Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
July - December, 2010

Alert No. 2,190, T hursday, December 30.
  Obama Signs Rockefeller Internet Sales Practices Bill
  FTC Files Complaint Alleging Unfair or Deceptive Online Billing Practices
  TAA Extended for Six Weeks
  More Trade News
  Senate Confirms More Judges
  Obama Gives James Cole Recess Appointment
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,189, Wednesday, December 29.
  OUSTR Is Considering Filing WTO Complaint Against PRC For Its Rare Earths Export Restraints
  PRC Further Curtails Exports of Rare Earths
  Molycorp and Hitachi Plan Joint Ventures for Production of Rare Earth Magnets
  Outgoing Senators Bayh and Bond Introduce Rare Earths Bill

Alert No. 2,188, Friday, December 24.
  FCC Releases BIAS Regulation Report and Order
  Text of the FCC's BIAS Rules
  FCC Announces That It Will Approve Comcast NBCU Transaction
  Napolitano Addresses Cyber Security
  Groups Urge Caution In Legislative Reactions to WikiLeaks
  Rep. Conyers Introduces Bill to Create a Massive Online Database of Complaints Against Corporations

Alert No. 2,187, Thursday, December 23.
  Obama Signs Appropriations Bill
  Obama Signs Truth in Caller ID Act
  House and Senate Pass COMPETES Reauthorization Bill
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,186, Wednesday, December 22.
  FCC Adopts BIAS Rules
  Obama Says the FCC's BIAS Rules Will Preserve Free and Open Internet
  Congressional Republicans Will Seek to Undo the FCC's BIAS Rules
  Commentary: the FCC's BIAS Rules and the Congressional Review Act
  BIAS Providers' Reactions to the FCC's BIAS Rules
  Reactions of the Not Far Enough Crowd
  The FCC's BIAS Rules and Infringing Distribution of Copyrighted Works
  Commentary: Where Are the FCC's BIAS Rules?

Alert No. 2,185, Tuesday, December 21.
  FCC to Adopt BIAS Rules
  Obama Addresses Export Control Reform Process
  Rep. Smith Announces Reorganization of House Judiciary Committee

Alert No. 2,184, Monday, December 20.
  Senate Confirms More Judges
  Pending Executive Branch Nominations
  Nokia Files Patent Infringement Complaints Against Apple in UK, Germany and Holland
  UN Changes Composition of Working Group on Internet Governance
  Sen. Franken Lashes Out at Comcast/NBCU Deal, Weak Net Neutrality Rules, and Fishy Connection Agreements
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Luxpro v. Apple
  More News

Alert No. 2,183, Sunday, December 19.
  Congress Passes Low Power FM Bill
  Summary of HR 6533, the Community Radio Act of 2010
  History of LPFM Law and Policy Making
  House Passes Bill to Create Pilot Program for Patent Cases
  Rep. Mary Mack Introduces Resolution on Internet Governance
  Sen. Leahy to Introduce Forensic Sciences Bill

Alert No. 2,182, Saturday, December 18.
  Tax Bill Enacted With R&D Tax Credit Extension
  House Republicans Urge Genachowski to Put His Unseen BIAS Rules Out for Comment
  FCC Shuts Down Its Web Site Just Before BIAS Rules Meeting
  9th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Data Breach Case Where Data Had Not Been Misused
  Copyright Royalty Judges Release Webcasting III Order
  Republicans Assigned to House Judiciary Committee
  Republicans Assigned to House Intelligence Committee
  Republicans Assigned to House Ways and Means Committee
  Republicans Assigned to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee
  More Capitol Hill Appointments
  Senate Confirms Four Judicial Nominees

Alert No. 2,181, Friday, December 17.
  President Signs CALM Act
  Senators Seek to Use Appropriations Process to Block FCC BIAS Rules
  Rep. Walden to Chair Subcommittee on Communications and Technology
  Rep. Mack to Chair Subcommittee on Commerce
  Rep. Stearns to Chair Subcommittee on Oversight
  Obama to Nominate Dempsey and Cook to Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board
  More People and Appointments (NSTAC, NCTA, NAB)
  Department of Commerce Releases Paper on Commercial Data Privacy
  Disorder in the 6th Circuit and the Warshak Case
  Google Defends Its Acquisitions
  OMB Releases Federal IT Plan

Alert No. 2,180, Thursday, December 16.
  House Passes Truth in Caller ID Act
  House Passes Rockefeller Internet Sales Practices Bill
  Holder Addresses IP Enforcement Online
  JCCT Meeting Addresses PRC Government Software Procurement
  CCIA Describes PRC's Internet Censorship as Trade Protectionism
  More Trade News
  CWA Paper Urges Network Neutrality
  TPI Paper Compares Broadband Prices in OECD Nations
  Cupcakes, Waffles and the Political Gastronomics of BIAS Regulation

Alert No. 2,179, Wednesday, December 15.
  6th Circuit Rules There Is A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy In Stored E-Mail
  Rep. Upton Advises FCC on Appropriate Use of Merger Reviews
  Rep. Upton Names Gary Andres HCC Staff Director
  FCC Releases Agenda for December 21 Meeting
  FCC to Adopt Retransmission Consent NPRM

Alert No. 2,178, Tuesday, December 14.
  Supreme Court Affirms in Costco v. Omega on 4-4 Vote
  USITC Releases First Report on IPR Infringement in the PRC
  Assistant USTR McCoy Addresses PRC, Notorious Markets, and Canada
  Two Engineers Convicted of Theft of Trade Secrets for PRC by Cell Phone Camera
  Net Neut Groups Oppose Genachowski's Proposal
  Sen. Franken Urges FCC Not to Adopt Genachowski's Proposal
  More on the FCC's Impending BIAS Rules

Alert No. 2,177, Monday, December 13.
  House Judiciary Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Civil Liberties and ICT Issues
  Holder Writes Sen. Leahy Regarding Surveillance
  7th Circuit Amends Opinion on Wiretap Act, E-Mail and Microsoft Outlook Rules
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,176, Sunday, December 12.
  Obama Signs Government Telework Bill
  Obama Signs Crush Video Prohibition Act
  Obama Signs Copyright Cleanup Bill
  MPAA Files Amicus Brief in Viacom v. YouTube
  Connecticut AG Demands Data from Google
  CDT Releases Paper on Browser Privacy Features
  More News (Special 301, WikiLeaks, cyber security, Upton, e-book sales)

Alert No. 2,175, Saturday, December 11.
  Baker Blasts Genochowski's Plan to Regulate BIAS
  Clyburn Defends Genachowski's Plan to Regulate BIAS
  Net Neut Groups Ask for a More Regulatory Approach than Genochowski's Proposal
  FCC Report Shows Rapid Consumer Adoption of Broadband
  More FCC News
  Republicans Select New Members of House Commerce Committee
  SEC Brings Insider Trading Action In Which Patent Agent is Alleged Source of Information
  Microsoft Amends Click Fraud Complaint to Add Vertro
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,174, Friday, December 10.
  WikiLeaks and Cyber Security
  Senators Introduce Bill to Amend Espionage Act to Reach WikiLeaks and Others
  Commentary: Expansion of Espionage Law
  WikiLeaks and Copyright Infringement
  Cardin Bill Would Require DHS Study of Setting Mandatory Cyber Security Standards for All Internet Users
  GAO Reports on Information Security for NNSA's Supercomputers
  R&D Tax Credit Update

Alert No. 2,173, Thursday, December 9.
  Rep. Lamar Smith to Chair House Judiciary Committee
  More Praise for Rep. Upton
  House Committee Chairmen Selected
  More Capitol Hill News
  Rep. Waxman Urges FCC to Impose Conditions on Comcast NBCU
  FTC Releases Advance NPRM on Caller ID Information
  Intellectual Ventures Files Patent Infringement Complaints Against Nine Companies
  Microsoft Announces Unilateral Software License for NGOs in Russia and China
  ITIF Advocates Focusing STEM Education on a Select Few

Alert No. 2,172, Wednesday, December 8.
  Rep. Upton to Chair House Commerce Committee
  Congress May Extend R&D Tax Credit
  SEC Sues IT Manager of M&A Law Firm for Insider Trading
  Viacom Files Appeal Brief in YouTube Copyright Infringement Case
  PK Proposes Changes to Copyright Office
  PK Proposes Legislation to Address Copyright Abuse and Notice
  People and Appointments (SMAC, Verizon, CTIA)
  More News

Alert No. 2,171, Tuesday, December 7.
  FCC Survey Shows That Broadband Customers Like Broadband
  BLS Reports on Employment
  Barton Questions Copps Regarding Public Value Test
  OUSTR Announces Progress on US Korea FTA

Alert No. 2,170, Monday, December 6.
  EC Announces Antitrust Investigation of Google
  ABA Antitrust Panel Debates Broadband Regulation
  11th Circuit Applies Antitrust Rule of Reason Standard in RPM Case
  Level 3 Complains About Comcast
  Sen. Franken Alleges Comcast's Level 3 Fee May Violate Sherman Act
  Zoom and Net Neut Groups Allege Anticompetitive Behavior by Comcast
  DOJ's Shapiro Addresses Antitrust
  Technology Policy Institute Event Addresses Antitrust and Tech
  More Antitrust News

Alert No. 2,169, Sunday, December 5.
  Divided FTC Proposes Do Not Track Regime
  House Commerce Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Do Not Track Proposal
  House Republicans Seek DNI Study of EMP Attacks
  Supreme Court Rules In Case Regarding State Database Containing Erroneous Information
  More News

Alert No. 2,168, Saturday, December 4.
  Copps Wants to Impose Public Value Test on Broadcasters
  FCC Adopts NPRM on TV Band Rules
  FCC Adopts NPRM and NOI on Spectrum Innovation
  Sen. Snowe and Sen. Warner Introduce Bill to Promote Wi-Fi in Federal Buildings
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,167, Friday, December 3.
  House Passes CALM Act
  GAO Reports on Threats to Security of Wireless Networks at Federal Agencies
  FRB's Duke Addresses New Payment Technologies
  JCCT Meeting Scheduled for December 14-15
  Google to Change Its Processes for Dealing With Online Infringement
  DOJ and DHS Seize Domain Names of Web Sites Engaged in Infringing Sales
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,166, Thursday, December 2.
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in Microsoft v. i4i
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Give Copyright Protection to Fashion Designs
  9th Circuit Rules on Scope of State Action Antitrust Immunity
  Inspector General Fine to Leave DOJ
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,165, Wednesday, December 1.
  Genachowski Announces Plans to Regulate Broadband
  Genachowski's Proposed Rules Could Be Vulnerable to Judicial Challenge
  Sen. Hutchison Threatens to Keep the FCC From Implementing Broadband Regulations
  More Criticism of Genachowski's Proposal to Regulate Broadband
  Representatives of Major BIAS Providers Express Cautious Non-Opposition to Genachowski's Proposal
  Some Groups Argue Genachowski's Proposed Rules Are Too Watered Down

Alert No. 2,164, Wednesday, November 24.
  Jury Awards Oracle $1.3 Billion
  FCC Reschedules Meeting for December 21
  Commentary: Comparison of December 2006 to December 2010
  Genachowski Says December Agenda to Include Next Generation 911 Item
  FCC Releases Four STELA Items
  More FCC News
  Commerce Department Extends Comment Deadline for Online Copyright NOI

Alert No. 2,163, Tuesday, November 23.
  McDowell Addresses Internet Regulation Proposals
  Free Press Paper Urges FCC to Reclassify Broadband
  USPTO Again Extends Patent Backlog Reduction Plan
  USPTO Issues Another NPRM on BPAI Ex Parte Appeals
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,162, Monday, November 22.
  Bernanke Addresses PR China and Global Economy
  Rep. Rohrabacher Decries PR China's Orwellian High Tech Police State
  Sen. Rockefeller Discusses His Bill to Regulate Internet Sales Practices
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,161, Sunday, November 21.
  House Republicans Warn Genachowski Not to Adopt Internet Regulation Order at December Meeting
  Copps Again Advocates FCC Reclassification and Regulation of Broadband
  Baker Says FCC Should Focus on Spectrum, Universal Service Reform and Intercarrier Compensation
  FCC Files Brief in Challenge to Its Program Access Rules Order
  FCC Argues AT&T and Other Corporations Are Not Entitled to Privacy Under FOIA

Alert No. 2,160, Friday, November 19.
  Rep. Hoekstra Introduces Bill to Extend Sunset Date for Three FISA Surveillance Provisions
  NTIA Extends Comment Period for NOI on Global Free Flow of Information on Internet
  Google Releases Paper on Global Free Flow of Information on Internet
  Senate Subcommittee Holds Hearing on International Trade in the Digital Economy
  McSlarrow to Leave NCTA

Alert No. 2,159, Thursday, November 18.
  House Commerce Committee Jurisdiction Challenged
  House Republicans Seek to Terminate Federal Funding of NPR
  House Commerce Committee Republicans Seek GAO Study of NPR
  House Approves Government Telework Bill
  Senators Lieberman and Collins Introduce E-Rulemaking Act
  More Capitol Hill News
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,158, Wednesday, November 17.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Domain Name Seizure Bill
  Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Cyber Warfare
  Senate Commerce Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Retransmission Consent
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,157, Tuesday, November 16.
  House Passes Copyright Act Amendments Bill
  More Capitol Hill News
  NTIA Announces Plan to Reallocate 115 MHz of Spectrum
  Business News
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,156, Monday, November 15.
  Comptel Asks FCC to Impose 251/252 Interconnection Mandates on IP to IP Communications
  Kroes Says No European Commission Network Neutrality Mandates At This Time
  Commerce's Locke Discusses IPR, Innovation and Research
  More News

Alert No. 2,155, Sunday, November 14.
  Simpson & Bowles Propose Changes for FCC Auctions, USF, CPB and R&D Tax Credit
  Motorola Sues Microsoft for Patent Infringement
  US and Korea Fail to Reach Agreement on Free Trade
  SEC's Shapiro Is Wary of Innovation
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,154, Friday, November 12.
  DOJ Fines HP $16.25 Million for E-Rate Infractions
  FCC Is Investigating Google
  Consumer Watchdog Urges House Commerce Committee to Hold Hearing on Google Wi-Fi Surveillance
  Rep. Barton Enlists Support in His Bid for House Commerce Committee Chairman
  Commentary: How the Election and Selection of House Committee Chairmen and Ranking Members May Impact Google

Alert No. 2,153, Thursday, November 11.
  USPTO Expands and Extends Program for Expedited Processing of Green Patent Applications
  DHS Expands E-Verify to Include Passport Photo Matching
  APEC Members Issue Joint Statement
  Locke Discusses Trade and APEC Meeting
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,152, Wednesday, November 10.
  FCC Declares That States May Tax Intrastate Revenues of Nomadic Interconnected VOIP Providers
  AT&T Urges FCC to End Long Distance Price Regulation
  Groups File Comments with OUSTR Regarding Notorious Markets
  UK Finds Google's Wi-Fi Surveillance Violated UK Data Protection Act
  Update on Facebook Users' Privacy
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,151, Tuesday, November 9.
  NTIA Releases Report on Household Broadband Adoption
  GAO Reports That FCC Has No Strategic Vision for E-Rate Programs
  FCC Sets Comment Deadlines for Location Surveillance NPRM and NOI
  More FCC News
  Locke Discusses Trade and Technology in India
  Obama and Singh Issue Joint Statement on Trade
  EU and WTO Release Reports on Trade Restrictions
  More Trade News
  More News
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,150, Monday, November 8.
  Library of Congress Issues NOI on Extending Copyright Act to Pre 1972 Sound Recordings
  FCC Releases Tentative Agenda for November 30 Event
  Congressional Tech Agenda
  Consequences of November 2 Elections for Tech Policy
  Next Chairman of the House Commerce Committee
  US Korea Free Trade Agreement
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,149, Tuesday, November 2.
  Rep. Boucher Loses Election
  House Commerce Committee
  House Judiciary Committee
  Senate Judiciary Committee
  Dan Coats is Back

Alert No. 2,148, Friday, October 29.
  Group of IP Professors Condemns ACTA
  FCC Releases Paper on the History of FCC Regulation
  FCC Releases Working Paper on Reverse Auctions for Universal Service Subsidies
  3rd Circuit Holds Cell Phone Radiation Class Action Preempted by FCC Regulation
  More News

Alert No. 2,147, Thursday, October 28.
  FTC Ends Investigation of Google WiFi Intercepts
  Rep. Barton Seeks Chairmanship of House Commerce Committee
  Verizon Wireless to Pay Fine and Give Refunds for Overbilling Customers
  Cablevision and News Corp. Write FCC Regarding Retransmission Consent

Alert No. 2,146, Monday, October 25.
  Google Intercepted E-Mail Content and Passwords
  FCC Asks News Corp. and Cablevision for Information
  Rep. Waxman Discusses Israel and IPR
  DOJ/OIG Again Reports on FBI's Failure to Implement IT Project
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,145, Friday, October 22.
  FCC Creates Technological Advisory Council
  ACLU Concerned About DOD DHS Cooperation on Cyber Security
  EPIC Gives Obama Administration Low Grades
  Canada Finds Google Violated Its Privacy Law
  FP and PK Urge FCC to Consider Retransmission Consent Implications of Comcast NBCU Transaction
  IPR News
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,144, Thursday, October 21.
  Sen. Kerry Releases Draft Retransmission Consent Bill
  Copps Comments on Retransmission Consent
  More FCC News
  ITIF Paper Defends Sen. Leahy's Domain Name Seizure Bill

Alert No. 2,143, Wednesday, October 20.
  Representatives Markey and Barton Write Facebook About User Privacy
  Pending Privacy Bills
  Holder Seeks IP Enforcement Assistance in PRC
  DHS and DOD Sign Cyber Security Agreement
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,142, Tuesday, October 19.
  Legislators Write Genachowski Regarding FCC Authority to Regulate Purchase of Telecom Equipment from PRC
  FCC Issues Long Delayed Order Regarding XM Sirius Set Aside Channels
  New Jersey Senators Ask FCC to Take Action Regarding Retransmission Consent Negotiations
  FCC Adopts Bill Shock NPRM
  FCC Adopts NPRM Regarding Universal Service Subsidies for 3G and Next Generation Wireless
  FCC Adopts Amended CableCARD Rules

Alert No. 2,141, Tuesday, October 12.
  GAO Reports on Governments' Planning of Broadband Deployment and Adoption
  Legislators Urge Funding for NTIA BTOPs Grants Oversight
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,140, Monday, October 11.
  ACTA Draft Released
  Summary of ACTA
  Reaction to ACTA
  Copyright Office Issues NPRM Regarding Refunds Under the Cable Statutory License
  Department of Commerce Issue NOI Regarding Protection of Online Copyrighted Works
  Ross to Leave Copyright Alliance
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,139, Tuesday, October 5.
  DOJ and States Bring Antitrust Action Against Credit Card Companies
  HSR Report Shows Increased Antitrust Scrutiny in Obama Administration
  Phoenix Center Paper Addresses Effect of Policy Induced Shocks to Capital Spending on IT Employment

Alert No. 2,138, Monday, October 4.
  OUSTR Announces Separate Notorious Markets Process
  Senate Confirms Subra Suresh As NSF Director
  Obama Nominates Caitlin Halligan for DC Circuit
  Obama Nominates Jimmie Reyna for Federal Circuit
  More Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments (HP, FCC, FRB, CIA, trade, OMB, and NBCU)
  Microsoft Alleges That Motorola's Android Smart Phones Infringe Its Patents

Alert No. 2,137, Friday, October 1.
  Sen. Tom Udall Introduces Bill to Regulate Cell Phone Billing Practices
  Congress Enacts Cyber Security Measures
  Senate Passes Bill to Regulate Volume of TV Commercials
  Senate Passes Government Telework Bill
  Department of Commerce Commences Review of Foreign Barriers to Protection of IPR
  NTIA Seeks Comments on Governments' Restrictions of Free Flow of Information on the Internet
  Progress & Freedom Foundation Ceases Operations

Alert No. 2,136, Thursday, September 30.
  House Recesses Without Moving Any Internet Regulation Legislation
  Senate Judiciary Committee Postpones Mark Up of Domain Name Seizure Bill
  House Passes Rare Earths Bill
  House and Senate Schedules

Alert No. 2,135, Wednesday, September 29.
  Congress Approves Disability Access Bill
  Tech Groups Oppose Domain Name Seizure Bill
  CDT Argues that Domain Name Seizure Bill Implicates Freedom of Speech
  Forthcoming Obama Internet CALEA Proposal
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,134, Tuesday, September 28.
  House Science Committee Approves Rare Earths Bill
  Senate Amends Its FCC Disability Access Bill
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Public Safety Network
  Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Data Security and Breach Notification Act
  More Capitol Hill News

Alert No. 2,133, Monday, September 27.
  DOJ Stops Tech Companies' Anticompetitive Hiring Practices
  FCC Adopts White Space Order
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,132, Tuesday, September 21.
  Senators Introduce Bill to Enable DOJ to Shut Down Web Sites Dedicated to Infringement
  Commentary: Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act
  Bill Summary: Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act

Alert No. 2,131, Monday, September 20.
  Baker Opposes Government Funded Media Bail Out Proposals
  Clyburn Addresses Minority Ownership and Merger Reviews
  FCC Releases Agenda for September 23 Meeting
  Disability Access News
  More FCC News
  Senators Debate Judicial Selection Process
  More Judicial Nominees
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,130, Friday, September 10.
  Obama Gives Speech on Export Regulation
  More Export Regulation News
  USPTO Releases and Seeks Comments on Post-KSR Examination Guidelines
  More IP News
  Microsoft Releases Statement on Waledac Botnet

Alert No. 2,129, Thursday, September 9.
  Obama Addresses R&D Tax Credit
  HP Files Complaint Seeking to Enjoin Oracle's Hiring of Hurd
  ACLU Sues DHS Over Suspicionless Searches of Electronic Devices at Borders
  Marketer's Posting of Product Comments in iTunes Store Violates FTC Act

Alert No. 2,128, Wednesday, September 8.
  GAO Reports on Performance Rights Act
  Telecom and Tech Groups Oppose Proposed FM in Mobile Mandate
  GAO Reports on State of Wireless Industry
  FCC Releases Public Notice Regarding Regulation of Broadband Providers

Alert No. 2,127, Friday, August 20.
  Intel to Acquire McAfee
  DOJ and FTC Release Revised Horizontal Merger Guidelines
  Copps Pans Google Verizon Deal
  ITIF Paper on Cloud Computing Urges ECPA Reform
  Sen. Leahy Comments on ECPA Reform
  DOJ's Grindler Addresses Electronic Surveillance, IP Enforcement and Online Porn
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,126, Thursday, August 19.
  DOJ Declines to Prosecute in School District Laptop Camera Spying Matter
  FBI Partially Lifts Gag Order in John Doe NSL Case
  FCC Reports that States Divert 911/E911 Fees to Subsidize other Programs
  More FCC News

Alert No. 2,125, Wednesday, August 18.
  WTO Panel Holds EU's Tariffs on Tech Products Violate Its WTO Obligations
  Obama Issues Routine Annual Emergency Declaration to Continue Export Regulation Regime
  GAO Reports that Government is Not Providing Actionable Cyber Threat Information
  FTC Proposes Changes to HSR Form and Rules
  More Antitrust News
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,124, Tuesday, August 17.
  FCC Report Finds Broadband Speeds Continue to Increase
  Pew Survey Finds Majority Do Not Believe Broadband Adoption Should be an Important Government Priority
  Google Asserts That It Has Not Sold Out
  Oracle Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against Google

Alert No. 2,123, Wednesday, August 11.
  Rep. Barton and Rep. Stearns Write FCC Regarding State VOIP Taxation
  Associate AG Perrelli Discusses Cyber Bullying
  Bills Signed
  More News

Alert No. 2,122, Tuesday, August 10.
  New York Files State LCD Price Fixing Complaint
  HP's Mark Hurd Resigns
  More People and Appointments
  Representatives Introduce Bill to End PNTR Status for PRC
  EC Trade Commissioner Addresses Indigenous Innovation and IPR in the PRC
  More Trade News

Alert No. 2,121, Monday, August 9.
  Verizon and Google Announce Legislative Proposal on Internet Regulation
  Net Neutrality Advocates Criticize Google Verizon Pact
  More Reaction to Google Verizon Proposal
  Commentary: Google's Net Neutrality Deal Compared to Google's Books Deal
  More News

Alert No. 2,120, Friday, August 6.
  Senate Passes Disability Access Bill
  FCC Adopts Disability Access Policy Statement, Order, and NPRM
  FCC Adopts Wireless Backhaul NPRM and NOI
  OUSTR Seeks Comments on Foreign Trade Barriers
  FTC Files Amicus Brief in Tivo v. Echostar

Alert No. 2,119, Thursday, August 5.
  FCC's Lazarus Announces End to Round of Closed Door Net Neutrality Negotiations
  Genachowski Issues Statement Regarding Wireless Antitrust Merger Reviews
  Rep. Barton and Rep. Markey Seek Info From Companies Regarding Online Tracking
  PFF Paper Predicts Reversal of Viacom v. YouTube DMCA Judgment
  ACLU Report Condemns Obama Administration Polices Regarding FISA and Surveillance
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,118, Wednesday, August 4.
  FTC and Intel Settle Antitrust Claims
  Reaction to the FTC Intel Settlement
  Commentary on Antitrust Processes
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,117, Tuesday, August 3.
  Congress Passes Foreign Libel Judgments Bill
  Senate Passes Copyright Bill
  Representatives Introduce Resolution Against New Taxes on Online Retailers
  More Capitol Hill News
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,116, Monday, August 2.
  Congress Passes USPTO Funding Bill
  Rep. Harman and Rep. Shimkus Introduce Next Generation Public Safety Device Act
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,115, Friday, July 30.
  BEA QII GDP Data Shows Growth in Tech Sector
  Copyright Office Releases 4th Triennial DMCA Exemptions
  SEC Belatedly Charges Sterling Software Founders
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,114, Thursday, July 29.
  Rep. Boucher and Rep. Stearns Introduce Voluntary Incentive Auctions Act
  Research Credit Remains Unextended
  Genachowski Addresses FCC Broadband Deployment Report and USF Reform
  FCC Releases 6th Section 706 Report
  More News

Alert No. 2,113, Wednesday, July 28.
  USPTO Releases and Seeks Comment on Post Bilski Guidance for Examiners
  FTC and DHHS Fault Rite Aid for Tossing Records with PII in Dumpsters
  Department of Commerce Issues Cyber Security Notice of Inquiry
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,112, Tuesday, July 27.
  European Commission Announces Formal Investigation of IBM
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Spectrum Relocation and Improvement Act
  CTIA Files Complaint Against San Francisco for Injunction of SAR Ordinance
  Sen. Lieberman and Sen. McCain Introduce D Block Bill
  More News

Alert No. 2,111, Monday, July 26.
  Senate Republicans Introduce Bill to Constrain FCC by Antitrust Principles
  SEC Files Complaint Against Dell for Failure to Disclose that Income from Intel Included Anti-AMD Exclusivity Payment
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on PRC Antitrust Law
  Almunia Addresses EC Competition Policy
  More Antitrust News
  DOJ/CRD Releases Advance NPRMs Proposing Expansion of ADA
  More News

Alert No. 2,110, Thursday, July 22.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves COMPETES Reauthorization Act
  Rep. Boucher and Rep. Terry Introduce Universal Service Reform Bill
  Perez Discloses A Few Details About Forthcoming DOJ/CRD ADA Tech Regulations
  Rep. Smith Asks Obama to Appoint Special Prosecutor to Investigate DOJ/CRD

Alert No. 2,109, Wednesday, July 21.
  Holder Says DOJ Will Write Rules Expanding ADA to Cover Web Sites, Movies and 911
  House Passes Prison Cell Phones Bill
  Sen. Snowe Introduces Bill to Reform Spectrum Management
  Sen. Rockefeller to Introduce Public Safety Spectrum and Wireless Innovation Act
  More Capital Hill News

Alert No. 2,108, Tuesday, July 20.
  Genachowski Discusses ADA and Disability Access in Communications and Virtual World
  FCC Releases Two Public Notices Regarding Disability Access
  More Disability News
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,107, Monday, July 19.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Disability Access Bill
  Disability Access Bill Provides for FCC Regulation of Software, Equipment, and Internet Services Used to Communicate
  Disability Access Bill Provides for FCC Regulation of Devices that Can Receive or Play Video
  Disability Access Bill Provides Section 230 Like Immunity for Communications, Access, Storage and Search Service Providers
  Where Are the DOJ's ADA IT Rules?
  Perez Addresses ADA and New Technologies

Alert No. 2,106, Friday, July 16.
  Dell Announces Impending Settlement with SEC
  House Science Committee Holds Hearing on Cyber Attack Attribution
  The Big Red Switch in the Oval Office
  More Cyber Security News
  2nd Quarter Tech Earnings
  More News

Alert No. 2,105, Thursday, July 15.
  DHHS and Electronic Health Records
  FCC Proposes to Expand Rural Health Clinic Universal Service Program
  FCC Adopts NPRM and NOI Regarding Use of MSS Spectrum for Mobile Broadband
  FCC Announces Agenda for August 5 Meeting
  More FCC News

Alert No. 2,104, Wednesday, July 14.
  California Files Brief with Supreme Court in Video Games First Amendment Case
  Genachowski States FCC and NTIA Will Inventory Spectrum
  House Passes Government Telework Bill
  Congress Inactive on Private Sector Telework Bills
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,103, Tuesday, July 13.
  2nd Circuit Holds FCC Indecency Policy Violates First Amendment
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,102, Monday, July 12.
  FCC Discloses Data on High Cost Universal Service Subsidies
  More FCC News
  USPTO Releases Draft Five Year Plan
  USPTO To Allow All Applicants Special Status for Examination Who Abandon a Copending Unexamined Application
  More IP News

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