Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
January - June, 2012

Alert No. 2,403, Tuesday, June 26.
  Representatives Introduce State Secrets Privilege Bill
  Rep. Issa Sends Letter to SEC Regarding Facebook IPO
  Senate Banking Subcommittee Holds Hearing on IPO Process
  More Bills

Alert No. 2,402, Monday, June 25.
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in Comcast v. Behrend
  DOJ's Kimmelman Addresses Antitrust in Media and Other Sectors
  Representatives Seek Independent Counsel for Stuxnet and Other National Security Leaks

Alert No. 2,401, Thursday, June 21.
  Senate Passes Farm Bill with Rural Broadband Provisions
  Strickling Addresses Internet Governance
  Former AG Mukasey Condemns Cyber Warfare Leaks
  Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,400, Wednesday, June 20.
  Supreme Court Again Ducks First Amendment Issue in FCC v. Fox Television
  FCC to Resume Enforcement of Broadcast Indecency Policy
  Reaction to Supreme Court Opinion in FCC v. Fox

Alert No. 2,399, Tuesday, June 19.
  House Judiciary Committee Approves FISA Bill
  HJC Roll Call Votes on HR 5949
  Rep. Barton and Rep. Markey Write W3C Regarding Do Not Track

Alert No. 2,398, Monday, June 18.
  Copyright Office Issues Proposed STELA Rules Regarding Auditing Statements of Account
  Senators Introduce Bill to Establish PNTR with Russia
  FTC and DOJ Release Annual HSR Report
  More News

Alert No. 2,397, Friday, June 15.
  SASC Approves Defense Authorization Bill with Cyber Warfare and ICT Provisions
  New America Foundation Criticizes US Offensive Cyber Warfare
  Obama Nominates Two for USDC Northern District of California
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,396, Thursday, June 14.
  FDA Monitors E-Mail With Congress
  Senate Considers Bill To Extend FISA Outside the US Warrantless Wiretap Authority
  House Judiciary Committee Takes Up Bill To Extend FISA Outside the US Warrantless Wiretap Authority
  Commentary: Warrantless Wiretaps and Senate Secrecy

Alert No. 2,395, Wednesday, June 13.
  Obama Issues Order Regarding Broadband Access on Federal Lands and Buildings
  Rep. Rogers and Rep. Ruppersburger Write Huawei and ZTE and About Ties to PRC Government
  DOT Releases Report on Distracted Driving
  Rep. Scott Introduces Drones Bill
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,394, Saturday, June 9.
  Holder Assigns Two to Investigate Cyber Warfare Leaks
  Intelligence Committee Leaders Hold News Conference to Condemn Cyber Warfare Leaks
  Sen. Feinstein and Rep. Rogers Call for Legislation Following Cyber Warfare Leaks
  Cyber Warfare, Presidential War Powers, and Congressional Oversight
  Commentary: Cyber Warfare and the Department of Energy

Alert No. 2,393, Friday, June 8.
  House Judiciary Committee Approves RAPID Act
  Former National Security Officials Urge Senate to Pass Cyber Security Bill
  Bernanke Addresses Economy and R&D
  OMB Memo Addresses Administration's Research Priorities
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,392, Thursday, June 7.
  Obama Reappoints Clyburn
  FCC Releases Agenda for June 13 Meeting
  FTC Takes Action Against Two Companies for Inadvertent P2P File Sharing
  Commentary: the Movie Industry and the FTC

Alert No. 2,391, Wednesday, June 6.
  Senate to Take Up Farm Bill with Rural Broadband and Telemedicine Provisions
  Members of Congress Condemn Leaks of Information About US Cyber Attacks on Iran
  Sen. Grassley and Rep. Issa Write DHS Regarding Preference for Paper over E-Mail
  Rep. Markey and Rep. Barton Write Facebook Regarding Plans to Target Children

Alert No. 2,390, Tuesday, June 5.
  FCC Paper Analyzes Using Markets to Allocate Interference Rights
  TPI Urges FCC to Use Surveys Rather Than Censuses to Obtain Industry Data
  Industry Botnet Group Announces Voluntary Principles
  Disney Announces Children's Food Advertising Standards
  DHS to Host Privacy Workshop
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,389, Monday, June 4.
  Representatives Address Hurricanes, Broadcasting, and Radio Tuners in Mobile Phones
  Microsoft's Next Brower Will Have Do Not Track on by Default
  CCIA Launches Disruptive Competition Project
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,388, Friday, June 1.
  House Passes FCC Consolidated Reporting Act
  Overall Unemployment Rate Steady; Tech Employment Up; Communications Employment Down
  House Judiciary Committee to Mark Up RAPID Act
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,387, Thursday, May 31.
  USPTO Proposes Rules for Micro Entity 75% Discount on Fees
  Obama Signs Bill Extending Authority of Export Import Bank
  SEC Alleges Insider Trading by Former Yahoo Executive
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,386, Wednesday, May 30.
  FTC/DOJ File Amicus Brief on Antitrust Standing of Direct Purchasers Who Allege Fraud Upon USPTO
  Copyright Office Proposes to Change Definition of Claimant
  Sen. Grassley Wants Judges to Meet on Skype Rather Than on Maui
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,385, Wednesday, May 23.
  Representatives Ask Twitter About Its Collection and Use of Personally Identifiable Information
  Rep. Frank Introduces Bill to Regulate Recorded Phone Messages
  Phoenix Center Defends BIAS UBP
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves PCLOB Nominees
  Senate Confirms Watford for 9th Circuit
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,384, Wednesday, May 16.
  House Passes Bill to Limit State Taxation of Mobile Workers
  Commentary: State Taxation of Teleworkers
  Senators Casey and Schumer Condemn Facebook's Saverin
  Sen. Schumer Introduces Bill to Criminalize Removal of ID Numbers from Mobile Devices

Alert No. 2,383, Tuesday, May 15.
  Bill Would Ban Use of Federal Telemedicine Funds and Interstate Telecommunications in Connection with an Abortion
  Connecticut Representatives Again Introduce Telecommuter Tax Fairness Act
  Republicans Introduce Bills to Prevent Agencies From Adopting Major Rules Under a Lame Duck President

Alert No. 2,382, Monday, May 14.
  House and Senate Bills Would Affect Employer Demands for Employees' Personal Passwords
  Pai Annouces Staff
  Senate Confirms Nguyen for 9th Circuit
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,381, Monday, April 30.
  House Passes Cybersecurity Enhancement Act
  House Passes NITRD Bill
  House Judiciary Committee Report Accuses DOJ of Disregarding the Constitution and Rule of Law
  Sen. Grassley Lifts Holds on Rosenworcel and Pai
  Judicial Appointments

Alert No. 2,380, Wednesday, April 25.
  House Passes CISPA
  Amendment by Amendment Summary of House Consideration of CISPA
  House Passes Federal Information Security Amendments Act
  Rep. Stearns and Rep. Matsui Introduce 1755-1780 MHz Band Bill
  Rep. Waxman and Rep. Eshoo Seek Hearing on Verizon Cable Deals
  Public Knowledge Paper Urges FCC Oversight of BIAS Pricing Plans

Alert No. 2,379, Tuesday, April 24.
  House Passes DATA Act
  Sponsors Agree to Some Amendments to CISPA
  Obama EOP Opposes CISPA
  Rep. Lofgren Announces Key Concerns with CISPA

Alert No. 2,378, Monday, April 23.
  Rep. Upton Report Covers Auctions, FCC Reform, Cyber Security, and Online Privacy
  NAB Chief Discusses Legislative and Regulatory Issues
  Colorado Representatives Introduce Targeted TV Bill
  More Bills
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,377, Saturday, April 21.
  House to Consider CISPA on April 26-27
  Advocates of Limited Government Request Changes to CISPA
  Bill Shock: New York Sues Sprint Nextel to Compel it to Tax Consumers More
  Bill Shock: FCC Touts Its New Web Site
  Update on Wireless Tax Fairness Act
  Judicial Appointments

Alert No. 2,376, Friday, April 20.
  House May Consider Cyber Security Information Sharing Bill
  Ways and Means Subcommittee Hearing to Address Expired R&D Tax Credit
  Rep. Issa Releases Revised Draft of DATA Bill
  European Parliament Ratifies PNR Agreement
  USPTO and UKIPO Release Report on Search and Examination Collaboration
  US Telecom Reports on Broadband Capital Expenditures
  FCC Releases Order on Reconsideration in EAS Proceeding

Alert No. 2,375, Thursday, April 19.
  Verizon Announces Plans to Sell 700 MHz A and B Spectrum
  IAB Reports on Internet Ad Revenues
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on PCLOB Nominees
  House Committee Approves FISMA Amendments Bill
  House Homeland Security Committee Approves PRECISE Act
  Tech Groups Endorse CISPA and other Cyber Security Bills
  Trade News
  Antitrust News
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,374, Wednesday, April 18.
  Supreme Court Rules in Kappos v. Hyatt
  Supreme Court Reverses in Caraco Pharmaceutical v. Novo Nordisk
  Rep. Smith and Rep. Schultz Introduce Bill Pertaining to Tax Return Identity Theft
  House Intelligence Committee Releases Statement on CISPA
  VAWA Reauthorization Bill Would Revise Section 223's Ban on Annoying People on the Internet
  Internet Governance News

Alert No. 2,373, Tuesday, April 17.
  House Committees to Mark Up Cyber Security Bills
  RIAA, NMPA and DMA Announce Settlement in CRB Rate Proceeding
  FCC Will Take No Enforcement Action Against Google for WiFi Surveillance
  Genachowski Picks Gary Epstein for FCC Incentive Auctions Task Force
  Barnett to Leave FCC
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,372, Monday, April 16.
  9th Circuit Holds Unconstitutional the Ban on Public Broadcasting of Political and Issues Advertising
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Case Regarding First Sale Doctrine
  2nd Circuit Applies Sherman Act 1 in Magazine Industry Case

Alert No. 2,371, Saturday, April 14.
  ITIF Recommends Focusing STEM Education on Most Interested and Capable Students
  SEC Files Complaint Against PRC Company that Used Online Accounts to Inflate Its NASDAQ Trading Volume
  ICT Groups Warn Obama Administration About Indigenous Innovation Policies in PRC and Elsewhere
  Scott Turow Criticizes DOJ E-Books Action
  Google's Larry Page Is Excited About Tablets
  NAF Writer Condemns Amazon and DOJ E-Books Antitrust Action

Alert No. 2,370, Friday, April 13.
  ACLU Reports on Cell Phone Tracking
  Status of Legislative Efforts to Require a Court Issued Warrant to Obtain Wireless Device Location Data
  Groups File Amicus Briefs Regarding Warrantless Seizure of Historical Cell Site Location Data
  Maryland Senate Passes Bill to Protect Employee Passwords for Social Media
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,369, Thursday, April 12.
  USPTO Reports on IP Industries' Contribution to the Economy
  Wireless Service Providers Announce Plans for Disabling Stolen Smart Phones
  FCC Releases Tentative Agenda for Meeting of April 27
  More News

Alert No. 2,368, Wednesday, April 11.
  DOJ Sues Apple and Book Publishers Alleging E-Book Price Collusion
  Analysis of DOJ's Sherman Act Claim Against Apple and E-Book Publishers
  Outside Reaction to DOJ E-Books Antitrust Action
  States Sues Apple and E-Book Publishers
  Commentary: Forum Selection in Antitrust Cases

Alert No. 2,367, Tuesday, April 10.
  Anonymous Launches DDOS Attack on Supporters of CISPA
  Update on CISPA and Related Bills
  Recent Anonymous DDOS Attacks
  Rep. Mack and Rep. Blackburn Introduce SECURE IT Act
  SECURE IT Act Addresses TOS Violations and Lori Drew

Alert No. 2,366, Monday, April 9.
  BLS Employment Data Shows Downward Trend in Communications and Upward Trend in IT
  Allegations of Race Discrimination at Tech Companies
  Strickling Writes FCC Regarding FirstNet
  Rep. Engel Again Introduces Bill to Regulate Prepaid Calling Card Disclosures
  More News

Alert No. 2,365, Wednesday, April 4.
  Court of Appeals Issues Opinion in Viacom v. YouTube
  USCC Reports on PRC's Anti-Satellite Capabilities
  More News

Alert No. 2,364, Tuesday, April 3.
  Fair Labor Association Releases Report on Conditions at Apple's Plants in PRC
  Schedule Set for Technical Advisory Board for First Responder Interoperability
  More News

Alert No. 2,363, Monday, April 2.
  IP Enforcement Coordinator Releases 2011 Report
  Center for Copyright Information Names Executive Director and Advisory Board Members
  Senators Write OUSTR Regarding Protecting Trade Secrets in TPP Negotiations
  More News

Alert No. 2,362, Sunday, April 1.
  House Homeland Security Committee Approves IPAWS Bill
  Rep. Baca and Rep. Wolf Introduce Bill to Unconstitutionally Mandate Warning Labels on Video Games
  Global Payments Discloses Data Breach
  More Cyber Security News
  Senate Belatedly Confirms Ohlhausen
  Nominations on the Senate Calendar
  Sen. Hutchison Names Richard Russell SCC Minority Staff Director
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,361, Friday, March 30.
  House Passes FCC Process Reform Act
  Summary of Amendments to HR 3309 Approved or Rejected by the House
  House Rejects Amendment Regarding Warning Labels for Surveillance Risks
  House Rejects Amendment Regarding Regulation of Political Speech
  House Rejects Motion Pertaining to Employer Demands for Employee Passwords for Social Networking Sites
  Summary of HR 3309 As Passed by the House
  Commentary: FCC as an Agent of the Congress

Alert No. 2,360, Thursday, March 29.
  Supreme Court Rules in Mayo v. Prometheus Regarding Patentable Subject Matter
  FCC and E-Books
  DOJ ATR Examines E-Book Publishing
  Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,359, Wednesday, March 28.
  Almunia Addresses Interoperability, Patents and Antitrust
  More Antitrust News
  Copyright Office Announces More Fee Increases
  Copyright Office to Eliminate Form CO
  Copps Joins Public Knowledge Board
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,358, Tuesday, March 27.
  NTIA Releases Report on 1755-1850 MHz Band
  DC Circuit Issues Order in Proceeding Challenging FCC's BIAS Rules
  Wainstein Joins Cadwalader
  FCC Names Incentive Auction Consultants
  More News

Alert No. 2,357, Monday, March 26.
  FTC Releases Second Report on Privacy Issues
  Reaction to FTC Privacy Report
  Commentary: Unfair v. Deceptive Conduct
  House Homeland Security Committee to Mark Up IPAWS Bill

Alert No. 2,356, Sunday, March 25.
  House Democrats Introduce Bill to Enable Service Blacklisting and Data Erasure for Stolen Mobile Devices
  House Commerce Committee Democrats Question Companies Regarding Smart Phone Theft
  Rep. Wolf Says Huawei Presents Espionage and Cyber Threats
  Another GAO Report Finds Information Security Weaknesses at IRS
  US Telecom and ACA Comment on FCC's NPRM on Exclusive Contract Prohibition of Program Access Rules
  Judicial Appointments

Alert No. 2,355, Saturday, March 24.
  FCC CSRIC Makes Recommendations Regarding ISP Cyber Security
  GAO Reports on National Security Risks of Reliance on Global IT Supply Chain
  DOJ Files FCA Complaint Against AT&T for IP Relay Reimbursements
  More News

Alert No. 2,354, Friday, March 23.
  House Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearing on IP Bills
  Rep. Poe and Rep. Chabot Introduce Bill to Allow Customs to Share Information with Rights Holders
  AT&T Reproves FCC Over Call Center Closures
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,353, Thursday, March 22.
  FCC Adopts NPRM on Interoperability in 700 MHz Bands
  Reaction to FCC NPRM on Interoperability in 700 MHz Bands
  FCC Adopts NPRM Regarding Use of MSS Spectrum for Terrestrial Broadband
  Genachowski Forms Incentive Auction Task Force at FCC
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,352, Wednesday, March 21.
  House Judiciary Subcommittee Holds Hearing on REAL ID Act
  FCC Adopts NPRM on Exclusive Contract Prohibition of Program Access Rules
  Commentary: Cablevision I and the Exclusivity Rule
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,351, Tuesday, March 20.
  Copyright Office Schedules Hearings on Proposed Anticircumvention Exemptions
  FCC Releases Agenda for March 21 Meeting
  FCC Releases Two Items Regarding Local Community Radio Act
  More Communications News
  More News

Alert No. 2,350, Monday, March 19.
  House Passes Securities Regulation Bill
  Summary of HR 3606
  Senators Introduce CROWDFUND Act As Stand Alone Bill

Alert No. 2,349, Wednesday, March 14.
  US, Japan and EU Take Rare Earths Issue to WTO
  OUSTR Explains Rare Earths Request for Consultations
  Sen. Murkowski Assigns Some Blame for Rare Earths Problem on US Government Regulation

Alert No. 2,348, Wednesday, March 7.
  Senate Approves Bill to Increase Penalties for Trafficking in Counterfeit Drugs
  Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees Face Turnover
  Tony West Named Acting Associate Attorney General
  Judicial Appointments

Alert No. 2,347, Tuesday, March 6.
  De Gucht Says Europe Needs ACTA
  US China Commission Reports that US Is Threatened by PRC Computer Network Operations
  Kirk Addresses Trade With PRC
  Congress Applies CVDs to PRC
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Expand Investor Visa Program
  More Trade News

Alert No. 2,346, Monday, March 5.
  House Commerce Committee Approves FCC Reform Bills
  Amendment by Amendment Summary of Mark Up of HR 3309
  Summary of HR 3309, the FCC Process Reform Act

Alert No. 2,345, Thursday, February 23.
  Obama Signs Spectrum Bill into Law
  House Subcommittee Hearing Examines Waste and Duplication in Government IT Spending
  New York Drops Antitrust Action Against Intel
  Sen. Baucus Discusses Trade and WTO Issues with Russian Officials
  More News

Alert No. 2,344, Wednesday, February 22.
  State Attorneys General Say Google's Plans to Combine User Data Violates User Privacy
  EPIC Argues FTC's Failure to Take Action Against Google Is Subject to Judicial Review
  Microsoft Complains to EC Regarding Google's Abuse of Standard Essential Patents

Alert No. 2,343, Tuesday, February 21.
  PR China Agrees to Improve Market Access for US Movie Companies
  US VP Biden and PRC VP Xi Address Trade and IP Issues
  Rep. Smith and Sen. Brown Urge PRC to Observe Its WTO Commitments
  More US China News

Alert No. 2,342, Monday, February 20.
  FTC Releases Report on Mobile Apps for Kids
  FTC Sends FCRA Warning Letters to Mobile Apps Marketers
  FTC Files Opposition to EPIC's Motion to Compel FTC to Enforce Google Order
  SEC and DOJ File More Complaints Alleging Insider Trading Involving Tech Sector Expert Networks
  FCC E-Rate Fraud
  More Tech Crimes
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,341, Sunday, February 19.
  Google Tracked Users Online by Circumventing Apple Safari Browser's Blocking of Third Party Cookies
  What Are Third Party Cookies?
  EPIC Writes FTC Regarding Google's Safari Circumvention
  Sen. Rockefeller to Look Into Google's Safari Circumvention
  Representatives Urge FTC to Investigate Google's Safari Circumvention
  FTC Web Site Hacked

Alert No. 2,340, Saturday, February 18.
  House and Senate Pass Spectrum Bill
  Senate Confirms Jordan for 11th Circuit
  Obama Nominates Jill Pryor for 11th Circuit
  More Judicial Appointments

Alert No. 2,339, Friday, February 17.
  House and Senate Negotiators Reach Agreement on Spectrum Legislation
  Summary of Spectrum Bill
  Reaction to Spectrum Bill

Alert No. 2,338, Thursday, February 16.
  Representatives Question Apple About iOS Apps that Seize Address Book Data
  Google Submits Privacy Compliance Report to FTC
  EPIC Sues FTC to Compel Enforcement of Google Privacy Order
  Google Responds to Representative's Questions Regarding New Privacy Policy
  Representatives Write FTC Regarding Facial Recognition Technologies
  Iran and the Internet
  UK Reports on Violent Extremism on the Internet

Alert No. 2,337, Wednesday, February 15.
  NTIA Concludes There is No Practical Way to Mitigate LightSquared's Proposed Broadband Network's Interference to GPS
  FCC Backtracks on LightSquared
  Rep. Lamar Smith Seeks Passage of E-Verify Bill

Alert No. 2,336, Tuesday, February 14.
  House Financial Services Committee to Mark Up Bill to Provide Regulatory Relief to Emerging Growth Companies
  House Homeland Security Committee to Mark Up IPAWS Bill
  FCC Releases EAS/CAP Fifth Report and Order
  More News

Alert No. 2,335, Monday, February 13.
  DOJ Closes Investigations of Transactions Involving Communications Patents
  EC Approves Google Acquisition of Motorola Mobility
  EC's Alumnia Addresses Patents and Communications Standards
  Trade News
  More News

Alert No. 2,334, Friday, February 10.
  Obama Nominates Baer to Lead DOJ Antitrust Division
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Watford for 9th Circuit
  More Judicial Appointments
  FCC People and Appointments
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,333, Monday, January 23.
  Rep. Davis Introduces Bill Regarding State E911 Taxes on Prepaid Wireless Mobile Services
  Indictment Charges Megaupload With Criminal Copyright Infringement
  Groups Seek Congressional Reversal of Leegin Opinion on Resale Price Maintenance

Alert No. 2,332, Thursday, January 19.
  Sen. Reid Postpones Senate Consideration of PROTECT IP Act
  Reaction to Postponement of Rogue Web Sites Bills
  Rep. Smith Says OPEN Act Creates Safe Harbor for Foreign Criminals

Alert No. 2,331, Wednesday, January 18.
  Rep. Issa Introduces Alternative to SOPA
  Comparison of the Key Processes of SOPA and OPEN Act
  Rep. Smith Responds to Critics
  Obama Hypes Proposal to Consolidate Some Trade Related Agencies

Alert No. 2,330, Tuesday, January 17.
  Rep. Smith States that House Judiciary Committee Will Resume SOPA Mark Up in February
  Rep. Goodlatte States That Success of SOPA Depends on Buy In From Both Content and Tech Communities
  Sen. Leahy States That Senate Will Begin Consideration of PROTECT IP Act Next Week
  Sen. Leahy Criticizes January 18 Stunts by Google and Others
  Rep. Issa Introduces Research Works Act

Alert No. 2,329, Monday, January 16.
  Copyright Office Seeks Comments on Proposed Anticircumvention Exemptions
  Summary of Proposed Exemptions to Anticircumvention Provisions 1201
  FCC Files Brief with Court of Appeals in Challenge to Its Data Roaming Rules

Alert No. 2,328, Sunday, January 15.
  Rep. Upton Criticizes Genachowski's Spectrum Speech
  AT&T Criticizes Genachowski's Spectrum Speech
  Senate Republicans Ask for Delay of Consideration of PROTECT IP Act
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,327, Saturday, January 14.
  Obama Administration Officials Criticize DNS Filtering Provisions of SOPA and PROTECT IP Act
  House Commerce Committee Democrats Seek Hearing on Carrier IQ Software
  Carrier IQ, Telcos and Phone Makers Respond to Sen. Franken's Questions
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,326, Friday, January 13.
  Genachowski Addresses Incentive Auctions and Unlicensed Spectrum
  Four Senators Advocate Use of Incentive Auction Process for Allocating Spectrum for Unlicensed Use
  Commentary on FCC Spectrum Discretion
  Harper Collins Sues Open Media Over E-Book Distribution
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,325, Thursday, January 12.
  Sen. Leahy Comments on DNS Blocking Provisions of PROTECT IP Act
  Summary of the Argument that DNS Blocking May Decrease Cyber Security
  Comcast Completes Its Implementation of DNSSEC

Alert No. 2,324, Wednesday, January 11.
  Rep. Issa's Committee to Hold Hearing on DNS Blocking and Search Takedown Provisions of SOPA
  Facebook Provides Nonresponsive Answers Regarding Patent Application that Discloses Privacy Invasive Technology
  Nominations on Senate Calendar
  Tech Crime Report
  NIST/CSD Releases Draft Documents
  More News

Alert No. 2,323, Tuesday, January 10.
  Genachowski Says Draft Order Would Transition Lifeline Subsidies to Broadband
  Department of Commerce Releases Competes Act Report
  USPTO to Hold Public Meetings on AIA Rules Changes
  IIPA Asks OUSTR to Withdraw GSP Benefits of Countries Lacking Copyright Protection and Enforcement
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,322, Monday, January 9.
  USPTO Announces America Invents Act Implementation Rulemaking Proceedings
  More Intellectual Property News
  DOJ and SEC Bring and Settle FCPA Claims Against DT and Magyar Telekom
  GAO Reports on Extending FCC Auction Authority
  Trade News
  Bills Signed Into Law
  Genachowski Announces Staff Changes
  More People and Appointments
  More News

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