCC Commissioners Withhold Support for Martin's 70/70 Conclusion
 • FCC Adopts R&O and FNPRM Regarding Commercial Leased Access
 • FCC Adopts NPRM Regarding Extending Do Not Call Registrations
 • FCC Adopts New Rules Regarding Disclosure Requirement of TV Broadcasters

Alert No. 1,679, Monday, November 26.
 • Senate Republicans Write FCC Regarding Cable Regulation
 • House Democrats Write FCC Regarding Multicast Must Carry
 • House Commerce Committee Leaders Seek 911 Disability Rules
 • Rep. Boehner Writes FCC Regarding Cable Regulation
 • District Court Allows Rule 45 Subpoena for Identities of P2P Defendants
 • 1st Circuit Issues Order on Rehearing in Maine and New Hampshire 271 Case

Alert No. 1,678, Tuesday, November 20.
 • FCC Releases Tentative Agenda for November 27 Event
 • Copyright Alliance Seeks Positions of Presidential Candidates on Copyright Issues
 • DOJ Requires Swarthmore to Install Assistive Listening Devices
 • 9th Circuit Rules in ADA Case

Alert No. 1,677, Monday, November 19.
 • 4th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Go's Antitrust Action Against Microsoft
 • FCC Releases Order Approving AT&T Dobson Merger
 • House Republicans Urge FCC Not to Expand Cable Regulation
 • NCTA Writes to FCC Regarding 70/70 Test

Alert No. 1,676, Wednesday, November 14.
 • House Passes VOIP 911 Bill
 • House Passes Broadband Data, Mapping and Grants Bill
 • House Passes Bill Regarding Attorney Client and Work Product Privileges
 • House Bill Adds Digital Currencies and Stored Value Cards to Money Laundering Statute
 • House Passes Bill Regarding Internet Monitoring for Convicts
 • House Passes Bill to Remove Interstate Element from CP Statutes
 • House Passes Schultz Internet Crime Bill

Alert No. 1,675, Tuesday, November 13.
 • 4th Circuit Rules in Trademark Parody Case
 • Martin Releases Media Ownership Proposal
 • FCC Names Four Members of Public Safety Broadband Licensee Board of Directors
 • SEC Releases Information on Mandatory XBRL Tagging Programs

Alert No. 1,674, Monday, November 12.
 • House to Consider Numerous Telecom and Internet Bills
 • House Bill Includes One Year Extension of R&D Tax Credit
 • House to Consider Attorney Client Privilege Protection Act
 • Rep. Schultz Introduces Bill to Fund Programs Related to Internet Crimes Against Children

Alert No. 1,673, Friday, November 9.
 • HOTI Urges FCC to Review Comcast Actions Affecting BitTorrent
 • Rep. Velแzquez Calls for Delay of SOX 404(b) Implementation
 • Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Media Localism, Diversity and Ownership
 • Rep. Danny Davis Introduces Government Telework Bill

Alert No. 1,672, Thursday, November 8.
 • Senators Leahy and Cornyn Introduce Intellectual Property Enforcement Act
 • FCC Releases 2nd Report and Order and NPRM on Hearing Aids and Wireless Handsets

Alert No. 1,671, Wednesday, November 7.
 • Martin Praises Open Handset Alliance Announcement
 • House Committee Grills Yahoo Executives
 • House Commerce Committee Republicans Seek Hearing on Google DoubleClick Merger
 • AAI Paper Argues FTC Should Block Google DoubleClick Merger

Alert No. 1,670, Tuesday, November 6.
 • OECD Releases Its Latest Broadband Data
 • Open Handset Alliance Announces Android and New Members
 • 9th Circuit Rules in Perfumebay v. eBay Trademark Case
 • SEC Continues Process of Requiring That More Filings Go Online
 • Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Cyber Crime and ID Theft Bill

Alert No. 1,669, Monday, November 5.
 • FCC Files Cert Petition in Broadcast Profanity Case
 • FCC Imposes Universal Service and E911 Location Accuracy Requirements on Alltel
 • Free Press Files Complaint with FCC Alleging that Comcast Is Violating 2005 Policy Statement
 • FCC Adopts R&O Abrogating Contracts Between MDU Owners and Cable Companies
 • Commentary on FCC's R&O Regarding MDU Owners and Cable Companies
 • Sen. Snowe Introduces LPFM Bills
 • Senate Commerce Committee Approves Community Broadband Act

Alert No. 1,668, Friday, November 2.
 • FCC Adopts 2nd Report and Order on Video Franchising
 • FCC Extends LNP Requirements to Interconnected VOIP
 • 4th Circuit Rules in Pole Attachments Case
 • President Bush Discusses FISA Reform

Alert No. 1,667, Thursday, November 1.
 • House Commerce Committee Approves Bill to Expand FTC Authority
 • House Commerce Committee Approves 911 VOIP Bill
 • CDT Proposes That FTC Create a Do Not Track List for Consumer Internet Use
 • Industry Groups Advocate Self-Regulation of Online Advertising Practices
 • Antitrust Division Chief Outlines Application of Antitrust to Innovation
 • GAO Reports on NIPP Cyber Security Plans
 • ITIF Report Advocates Legislation to Accelerate Adoption of Health Care IT
 • PK's Sohn Advocates Six Changes to Copyright Law

Alert No. 1,666, Wednesday, October 31.
 • House Passes Senate Version of Internet Tax Ban Bill
 • House Commerce Committee Approves Broadband Mapping Bill
 • House Commerce Committee Approves Do Not Call Registry Fee Extension Bill
 • House Commerce Committee Approves Bill to Preclude Expiration of Do Not Call Registrations
 • Senate Commerce Committee Approves Bill to Preclude Expiration of Do Not Call Registrations
 • House Commerce Committee Approves SAFER NET Act
 • DOJ Requires Divestitures in AT&T's Acquisition of Dobson

Alert No. 1,665, Tuesday, October 30.
 • House to Vote on Senate Version of Internet Tax Ban Extension
 • Supreme Court Denies Cert in JTEKT v. US
 • USTR Schwab Urges PRC to Adhere to Its WTO Obligations
 • 4th Circuit Upholds Appropriation Rider in Last Best Beef v. Dudas
 • Summary of Teleworker and Mobile Worker Protection Bills

Alert No. 1,664, Monday, October 29.
 • FCC Announces Agenda for October 31 Event
 • Chris Cox Addresses Securities Regulation and Government Owned Entities

Alert No. 1,663, Friday, October 26.
 • Senate Approves 7 Year Extension of Internet Tax Ban
 • Vonage and Verizon Settle Patent Case
 • Copps Wants FCC to Open Proceeding on News Corp. Acquisition of Dow Jones
 • House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Limiting Arbitration of Consumer Disputes
 • Michigan Considers REAL ID Act

Alert No. 1,662, Thursday, October 25.
 • House Committee Approves Global Online Freedom Act
 • USTR Releases Its Recommendations for Reforms in Japan

Alert No. 1,661, Wednesday, October 24.
 • Reps. Dingell and Markey Introduce Bill to End Deemed Granting of FCC Forbearance Petitions
 • 6th Circuit Holds Unconstitutional Record Keeping Requirement for Pornographers
 • Rep. Hoyer Criticizes Bush Record on Surveillance
 • Microsoft Capitulates to EC

Alert No. 1,660, Tuesday, October 23.
 • Sen. Hatch Introduces R&D Tax Credit Bill
 • Senate Commerce Committee Considers Wireless Issues
 • Summary of S 2171 and S 2033, Bills Pertaining to Regulation of Wireless Services
 • Bill Would Prohibit Lobbyists from Purchasing Seats at Congressional Committee Meetings
 • US, EU, Japan and Others to Negotiate Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Alert No. 1,659, Monday, October 22.
 • Rep. Allen and Rep. Michaud Introduce Broadband Data Bill
 • House Bill Would Require Schools Receiving E-Rate Subsidies to Train Kids in Appropriate Online Behavior
 • ITIF Paper Summarizes Broadband Policy Debate
 • PFF Paper Equates Fairness Doctrine with Net Neutrality
 • House Republicans Seek Vote on FCC Fairness Doctrine Bill
 • Maryland and Florida State Attorneys General Oppose Rep. Frank's Internet Gambling Bill

Alert No. 1,658, Friday, October 19.
 • House Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearing on Arbitration Fairness Act
 • Representatives Write FTC Regarding Inadvertent P2P File Sharing

Alert No. 1,657, Thursday, October 18.
 • House Delays Consideration of RESTORE Act
 • Judge Niemeyer Opines That Congress Should Revise Copyright Act on Joinder of Claims and Claim Preclusion
 • 1st Circuit Rules in Reciprocal Compensation Case
 • 9th Circuit to Rehear Section 230 Case En Banc
 • District Court Issues Ruling in Case Involving Claim That Web Site Violates the ADA

Alert No. 1,656, Wednesday, October 17.
 • 3rd Circuit Upholds FCC's Wireline Broadband Order
 • House Approves Boucher-Pence Media Shield Bill
 • Treasury and FRB Seek Comments on Proposed Rules Implementing Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act
 • 9th Circuit Addresses Doctrine of Primary Jurisdiction in Trademark DJ Action
 • 8th Circuit Rules that First Amendment Supersedes Right of Publicity in Fantasy Baseball Case

Alert No. 1,655, Tuesday, October 16.
 • House to Consider Extension of Act Limiting Internet Taxes
 • Summary of HR 3678
 • Rep. Lampson Introduces Bill to Add Porn to List of Predicate Offenses for Wiretaps
 • Rep. Perlmutter Introduces Bill Regarding DHS Information Collection
 • Rep. Poe Introduces Bill to Criminalize Sale of Certain Cell Phone Numbers
 • Google Announces YouTube Video Identification Policy
 • Antitrust Division to Host Symposium on Telecommunications Issues

Alert No. 1,654, Monday, October 15.
 • Supreme Court Lets RICO Class Action Proceed Against Microsoft and Best Buy
 • GWU Must Disclose Identities of Online Infringers
 • PFF Paper Argues That New Technologies End Rationale for Regulation of Video Content

Alert No. 1,653, Wednesday, October 10.
 • Reps. Conyers and Reyes Introduce FISA Reform Bill
 • Reaction to RESTORE Act
 • Summary of the RESTORE Act
 • Bush Releases Statement of Homeland Security Strategy

Alert No. 1,652, Tuesday, October 9.
 • 3Com Huawei Transaction to be Reviewed by CFIUS
 • Congressional Republicans Urge Approval of Broadcaster Freedom Act

Alert No. 1,651, Monday, October 8.
 • Jury Returns Verdict Against P2P Infringer
 • Appeals Court Rules Against Song Writer on Copyright Registration Technicality
 • Barnett Discusses Remedies for Section 2 Violations
 • Rep. Conyers Introduces State Video Tax Fairness Act
 • EFF Hires Lobbyists to Oppose Surveillance Immunity

Alert No. 1,650, Wednesday, October 3.
 • GAO Finds FCC Gives Some Stakeholders Nonpublic Information
 • SEC Commissioner Discusses Internet Based Fraud
 • Net Neutrality Proponents Seek Congressional Hearings
 • GAO Reports that Lack of Funding and Brain Drain Cause Patent Application Backlog

Alert No. 1,649, Tuesday, October 2.
 • DOJ Applies ADA Public Accommodations Status to Online Educational Service
 • Commentary: Extending ADA Public Accommodations Treatment to Online Activities

Alert No. 1,648, Monday, October 1.
 • 3rd Circuit Dismisses as Premature Challenge to FCC's DE Rules
 • Barnett Addresses Benefits and Harms of Increasing Antitrust Enforcement Activity Around World
 • Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Policies Related to Broadband Access
 • Sen. Dorgan Introduces Bill to Prevent Automatic Expiration of Do Not Call Registrations

Alert No. 1,647, Thursday, September 27.
 • House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Antitrust
 • Rep. Lofgren Criticizes DOJ's Opposition to Network Neutrality
 • Antitrust Division Opposes Network Neutrality
 • Verizon Wireless and Net Neutrality Advocates Clash Over Text Messaging
 • EFF Files FOIA Complaint Against DOJ Seeking Records
 • Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Patent Exhaustion Case

Alert No. 1,646, Wednesday, September 26.
 • Federal Circuit Issues Opinion in Verizon v. Vonage VOIP Patents Case
 • 9th Circuit Vacates in Freecycle Trademark Case
 • District Court Holds Parts of FISA Violate 4th Amendment

Alert No. 1,645, Tuesday, September 25.
 • Bernanke Discusses Education, Tech and R&D
 • DHS Computers Compromised by Hackers
 • 7th Circuit Addresses Patent Misuse Doctrine and Jurisdiction in Patent Cases
 • FCC Releases NPRM for Service Rules for 2155-2175 MHz Band

Alert No. 1,644, Monday, September 24.
 • FCC Fines Comcast for Cablecasting Unattributed Information
 • Grand Jury Indicts Weiss, Lerach and Shulman Agree to Plead Guilty
 • FCC Files Brief with 6th Circuit in Challenge to Video Franchising Rules
 • US Peru Trade Promotion Agreement Implementation Bills Proceed

Alert No. 1,643, Sunday, September 23.
 • Treasury Official Urges PRC to Foster Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Competitive Markets
 • Chamber of Commerce Report Argues that PR China Policies Fail to Protect IPR or Promote Innovation
 • USITC Reports on US Korea FTA
 • 9th Circuit Rules in Class Action Involving Wireless Service Billing Practices

Alert No. 1,642, Saturday, September 22.
 • House Leadership Pulls Technophobic Voting System Bill
 • Senate Commerce Committee Will Mark Up ITFA Extension Bill
 • Senate Commerce Committee Will Mark up Child Online Protection Bill
 • 7th Circuit Narrowly Construes Foreign Commerce Clause

Alert No. 1,641, Friday, September 21.
 • Rep. Sherman Introduces Bill to Create IP Enforcement Network
 • Supporters Praise Gonzales's Crackdown on Internet Porn
 • 10th Circuit Rules in CFAA Case Involving Computer Backup Tapes
 • 7th Circuit Applies Abstention Doctrine in Automated Phone Call Case

Alert No. 1,640, Monday, September 17.
 • DOJ Antitrust Chief Criticizes European Court's Microsoft Ruling
 • Bush Nominates Mukasey to Be Attorney General
 • Bush Names Peter Keisler Acting Attorney General
 • 9th Circuit Rules on Effect of Bankruptcy on FCC Spectrum Licenses
 • FCC Adopts E911 Location Tracking Accuracy Benchmarks
 • FCC Adopts MO&O Regarding 800 MHz Band Reconfiguration
 • FCC Adopts R&O and Further NPRM Regarding Cable Carriage of Digital Broadcast TV Signals
 • FCC Adopts R&O and NPRM Regarding Program Access Rules

Alert No. 1,639, Friday, September 14.
 • House Judiciary Committee Seeks Information about Surveillance from Government, Telcos and ISPs
 • European Court of First Instance Rejects Key Parts of Microsoft's Appeal

Alert No. 1,638, Tuesday, September 11.
 • Wainstein Discusses FISA
 • House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Surveillance and FISA
 • Summary of Protect America Act
 • Keisler to Resign from DOJ

Alert No. 1,637, Monday, September 10.
 • SEC Commissioner Casey Addresses Online Securities Fraud
 • DOJ Seeks to Limit Public Access to PACER System
 • Rep. Thompson Requests Moratorium on Domestic Use of Spy Satellites

Alert No. 1,636, Friday, September 7.
 • House Approves Patent Reform Bill
 • 9th Circuit Applies Dubious Doctrine of Brulotte v. Thys
 • FCC Denies Comcast's Request for Waiver of Integration Ban
 • FCC Publishes Notice Regarding Engineers at FCC
 • 1st Circuit Rules Against Maine and New Hampshire PUCs in 271 Case

Alert No. 1,635, Thursday, September 6.
 • 3rd Circuit Rules that Deception of SDO Can Give Rise to Claims for Violation of Sherman Act
 • DC Court Rules Against EPIC and ACLU on FOIA Requests of DOJs Records Regarding Electronic Surveillance

Alert No. 1,634, Wednesday, September 5.
 • House Approves Bill to Create Grant Program for IT at Minority Serving Institutions
 • FCC Commissioners to Hold Next Monthly Event on September 11
 • 9th Circuit Rules on Application of Antitrust Law to Bundling Discounts
 • FCC Files Brief in Amateur Radio Operators' Challenge to BPL Rules
 • Six Groups Endorse House Version of Patent Reform Act
 • GAO Reports on DHS's US VISIT Failings

Alert No. 1,633, Tuesday, September 4.
 • FCC Dismisses M2Z's and NetfreeUS's Requests for 2155-2175 MHz Band Spectrum Licenses
 • FCC Relaxes Regulation of BOCs' Provision of Long Distance Service
 • EU Court of First Instance to Release Decision in Microsoft Case

Alert No. 1,632, Friday, August 31.
 • DOJ Reports that Final Judgments Against Microsoft Have Achieved Their Goals
 • FCC Fines Wireless Carriers For Tardy Location Tracking Capabilities
 • Court of Appeals Vacates $11 Million Damage Award Against Spamhaus
 • Sen. Whitehouse and Sen. Leahy Sponsor Bill to Limit Contacts Between White House and DOJ

Alert No. 1,631, Thursday, August 30.
 • 7th Circuit Addresses Jurisdiction in Actions Against Companies Owned by Foreign Governments
 • 6th Circuit Addresses Jurisdiction Over Government of Lebanon in Telecom Dispute
 • SEC Files Civil Action Against Juniper Networks for Stock Options Backdating
 • Lerach Retires

Alert No. 1,630, Wednesday, August 29.
 • DC Court Rules for HITN and Clearwire in DC Spectrum Case
 • FCC Revises Universal Service Rules
 • Copps and Adelstein Discuss Broadband Issues

Alert No. 1,629, Tuesday, August 28.
 • District Court Grants Summary Judgment to FCC in Broadband Data FOIA Case
 • Solicitor General Urges Supreme Court to Take Case Regarding Patent Exhaustion Doctrine
 • Martin Advocates A La Carte

Alert No. 1,628, Monday, August 27.
 • 7th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Data Breach Case
 • AG Gonzales to Resign
 • FBI Announces Changes to Terrorist Screening Records System

Alert No. 1,627, Thursday, August 23.
 • Puts Federal Opinions on Web in Searchable Form
 • 1st Circuits Rules Again on Arbitration Clauses in Comcast's Agreements with Customers
 • Rep. Thompson Writes Chertoff Regarding Satellite Surveillance
 • European Commission Pursues Rambus Regarding JEDEC Standards Setting Process

Alert No. 1,626, Wednesday, August 22.
 • 3rd Circuit Addresses Internet Based Personal Jurisdiction
 • Bush Again Extends Export Control Regulations

Alert No. 1,625, Tuesday, August 21.
 • Supreme Court to Consider 10b Liability of Stock Issuers' Vendors
 • NTIA Clarifies Deadlines for PSIC Grant Applications

Alert No. 1,624, Monday, August 20.
 • 9th Circuit Holds Arbitration Clause in Cell Phone Contract Unenforceable
 • FCC Sets Date for 700 MHz Auction

Alert No. 1,623, Wednesday, August 15.
 • US Requests WTO Dispute Settlement Panel Re PRC Failure to Protect IPR
 • Department of Commerce to Host Closed Meeting on Identity Management in E-Commerce
 • FCC Adopts CMRS Roaming Order and NPRM

Alert No. 1,622, Tuesday, August 14.
 • Lupin Resigns As Qualcomm General Counsel
 • DOJ Applies ADA to Practice of Law
 • No AT&T Car at NASCAR

Alert No. 1,621, Monday, August 13.
 • District Court Rules Novell Owns UNIX Copyrights
 • District Court Denies IRS Motion to Dismiss APA Challenge to Phone Tax Refund Mechanism
 • 2nd Circuit Upholds Injunction of Directv's HDTV Ad Campaign

Alert No. 1,620, Wednesday, August 1.
 • Senate Commerce Committee Approves Bill to Require FCC to Study Content Blocking Technologies
 • Senate Commerce Committee Approves Bill to Revise and Extend Do Not Call Registry Fees
 • Copps Wants FCC Review of News Corp.'s Acquisition of Dow Jones
 • 7th Circuit Opines on Generic Marks

Alert No. 1,619, Tuesday, July 31.
 • FCC Adopts 700 MHz Band Order
 • House Committee Holds Hearing on Export Controls

Alert No. 1,618, Monday, July 30.
 • US and EU Sign PNR Data Transfer Agreement
 • GAO Reports Significant Weaknesses in Information Security at Government Agencies

Alert No. 1,617, Thursday, July 26.
 • 2nd Circuit Vacates in In Re WorldCom Securities Litigation
 • European Commission Initiates Proceeding Against Intel Alleging Anticompetitive Behavior

Alert No. 1,616, Wednesday, July 25.
 • 4th Circuit Rules on ILEC Cash Rebates and Resale Rate Setting
 • FTC Releases Annual Report on HSR Merger Reviews
 • DUSTER Bhatia Discusses Trade with Asia and Korea US FTA
 • FCC to Adopt 700 MHz Band Rules at July 31 Event

Alert No. 1,615, Tuesday, July 24.
 • Sen. Lautenberg Again Introduces Community Broadband Act
 • Treasury Paper Addresses R&D Tax Credit, Depreciation of IT Assets, and International Tax Regime
 • SEC Suspends Web Tool for Finding Companies that Do Business in Countries that Support Terrorism
 • GAO Releases Report on Cybercrime
 • Bush Signs Executive Order Creating Import Safety Group
 • 9th Circuit Holds that Service Provider Cannot Unilaterally Change Contract by Publishing Amended Version in Web Site
 • 3rd Circuit Issues Opinion Upon Rehearing in Core Communications v. Verizon
 • FCC's McDowell Slams OECD Broadband Statistics

Alert No. 1,614, Monday, July 23.
 • Microsoft Addresses Data Collection, Retention, and Privacy
 • Rep. Stupak Introduces Bill to Continuously Fund Public Safety Communications with Spectrum Auction Revenues
 • Adelstein Discusses E911 Location Accuracy Proceeding
 • CTIA Responds to Google on 700 MHz Auction

Alert No. 1,613, Friday, July 20.
 • House and Senate Judiciary Committees Approve Patent Reform Bills
 • Sen. Leahy and Sen. Kennedy Introduce Health Information Privacy Act
 • House Agriculture Committee Approves Rep. Space's RUS Broadband Loans Amendment
 • Google Will Bid in 700 MHz Auction If FCC Accepts Its Four Conditions
 • FRB Report Addresses Economy and Tech Sector
 • SEC's Cox Suggests Legislation Requiring Internet Based Disclosures by Municipal Borrowers
 • Bush Administration Delays in Responding to Senate Subpoenas for Records Regarding Electronic Surveillance Program

Alert No. 1,612, Thursday, July 19.
 • Senate Commerce Committee Approves Broadcast Indecency Bill
 • Senate Commerce Committee Approves Number Portability Bill
 • Senate Commerce Committee Approves Broadband Data Bill
 • Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant Applications Due in 30 Days
 • GAO Reports on Electronic Medical Records at VA and DOD

Alert No. 1,611, Wednesday, July 18.
 • Bush Nominates Four for Courts of Appeals
 • NAF's Snider Estimates U.S. Government Has Given Away $480 Billion in Spectrum Usage Rights
 • Rep. Baca Introduces Bill to Require Studies of Video Games
 • GAO Criticizes USCIS's IT Transition Plans

Alert No. 1,610, Tuesday, July 17.
 • OECD Releases Recommendations Regarding Cross Border E-Commerce Dispute Resolution Procedures
 • USTR Requests WTO Dispute Settlement Panel on PR China Subsidies
 • OUSTR Seeks Comments on GATS Article XXI and Internet Gambling

Alert No. 1,609, Monday, July 16.
 • DOJ Announces Enhanced Oversight of Surveillance Activities
 • Rep. Scott and Rep. Forbes Introduce Bill to Protect Attorney Client Privilege

Alert No. 1,608, Tuesday, July 10.
 • 4th Circuit Issues Amended Opinion in Phelps v. Galloway

Alert No. 1,607, Monday, July 9.
 • GAO Releases Report on Data Breaches and ID Theft
 • Bershad Agrees to Cooperate with Prosecutors
 • UK's Cameron Advocates Intellectual Property Rights
 • US and EU Address PNR and SWIFT Data
 • EC Commissioner Discusses Regulation of Video Games

Alert No. 1,606, Friday, July 6.
 • House Democrats Signal End of FTAs
 • 6th Circuit Vacates in ACLU v. NSA for Lack of Standing

Alert No. 1,605, Thursday, July 5.
 • 1st Circuit Considers Baby Monitors and Wiretap Acts

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