Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
January - June, 2009

Alert No. 1,963, Tuesday, June 30.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in RS-DVR Case
  10th Circuit Affirms FTC Judgment Against Information Broker
  9th Circuit Rules on Prevailing Party Attorneys Fees in Copyright Cases
  DHS/CBP Supervisor Embezzles Laptop from Airline Passenger
  6th Circuit Declines to Rule on State Taxes, E-Commerce, Commerce Clause, and Indian Tribes

Alert No. 1,962, Monday, June 29.
  9th Circuit Considers  230's Good Samaritan Clause and Blocking of Adware
  9th Circuit Again Rejects Section 230 Defense
  Time Warner and Comcast Announce Principles for Online Video Programming Trial
  OUSTR and Department of Commerce Write PRC Regarding Green Dam Mandate
  7th Circuit Comments on Chevron Deference
  Update on FTC Scareware Case

Alert No. 1,961, Wednesday, June 24.
  DC Circuit Rules Unions Can Mandate Members Only Web Sites
  DOJ and FTC Fine Malone $1.4 Million
  ITIF Recommends Creation of White House Office of Innovation Policy

Alert No. 1,960, Tuesday, June 23.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in AT&T Mobility v. Shorts
  2nd Circuit Considers Must Carry
  Ralsky, Bown and Others Plead Guilty in CAN-SPAM and CFAA Case
  House Passes Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Bill

Alert No. 1,959, Monday, June 22.
  DC Circuit Hands Verizon Pyrrhic Victory in Forbearance Case
  2nd Circuit Holds Removal of Unique Product Codes From Noncounterfeit Products Can Constitute Trademark Infringement
  9th Circuit Addresses Text Messaging and TCPA
  OSG Urges Supreme Court to Deny Cert in DBC
  Obama Nominates Greenaway for 3rd Circuit
  More People and Appointments (Martin Nominated for 11th Circuit)
  More News

Alert No. 1,958, Thursday, June 18.
  Obama Picks IBM's Kappos for USPTO
  Copps Discusses Unserved and Underserved
  Bill Would Give FTC Authority to Regulate Service Plans of Broadband Internet Service Providers
  Jury Returns Verdict Against P2P Infringer

Alert No. 1,957, Wednesday, June 17.
  11th Circuit Rules in VA Data Breach Case
  Sen. Akaka Introduces Bill to Replace Title II of REAL ID Act
  CEA's Shapiro Discusses Tech Policy
  More News
  Tech Crime Report

Alert No. 1,956, Tuesday, June 16.
  House Passes Student Internet Safety Act
  FRB Governor Addresses Recession, Policy, Tech and Innovation
  Korea US Free Trade Agreement
  CEA's Shapiro Calls EU Antitrust Actions Protectionism
  AAI Paper Defends EU Antitrust Action Against Intel
  AAI Paper Urges Antitrust Regulators to Promote Human Dignity

Alert No. 1,955, Monday, June 15.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in ACM v. FCC
  More Supreme Court News
  EC Report Finds that US Internet Gambling Laws Are a Barrier to Trade
  EC Seeks Comments on Broadband Networks Plan
  CCIA Urges US China JCCT to Discuss Internet Censorship as a Trade Barrier

Alert No. 1,954, Friday, June 12.
  House Constitution Subcommittee Approves States Secrets Protection Act
  Rep. Bean Introduces Telework Equipment Tax Credit Bill
  Next ACTA Meeting to Be Held in July In Morocco
  District Court Imposes 21 Month Prison Sentence for Phone Record Pretexting
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 1,953, Thursday, June 11.
  ACLU Seeks DHS Records Regarding Unwarranted Laptop Searches
  Summary of Bills Regarding DHS/CBP Laptop Searches
  Summary of Cases Regarding DHS/CBP Laptop Searches
  French Court Rules on Three Strikes Statute
  Deanne Maynard Joins MoFo
  Miriam Nisbet Named Director of OGIS
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 1,952, Wednesday, June 10.
  House Passes Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009
  House Passes Bill to Extend Antitrust Leniency Program
  Supreme Court Grants Cert to Determine Principal Place of Business for Diversity Jurisdiction
  House Commerce Democrats and Copps Complain About FCC Forbearance Process
  FCC Discloses High Cost Universal Service Data
  Barton and Stearns Write FCC About USF
  Senate Judiciary Committee to Move Quickly on Sotomayor Nomination
  AT&T to Sell New iPhone
  People and Appointments (Genachowski hearing set; more)
  More News (NIST approves DSS; Kirk on Doha; Net filters in PRC; Russia in the WTO?)

Alert No. 1,951, Tuesday, June 9.
  Wyden and Snowe Introduce Mobile Wireless Tax Fairness Act
  House Bill Provides Funds for LOC Law Library to Catalog and Archive Electronically in Nonproprietary Format
  FBI Director Testifies About Cyber Crime, FBI IT and Intercepts
  House Commerce Subcommittee Holds Hearing on DOC ICANN JPA
  9th Circuit Allows CFIT v. VeriSign Antitrust Case to Proceed
  9th Circuit Rules in Section 252 Interconnection Case
  More News (House Passes HR 1736 and HR 1709)

Alert No. 1,950, Monday, June 8.
  9th Circuit Denies En Banc Rehearing in Nelson v. NASA
  Sen. Feinstein Praises Outgoing FISA Judge Kotelly
  Bill Introduced to Extend Antitrust Leniency Program for One Year
  Conyers Introduces Antitrust Immunity Bill for Merchants Negotiating Credit Card Fees and Terms
  Rep. Honda Introduces Enhancing STEM Education Act
  More News

Alert No. 1,949, Friday, June 5.
  DC Circuit Upholds FCC's LPFM Rules
  3rd Circuit Applies Discovery Rule to Accrual of Copyright Claims
  NAB Opposes Vote on Performance Rights Act
  NTIA and NHTSA Publish E-911 Grant Program Rules
  U.S. Regulators Attend International Antitrust Conference
  Blair Levin Returns to FCC
  More FCC Appointments
  More People and Appointments (SJC Approves Hamilton & Davis; Obama Picks More US Attorneys)

Alert No. 1,948, Thursday, June 4.
  News Media Report that DOJ is Investigating Recruiting Practices of Tech Companies
  DOJ Paper Discusses Competition in Network Industries
  House Commerce Subcommittee Marks Up Data Data Accountability and Trust Act
  EPIC and Markle Comment on Health Breach Notification Rules
  6th Circuit Rules in Wike v. Vertrue
  More Praise for McDowell

Alert No. 1,947, Wednesday, June 3.
  Rep. Issa Introduces XBRL Bill
  Protecting Car Dealers from Internet Competition
  House Subcommittee to Mark Up Data Accountability and Trust Act
  Obama to Renominate McDowell to FCC

Alert No. 1,946, Tuesday, June 2.
  DOJ Urges SCUS to Deny Cert in RS-DVR Case
  Obama Addresses Cyber Security
  Reaction to Obama's Cyber Security Speech
  Surveillance, CALEA, and Cyber Security

Alert No. 1,945, Monday, June 1.
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in In Re Bilski
  DOJ and FCC Urge SCUS to Deny Cert in Section 253 Cases
  DOJ and FCC File Brief with SCUS in Challenge to FCC Local Franchising Order

Alert No. 1,944, Thursday, May 28.
  Judge Sonia Sotomayor
  Sotomayor, Souter, and State Regulation of Internet Commerce
  Sotomayor, Tasini and the Rights of Authors
  Sotomayor's Fair Use Opinion in Castle Rock
  Sotomayor's Opinion in Sprecht v. Netscape
  Statements Regarding the Selection of Sotomayor
  Sotomayor's Background

Alert No. 1,943, Wednesday, May 27.
  Obama Picks Roos for Ambassador to Japan
  More People and Appointments (Tim Roemer to be Ambassador to India)
  FBI Agent Sentenced for Section 1030 Violations
  More Tech Crimes
  Senate Commerce Committee Investigates E-Commerce Marketing
  ITIF Urges Federal Web Sites to Use Persistent Cookies to Improve Service

Alert No. 1,942, Thursday, May 21.
  More DOJ Personnel Named
  PFF Argues Against COPPA 2.0 and Age Verification Mandates

Alert No. 1,941, Wednesday, May 20.
  Craigslist Files Section 230 Declaratory Judgment Action
  Obama Nominates Verveer for State Department Communications Position

Alert No. 1,940, Tuesday, May 19.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert In Steinbeck v. Penguin
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Stored Communications Act and Wiretap Act Case
  Federal Circuit Holds No Jurisdiction Over UK Holder of US Patent

Alert No. 1,939, Monday, May 18.
  DOJ's Shapiro Discusses Antitrust Policy
  FTC Dismisses Rambus Complaint
  Copps Discusses Journalism and Regulation

Alert No. 1,938, Wednesday, May 13.
  House  Judiciary Committee Approves Performance Rights Act
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Webcaster Settlement Act

Alert No. 1,937, Tuesday, May 12.
  EC  Fines Intel One Billion Euros
  Varney Reverses DOJ Policy Regarding Single Firm Conduct

Alert No. 1,936, Thursday, May 7.
  Cisco and NASA Hacker Indicted
  Obama Addresses Free Trade
  US and Japan Discuss PR China's IT Security Products Certification Regime
  USTR Releases Annual 301 Report

Alert No. 1,935, Wednesday, May 6.
  8th Circuit Affirms Injunction of Nebraska VOIP Tax
  Court of Appeals Denies Petition for Review in Big LEO Case
  Transparency: EFF and PK Complain About OUSTR's Secret ACTA

Alert No. 1,934, Tuesday, May 5.
  Sen. Sessions Named Ranking Republican On Senate Judiciary Committee
  Supreme Court Construes Aggravated Identity Theft Statute
  Supreme Court Vacates and Remands in FCC v. CBS
  Supreme Court Reverses in Carlsband Technology v. HIF Bio
  Copyright Office to Hold Meeting on Pending Rulemaking Proceedings

Alert No. 1,933, Wednesday, April 29.
  Obama Announces Mignon Clyburn for FCC Commissioner
  DOJ Obtains Indictment of Spammers under 1030 and 1037
  Senate Judiciary Committee to Consider State Secrets Bill
  9th Circuit Rules in State Secrets Case

Alert No. 1,932, Tuesday, April 28.
  Supreme Court Reverses in FCC v. Fox
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Golden Bridge v. Motorola
  Sen. Specter Switches Parties

Alert No. 1,931, Monday, April 27.
  House Passes Bill to Study Environmental Impact of Electronic Devices
  FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for May 13 Meeting
  FTC Releases Report on Consumer Protection Issues Associated with Mobile Devices
  USTR Kirk Discusses Trade Agenda
  People and Appointments (DOJ/ATR positions)

Alert No. 1,930, Tuesday, April 21.
  1st Circuit Rejects Webcasting of Civil Motions Hearings in District Court
  Groups Vie Over IPR Related Appointments

Alert No. 1,929, Monday, April 20.
  Obama Names Chopra Federal CTO
  Obama Picks Encryption Opponent for ODNI General Counsel
  What Robert Litt Had to Say About Encryption
  TLJ Coverage of Encryption Policy Debates: 1998-2000
  DNI Releases Statement Regarding Surveillance
  Time Warner Cable Ends Consumption Based Pricing Trials

Alert No. 1,928, Thursday, April 16.
  Swedish Criminal Court Convicts Pirate Bay Operators
  DHS Privacy Office Seeks Comments on Government Use of Social Media
  Microsoft and DOJ Agree on Further Extension of Section III.E of Final Judgment
  House Intelligence Committee Examines NSA Compliance with FISA

Alert No. 1,927, Wednesday, April 15.
  Holder Advocates Some Constitutional Principles
  Agencies Reopen Comment Period for GLB Model Privacy Form
  Free Press and Cable Argue Merits of Charging for Broadband by Usage

Alert No. 1,926, Tuesday, April 14.
  Liebowitz Picks Farrell to Lead FTC Bureau of Economics
  Liebowitz Picks Feinstein to Lead FTC Bureau of Competition
  Liebowitz Picks DeSanti to Lead FTC Office of Policy Planning
  More FTC Appointments (David Vladeck for BCP, Joni Lupovitz for COS, and Jeanne Bumpus for OCR)
  Courts of Appeals Address Reliance Upon Government Databases

Alert No. 1,925, Monday, April 13.
  2nd Circuit Affirms Denial of PPT Franchises to Organized Crime
  OUSTR Releases Annual  1377 Telecom Report
  OUSTR Releases Summary of Proposed ACTA

Alert No. 1,924, Saturday, April 11.
  FCC Releases NOI on Broadband Plan
  Broadband Plan Statute: Public Law No. 111-5, 6001(k)
  Additional Questions Asked by FCC's Broadband Plan Notice of Inquiry
  FCC Releases Amended NOI on Annual Video Competition Reports
  FCC Releases R&O and FNPRM on 4.9 GHz Band

Alert No. 1,923, Wednesday, April 8.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Cygnus v. Telesys
  9th Circuit Denies Rehearing in Fones4All v. FCC
  Court of Appeals Rules in Case Regarding Passports for Residents of Taiwan
  11th Circuit Rules in Vega v. T-Mobile
  CRJs Seek More Comments On Regs For Filing Notice of Use and the Delivery of Sound Recordings Under 114 & 112

Alert No. 1,922, Wednesday, April 6.
  House Commerce Committee Seeks FCC Data on High Cost Universal Service
  Consumer Watchdog Asks DOJ to Intervene in District Court Review of Google Books Settlement
  2nd Circuit Addresses Google's Sale of Trademarked Terms as Keywords in Context Based Advertising
  Groups Write Obama Regarding IPR Related Appointments

Alert No. 1,921, Wednesday, April 1.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Continues Mark Up of Patent Bill
  FCC Seeks Comments on Broadband Data Collection and Survey
  FCC Releases Agenda for April 8 Meeting
  FTC Tells Congress It Wants More Power and Money
  USTR Releases Annual Trade Report
  Antitrust Division Releases Information Regarding E-Discovery

Alert No. 1,920, Tuesday, March 31.
  1st Circuit Rules on Liability of Retailers in Data Theft Case
  9th Circuit Holds Arbitration Clause in Wireless Internet Service Contract Unenforceable
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Tavory v. NTP
  Obama Picks Strickling for NTIA
  Senators Kerry and Snowe Introduce Bill to Require Spectrum Inventory

Alert No. 1,919, Monday, March 30.
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Media Shield and Communications Services Provider Protection Bill
  Senate Judiciary Committee Begins Mark Up of Patent Bill
  FTC Releases Annual Report
  FTC Sues Dish Network Over Telemarketing

Alert No. 1,918, Wednesday, March 25.
  Supreme Court Requests OSG Briefs in Section 253 Cases
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Dell v. New Mexico
  Microsoft and TomTom Both File Patent Infringement Actions
  FCC Releases a R&O and a NPRM Regarding MedRadio Service

Alert No. 1,917, Tuesday, March 24.
  Sen. Specter Announces Opposition to Union Organizing Bill
  CEA Criticizes Union Organizing Bills
  Public Knowledge Complains about Connected Nation
  Obama Picks Adelstein for RUS

Alert No. 1,916, Friday, March 20.
  SEC Commissioner Advocates Expansion of SEC Authority and IT Based Surveillance
  Discovery Communications Alleges Amazon's Kindle Infringes Patent
  EPIC Files Complaint With FTC Against Google
  1st Circuit Addresses Copyrightable Subject Matter

Alert No. 1,915, Thursday, March 19.
  6th Circuit Delays Decision in Constitutional Challenge to Ohio Indecency Statute
  Senate Judiciary Committee Delays Consideration of Patent Reform Act
  Free Press Paper Attacks Use of Deep Packet Inspection
  Obama Picks Cam Kerry for General Counsel at Department of Commerce

Alert No. 1,914, Wednesday, March 18.
  9th Circuit Addresses Trademark Infringement in Domain Names
  GAO Reports on IT Security Weaknesses at SEC
  Mexico Retaliates Against US Protectionism
  Obama Nominates Hamilton for 7th Circuit

Alert No. 1,913, Monday, March 16.
  DOJ Brings Another LCD Price Fixing Action
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Varney Confirmation Hearing
  9th Circuit Considers Use of FTC Act and TSR to Shut Down Fraudulent Telemarketers
  Obama Selects Tom Perez to Head Civil Rights Division

Alert No. 1,912, Thursday, March 12.
  Court of Appeals Upholds FCC Dismissal of M2Z Application
  Reitinger Named to Cyber Security Position at DHS
  Senate Commerce Committee Names Subcommittee Members
  Topolski Joins New America Foundation

Alert No. 1,911, Tuesday, March 10.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Patent Case Involving Online Business Methods, Prior Art and Obviousness
  Copyright Office to Hold Hearings on DMCA Exemptions
  6th Circuit Addresses Substantial Similarity in Copyright Case

Alert No. 1,910, Friday, March 6.
  ITIF Paper Offers Broadband Policy Recommendations
  NCTA Advocates Principles for Broadband Grants Programs
  Sen. Grassley Questions Obama on NAFTA
  Co-Workers' Warrantless Search of Laptop Does Not Implicate 4th Amendment

Alert No. 1,909, Thursday, March 5.
  Obama Names Kundra Chief Information Officer
  OMB Releases Annual FISMA Report
  Obama Administration Announces Review of Cyber and Communications Security
  Copyright Office Publishes Webcaster Agreements
  FTC Invokes FTC Act, Not Sherman Act, to Stop Information Exchanges by Music Merchants
  People and Appointments (SJC clears Ogden, Kagan, Kris & Perrelli; Fugate picked for FEMA)

Alert No. 1,908, Wednesday, March 4.
  Patent Reform Bills Introduced
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in Reed Elsevier v. Muchnick
  Obama Announces Intent to Nominate Genachowski
  Lessig Belittles Copyright Bill and Political Contributions

Alert No. 1,907, Monday, March 2.
  Preliminary Budget Proposal Contains Spectrum License User Fee
  Preliminary Budget Proposal Contains Proposal to Make R&D Tax Credit Permanent
  PFF Paper Addresses Parental Control Technologies and Parental Responsibility
  FCC Fines Carriers Regarding CPNI Reporting
  More FCC News (XM Sirius, Sprint, DTV transition, FCC meeting agenda)
  People and Appointments (Brenner leaves NCTA, Obama picks Leibowitz, Basham retires from CBP)
  More News (trademark ruling, Hynix v. Rambus order, fairness doctrine)

Alert No. 1,906, Friday, February 27.
  Supreme Court Reverses in Pacific Bell v. Linkline
  Supreme Court: There Is Robust Competition in the Broadband Market
  Commentary: Impact of Pacific Bell v. LinkLine
  En Banc Panel Affirms Nacchio Conviction
  8th Circuit Applies Filed Rate Doctrine in Cable Case
  Consumer Group Complains About Google

Alert No. 1,905, Thursday, February 26.
  House Passes Omnibus Appropriations Bill
  HR 1105 Provides USPTO Funding
  HR 1105 Provides NTIA Funding
  HR 1105 Provides NIST Funding
  HR 1105 Provides BIS Funding
  HR 1105 Provides DOJ Funding
  HR 1105 Provides OUSTR Funding
  HR 1105 Provides Science Funding
  HR 1105 Provides FCC Funding
  HR 1105 Provides FTC Funding
  HR 1105 Provides Privacy Related Funding
  Gary Locke Nominated for Secretary of Commerce

Alert No. 1,904, Wednesday, February 25.
  Obama and Aso Agree on Need to Resist Protectionism
  Obama Gives Speech to Congress
  Sen. Leahy Seeks Review of Warrantless Wiretaps and Other Anti-Terror Activities
  ABA Section Submits Views on Inequitable Conduct
  Property Rights Alliance Argues that IPR Protection is Linked to Higher GDP Per Capita

Alert No. 1,903, Tuesday, February 24.
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Rambus Case
  Jonathan Leibowitz
  SEC Commissioner Walter Discusses IT and Financial Information
  FTC to Hold Third Set of Hearings on the Market for IP

Alert No. 1,902, Monday, February 23.
  9th Circuit Holds California Video Games Statute Unconstitutional
  Antitrust Division Files Brief in US v. CMLS
  10th Circuit Considers Access and Substantial Similarity in Copyright Cases

Alert No. 1,901, Tuesday, February 17.
  Obama Signs Spending Bill
  CEA Chief Criticizes Spending Bill, Protectionism, Unionization Mandates, and Anti-Immigration Policy
  AT&T Fined $8 Million for E-Rate Practices
  Software Counterfeiters Indicted

Alert No. 1,900, Monday, February 16.
  Congress Passes Spending Bill
  DC Circuit Rules in NCTA v. FCC
  Guilty Plea Reveals Pretexting, Social Engineering and Hacking of Verizon Phone Systems
  Kindle2's Text to Audio Feature and Copyright

Alert No. 1,899, Friday, February 13.
  House and Senate to Vote on Conference Report on Spending Bill
  Summary of Broadband Grants Provisions in Spending Bill
  Spending Bill Includes More DTV Transition Funding
  Spending Bill Includes Research Funding
  Spending Bill Includes Smoot Hawley Provision
  FCC Delays 700 MHz Band Narrowband Relocation Deadline
  Sen. Gregg No Longer Obama's Nominee to Head Commerce Department
  DOJ Obtains Indictment of Former CEO of Cathode Ray Tube Manufacturer
  FTC Releases Report on Online Behavioral Advertising

Alert No. 1,898, Thursday, February 12.
  Obama Signs DTV Delay Act
  FCC Makes Further DTV Transition Announcements
  FCC Approves Time Warner and Time Warner Cable Split
  Copps Discusses Sirius XM
  Copps Discusses FCC Agenda
  Conferees Consider Conference Report on Huge Spending Bill
  4th Circuit Issues Opinion in MCImetro v. Christie

Alert No. 1,897, Wednesday, February 11.
  Senate Passes Its Version of Huge Spending Bill
  Economists Criticize Broadband Provisions in Spending Bill
  DC Circuit Upholds FCC's Number Porting 222 Order
  Sen. Leahy Discusses Agenda

Alert No. 1,896, Tuesday, February 10.
  8th Circuit Affirms in Firstcom v. Qwest
  FTC Obtains Fine From Deceptive Sellers of Prepaid Calling Cards
  Performance Rights Act Reintroduced

Alert No. 1,895, Monday, February 9.
  House Passes Watch List Database Redress Bill
  9th Circuit Holds Government Database With No Redress Process Violates Due Process
  DOJ Releases Redacted Copies of Leniency Letters

Alert No. 1,894, Sunday, February 8.
  RIM, Officers, and Directors Settle with OSC on Option Backdating
  4th Circuit Issues Opinion in NTP v. RIM FOIA Case
  McAfee Reports that Economic Downturn Creates Perfect Storm of IT Security Risks
  Microsoft's Ballmer Addresses Democratic Caucus

Alert No. 1,893, Friday, February 6.
  Conyers Reintroduces Fair Copyright in Research Works Act
  FTC Brings and Settles Administrative Action Against Hacked Online Retailers
  Privacy International Asserts Google's Phone Tracking Threatens Privacy
  FCC Announces Procedures for Terminating Analog Broadcast Service Prior to June 12

Alert No. 1,892, Thursday, February 5.
  House Commerce Committee Republicans Announced
  Obama Revokes EO 13422
  FTC Announces 10 Year Plan for Reviewing Rules
  Cato Paper Advocates Free Trade in Telecom and Other Services
  9th Circuit Considers Employee 4th Amendment Challenges to Search of Company Premises

Alert No. 1,891, Wednesday, February 4.
  House Passes DTV Delay Act
  NCTA and Free Press Write Senators Regarding Broadband Grants in HR 1
  Tech Groups Oppose Smoot Hawley Provisions in HR 1
  FCC to Host Summit on IP Enabled 911 Services

Alert No. 1,890, Tuesday, February 3.
  DOJ Obtains TFT-LCD Price Fixing Indictment
  McDowell Discusses DTV Transition and FCC Reform
  House to Consider DTV Delay Act

Alert No. 1,889, Monday, February 2.
  DC Circuit Rules in Internet Gambling Case
  WTO Panel Rules in PRC IPR Case

Alert No. 1,888, Wednesday, January 28.
  House Rejects DTV Delay Act
  McDowell and Copps Address FCC Reform
  McDowell Criticizes Proposals to Renew Fairness or Censorship Doctrine
  Copyright Office Amends Copyright Royalty Judges' 115 Determination

Alert No. 1,887, Tuesday, January 27.
  House to Consider Spending Bill
  Senate Approves DTV Delay Act
  House Debates DTV Delay Act

Alert No. 1,886, Wednesday, January 21.
  BIS Issues NOI on Encryption Items
  Allegations of DOJ Misconduct Threaten Conviction of Sen. Stevens
  FCC Resumes Its Statutory Obligation to Study Video Competition

Alert No. 1,885, Tuesday, January 20.
  Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review Upholds Warrantless Surveillance Under FISA Against 4th Amendment Challenge
  House Commerce Committee to Mark Up Bill to Delay DTV Transition

Alert No. 1,884, Thursday, January 15.
  Martin Announces Resignation
  Jobs to Take Medical Leave of Absence
  Patrick McGoohan Died
  DOJ Fines AT&T for Violating AT&T Dobson Merger Orders
  Former State Department Employee Pleads to  1030 Violation

Alert No. 1,883, Wednesday, January 14.
  4th Circuit Rules in Case Regarding Local Taxation of Online Travel Sales Companies
  4th Circuit Holds US Can Use Video Obtained From Warrantless Hidden Video Cameras Placed on Owner's Private Property
  1st Circuit Construes Federal Phone Harassment Statute
  GAO Finds IT Security Weaknesses at IRS

Alert No. 1,882, Tuesday, January 13.
  Julius Genachowski
  Bartz Named CEO of Yahoo
  FTC Writes Rules to Bolster Power of Antitrust Regulators

Alert No. 1,881, Monday, January 12.
  Obama Transition Suggests Legislative Extensive of February 17 DTV Transition
  New York and Arbitron Settle PPM Dispute
  FTC and Amici Seek Supreme Court Review in Rambus Case

Alert No. 1,880, Thursday, January 8.
  DOJ Obtains Indictment Under Federal Anti-Pretexting Statute
  Identity Theft Resource Center Releases List of Data Breaches in 2008
  District Court Issues Modified Final Judgment in US v. Bell Atlantic

Alert No. 1,879, Wednesday, January 7.
  ITIF Argues for Economic Stimulus Spending on IT Infrastructure
  CCIA Releases IT Recommendations for Obama Transition
  AAI Submits Antitrust Recommendations to Obama Transition
  CDT Releases IT Policy Proposals for Obama Administration
  CSIS Urges Obama Administration to Mandate Authentication on Internet

Alert No. 1,878, Tuesday, January 6.
  Obama Names Perrelli to be DOJ Associate Attorney General
  Obama Names David Ogden to be Deputy Attorney General
  Obama Names Elena Kagan to be Solicitor General
  6th Circuit Rules in Section 230 Case
  7th Circuit Upholds Traffic Fines Based Upon Camera Surveillance

Alert No. 1,877, Monday, January 5.
  Bush Signs Limited Analog Broadcast Extension Bill
  Copyright Office Seeks Comments on Proposed DMCA Exemptions
  Defendants in Hizballah TV Case Plead Guilty