Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
July - December, 2009

Alert No. 2,030, Wednesday, December 30.
  Nokia Files Section 337 Complaint Against Apple
  FCC Announces Tentative Schedule for January Event
  TWC and News Corp. Continue to Negotiate Retransmission Consent Fees
  Obama Names Schmidt Cyber Security Coordinator
  People and Appointments -- Trade
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,029, Tuesday, December 29.
  WTO Appellate Body Affirms in Movie and Music Case
  State and Local Government Groups Seek Revision of FCC Tower Citing Application Shot Clock
  Groups Urge FTC to Block Google AdMob Merger
  More News

Alert No. 2,028, Monday, December 28.
  UK Clears Ticketmaster Live Nation Merger
  FCC Reports on ILEC Quality of Service Trends
  FCC's Clyburn Troubled With Verizon Wireless's Statements Regarding Early Termination Fees

Alert No. 2,027, Thursday, December 24.
  Copyright Royalty Judges Announce NPRM on Webcaster Fees
  FCC Releases FNPRM Regarding High Universal Support
  DC Circuit Denies Petition for Review of FCC Cap on High Cost Universal Service Subsidies
  District Court Approves Settlement of Class Action Comcast P2P Management Litigation
  FCC National Broadband Plan News
  More News

Alert No. 2,026, Tuesday, December 22.
  DHS Extends REAL ID Deadline
  NIST Solicits Applications for ICT Research Grants
  Former FBI Worker Pleads Guilty to Disclosing Communications Intelligence
  More Tech Crimes
  OUSTR Seeks Comments on IP and Tech Issues for Negotiation of Trans Pacific Trade Agreement
  USPTO Seeks Comments on Rules of Practice before the BPAI in Ex Parte Appeals
  More IPR News

Alert No. 2,025, Friday, December 18.
  House Passes PHONE Act
  House Passes Low Power FM Radio Bill
  House Passes CALM Act

Alert No. 2,024, Thursday, December 17.
  EPIC Complains to FTC About Facebook's Privacy Related Practices
  Microsoft Commits to EC to Offer Windows Without Browser in Europe
  FTC Files Antitrust Charges Against Intel by Administrative Complaint Under FTC Act
  Commentary: FTC Antitrust Procedure

Alert No. 2,023, Thursday, December 10.
  GAO Report Finds That 84% of Wireless Customers Are Satisfied With Service
  IT Groups Complain to PRC About Procurement Protectionism and IPR
  House Republicans Ask OUSTR to Back Up Trade Rhetoric
  ACTA Transparency Debated

Alert No. 2,022, Wednesday, December 9.
  Congressional Democrats Seek to Limit Rule 12(b)(6) Dismissals
  House Commerce Subcommittee Holds Hearing Bill to Regulate of Calling Cards
  More Capitol Hill News
  Intellectual Property News
  Trade News

Alert No. 2,021, Tuesday, December 8.
  House Passes Data Bill
  House Passes Peer to Peer Software Notice and Consent Bill
  House Passes Satellite Home Viewer Reauthorization Act
  Congressional Chairmen Comment on Comcast GE Joint Venture Regarding NBC Universal
  More News

Alert No. 2,020, Thursday, December 3.
  Comcast and GE Announce Joint Venture for NBC Universal
  Comcast Offers Commitments to Regulators Regarding GE Joint Venture
  Reaction to Proposed Comcast GE Transaction
  AAI Paper Addresses Sherman Section 2, Refusals to License Patents, and IBM
  House Judiciary Committee to Mark Up Bill to Undo Leegin
  More Capitol Hill News
  More News

Alert No. 2,019, Wednesday, December 2.
  FCC Seeks Comments on Reallocation of Spectrum from TV to Wireless Broadband
  FCC Expands and Seeks Comments on List of Items Eligible for E-Rate Subsidies
  Genachowski Asserts FCC Has Jurisdiction Over Entire ICT Sector
  NIST Releases Paper on Mobile Phone Forensics
  More Communications News

Alert No. 2,018, Monday, November 30.
  House to Consider Bill Mandating Radios in New Manufactured Houses
  House to Consider SEC Subpoena Bill
  FCC Requests Proposals to Be Designated White Spaces Database Administrator
  More News

Alert No. 2,017, Monday, November 23.
  FCC Adopts Declaratory Ruling Regarding State and Local Tower Siting Procedures
  McDowell and Copps Discuss Racial Classifications and Media Ownership
  Indictments Disclose Rampant Fraud in FCC's VRS Program
  Court Sentences Member of Credit Card and ID Theft Ring
  Ralsky Sentenced to Four Years in Prison
  More Tech Crimes

Alert No. 2,016, Tuesday, November 17.
  DOJ OIG Reports on FBI's IT Adoption Problems
  Perez Sworn In as Head of Civil Rights Division
  FCC Requests Comments on Voting and Democracy
  FCC Requests NBP Comments on Universal Service and Intercarrier Compensation
  FCC Requests NBP Comments on Health Care Delivery
  FCC Requests Comments on Broadband and Economic Opportunity

Alert No. 2,015, Monday, November 16.
  Amended Settlement Agreement Filed in Google Books Case
  DOJ's Shapiro Discusses Upcoming Revisions to Horizontal Merger Guidelines
  More Antitrust News
  More News
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,014, Thursday, November 12.
  Intel and AMD Announce Settlement Agreement
  Groups Submit Comments to OUSTR Regarding PRC Barriers to Tech and Telecom Trade
  Google to Fund Summer Internships at Tech Policy Groups
  Groups Urge Obama to Make Appointments to PCLOB
  ACLU Recommends Expanding Powers of PCLOB and FTC to Protect Privacy
  More Privacy News
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,013, Wednesday, November 11.
  Genachowski Discusses Internet Regulation NPRM
  FCC Seeks Comments on Broadband Adoption
  RUS and NTIA Seek Comments on Second Round of Broadband Grants
  US and Russia Sign MOU on Antitrust
  Groups Complain About ACTA Closed Process
  More News

Alert No. 2,012, Tuesday, November 10.
  European Commission Interferes In Oracle Sun Merger
  Obama Signs DHS Appropriations Bill
  BLS Reports Economic Data
  Senate Confirms Davis for 4th Circuit
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,011, Monday, November 9.
  New York State Files Civil Antitrust Complaint Against Intel
  Antitrust As a Competitive Weapon
  FCC Approves AT&T Centennial Merger
  FCC Adopts Order Regarding Internet Based TRS Providers
  FCC Adopts E-Rate NPRM

Alert No. 2,010, Monday, November 2.
  Rep. Blackburn Introduces Bill in House to Block FCC Regulation of Internet
  Copyright Office Extends Term of Anti-Circumvention Exemptions
  Genachowski Announces Plan to Assess the Media
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,009, Tuesday, October 27.
  Nokia Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against Apple
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Broadband Grants
  District Court Allows DOJ to Enforce Nondisclosure Provisions of NSL Statute Against ISPs and Telcos
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,008, Friday, October 23.
  FCC Adopts Internet Regulation NPRM
  Sen. McCain Introduces Bill to Block FCC Regulation of Internet or IP-Enabled Services
  Statutory Authority and Ancillary Jurisdiction
  More Praise for the FCC's NPRM
  More Criticism of the FCC's NPRM
  Text of Proposed Internet Regulation Rules

Alert No. 2,007, Thursday, October 22.
  FCC to Adopt Internet Regulation NPRM
  ITIF Paper Suggests Approach to Analyzing Need for Internet Regulation Rules
  Free Press Argues that FCC Internet Regulation Won't Deter Investment
  Pro-Regulation Groups Write FCC
  USTelecom Writes FCC Regarding Google Voice
  Former Washington Post Executive Editor Wants FCC to Subsidize Journalism Under Expanded Universal Service System

Alert No. 2,006, Wednesday, October 21.
  Kansas Representatives Introduce Bill to Mandate Disclosure of CPNI to Law Enforcement Agencies
  2nd Circuit Rules in Antitrust Case Involving Drug Patent
  People and Appointments
  Tech Crime Report

Alert No. 2,005, Monday, October 19.
  Senators Criticize Genachowski's Internet Regulation Proposal
  72 House Democrats Caution Genachowski on Internet Regulation NPRM
  AT&T Writes FCC Regarding Call, Content and Application Blocking by Google
  More News

Alert No. 2,004, Friday, October 16.
  IAB's Rothenberg Writes FTC Regarding Its Big Brother Blogger Regulation
  DOJ Approves AT&T Acquisition of Centennial
  GAO Reports on IT Vulnerabilities at NASA
  House Commerce Committee Approves LPFM Bill
  Bill to Extend Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant Program Advances
  House Commerce Committee Approves Satellite Home Viewer Reauthorization Act
  More Capitol Hill News
  Trade News
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,003, Thursday, October 15.
  Rep. Baldwin Introduces PEG Mandates Bill
  Senate Finance Committee to Hold Hearing on IPR Bill
  Copyright Office and USPTO Issue NOI Regarding Treaty Based Exemption to Anti-Circumvention Provisions

Alert No. 2,002, Tuesday, October 13.
  Representatives Again Introduce Bill to Provide Public Online Access to CRS Reports
  Sen. Feinstein Introduces Bill to Criminalize Cell Phones in Federal Prisons
  Rep. Garrett Introduces SOX 404 Relief Bill
  More New Bills
  More Capitol Hill News
  BSA Report Links Software Piracy to Malware
  MPAA's Glickman Addresses Online Piracy

Alert No. 2,001, Monday, October 12.
  FCC Asks Google for Information About Google Voice
  Commentary: Interconnection and Compensation Regimes on the Internet and in Telecommunications
  FCC Releases Order and NPRM on Local Switching Support
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,000, Friday, October 9.
  House Communications Subcommittee Approves LPFM Bill
  House Communications Subcommittee Approves Bill to Limit Loud Ads
  House Communications Subcommittee Approves Truth in Caller ID Act
  House Communications Subcommittee Approves Bill to Extend Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant Program
  FCC Seeks Comments Regarding Backhaul Costs for Broadband
  FCC Seeks Comments Regarding Cost of Connecting Schools and Libraries with Fiber
  FCC Issues Order Regarding Submission of Confidential Information in Broadband Plan Proceeding
  3rd Circuit Rules in FCC FOIA Case
  USPTO Rescinds Rules Challenged in Tafas Case
  More News

Alert No. 1,999, Thursday, October 8.
  Genachowski Discusses Wireless Issues
  Verizon Wireless and Google Release Statement Regarding Android
  Varney Discusses Antitrust, States AGs, RPM and the Rule of Reason
  More News (Free Press on AT&T/VOIP, HHS HIPAA NPRM, DHS no match letters)

Alert No. 1,998, Wednesday, October 7.
  DOC/USPTO Write Senators Regarding Patent Reform Legislation
  House Republicans Write Genachowski Regarding Broadband NPRM
  AT&T to Enable VOIP Applications on iPhone
  Locke Addresses Reforming the Export Control System
  Obama Nominates Judge Chin to 2nd Circuit
  More People and Appointments (Thompson picked for 1st Circuit, Perez advances, Mundaca and Miller at Treasury, Barner named deputy director at USPTO)
  More News (Copps speech, NTIA grants, IAB ad revenues)

Alert No. 1,997, Tuesday, October 6.
  FCC to Adopt Net Neutrality Mandates NPRM
  Supreme Court Releases Orders List
  House Judiciary Committee to Mark Up PHONE Act
  FTC Makes Law Abridging the Freedom of Bloggers
  Excerpts of New FTC Requirements for Bloggers

Alert No. 1,996, Monday, October 5.
  Knight Commission Offers Policy Recommendations Regarding Information and Journalism
  FCC Seeks Comments on Proposals for Broadband Clearinghouse
  Briefs Filed in Bilski v. Kappos
  Rep. Smith Calls for Action on Patent Reform Bill and Comments on Patent Count System
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 1,995, Friday, October 2.
  Capitol Hill News
  USPTO to Change Its Patent Count System
  USPTO Expands First Action Interview Pilot Program
  Copps Discusses News Media
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 1,994, Thursday, October 1.
  Department of Commerce and ICANN Release New Agreement
  House Commerce Committee Approves Informed P2P User Act
  House Commerce Committee Approves DATA Act
  FTC Requests Comments on Journalism, New Media and Online Advertising
  GAO Reports on US Efforts to Enhance IP Protection Abroad

Alert No. 1,993, Wednesday, September 30.
  Federal Circuit Denies En Banc Review in Challenge to Byrd Amendment
  More Reaction to AT&T Letter to FCC Re Google Voice
  Rep. Matsui Introduces Bill to Expand FCC Lifeline Universal Service Subsidies to Cover Broadband
  Rep. Altmire Introduces Bill to Require Call Centers to Disclose Location
  More House Bills
  More FCC News
  More News

Alert No. 1,992, Tuesday, September 29.
  House Commerce Committee to Mark Up Data Accountability and Trust Act
  House Commerce Committee to Mark Up Informed P2P User Act
  Kroes Asserts that EC Antitrust Enforcement is not Protectionist
  More News

Alert No. 1,991, Monday, September 28.
  Sen. Durbin Introduces Bill to Subsidize Online Books
  Senators Introduce Bill to Extend Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant Program
  More Senate Bills Introduced
  DOJ and FTC File Amicus Brief in Antitrust Case
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 1,990, Sunday, September 27.
  AT&T Accuses Google of Call Blocking and/or Violation of Network Neutrality Principles
  Sen. Hutchison Criticizes Net Neutrality Rules Proposal
  Obama Names Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 1,989, Friday, September 25.
  McDowell Discusses Media Buys, Adarand, and PPM
  NAF Advocates Mandatory Disclosures by Broadband Providers
  OUSTR Seeks Comments on Foreign Barriers to Trade
  9th Circuit Issues Opinion in Samueli Case
  FBI Finds Terrorist Bomber Online
  More News

Alert No. 1,988, Thursday, September 24.
  Sen. Hutchison Drops Effort to Block Net Neutrality NPRM
  Holder Issues Memorandum on State Secrets Privilege
  Obama Gives Speech on Innovation
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 1,987, Wednesday, September 23.
  Antitrust Division and FTC May Amend Horizontal Merger Guidelines
  Copps Discusses Broadband and Broadcast Regulation
  Thierer and Szoka Condemn FCC Internet Regulation
  More Net Neutrality Regulation News
  Homeland Security Advisory Council Recommends Use of New Media
  PR China Appeals WTO Panel Decision on Access Barriers
  More Trade News
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 1,986, Tuesday, September 22.
  Genachowski, Copps and Clyburn Back Net Neutrality Rules
  McDowell and Baker Comment on Genachowski Proposal to Adopt Net Neutrality Rules
  Sen. Hutchison Offers Amendment to Appropriations Bill to Block FCC Net Neutrality Rulemaking
  More Reaction to Genachowski's Network Neutrality Speech
  EC Releases Intel Decision

Alert No. 1,985, Monday, September 21.
  DOJ Files Pleading in Google Books Case
  More Intellectual Property News

Alert No. 1,984, Wednesday, September 16.
  FCC Seeks Remand in CBS v. FCC
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Satellite Home Viewer Update and Reauthorization Act
  More News

Alert No. 1,983, Tuesday, September 15.
  9th Circuit Construes Meaning of Without Authorization in Section 1030
  Court of Appeals Affirms 10b Judgment Against E-Mail Financial News Publisher

Alert No. 1,982, Thursday, September 10.
  3rd Circuit Rejects Challenge to Internet Gambling Statute
  More Court Opinions
  Tech Crime Report
  More News

Alert No. 1,981, Wednesday, September 9.
  9th Circuit Considers Commerce Clause
  Export Regulators Seek Comments on Rules
  BIS Loosens Controls on Export of ICT Items to Cuba
  OUSTR to Hold Hearing on PRC Compliance with WTO Trade Obligations
  More Trade News

Alert No. 1,980, Tuesday, September 8.
  DC Circuit Vacates FCC's 30% Cable Subscriber Cap
  Court Holds There Is No Federal Constitutional Right to Privacy in Expunged Criminal Records
  Court Addresses Personal Jurisdiction in Copyright Case

Alert No. 1,979, Monday, August 24.
  2nd Circuit Rules Webcasting Service is Not an Interactive Service Under Section 114
  District Court Enjoins RealDVD
  WTO Panel Rules in PRC IPR Case
  FCC Releases Agenda for August 27 Meeting

Alert No. 1,978, Tuesday, August 18.
  Obama Extends Export Regulation
  More Export Regulation News
  Pioneer of Offshore Internet Gambling Pleads Guilty to RICO and Wire Act Charges
  More News

Alert No. 1,977, Monday, August 17.
  7th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Challenge to Ordinance Requiring Cell Phones in Cars to be Hands Free
  8th Circuit Rules There is No Expectation of Privacy in P2P Files
  8th Circuit Affirms Denial of Telecom Tower Construction Permit
  More Court Opinions

Alert No. 1,976, Wednesday, August 5.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Bill to Allow Cell Phone Jamming by State Prisons
  3rd Circuit Addresses Use of Wiretap Evidence
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 1,975, Monday, July 31.
  GAO Releases Report on Vulnerabilities to Emergency Communications
  CDT and Internet Archive Urge Google to Issue Online Books Privacy Commitments
  Microsoft and Yahoo Enter Into Search Agreement
  CEA Seeks Injunction of New York City E-Waste Ordinance
  Trade News
  Trademark News
  Tech Crime Report
  More News

Alert No. 1,974, Monday, July 27.
  OMB Seeks Comments on Federal Web Sites' Use of Cookies
  Microsoft Proposes to Offer Competitors' Browsers on PCs Sold in Europe
  European Commission Releases Report on US Trade Barriers
  PK Paper Opposes Copyright Filtering on Policy and Legal Grounds
  AT&T Announces 4chan Related DDOS Attack
  People and Appointments (Hightower nominated for Deputy Commerce Secretary; Baker, Mignon & Adelstein confirmed; FCC OSP and OLA staff named; more)

Alert No. 1,973, Tuesday, July 21.
  FRB Report Addresses Productivity Gains and Spending on Tech Equipment and Software
  9th Circuits Applies 4th Amendment to Police Searches of Home Computers
  People and Appointments (Commerce Committee approves Mignon and Baker; senior FCC public safety and wireless bureau staff named)

Alert No. 1,972, Monday, July 20.
  IIPA Report Estimates Contribution of Copyright Industries to US Economy
  DC Circuit Applies National Labor Relations Act to Daily Newspaper
  More Court Opinions

Alert No. 1,971, Friday, July 17.
  DC Circuit Denies Petitions for Review of FCC Special Access Forbearance
  US Telecom Argues Against FCC Price Controls on Special Access Services
  Canadian Privacy Commission Faults Facebook
  GAO Report on Information Security Weaknesses at Federal Agencies
  More News (wireless handsets, webcasting agreements, ACTA talks, US-Japan trade, more)
  Tech Crime Report (1030, DMCA, and economic espionage cases)

Alert No. 1,970, Wednesday, July 15.
  Copyright Office Proposes New Rules for Registration of Online Only Works
  Phoenix Center Proposes Broadband Adoption Index
  2nd Circuit Declines to Enforce Forum Selection Clause in Trademark Dispute
  More Trademark News
  People and Appointments
  More News (CDT paper on; Qwest rejoins USTelecom; PFF paper on inadvertent file sharing and HR 1319; more)

Alert No. 1,969, Tuesday, July 14.
  Kirk and Ashton Release Statement on Copyright and Net Gambling Disputes
  EU Trade Commissioner Condemns Protectionism
  Joint OIG Report Describes NSA Warrantless Wiretap Program
  Genachowski Picks Austin Schlick for FCC General Counsel
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 1,968, Thursday, July 9.
  Representatives Introduce Spectrum Inventory Bill
  7th Circuit Rules in  1983 and Wiretap Case Involving 911 Mission Creep
  SPAM Software Designer Pleads Guilty in Ralsky Case

Alert No. 1,967, Wednesday, July 8.
  House and Senate Bills Would Address Declining Patent Fee Collections
  9th Circuit Considers Monopoly Leveraging, 2 of Sherman Act, and LinkLine
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 1,966, Tuesday, July 7.
  Antitrust Division and Telecom Companies
  District Court Grants Summary Judgment to Record Companies in Usenet Infringement Case
  Grand Jury Returns Indictment for Theft of Trade Secrets
  FBI Arrests Perpetrator of DDOS Attacks on
  More Tech Crimes and False Claims
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 1,965, Thursday, July 2.
  2nd Circuit Again Addresses Wine Sales and Commerce Clause
  OUSTR Denies Section 301 Petition Regarding Israel and IPR
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 1,964, Wednesday, July 1.
  Obama Signs Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009
  3rd Circuit Admonishes Judge Kozinski for Publishing Porn in His Web Site
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in Case Regarding Antitrust and Licensing
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Section 253 Cases
  Supreme Court Adjourns Without Ruling on Nacchio Cert Petition
  PRC Delays Green Dam Mandate