Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
July - December, 2008

Alert No. 1,876, Thursday, December 18.
  RIAA to Phase Out Litigation Against P2P Infringers
  Public Knowledge Argues that Short Codes and Text Messaging are Title II Services

Alert No. 1,875, Wednesday, December 17.
  4th Circuit Rejects AT&T's Effort to Remove Class Action
  9th Circuit Rejects Challenge to Backdated FCC Forbearance Denial
  FCC OIG Reports Find E-Rate and USF Low Income Fund Fail Federal Standards for At Risk Programs
  FCC Issues Another ARMIS Forbearance Order

Alert No. 1,874, Tuesday, December 16.
  2nd Circuit Rules on National Security Letters

Alert No. 1,873, Monday, December 15.
  FCC Cancels December 18 Meeting
  Google and Network Neutrality Proponents Defend Edge Caching and Colocation Agreements
  BSA Offers Policy Recommendations
  Federal Circuit Rules in iLOR v. Google
  Federal Circuit Affirms in Netcraft v. eBay and PayPal

Alert No. 1,872, Friday, December 12.
  Gutierrez Opposes Martin's Plans for AWS-3 Band
  FCC Releases December 18 Meeting Agenda
  DOJ and FTC Fine Sony BMG $1,000,000 for COPPA Violations
  ITIF Releases Report on Broadband Network Management Practices

Alert No. 1,871, Thursday, December 11.
  House Passes Limited Analog Broadcast Extension Bill
  House Passes Auto Maker Bail Out Bill
  Rep. Gordon Will Seek Passage of Nanotech Bill
  Intel Challenges Korea FTC Order
  Whole Foods Files Complaint Against FTC
  FTC Shuts Down Scareware Sellers

Alert No. 1,870, Wednesday, December 10.
  House Commerce Committee Releases Report on FCC Chairman Martin

Alert No. 1,869, Tuesday, December 9.
  DOJ Alleges FBI Wiretaps Caught Illinois Governor Selling Obama's Senate Seat
  Athena Alliance Advocates Government Support for Virtual Worlds and Cloud Computing
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Greenberg v. National Geographic
  SCUS Denies Cert in Case Regarding Internet Based Personal Jurisdiction
  SCUS Denies Cert in Case About Local Taxation of Cell Phone Companies

Alert No. 1,868, Monday, December 8.
  Obama Discusses Technology at Schools and Hospitals
  Open Internet Coalition Writes Obama on Appointments Related to Network Neutrality
  US and PRC Hold SED Meetings
  SEC and DOJ Pursue Del Biaggio III
  FRB Governor Discusses IT and Financial Markets
  EFF, PC and PK File Amicus Brief in Support of eBay in Tiffany Trademark Case

Alert No. 1,867, Thursday, December 4.
  Martin Wants FCC to Adopt Free Wireless Broadband Order
  Martin Discusses FCC Agenda
  7th Circuit Considers Fake MySpace Identities
  7th Circuit Rules in Illinois Unbundling Case

Alert No. 1,866, Wednesday, December 3.
  Bush Signs Child Safe Viewing Act
  FCC Commissioner Tate Wants Schools and Universities to Fight Piracy
  5th Circuit Holds that Trademark Protects Universities' Color Schemes
  PFF Files Amicus Brief in Challenge to Cable Ownership Cap

Alert No. 1,865, Tuesday, December 2.
  Federal Circuit Affirms in Qualcomm v. Broadcom
  Jury Returns Guilty Verdict in Lori Drew Case

Alert No. 1,864, Monday, December 1.
  Obama Picks Holder to Be Attorney General
  Google Data Collection on Flu Trends Concerns Privacy Advocates
  NAF Paper Advocates Consumer Ownership of Fiber Connections

Alert No. 1,863, Tuesday, November 25.
  FTC Files Cert Petition in FTC v. Rambus
  NTIA Seeks Members for Online Safety and Technology Working Group
  Obama Announces Economic Team

Alert No. 1,862, Monday, November 24.
  FCC Files Petition for Writ of Certiorari in Broadcast Breast Case
  Update on Greenberg v. National Geographic Society
  Senate Passes Bill to Allow Select Analog Broadcasts for 30 Days After DTV Transition
  Tate Discusses Advertising Issues

Alert No. 1,861, Friday, November 21.
  MacArthur Foundation Study Finds Youth Use of Online Spaces is Valuable
  Obama Picks Greg Craig to Be White House Counsel
  More Obama Appointments
  Rep. Boehner Criticizes Selection of Rep. Waxman to Chair Commerce Committee
  Congress Considers Protection of U.S. Auto Makers
  WTO's Lamy Analyzes Economics and Politics of Trade
  Bush Warns Against Protectionism at APEC Conference
  Paulson Argues That Financial Reforms Should Include Free Trade and Open Investment

Alert No. 1,860, Thursday, November 20.
  Dingell Deposed by Waxman
  Rep. Waxman's Record on Technology and Communications Issues
  House Commerce Committee Democrats Write EPA Regarding E-Waste
  PFF Paper Addresses Kafkaesque Cable Regulation at FCC

Alert No. 1,859, Wednesday, November 19.
  FCC Commission Tate Addresses NARUC Convention
  Cato Paper Argues Against Network Neutrality Legislation
  Cuban Rebuts Some SEC Allegations
  ITIF Releases State New Economy Index

Alert No. 1,858, Tuesday, November 18.
  FTC Sues Seller of Spyware Software and Services
  SEC Charges Mark Cuban with Insider Trading
  Treasury & FRB Publish Internet Gambling Rules
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Doe v. MySpace

Alert No. 1,857, Monday, November 17.
  Supreme Court Takes Challenge to McCain Feingold
  Fed Vice Chairman Addresses IT, Innovation and Booms and Busts in Tech and Financial Sectors
  Update on Capitol Records v. Thomas
  10th Circuit Considers Chevron/BrandX Deference

Alert No. 1,856, Wednesday, November 12.
  FCC Sets Comment Deadlines for Intercarrier Compensation and Universal Service FNPRM
  NCTA Complains Regarding FCC Letters of Inquiry

Alert No. 1,855, Tuesday, November 11.
  DOJ Brings and Settles Criminal Price Fixing Actions Against LCD Makers
  4th Circuit Rejects Rep. Jefferson's Speech or Debate Clause Appeal
  Former Intel Employee Indicted for Theft of Trade Secrets
  Counterfeit DVD Sellers Indicted
  Verizon Employee Sentenced on Internet Child Porn Charges
  More Online Porm Cases
  Hacking Computer Systems
  Other Tech Crimes

Alert No. 1,854, Monday, November 10.
  5th Circuit Addresses Damages Available for Violation of Privacy Act
  Copyright Office Releases Interim Section 115 Digital Phonorecord Delivery Regulation
  Copyright Alliance and Others File Amicus Briefs in Remote Storage DVR Case
  Barnett to Leave Antitrust Division

Alert No. 1,853, Wednesday, November 5.
  FTC to Hold Hearings on IP Law
  State Prosecutors and NCMEC Enlist Craigslist
  GNI Announces Effort to Resist Government Efforts to Censor Speech and Violate Privacy
  9th Circuit Considers Trademark Law and First Amendment

Alert No. 1,852, Tuesday, November 4.
  Google and Yahoo Abandon Advertising Agreement Because of DOJ Objection
  FCC Adopts White Space Order
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Verizon Wireless FCRA Case
  DC Circuit Dismisses Cable Programmers' Petition for Review of Viewability Order
  Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Fleeting Expletives Case

Alert No. 1,851, Monday, November 3.
  2nd Circuit Affirms Dismissal of TCPA Fax Case
  District Court Issues Another Order Regarding Surveillance Records FOIA Action
  DC Circuit Dismisses in Core v. FCC

Alert No. 1,850, Thursday, October 30.
  Federal Circuit Curtails Business Method Patents

Alert No. 1,849, Wednesday, October 29.
  FTC to Hold Series of Hearings on Resale Price Maintenance
  Rep. Barton Urges DOJ to Investigate Both Competition and Privacy Issues in Google Yahoo Review
  FCC Seeks Dismissal of Petitions for Review of XM Sirius Orders
  9th Circuit Dismisses Interlocutory Appeal of Order Regarding Inadvertently Disclosed E-Mail

Alert No. 1,848, Tuesday, October 28.
  Jury Returns Guilty Verdict in Sen. Stevens' Case
  6th Circuit Opinion Impacts Internet Wine Sales
  GAO Reports on Regulation of Export of Semiconductor Equipment to PR China

Alert No. 1,847, Monday, October 27.
  FCC Adopts VOIP 911 Rules
  Rep. Dingell Writes FCC Regarding Unlicensed Devices in the White Space
  Broadcasters Seek Delay in White Space Proceeding
  Federal Circuit Rules Antitrust and Patent Case

Alert No. 1,846, Wednesday, October 22.
  DHS Releases New No Fly List Rules
  Reps. Eshoo and Deal Write FCC and NTIA Re Quiet Period
  CDT Reports on Privacy Features of Web Browsers

Alert No. 1,845, Tuesday, October 21.
  DOJ Issues Business Review Letter to RFID Consortium Re Patent Licensing
  FTC Authorizes Rambus to Receive Withheld Royalties
  GAO Reports on Personal Identifying Information in Electronic Public Records
  Tate Discusses Benefits of Network Management Practices
  Paulson Discusses Trade with PR China

Alert No. 1,844, Thursday, October 16.
  Bush Discusses Trade Bills
  FCC Releases White Space Report
  Adelstein Addresses Child Obesity and Restricting Interactive Ads Targeting Children
  FCC Releases Order On Program Carriage Complaints

Alert No. 1,843, Wednesday, October 15.
  11th Circuit Addresses Personal Jurisdiction in Web Site Based Trademark Case
  FTC Obtains Sweeping Ex Parte TRO in Civil Spam Case
  McCain Palin Campaign Writes YouTube Regarding Video Take Down Procedure
  Copyright Office Proposes to Raise Registration Fees

Alert No. 1,842, Tuesday, October 14.
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in Carlsbad Technology v. HIF Bio
  5th Circuit En Banc Grants Mandamus To Transfer Venue Out Eastern District of Texas
  9th Circuit Holds 402 and 2342 Provide Exclusive Means of Review of FCC Orders

Alert No. 1,841, Thursday, October 9.
  Hacker of Palin E-Mail Account Indicted
  PFF Paper States FCC Imposes Common Carrier Regulation on ISPs
  CEA Responds to Martin on Battery Powered DTV Receivers
  11th Circuit Affirms in MCI WorldCom v. Mastec
  Federal Circuit Reverses in Predicate Logic v. Distributive Software

Alert No. 1,840, Wednesday, October 8.
  CCIA Petitions FCC to Expand Universal Service Subsidies to Include Broadband
  1st Circuit Considers Whether Patent Lawyers Can Claim Lien in Client's Bankruptcy Proceeding
  Bush Addresses Judicial Appointments
  DOJ Forum Shopping

Alert No. 1,839, Tuesday, October 7.
  Copyright Office Announces 4th Triennial Review of DMCA Exemptions
  SCUS Denies Cert in Case Regarding State Regulation of Cable and Video Services
  SCUS Denies Cert In Case Regarding Personal Jurisdiction Over State Regulator of Online Commerce
  SCUS Denies Cert in Cases Regarding Enforceability of Arbitration Clause in Wireless Service Contracts
  SCUS Denies Cert in Case Regarding Whether a Signal is Patentable Subject Matter
  SCUS Denies Cert in Song Sampling Case
  SCUS Denies Cert in Case Regarding Application of Copyright Act's Time Limitation
  SCUS Denies Cert in Washingtonienne Case

Alert No. 1,838, Monday, October 6.
  DOJ Releases Guidelines for FBI Operations
  9th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Establishment Clause Case Involving State Funded Web Site
  DHS's Garcia Addresses Cyber Security
  FCC Sets Comment Deadlines for 3rd Further NPRM Regarding D Block Auction
  NTIA and DOT Announce Proposed ENHANCE 911 Rules
  Book: Litigation Under the Federal Open Government Laws 2008

Alert No. 1,837, Thursday, October 2.
  Martin Discusses NMP Order and Open Wireless Platforms
  Senators Ask USTR Not to Negotiate Too Broad an ACTA
  Bush Signs Bill to Extend LOC's Film and Audio Preservation Boards
  Public Knowledge and Wireless Carriers Dispute Threat of Text Messaging Spam

Alert No. 1,836, Wednesday, October 1.
  Martin Names Comcast Critic FCC Chief Technologist
  Congress Passes IPR Enforcement Bill
  Rep. Lofgren Addresses PRO-IP Act and Direction of Copyright Law
  Book: A Manifesto for Media Freedom

Alert No. 1,835, Tuesday, September 30.
  Movie Companies Sue RealNetworks for Selling DVD Copying Software
  EFF and Others File Amicus Brief in Lime Wire Case
  Music Industry Groups Propose Regulations on Compensation for Interactive Streaming and Limited Downloads
  IIPA Outlines PR China's Non-compliance with WTO Obligations
  Bush Signs Section 1030 Bill
  US and Estonia Sign Crime Fighting Agreement

Alert No. 1,834, Monday, September 29.
  FCC Releases Order Regarding Cable TV Carriage of Digital Broadcasters
  USPTO Enters Into Agreements with IP Agencies in Korea and Australia
  New WIPO DG Argues IP Issues Should be Addressed at International Level
  Google Argues IP Issues Should be Addressed by Congress and Courts, Not Treaties
  GAO Releases Report on FBI IT Deployment Project

Alert No. 1,833, Friday, September 26.
  FCC Seeks Comments on Wireless Location Tracking Rules
  9th Circuit Upholds Customs Penalty for Importation of Products with Counterfeit Marks
  9th Circuit Addresses Piracy of Satellite Television Signals
  District Court Grants New Trial to P2P Infringer

Alert No. 1,832, Thursday, September 25.
  Google's Larry Page Meets with FCC Commissioners Regarding White Space
  NAF Paper Argues Against White Space Auction
  Google Launches Web Site Regarding Ad Agreement with Yahoo
  DOJ's Barnett Addresses Single Firm Conduct
  FCC Receives Comments on Regulation of Advertising
  Federal Circuit Affirms in Lucent v. Gateway
  Federal Circuit Rules in Broadcom v. Qualcomm
  FCC Adopts Further NPRM Regarding Public Safety Broadband Network

Alert No. 1,831, Wednesday, September 24.
  American Antitrust Institute Comments on Google Yahoo Ad Deal
  Martin Wants Market to Provide Battery Powered DTV Receivers
  M2Z and CTIA Dispute AWS-3 Interference
  Comcast Files Network Management Plan

Alert No. 1,830, Tuesday, September 23.
  Negotiations Launched for US to Join Trans Pacific Trade Agreement
  US and PRC Discuss IPR and Other Tech Issues
  OUSTR Holds Meeting Regarding ACTA
  CCIA Paper Decries Belgian and French Internet Protectionism
  Cato Paper Argues for Free Trade

Alert No. 1,829, Monday, September 22.
  Public Citizen Urges Court to Dismiss Frivolous Jones Day Trademark Complaint
  Federal Circuit Rules in WLAN Patent Case
  Sen. Baucus and Sen. Hatch Introduce International IPR Protection Bill
  Canadian Academics Propose a New Era in Biotech IP

Alert No. 1,828, Friday, September 19.
  FCC Releases Agenda for September 25 Event
  FCC Reports on Numbers of Phone Lines and Subscribers
  OUSTR to Hold Meeting on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
  CDT Releases Paper on Behavior Advertising

Alert No. 1,827, Wednesday September 17.
  FTC Requires Reed Elsevier to Divest Certain Electronic Public Records Services
  Antitrust Division Releases Report on Single Firm Conduct
  Select TLJ Articles Related to the US-EC Divergence on Single Firm Conduct
  Summary of Single Firm Conduct Report
  Three FTC Commissioners Criticize Single Firm Conduct Report
  Commentary: Single Firm Conduct and the FCC

Alert No. 1,826, Tuesday, September 16.
  House Passes Section 1030 Bill
  AT&T Complains to FCC About Cox's Refusal to License San Diego Padres Games

Alert No. 1,825, Monday, September 15.
  Solicitor General Files Amicus Brief in Pacific Bell v. Linkline
  Rep. Sanchez Introduces Bill Regarding Customs Searches of Laptops
  FCC Releases Tentative Agenda for September 25 Event

Alert No. 1,824, Friday, September 12.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves IP Enforcement Bill
  Fair Copyright in Research Works Act Introduced

Alert No. 1,823, Tuesday, September 9.
  Judge Sullivan Denies Several of Sen. Stevens' Pre-Trial Motions
  Bush Nominates Judge Preska for 2nd Circuit

Alert No. 1,822, Monday, September 8.
  FCC Grants Carriers Forbearance From ARMIS Reporting Rules
  ANA Writes DOJ Regarding Google Yahoo Agreement
  NCTA Intervenes in Comcast's Challenge to FCC Network Management Practices Order

Alert No. 1,821, Thursday, September 4.
  Comcast Files Petition for Review of FCC's Network Management Practices Order
  PFF Paper on FCC's Comcast Order Invokes Kafka
  FCC Provides Exemption for Small Cable Systems

Alert No. 1,820, Wednesday, September 3.
  FTC Amends TSR Regarding Prerecorded Messages and Call Abandonment
  CTIA Seeks Declaratory Ruling Regarding State and Local Wireless Siting Reviews
  FCC Receives Petitions for Reconsideration of IP Enabled Services Order
  NIST Withdraws 10 FIPS

Alert No. 1,819, Thursday, August 28.
  FTC To Hold Public Workshop on Section 5 and Unfair Methods of Competition
  Department of Commerce Announces National Medal of Technology Awards

Alert No. 1,818, Wednesday, August 27.
  DOJ Prosecutes Botnet Seller

Alert No. 1,817, Thursday, August 21.
  FCC Releases NPRM on Wireless Microphones Operating in 700 MHz Band
  9th Circuit Holds eBay Sale Does Not Create Personal Jurisdiction Over Out of State Seller
  7th Circuit Considers Use of Video Surveillance Cameras

Alert No. 1,816, Wednesday, August 20.
  9th Circuit Remands in Warrantless Surveillance Case
  News Publishers Move to Unseal Records in AMD v. Intel
  9th Circuit Rules in ADA Cases

Alert No. 1,815, Tuesday, August 19.
  US, Japan and Taiwan Request WTO Panel on EU Duties on Tech Products
  Federal Circuit Affirms in Cygnus Telecommunications Patent Case
  Bush to Nominate Dempsey for Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board

Alert No. 1,814, Monday, August 18.
  FCC Revises Schedule for August 22 Event
  FCC Awards Authors of Papers on Media Ownership and Spectrum Licensing

Alert No. 1,813, Thursday, August 14.
  Federal Circuit Addresses Open Source Copyright Licenses
  2nd Circuit Rules on Pseudonymous Plaintiffs
  Doe Plaintiffs File Second Amended Complaint in AutoAdmit Case

Alert No. 1,812, Wednesday, August 13.
  NAB Adopts Resolution Regarding DTV Transition Quiet Period
  Tiffany Appeals in Case Regarding eBay Auctions of Counterfeits
  CAP and CDT Urge State AGs to Do More to Fight Online Fraud
  Georgia Sues Russia

Alert No. 1,811, Tuesday, August 12.
  7th Circuit Rules in Wine Sales Case
  T3 to File Antitrust Complaint Against IBM with EC

Alert No. 1,810, Monday, August 11.
  Law Professors Argue for Dismissal of MySpace Section 1030 Prosecution
  Groups Argue E-Mail System Hacking Violates Wiretap Act

Alert No. 1,809, Friday, August 8.
  9th Circuit Rules in Peck v. Cingular
  FCC Adopts Third Commercial Mobile Alert System Order
  PFF and CDT File Amicus Brief in FCC Fleeting Expletives Case

Alert No. 1,808, Thursday, August 7.
  DOJ Announces Cyber Crime Indictments
  H1B Visas, Tech Sector Jobs, and Visa Fraud

Alert No. 1,807, Wednesday, August 6.
  FCC Grants Qwest Forbearance Previously Deemed Granted to Verizon
  FCC Releases XM Sirius Merger Order
  FTC's Chief Administrative Law Judge Will Leave FTC
  US and Korean Presidents Urge Approval of FTA

Alert No. 1,806, Tuesday, August 5.
  2nd Circuit Reverses in Remote Storage DVR Copyright Case
  Devices That Interfere With Cable TV's Pay Per View Billing Violate Both DMCA and Section 553
  FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for August 22 Event
  House Commerce Committee Leaders Send Interrogatories to Internet Companies Regarding Advertising Practices

Alert No. 1,805, Monday, August 4.
  FCC Asserts Authority to Regulate Network Management Practices
  FCC Approves RCC Transfers to Verizon Wireless, Subject to Conditions

Alert No. 1,804, Thursday, July 31.
  Senate Approves Section 1030 Bill
  House and Senate Pass Bill that Addresses P2P Infringement at Colleges

Alert No. 1,803, Wednesday, July 30.
  Bush Amends Executive Order 12333
  DOJ Violated Federal Law by Political Hiring of Career Employees

Alert No. 1,802, Tuesday, July 29.
  DC Circuit Reverses in FTC v. Whole Foods
  WTO Doha Talks Fail Again
  NTIA Seeks Amendment of 1090 MHz Rules
  DOJ Obtains Indictment of Sen. Stevens in DC

Alert No. 1,801, Monday, July 28.
  Senate Takes Up Consider Omnibus Bill with Tech Provisions
  WTO Doha Talks Continue in Geneva
  Trade Bills Introduced In House

Alert No. 1,800, Friday, July 25.
  FCC Approves XM Sirius Merger
  FCC and Comcast
  FCC Denies Forbearance Petitions

Alert No. 1,799, Thursday, July 24.
  Bush Extends Export Control Regime
  FCC Files Brief in Judicial Challenge to Viewability Order
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on FCC Forbearance Procedures

Alert No. 1,798, Wednesday, July 23.
  3rd Circuit Holds COPA Unconstitutional
  Doha Round Trade Negotiations Continue in Geneva
  EC Releases Paper and Request for Comments on Exceptions and Limitations to Copyright
  Orphan Works Bills Discussed

Alert No. 1,797, Tuesday, July 22.
  3rd Circuit Overturns FCC's Breast Broadcast Fine
  DOJ Obtains Guilty Pleas in E-Gold Case

Alert No. 1,796, Monday, July 21.
  11th Circuit Rejects First Sale Doctrine As Defense to Illicit Software Label Trafficking
  3rd Circuit Rules on First Amendment and Video Speech
  PFF Releases Media Metrics Report
  Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Bill for Many Tech Related Agencies

Alert No. 1,795, Friday, July 18.
  FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for August 1 Meeting
  NCTA and NCMEC Announce MOU Regarding Porn on Cable Company Controlled Servers
  Sen. Stevens Touts Bill to Give FCC Authority to Enforce Online Porn Statutes
  FRB Reports on Economy

Alert No. 1,794, Tuesday, July 15.
  6th Circuit En Banc Panel Holds Warshak Case Lacks Ripeness
  4th Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment for New York Times in Hatfill's Anthrax Libel Action
  9th Circuit Affirms DMCA Criminal Conviction

Alert No. 1,793, Monday, July 14.
  Yahoo Rejects Latest Microsoft Proposal
  GAO Reports on FCC's High Cost Subsidy Program
  Treasury's McCormick Addresses Protectionism and CFIUS
  WTO Releases Negotiating Texts for July 21 Doha Round Meeting
  Former Hewlett Packard VP Pleads Guilty to Theft of Trade Secrets

Alert No. 1,792, Thursday, July 10.
  FTC Releases Annual Report on Do Not Call Registry
  Senate Passes and Bush Signs FISA Reform Bill
  FCC Releases Report and Order in CMAS Proceeding
  National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center Dedicated

Alert No. 1,791, Wednesday, July 9.
  DC Circuit Orders FCC to Explain Intercarrier Compensation Rules for ISP Bound Traffic, Under Pain of Vacatur

Alert No. 1,790, Tuesday, July 8.
  11th Circuit Affirms in CBS v. Echostar
  Report Addresses Regulatory Reform in US and Japan
  Federal Reserve Board's Mishkin Addresses IT and Financial Markets

Alert No. 1,789, Monday, July 7.
  Copyright Office Releases Section 109 Report
  9th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Complaint for Malicious Prosecution Based on Failed Patent Infringement Action
  11th Circuit Issues En Banc Opinion in Greenberg v. National Geographic

Alert No. 1,788, Tuesday, July 1.
  Antitrust Division Chief Reflects on Oracle PeopleSoft Merger
  4th Circuit Construes Class Action Fairness Act in Wireless Case
  1st Circuit Upholds Warrantless Wiretap of Attorney with Consent of Client
  US to Pay Hatfill in Anthrax Case

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