Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
January - June 2013

Alert No. 2,581, Friday, June 21.
  FTC Chairman Ramirez Addresses Patent Assertion Entities and Antitrust
  Rep. Honda Introduces Health IT Bill
  Rep. Capuano Introduces We Are Watching You Act
  Rep. Rogers and Sen. Johnson Introduce Bill Regarding Cyber Economic Espionage
  Sen. Schumer Again Introduces Bill to Criminalize Removing Unique IDs from Mobile Devices

Alert No. 2,580, Wednesday, June 19.
  Mississippi AG Subpoenas Google Regarding Illegal Online Drug Sales
  Supreme Court Holds Patent Reverse Payments Can Violate Antitrust Law
  Reaction to the Actavis Opinion
  Commentary: Potential Impact of the Actavis Opinion on Other FTC and DOJ Antitrust Actions
  Senators Move Closer to Conflict Over Obama's Plan to Pack the DC Circuit
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,579, Tuesday, June 18.
  Ramirez Makes Appointments at FTC
  Sen. Rockefeller Introduces Bill to Limit Third Party Billing by Phone Companies
  Pai Advocates Amending Definition of Circumvention to Exclude Wireless Device Unlocking
  Bills Introduced to Provide Grants for Developing STEM Secondary Education

Alert No. 2,578, Monday, June 17.
  President Obama Issues Memorandum on Spectrum Sharing
  Patent Trial and Appeal Board Issues Decision in SAP v. Versata
  FCC Again Addresses Closed Captioning Mandates for Video Programming Delivered Using IP
  FRB May Some Day Focus on Mobile Payments, Cyber Security and Promoting Innovation and Growth
  GAO and Senate Committee Examine Duplicative Government IT Spending
  American Cable Association Condemns Gannett Belo Merger Plans
  HCC Republicans Investigate IRS Violation of Health Records Privacy
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,577, Thursday, June 13.
  Rep. Lofgren Reintroduces Wireless Tax Fairness Act
  Supreme Court Holds That DNA Segment is Not Patentable But Synthetically Created DNA Is
  FTC Defends Services Such As Uber Against Protectionist Regulation
  Tech Companies and Groups Seek Greater Disclosure of Surveillance Data
  Obama Picks Political Appointee for CIA Deputy Director
  Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,576, Wednesday, June 12.
  Senate Finance Committee Approves Nomination of Mike Froman for USTR
  ACLU Files Complaint Seeking End to NSA Phone Records Surveillance
  FCC Adopts VRS R&O and FNPRM
  FCC Again Seeks Comments on Media Ownership
  FCC Issues NOI on Warehousing and Vertical Foreclosure in the Satellite Space Segment
  FCC Seeks Rationale for Abridging Freedom of News Media
  More FCC News

Alert No. 2,575, Tuesday, June 11.
  Obama and Xi Discuss Cyber Security
  PRC Offers No Apologies or Commitments Regarding Cyber Theft of Intellectual Property
  US and PRC Discuss TPP
  More Trade News
  Groups Urge Reform of Surveillance Laws
  Public Beliefs and Opinions Regarding Government Surveillance
  People and Appointments
  Technology News
  More News

Alert No. 2,574, Monday, June 10.
  Sensenbrenner: The Abuse of the PATRIOT Act Must End
  IT Worker at NSA Contractor Booz Allen Disclosed Secret Surveillance Programs
  Obama Proposes Expansion of E-Rate Tax and Subsidy Program
  GAO Reports on Trends in College Textbooks and Ebooks
  FinCEN Takes Special Measures Against Liberty Reserve
  Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,573, Saturday, June 8.
  Obama Defends Secret Government Surveillance Programs
  Tech Companies Refute PRISM News Reports
  Clapper Releases Second Statement on PRISM Program
  Section 702 and Electronic Communication Service Providers
  House Judiciary Committee to Examine Government Surveillance
  Commentary: Senate Republicans' Positions on Secret Surveillance
  More Surveillance News

Alert No. 2,572, Thursday, June 6.
  Government Surveillance Programs Extend to Other Phone Companies and Internet Companies
  DNI Clapper Comments on FISC Order of Phone Records
  Verizon Responds to the Disclosure of FISC Order for Phone Records
  Rep. Sensenbrenner Sends Questions to Holder About Phone Records Order
  Some Technology Groups Condemn Phone Records Surveillance Program
  Senate Intelligence Committee Leaders Defend Government Phone Records Surveillance
  Sen. Wyden Advocates Phone Call Privacy
  Senators Condem FISC Phone Records Order
  Commentary: Geolocation Data and Phone Records Surveillance Program

Alert No. 2,571, Wednesday, June 5.
  FISC Orders Verizon to Produce Call Data for Everyone Every Day
  FCC Adopts CVAA NPRM on User Interfaces
  More News

Alert No. 2,570, Tuesday, June 4.
  Obama Administration Proposes Patent Litigation Reforms
  USITC Enjoins Importation of Certain Older iPhones and iPads
  Clyburn Announces Staff Changes
  Obama Launches Effort to Pack the DC Circuit
  USTR Nominee Froman Mired in Ugland House Controversy
  More News

Alert No. 2,569, Monday, June 3.
  Supreme Court Upholds Suspicionless Seizures of DNA Swabs
  Indictment Returned and Domains Seized in Liberty Reserve Digital Currency Matter
  Sen. Grassley Condemns Obama's Plans to Pack DC Circuit
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,568, Friday, May 31.
  Obama May Nominate Comey for FBI Director
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on West
  Obama Picks Sepulveda for Telecom Post at State Department
  Obama Nominates Piwowar for SEC
  Obama Nominates Kara Stein for SEC
  Obama Picks Padalino to Head RUS

Alert No. 2,567, Thursday, May 30.
  DC Circuit Overturns FCC's Tennis Channel Order

Alert No. 2,566, Thursday, May 23.
  Representatives Reintroduce Password Protection Act
  GAO Releases Report on Spectrum Reallocation Costs and Auction Revenues
  Senate Confirms Srinivasan for DC Circuit
  Obama Wants to Appoint Three More Judges to DC Circuit
  More Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,565, Wednesday, May 22.
  States Settle with Penguin in E-Books Antitrust Case
  FTC Announces Ten Year Regulatory Review Schedule
  Rep. Poe Introduces Free Flow of Information Act
  Sen. Schumer and Sen. Graham Introduce Media Shield Bill
  Obama and Xi Jinping to Meet
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,564, Tuesday, May 21.
  Sen. Levin's Subcommittee Harasses Apple
  Sen. Paul Defends Apple
  Sen. Paul Introduces Tax Repatriation Bill

Alert No. 2,563, Monday, May 20.
  Senate Subcommittee Investigates Apple's Strategies for Avoidance of US Corporate Taxation
  Supreme Court Construes Scope of Chevron Deference
  House Passes Bill to Reform Rulemaking Process at SEC
  Yahoo to Acquire Tumblr

Alert No. 2,562, Wednesday, May 15.
  House Passes Internet Governance Bill
  EC to Investigate Huawei and ZTE
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Chen for Federal Circuit
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Srinivasan for DC Circuit
  Future Nominees for the DC Circuit May Face Republican Opposition
  More Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,561, Tuesday, May 14.
  FCC Requests Comments on Possible IP Transition Trials
  Commentary: IRS, AP and Benghazi Scandals Provide Arguments for Supporters of ECPA Reform and Shield Act
  Associated Press Alleges Unjustified FBI Seizure of Reporters' Phone Records
  Inspector General Reports on IRS Targeting of Tea Party Groups
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,560, Monday, May 13.
  FEC Issues Advance NPRM Regarding Contributions Via Internet Payment Processing and Texting
  Copyright Office Releases Revised NPRM on Auditing Statements of Account
  OUSTR Seeks Comments on Japan's TPP Participation
  WTO Panel Recommends Roberto Azevedo to be Next DG
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,559, Sunday, May 12.
  Sen. McCain Introduces Multichannel Video Programming Bill
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,558, Friday, May 10.
  Obama Signs Executive Order Regarding Access to Government Data
  IRS Admits That It Discriminated Against Tea Party Groups
  Senate Confirms Medine for PCLOB
  Scott Harris Joins Wilkinson Barker Knauer
  Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,557, Monday, May 6.
  Senate Passes Internet Sales Tax Bill
  President Obama Picks Mike Froman to be USTR
  President Obama Picks Democratic Fund Raiser for Secretary of Commerce
  Obama Picks Shelanski for OMB Post
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,556, Wednesday, May 1.
  Obama to Nominate Tom Wheeler to Be FCC Chairman
  Rep. Smith Introduces Bill to Make E-Verify Mandatory
  Rep. Engel Again Introduces Cell Phone Theft Prevention Act
  Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Bill to Require Warrant for Accessing Cloud Stored E-Mail

Alert No. 2,555, Thursday, April 25.
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Waste in FCC Lifeline Subsidy Program
  Rep. Matsui Introduces Bill to Expand Lifeline Program to Include Broadband Service Subsidies
  Sen. Begich Seeks GAO Study of FCC Universal Service Reforms
  More Communications News

Alert No. 2,554, Wednesday, April 24.
  Senate Adjourns Until May 6 Without Passing Internet Sales Tax Bill
  EC Seeks Public Comment on Google's Proposed Antitrust Commitments
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,553, Tuesday, April 23.
  Representatives and Senators Introduce Bills to Limit Duration of Automotive Design Patents
  Kasunic to Head Copyright Office's Registration System
  Rep. Poe Addresses IRS Warrantless E-Mail Searches
  Rep. Boustany Writes IRS Regarding Searching E-Mail and Social Media

Alert No. 2,552, Monday, April 22.
  Senate Invokes Cloture on Internet Sales Tax Bill
  Obama Announces His Support for Internet Tax Collection Bill
  Sen. Baucus Will Not Seek Re-Election in 2014
  Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,551, Wednesday, April 17.
  House Commerce Committee Passes Internet Governance Resolution
  Sen. Reid Seeks Immediate Senate Consideration of Online Sales Tax Bill
  Sen. Leahy Again Introduces Bill to Make USPTO Acceleration Certificates Alienable
  Japan Joins TPP Negotiations
  David Dreier Recommends that PRC Join TPP Negotiations

Alert No. 2,550, Thursday, April 11.
  House Subcommittee Approves Bill Regarding Promoting a Global Internet Free from Government Control
  House to Accelerate Consideration of the CISPA
  Critics Comment on Draft CFAA Amendments Bill
  Summary of Draft CFAA Amendments Bill
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,549, Wednesday, April 10.
  House Intelligence Committee Marks Up Cyber Security Bill in Secrecy
  House Intelligence Committee Releases CISPA Amendments
  Rep. Blackburn Introduces SECURE IT Act
  GAO Report Finds Network Operators Have Reported No Cyber Incidents to FCC or DHS
  House Commerce Subcommittee Begins Mark Up of Internet Freedom Resolution
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,548, Tuesday, April 9.
  Fair Search Files Complaint with EC About Google Mobile Practices
  House Intelligence Committee to Mark Up CISPA
  BLS Reports March 2013 Employment Data
  Table: Total Number of Employees in Thousands by ICT Industry Sector
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,547, Monday, April 8.
This issue contains the following items:
  OUSTR Announces Request for Comments and Hearing Regarding US EU TTIP
  OUSTR Releases Annual Report on Technical Barriers to Trade
  OUSTR Releases Report on Compliance with Telecommunications Trade Agreement
  US China Commission Reports on Trade in February 2013
  Appropriation Act Limits Federal Government Acquisitions of PRC IT
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,546, Thursday, April 4.
  FCC Announces Workshop on Incentive Auction's 600 MHz Band Plan
  FCC Imposes Limits on Broadcast TV Modification Applications
  TPI Paper Calls Mobility Fund Reverse Auction a Qualified Success
  OMB Issues Memorandum on Federal Use of Social Media
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,545, Wednesday, April 3.
  SEC Will Not Pursue Netflix or Hastings for Using Facebook
  Euclid Addresses Sen. Franken's Location Privacy Concerns
  Sen. Hatch Introduces Bill to Create Position of Chief Innovation and Intellectual Property Negotiator at OUSTR
  FCC Seeks Comments on Broadcast Indecency Policy
  More FCC News
  More News

Alert No. 2,544, Tuesday, April 2.
  2nd Circuit Affirms in Aereo Copyright Cases
  Walter Addresses SEC's Failure to Write Crowd Funding Rules
  CEI Sues EPA Under FOIA for Instant Messages
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,543, Monday, April 1.
  Copyright Office to Hold Hearing on Resale Royalty Right
  Public Knowledge Advocates Permanent Fix for Cell Phone Unlocking
  FCC Addresses Cellphone RF Exposure
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,542, Wednesday, March 27.
  SoftBank Sprint Will Not Use Huawei Products
  House Commerce Committee Republicans Write FCC Regarding Growth, Waste and Abuse in Lifeline Subsidy Program
  FCC Releases Tentative Agenda for April 18 Meeting
  NIST Issues Cyber Security NOI
  Amazon to Acquire Goodreads
  More News

Alert No. 2,541, Tuesday, March 26.
  DDOS Attacks Slow Internet Service
  ACLU Sues San Francisco to Block Warrantless Searches of Phones of Arrestees
  FCC Releases 16th Wireless Competition Report
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,540, Monday, March 25.
  DOJ Business Review Letter Declines to State Intentions on IPXI Patent Licensing Proposal
  Copyright Office Issues Notice of Inquiry on Improving Its IT
  USPTO Issues Corrected Patent Fees Rule
  NAF Wants to End Regulatory Capture at FCC
  More Intellectual Property News

Alert No. 2,539, Friday, March 22.
  Sen. Wyden and Rep. Chaffetz Introduce Geolocational Privacy and Surveillance Act
  Summary of the GPS Act
  Genachowski to Leave FCC
  Obama Withdraws Nomination of Halligan for DC Circuit
  More Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,538, Thursday, March 21.
  Sen. Leahy and Sen. Lee Introduce Bill to Require Warrant to Access Cloud Stored E-Mail
  Sen. Grassley Seeks Information on Caproni's Involvement in FBI Violations of Surveillance Law
  SEC Releases Guidance for Mutual Funds and Investment Companies On Use of Social Media
  SEC & DOJ Charge Man Who Misrepresented to Investors the Acquisition of Pre-IPO Shares of Tech Companies
  District Court Grants Summary Judgment to AP
  US China Commission Reports on Trade Between US and PRC
  More Trade News

Alert No. 2,537, Wednesday, March 20.
  McDowell to Leave FCC
  Marantis Outlines Objectives of US EU TTIP Negotiations
  FTC Issues Final Order in History Sniffing Case
  Sen. Harkin Introduces Bills to Mandate Video Captioning and Description in Theaters and Airplanes
  More News

Alert No. 2,536, Tuesday, March 19.
  Supreme Court Holds First Sale Doctrine Applies Regardless of Location
  House Judiciary Committee Members Introduce Cell Phone Unlocking Bill
  House Intellectual Property Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on Comprehensive Revision of Copyright Law

Alert No. 2,535, Monday, March 18.
  Congressional Democrats Express Concern About Japanese Participation In TPP Negotiations
  Acting USTR Marantis Welcomes Japan's Interest in TPP Negotiations
  Donilon Addresses TPP
  More TPP News
  Obama Picks IT Nemesis Tom Perez to Be Secretary of Labor
  Senate Confirms Taranto for Federal Circuit
  Senate Rejects Cloture on Halligan Nomination for DC Circuit
  More Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,534, Tuesday, March 12.
  DOJ Closes Investigation of T-Mobile MetroPCS Merger
  FCC Approves Merger of T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS
  BLS Reports February 2013 Employment Data
  Table: Total Number of Employees in Thousands by ICT Industry Sector

Alert No. 2,533, Monday, March 11.
  Cell Phone Unlocking Bills Introduced
  Sen. Wyden Introduces Bill to Amend DMCA to Create an Exemption for Unlocking
  Sen. Klobuchar Introduces Bill to Authorize FCC to Direct Wireless Device Unlocking
  Sen. Leahy Introduces Bill to Reinstate Librarian of Congress's Cell Phone Unlocking Exemption
  House Judiciary Committee to Consider Legislation to Allow Cell Phone Unlocking

Alert No. 2,532, Thursday, March 7.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds DOJ Oversight Hearing
  Sen. Coons Proposes Private Right of Action for Cyber Theft of Trade Secrets
  Mandiant Releases Report on Cyber Espionage by People's Liberation Army

Alert No. 2,531, Wednesday, March 6.
  Google Discloses that it Receives FBI NSLs
  EC Demands Money from Microsoft Again
  OUSTR Releases 2013 Trade Policy Statement

Alert No. 2,530, Tuesday, March 5.
  Obama Administration Urges Creation of DMCA Anti-Circumvention Exemption for Unlocking Cell Phones
  Cato Urges Free Trade in Online Education
  Divided Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Medine Nomination for PCLOB
  Divided Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Orrick for NDCal Judgeship
  More Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,529, Monday, March 4.
  Rep. DeFazio and Rep. Chaffetz Introduce SHIELD Act
  Summary of HR 845, the SHIELD Act

Alert No. 2,528, Tuesday, February 26.
  Rep. Goodlatte Outlines Agenda for House Judiciary Committee
  DC Circuit Upholds FCC Pole Attachment Rules
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,527, Monday, February 25.
  Japan May Join TPPA Negotiations
  Abe Advocates Rules for Trade, Investment and IP
  SEC Commissioner Aquilar Calls for More Regulation of Stock Market Technologies
  Senate Debates Court of Appeals Nominees
  GAO Releases Report on Receiver Performance

Alert No. 2,526, Wednesday, February 20.
  SEC Announces That Its Examination Priorities Include Crowd Funding and IT Systems
  SEC Chairman Addresses Regulatory Uses of IT
  Netflix Sued Over Hastings' Facebook Posting
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,525, Tuesday, February 19.
  AG Holder Addresses Cyber Security and Theft of Trade Secrets
  IPEC Releases Administration Strategy Regarding Theft of Trade Secrets
  Rep. Rogers and Rep. Ruppersberger Re-Introduce CISPA
  GAO Releases Report on Cyber Security
  Obama Signs Cyber Security Order and Policy Directive

Alert No. 2,524, Monday, February 18.
  NTIA Releases Report on Reallocation of 1695-1710 MHz Band
  Representatives Reintroduce Bill to Allow CBP to Share Information with IP Rights Holders
  Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,523, Wednesday, February 13.
  EU and US Announce Beginning of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Negotiations
  Obama Mentions Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement
  State of the Union Speeches
  Representatives Introduce Protectionist Bills

Alert No. 2,522, Friday, February 8.
  Holtzbrinck/Macmillan Settles with DOJ in Apple E-Books Antitrust Action
  Senators Discuss Constitutional and Privacy Issues Raised by Domestic Use of Drones
  Is Cyber War War?
  GAO Report Faults Cyber Defenses at FCC
  Obama Nominates Raymond Chen for Federal Circuit
  Obama Nominates Todd Hughes for Federal Circuit
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Taranto and Others
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,521, Thursday, February 7.
  R&D Tax Credit Bills Introduced
  Sen. Coons Re-Introduces Bill to Allow Start Ups An R&D Payroll Tax Credit
  Rep. Holt Introduces Bill to Create Tax Credit for Investing in Small Businesses with High Rates of Spending on Research
  Rep. Latta Urges Deregulation and Market Competition for Telecom, Spectrum and Cyber Security Policy
  Sen. Leahy and Sen. Grassley Introduce Bill to Provide Protection for Antitrust Whistleblowers
  More Antitrust News

Alert No. 2,520, Wednesday, February 6.
  6th Circuit Addresses Meaning of Trade Secret
  BLS Reports January 2012 Employment Data
  Table: Total Number of Employees in Thousands by ICT Industry Sector
  Sen. Leahy Seeks to Move 16 Judicial Nominees
  More Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,519, Tuesday, February 5.
  Sen. Ayotte and Rep. Chabot Introduce Bills to Make the Internet Tax Freedom Act Permanent
  Other ICT Tax Issues for the 113th Congress
  FTC Releases Report on Mobile Privacy Disclosures
  FTC Brings and Settles Civil Action Against Path

Alert No. 2,518, Monday, February 4.
  House Bill Would Provide that Obama NS/EP EO Creates No Authority to Regulate Private Sector
  House Bill Would Prevent FCC from Subsidizing Lifeline Cell Phone Service
  Rep. Serrano Introduces Bill to Require Notice of Mobile Device Tracking
  Rep. Kaptur Introduces Bill to Compel Free TV and Cable Ads for Candidates

Alert No. 2,517, Thursday, January 31.
  9th Circuit Again Addresses Enforceability of Arbitration Clauses in Consumer Contracts
  4th Circuit Upholds Secrecy of Court Surveillance Orders
  9th Circuit Vacates $160 Million Verdict in Theft of Bratz Trade Secrets Case

Alert No. 2,516, Wednesday, January 30.
  Sen. Rockefeller Introduces Preamble to a Cyber Security Bill
  Sen. Rockefeller Releases Staff Memo on Cyber Security Legislation
  Court of Appeals Affirms Lobbying Conviction of Abramoff Associate
  WTO Authorizes Antigua and Barbuda to Infringe US IP Rights

Alert No. 2,515, Wednesday, January 23.
  7th Circuit Holds Unconstitutional State Statute Prohibiting Sex Offenders from Using Social Media
  DOJ Files Brief in Drug Patent Reverse Payments Case
  House Judiciary Committee Announces Subcommittee Members
  More News

Alert No. 2,514, Tuesday, January 22.
  PK & EFF Argue Fair Use in AP v. Meltwater
  Kappos Addresses Quality of Business Method Patents
  Fed Circuit Reverses EDTex In E-Commerce Patent Case Involving Obviousness
  More Court Opinions
  USTR Ron Kirk to Leave
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,513, Monday, January 21.
  Obama and STEM Visas
  Sen. Leahy Addresses His Tech Agenda for 113th Congress
  FAA Act and Proposed Rule Limit Flight Crew Use of Laptops and Wireless Devices on Aircraft
  Web Sites Dedicated to Infringing Activity, One Year After

Alert No. 2,512, Sunday, January 20.
  Georgia Tech Paper Examines Use of Technology Standards in the People's Republic of China
  Microsoft Addresses Inconsistent Policies of FTC and DOJ on SEPs
  Federal Circuit Rules on Domestic Industry Requirement of Section 337
  USPTO Seeks Comments on Preparation of Patent Applications
  More Intellectual Property News

Alert No. 2,511, Friday, January 18.
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in Cases Involving SLUSA and Law Firms
  Federal Circuit Addresses Mootness in Post Settlement Appeals
  DHHS Releases Amendments to HIPAA Privacy Rules

Alert No. 2,510, Thursday, January 17.
  Strickling Praises NTIA BTOP Grants
  11th Circuit Addresses FTC Remedies for Deceptive Marketing
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Case Involving Patent Settlement No-Challenge Clause
  Can We Talk?
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,509, Wednesday, January 16.
  Guns, Video Games, Apps, and Video Programming
  Fox v. Dish Update
  District Court's Legal Analysis in Fox v. Dish
  USTR Kirk Writes Congress Regarding Negotiation of Services Trade Agreement
  More Trade News
  More News

Alert No. 2,508, Tuesday, January 15.
  Obama Signs Patent, Economic Espionage and Intelligence Authorization Bills
  DC Circuit Grants Petitions for Review in Echostar v. FCC
  Aaron Schwartz Commits Suicide
  More IPR News
  Privacy News
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,507, Monday, January 14.
  Obama Signs VPPA Amendments Act
  DOJ Sues Bazaarvoice to Force Divestiture of Recently Acquired PowerReviews
  Defendant Pleads Guilty in PRC Based Software Piracy Case
  1st Circuit Rules in Trademark Case
  9th Circuit Addresses Filed Rate Doctrine
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,506, Wednesday, January 9.
  Sen. Wyden Describes His Tech Policy Agenda
  Supreme Court Holds Covenant Not to Enforce Trademark Removes Standing to Sue to Declare Trademark Invalid
  DOJ and USPTO Issue Statement on Injunctive Relief for Infringement of SEPs Subject to FRAND Commitments
  FTC Grants HSR Early Terminations
  OUSTR Lauds Shut Down of
  Copyright Office Revises Rules Regarding Refunds of Cable Royalties Under the STELA

Alert No. 2,505, Tuesday, January 8.
  Dish Makes Bid for Clearwire
  REAL ID Act Still Not Implemented
  BLS Releases December 2012 Employment Data
  Commentary: Unemployment Rate, Participation Rate and Tech Policy
  More News

Alert No. 2,504, Monday, January 7.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Patent Cases
  R&D Tax Credit Extended
  FTC Concludes Its Investigation of Google
  Turkish Intermediate Certificate Authority Issued Unauthorized Digital Certificate for Google
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,503, Thursday, January 3.
  USPTO Announces Roundtables on Software Patents
  10th Circuit Addresses Behavioral Advertising and Unlawful Intercepts
  Obama Re-Nominates 33 for Federal Courts
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,502, Wednesday, January 2.
  Senate Confirms Wright for FTC
  Update on FTC Antitrust Investigation of Google
  More Antitrust News
  2nd Circuit to Consider Application of 4th Amendment to Delays in Searching Seized Hard Drives and ISP E-Mail
  Senate Confirms Clyburn for FCC
  More People and Appointments (Taranto, Medine, more)

Alert No. 2,501, Tuesday, January 1.
  2nd Circuit Holds Unauthorized Access to a Computer Can Create Personal Jurisdiction
  8th Circuit Holds E-Mail and Phone Communications Do not Create Personal Jurisdiction in Contract Dispute
  7th Circuit Addresses Price Fixing Per Se Antitrust Liability
  House Passes Smith Patent Bill
  Lisa Jackson and the EPA
  House Passes Senate Version of Foreign and Economic Espionage Penalty Enhancement Act of 2012

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