Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
January - June, 2015.

Alert No. 2,748, Tuesday, June 30.
  2nd Circuit Affirms in Apple E-Books Case

Alert No. 2,747, Monday, June 29.
  USPTO Announces Filing Window for Applications for Patents for Humanity Awards
  DC Circuit Upholds Copyright Royalty Distribution
  CRJs Commence Proceeding to Set Royalty Rates for the Cable Statutory License
  Supreme Court Rules in Commil v. Cisco
  More IPR News

Alert No. 2,746, Friday, June 26.
  Congress Passes TPA Bill
  IRS Advisory Committee Reports on E-Filings and E-Service
  USPTO Announces Expedited Patent Appeal Pilot
  OSTP Wants Information

Alert No. 2,745, Tuesday, June 23.
  House Passes DOTCOM Act
  House Passes DHS IT Duplication Reduction Act
  Congressional Committees Hold Hearings on OPM Data Breach
  The Intercept Reports that NSA and GCHQ Reverse Engineer Security Software of Kaspersky and other Companies

Alert No. 2,744, Monday, June 22.
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Digital Goods and Services Tax Fairness Act
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Mobile Workforce State Income Tax Simplification Act
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Business Activity Simplification Act
  Table II. Comparison of the Innovation Act and PATENT Act: Demand Letter Practices
  Table IV. Comparison of the Innovation Act and PATENT Act: Amendments to Title 35 That Are Unrelated to Abusive Practices

Alert No. 2,743, Wednesday, June 17.
  FCC Fines AT&T Mobility $100 Million
  House Commerce Committee Approves DOTCOM Act
  Comparison of the Innovation Act and PATENT Act
  Table I. Comparison of the Innovation Act and PATENT Act: Litigation in the District Court

Alert No. 2,742, Friday, June 12.
  Trade Promotion Authority Legislation Stalls in House
  Senate Rejects Proposal to Add Cyber Security Information Sharing Bill to Defense Bill
  Senate Passes DHS Interoperable Communications Act

Alert No. 2,741, Wednesday, June 10.
  DC Circuit Denies Stay But Grants Expediting of Challenge to FCC BIAS Regulation Order
  House Appropriations Subcommittee Bill Would Prevent FCC from Implementing BIAS Regulation Order Until After Legal Challenges
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Innovation Act

Alert No. 2,740, Tuesday, June 9.
  House Passes Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act
  GAO Releases Report on Broadband Adoption
  House Commerce Subcommittee Approves DOTCOM Act

Alert No. 2,739, Monday, June 8.
  Senate May Pass Cyber Security Information Sharing Bill as Part of NDAA
  Summary of Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act
  Kaspersky Lab Reports Advanced Cyber Attacks

Alert No. 2,738, Friday, June 5.
  House to Vote on Making ITFA Permanent
  DHS Seeks Comments on Cyber Security Information Sharing
  DHS and Social Media Monitoring
  ODNI Creates New Systems of Records
  More News

Alert No. 2,737, Thursday, June 4.
  Snowden Provides Documents Related to NSA Use of Section702 Authority to Surveil Cyber Intruders
  OPM Announces Data Breach
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves PATENT Act

Alert No. 2,736, Wednesday, June 3.
  House Passes Commerce Justice Science Appropriations Bill
  Highlights of House FY 2016 CJS Appropriations Bill
  Appropriations Bill Cuts Funding for Relinquishing Domain Name System Oversight
  House Judiciary Subcommittee Holds Hearing on ICANN
  BIS Rules Changes Would Affect Software, Electronic Storage and Research

Alert No. 2,735, Tuesday, June 2.
  Senate Passes USA FREEDOM Act
  Acquisitions to Increase Concentration in Semiconductor Markets
  Sen. Grassley Releases Revised Version of PATENT Act

Alert No. 2,734, Monday, June 1.
  Three Surveillance Provisions Expire
  Solicitor General Opposes Granting Cert in Google v. Oracle

Alert No. 2,733, Friday, May 28.
  Silk Road Founder Sentenced to Life in Prison
  House Commerce Committee Investigates Cyber Security in Cars
  Sen. Grassley Writes IRS Regarding Theft of Taxpayer Information
  Groups Criticize Sen. Feinstein's and Sen. Burr's Surveillance Bills
  List of Bills Related to NSA Bulk Phone Records Program

Alert No. 2,732, Thursday, May 28.
  Sen. Feinstein Introduces FISA Reform Act
  Sen. Grassley Writes SEC Regarding Fake Online Filings
  NIST Seeks Comments on Making Federal Laboratory Stuff Accessible Via Social Media
  US China Commission Releases Report on PRC's Pursuit of FTAs
  Former Rep. Denny Hastert Indicted for Structuring Transactions

Alert No. 2,731, Wednesday, May 27.
  IRS Discloses Long Running Data Breach
  BIS Proposes Regulation of Intrusion Software Exports
  Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable Announce Merger Plans
  Rep. Goodlatte and Sen. Leahy Again Urge Senate to Pass USA PATRIOT Act
  Obama's Press Secretary Urges Senate to Pass USA PATRIOT Act

Alert No. 2,730, Tuesday, May 26.
  Senate Passes Trade Promotion Authority Bill
  TPA, Free Trade and Technology
  Prospects for House Passage of a TPA Bill

Alert No. 2,729, Monday, May 25.
  House Committee Approves IPAWS Bill
  More House Homeland Security Committee Bills
  Senate Banking Committee Approves Financial Regulatory Improvement Act
  Sen. Leahy Again Introduces Bill to Provide for Alienable USPTO Acceleration Certificates
  Commentary: Preferential Treatment in the Patent Process
  More Legislative News

Alert No. 2,728, Saturday, May 23.
  Senate Recesses Without Passing Surveillance Bill, But Will Return on May 31
  Analysis of the Senate Votes on the Surveillance Bills
  House Unlikely to Pass a Straight Extension Bill
  Reaction to Senate's Failure to Pass a Surveillance Bill
  More Surveillance News

Alert No. 2,727, Thursday, May 21.
  Sen. Burr Floats Secret Alternative Surveillance Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves E-Warranty Bill
  Sen. Udall Introduces Bill to Allow ICT Trade with Cuba
  Senate Foreign Relations Committee Holds Hearing on US Cuba Trade
  Highlights of President Obama's December 17, 2014 Speech on US Cuba Relations

Alert No. 2,726, Wednesday, May 20.
  Senate Continues Consideration of Trade Promotion Authority Bill
  Update on NSA Bulk Phone Data Collection Program
  House Passes Research Funding Bill
  Research Funding Reauthorization Bill Removes NSA's Statutory Role in Setting Security Standards
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Over Consideration of PATENT Act

Alert No. 2,725, Tuesday, May 19.
  Sen. Paul Filibusters Extension of Bulk Phone Records Surveillance Program
  House Approves Bill to Make R&D Tax Credit Permanent

Alert No. 2,724, Monday, May 18.
  House Passes USA FREEDOM Act
  Summary of the USA FREEDOM Act
  Senate to Consider Surveillance Bills

Alert No. 2,723, Tuesday, May 5.
  2nd Circuit Holds NSA Bulk Telephone Data Program Is Not Authorized by Section 215
  Section 215 and the NSA's Bulk Telephone Data Program
  Reaction to 2nd Circuit's Opinion on Section 215

Alert No. 2,722, Monday, May 4.
  Senators Introduce PATENT Act
  Summary of S 1137, the PATENT Act

Alert No. 2,721, Wednesday, April 15.
  Trade Promotion Authority Bills Introduced
  TPA Bill Provisions Regarding Intellectual Property, Digital Trade, and Cross Border Data Flows

Alert No. 2,720, Monday, April 13.
  EC Antitrust Regulators Target Google's Search and Android Practices
  Conclusions of the FTC's Staff Report Regarding Google
  Reaction to the EC's Google Announcement

Alert No. 2,719, Monday, March 2.
  Obama Releases Draft Bill to Regulate Private Sector Privacy Related Practices
  Summary of President Obama's Draft Privacy Bill
  Reaction to President Obama's Draft Privacy Bill
  Commentary: Impact of Obama's Draft Privacy Bill Freedom of Speech or of the Press

Alert No. 2,718, Friday, February 27.
  FISC Adopts But Does Not Release Order Extending Bulk Data Collection Program
  House Judiciary Committee Takes Up Internet Gambling

Alert No. 2,717, Thursday, February 26.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Lynch to Be Attorney General
  House Judiciary Committee to Mark Up Bill to Make E-Verify Mandatory
  FCC Declines 2nd Circuit's Request for Its Interpretation of TCPA

Alert No. 2,716, Wednesday, February 25.
  FCC Adopts But Does Not Release Internet Regulation Order
  FCC Adopts But Does Not Release Order Regarding Municipal Broadband
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Lee to Be Head of USPTO
  USPTO Seeks Comments on Patent Quality
  Jury Awards $532.9 Million in Patent Infringement Action Against Apple
  DOJ Issues Business Review Letter to IEEE Regarding Update to Patent Policy
  More Patent News
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,715, Tuesday, February 24.
  House Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on FCC's Forthcoming BIAS Order
  Sen. Grassley Addresses Skilled Tech Worker Visas

Alert No. 2,714, Tuesday, February 23.
  House Again Approves FCC Consolidated Reporting Act
  House Approves STEM Education Act
  FCC Commissioner O'Reilly Condemns FCC BIAS Order in Advance
  FDA Announces and Seeks Comments on Proposed Regulation of Medical Software, Apps, Systems, Storage, and Devices
  FTC Announces Revised Ten Year Regulatory Review Schedule

Alert No. 2,713, Thursday, February 19.
  House Commerce Committee Republicans Write Wheeler Regarding Lack of Openness at FCC
  Sen. Nelson Writes FTC and FCC Regarding Verizon's Use of Persistent Web Identifiers
  Bills Introduced to Address Copyright, Same Sex Marriages, and Widowhood
  Poll Finds Most People Do Not Know What Net Neutrality Is and Do Not Support Utility Regulation of Internet

Alert No. 2,712, Wednesday, February 18.
  Senators Introduce Bill to Allow Government Entities to Trademark Their Flags and Insignia
  Rep. Honda Introduces Redskins Trademark Bill
  Representatives Introduce Foreign Counterfeit Merchandise Prevention Act

Alert No. 2,711, Tuesday, February 17.
  Copyright Office Releases Report on Music Licensing
  Rep. Farenthold Re-Introduces Bill to Extend First Sale Doctrine to Computer Programs that Run Machines

Alert No. 2,710, Monday, February 16.
  Sen. Heller Again Introduces FCC Process Reform Act
  FCC Consolidated Reporting Act Re-Introduced
  House Again Passes Regulatory Accountability Act
  Rep. Latta Introduces Bill to Require FCC to Analyze Costs and Benefits in Rulemakings

Alert No. 2,709, Thursday, February 4.
  FCC to Reclassify Broadband As A Title II Service
  Summary of the FCC Document Regarding Forthcoming Internet Regulation
  Congressional Reaction to Wheeler's Internet Regulation Proposal
  More Reaction to Wheeler's Internet Regulation Proposal

Alert No. 2,708, Monday, January 19.
  President Delivers State of the Union Address

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