Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
July - December, 2011

Alert No. 2,321, Wednesday, December 21.
 • OUSTR Releases Notorious Markets Report
 • Continuation of SOPA Mark Up Postponed
 • Senators Kohl and Lee Urge FTC to Conduct Antitrust Investigation of Google

Alert No. 2,320, Tuesday, December 20.
 • AT&T and T-Mobile Abandon Merger Effort
 • FSF Paper Criticizes FCC Handling of AT&T T-Mobile Merger
 • Spectrum Legislation Update
 • House Judiciary Committee Continues Mark Up of SOPA
 • Senate to Consider Its Rogue Web Sites Bill in January

Alert No. 2,319, Thursday, December 15.
 • House Judiciary Committee Begins Mark Up of SOPA

Alert No. 2,318, Wednesday, December 14.
 • Rep. Smith Releases Revised Version of SOPA to Be Marked Up on December 15
 • Rep. Issa and Others Propose USITC Based Approach to Web Sites Dedicated to Infringing Activity
 • Critics and Proponents Dispute Merits of SOPA

Alert No. 2,317, Thursday, December 1.
 • House Communications Subcommittee Approves Spectrum Bill
 • Cicconi Calls Genachowski's Staff Report on AT&T T-Mobile Merger an Advocacy Piece
 • Rep. Markey Comments on Kindle Fire and Privacy
 • People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,316, Wednesday, November 30.
 • House Commerce Committee Democrats Seek Delay of Spectrum Bill Mark Up
 • Representatives Introduce Cyber Threat Information Sharing Bill
 • Telecommunications Remote Toll Fraud Used to Fund Terrorism
 • More Tech Crime

Alert No. 2,315, Tuesday, November 29.
 • House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology to Mark Up Spectrum Bill
 • FTC Imposes Privacy Related Terms on Facebook
 • FCC Staff Releases Items in AT&T T-Mobile Merger Proceeding

Alert No. 2,314, Monday, November 28.
 • AT&T Withdraws Merger Applications
 • Groups Seek FCC Release of Hearing Designation Order
 • Export Control News
 • People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,313, Tuesday, November 22.
 • Genachowski Proposes That FCC Designate AT&T T-Mobile Merger for Administrative Hearing
 • FCC Releases Tentative Agenda for December Meeting
 • FCC People and Appointments
 • House Intelligence Committee Launches Investigation of Huawei
 • Pozen Addresses Antitrust Law

Alert No. 2,312, Thursday, November 17.
 • CECC Holds Hearing on Internet Censorship in the PRC
 • Obama Nominates Taranto for Federal Circuit
 • More Judicial Appointments

Alert No. 2,311, Wednesday, November 16.
 • Sen. Rockefeller Announces Intent to Hold Hearing on Facebook and User Tracking
 • US China Commission Releases Annual Report
 • SEC Brings Administrative Action Against China Based Software and Consulting Firm

Alert No. 2,310, Thursday, November 10.
 • Senate Debates Resolution of Disapproval of FCC's BIAS Rules
 • ODNI Releases Report on Cyber Espionage
 • FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for November 30 Meeting

Alert No. 2,309, Thursday, November 3.
 • Obama Nominates Pai and Rosenworcel to Be FCC Commissioners
 • Congressional Leaders Write USTR Regarding Russia Joining WTO
 • Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Undo Leegin RPM Decision
 • More Antitrust News

Alert No. 2,308, Monday, October 24.
 • Sen. Kirk Introduces Bill to Regulate Travel Web Sites
 • Sen. Grassley Introduces Bill to Expand Regulation of Prepaid Cards, Digital Currencies, and Identification Numbers
 • Senators and Representatives Introduce Bills to Facilitate Tax Collection on Internet Cigarette Sales

Alert No. 2,307, Thursday, October 13.
 • House and Senate Pass Bills to Implement Three Free Trade Agreements
 • House Judiciary Committee Passes Bill to Ease User Disclosure of Video Viewings in Social Media
 • Groups Write House Judiciary Committee Regarding Drafting of House Version of Rogue Web Sites Bill
 • Judicial Appointments
 • More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,306, Thursday, September 29.
 • Copyright Office Opens Rulemaking Proceeding on Section 512 Designation of Agents to Receive Notices of Copyright Infringement
 • Copyright Office Opens 5th Triennial Proceeding on DMCA Anti-Circumvention Exemptions
 • Reps. Terry and Towns Introduce Bill to Allow Informational Calls to Mobile Numbers
 • People and Appointments
 • More News

Alert No. 2,305, Wednesday, September 28.
 • Representatives Markey and Barton State That Facebook Tracking of Users Violates FTC Act
 • ACTA Signing Set for October 1 in Tokyo
 • Senators Introduce Bill Regarding PRC Currency Exchange Rate
 • More PRC and Taiwan Trade News
 • People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,304, Friday, September 23.
 • FCC Belatedly Publishes Notice of BIAS Rules in Federal Register
 • Sen. Franken and Sen. Coons Write OnStar Regarding Vehicular Surveillance
 • Senate Finance Committee Holds Hearing on R&D Tax Credit
 • Senators Introduce R&D Tax Credit Bill

Alert No. 2,303, Thursday, September 22.
 • OUSTR Announces Second Notorious Markets Review
 • NIST, NTIA and DHS Propose Botnet Mitigation Regime for Internet Access Service Providers
 • Sprint's Hesse Addresses Telecom Mergers
 • Rep. Quayle Introduces Bill To Provide Section 404 Relief
 • More Securities News
 • People and Appointments
 • More News

Alert No. 2,302, Wednesday, September 21.
 • House Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Make E-Verify Mandatory
 • More Parties Seek to Block AT&T's Acquisition of T-Mobile USA
 • Senate Judiciary Committee Begins Mark Up of Data Privacy and Security Bill
 • FTC Proposes Changes to COPPA Rule
 • People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,301, Wednesday, September 14.
 • Senators Lieberman and Collins Address Online Islamic Radicalization
 • Senators Introduce Bill to Require Disclosure of Operations Outside the US in All Customer Communications
 • ITIF Releases Recommendations for Spectrum Reform
 • FCC OET to Conduct Trial of White Space Database System
 • Intellectual Property News
 • Antitrust News
 • More News

Alert No. 2,300, Tuesday, September 13.
 • Rep. Smith Introduces Bill to Mandate Use of Government Databases to Determine Employment Eligibility
 • US China Commission Reports that PRC Uses Foreign Assistance to Promote Its Telecom Sector
 • Sprint Files Complaint to Block AT&T T-Mobile USA Transaction
 • Judicial Appointments
 • More People and Appointments
 • More News

Alert No. 2,299, Thursday, September 1.
 • FCC Announces Agenda for September 22 Meeting
 • Senate Judiciary Committee to Take Up Data Privacy, Security and Breach Bills
 • Congressional Reaction to DOJ Action to Block AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile USA
 • More Reaction to DOJ Action to Block AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile USA
 • People and Appointments
 • More News

Alert No. 2,298, Wednesday, August 31.
 • DOJ Files Complaint to Block AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile USA
 • 10th Circuit Rules in UNE Dispute

Alert No. 2,297, Tuesday, August 30.
 • 10th Circuit Rules in SCO Group v. Novell
 • Attorney General Holder Addresses D Block
 • US and PRC Cooperate in Online Child Porn Investigation
 • People and Appointments
 • More News

Alert No. 2,296, Monday, August 29.
 • Copyright Office Issues Section 302 Report
 • Groups Complain to FCC About BART's Interruption of Wireless Service
 • Bernanke Addresses Economic Growth and Technology
 • USPTO Seeks Comments on Proposal to Dispose of Scanned Papers After One Year

Alert No. 2,295, Sunday, August 28.
 • FCC Writes AT&T Regarding Antitrust Merger Review
 • FCC and Others Release Statement on Hurricane and Communications
 • 2nd Circuit Holds First Sale Doctrine Does Not Apply to Works Made Abroad
 • People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,294, Friday, August 26.
 • FCC Reinstates Video Description Rules
 • FCC to Hold Workshop on Expanding Outage Reporting Requirements and Reliability Standards to Cover VOIP and Broadband
 • Xi Jinping Addresses IPR in PRC and Technology Export Controls in US
 • VP Biden Addresses Trade, Investment and IPR in Speech in Chengdu PRC
 • USPTO's Rea Reports on PRC Trip
 • People and Appointments
 • More News

Alert No. 2,293, Thursday, August 25.
 • FCC Repeals Fairness Doctrine, Broadcast Flag, and Other Rules
 • NMPA Settles with YouTube
 • Groupon Addresses Representatives' Privacy Concerns
 • Rep. Barton Comments on Supercookies
 • 7th Circuit Rules in Phone Bill Cramming Class Action
 • More News

Alert No. 2,292, Wednesday, August 24.
 • Steve Jobs Resigns
 • Google to Pay $500 Million for Allowing Its AdWords Program to be Used to Promote Illegal Online Drug Sales
 • USPTO and Taiwan IPO Announce Patent Prosecution Highway Program
 • Wiretaps Up Sharply in 2010
 • Tech Crime Report

Alert No. 2,291 Tuesday, August 16.
 • FTC Brings and Settles COPPA Action Against Mobile App Developer
 • ACLU Sues School District Over Internet Filtering Software
 • 9th Circuit Addresses Probable Cause to Search Home Computers
 • More News

Alert No. 2,290, Monday, August 15.
 • Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility
 • Time Warner Cable to Acquire Insight Communications
 • DHHS Offers Money to Facebook App Developers
 • FTC Issues Staff Advisory Opinion On CBBB Online Behavioral Advertising Compliance Program

Alert No. 2,289, Sunday, August 14.
 • BART Cuts Off Cell Phone Service
 • Data Retention, Web Browsing and Securities Fraud Cases
 • OUSTR Seeks Comments for Report on Foreign Trade Barriers
 • OUSTR to Hold Hearing on PRC Compliance with WTO Commitments

Alert No. 2,288, Saturday, August 13.
 • Court Holds that Importing Cell Phone Intercept Devices That Do Not Work Is Not a Crime
 • FCC to Consider AT&T T-Mobile Merger and AT&T Purchase of Qualcomm Spectrum in Coordinated Manner
 • President Issues Another Routine Emergency Declaration to Continue Export Regulation Regime
 • More News

Alert No. 2,287, Friday, August 12.
 • Viacom and Cablevision Settle Streaming to iPad Lawsuit
 • Federal Circuit Corrects and Upholds Spam Method Patent
 • 11th Circuit Affirms Conviction of Keylogging Grade Changer
 • More Tech Crimes
 • More News

Alert No. 2,286, Thursday, August 11.
 • WSJ Discloses Nature of FTC Investigation of Google
 • Genachowski Addresses NG911
 • Cary Sherman Named Head of the RIAA
 • More People and Appointments
 • More News

Alert No. 2,285, Wednesday, August 10.
 • Senators Gillibrand and Hatch Introduce International Cybercrime Reporting and Cooperation Act
 • FCC Issues Foreign Ownership NPRM
 • FCC Issues Wireless Backhaul Order and FNPRM
 • People and Appointments
 • More News

Alert No. 2,284, Tuesday, August 9.
 • Representatives Reintroduce Bill to Allow Web and Broadcasting of Most Federal Trial and Appellate Proceedings
 • OMB's Lew Outlines Role of Federal CIOs
 • UN Human Rights Committee Releases Report That Addresses Internet Freedom of Expression
 • More News

Alert No. 2,283, Monday, August 8.
 • Spam King Wallace Indicted
 • UK Court Rules That British Telecom Must Block Access to Newzbin
 • FCC Releases NOI for 8th Section 706 Report
 • More News

Alert No. 2,282, Sunday, August 7.
 • New York Amends Its Unauthorized Recordings Statute
 • Rep. Honda Reintroduces Nanotechnology Funding Wish List
 • Rep. Chabot Writes DOJ and FCC Regarding AT&T and T-Mobile USA
 • More News

Alert No. 2,281, Saturday, August 6.
 • Bureau of Labor Statistics Reports on Overall and ICT Employment
 • Table: Total Number of Employees in Thousands by ICT Industry Sector
 • Rep. Honda Introduces Smart Electronics Bill
 • 3rd Circuit Affirms in Lyndhurst v. Priceline
 • Sharis Pozen Named Acting Head of Antitrust Division
 • More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,280, Friday, August 5.
 • District Court Enjoins Zediva
 • Sen. Franken Writes FCC Regarding Bloomberg's Complaint Against Comcast
 • Google Says Patents Attack Android
 • Biden to Visit PRC and Japan

Alert No. 2,279, Thursday, August 4.
 • 9th Circuit Rules on Availability of Injunctive Relief for Copyright Infringement
 • Senate to Take Up House Patent Bill in September
 • Groups Urge Reform of Section 1030
 • People and Appointments
 • More News

Alert No. 2,278, Wednesday, August 3.
 • House Judiciary Committee Approves Data Retention Bill
 • Amendment by Amendment Summary of the Mark Up of HR 1981, the Data Retention Bill
 • Roll Call Votes on Data Retention Bill
 • Excerpts From 18 U.S.C. § 2703 As Amended by HR 1981
 • Wiretaps, Sneak and Peak Warrants, and the Likely Uses of Retained Data
 • Commentary: How Enactment of HR 1981 Would Benefit Service Providers
 • Judges, Prosecutors and Data Retention

Alert No. 2,277, Tuesday, August 2.
 • FCC Releases Performance Report on the 13 Largest Wireline BIAS Providers
 • Genachowski Addresses BIAS Providers' Performance
 • FCC Requests Comments on Regional Sports Network Access and Carriage
 • People and Appointments
 • More News
 • Agenda for FCC's August 9 Meeting

Alert No. 2,276, Monday, August 1.
 • FCC Program Carriage Order Includes Standstill Provision
 • Obama Picks Michael Horowitz to Be DOJ Inspector General
 • 1st Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Employees' Location Surveillance Complaint Against Verizon
 • Tech Crime Report

Alert No. 2,275, Sunday, July 31.
 • BEA Reports Sluggish GDP Growth But Jump in Computer Sales
 • 9th Circuit Affirms in Dath v. Sony
 • Durbin and Conyers Introduce Bills to Permit States to Tax Out of State Internet Retailers
 • Sen. Lieberman Introduces Bill to Require Online GPO Publication of Congressionally Mandated Reports
 • More Capitol Hill News

Alert No. 2,274, Saturday, July 30.
 • ILECs Submit USF/IC Reform Proposal to FCC
 • Reaction to ILEC's USF/IC Reform Proposal
 • 9th Circuit Address Lanham Act and False Advertising on Internet
 • Obama Withdraws Nomination of Goodwin Liu for 9th Circuit
 • More Judicial Appointments
 • More People and Appointments
 • More News

Alert No. 2,273, Friday, July 29.
 • HCC Republicans Request FCC Communications with White House
 • US and PRC Sign Antitrust MOU
 • Gig.U Announces Plans
 • FCC Imposed Price Cap on XM Sirius Expires
 • NTIA Chief of Staff Addresses Repurposing Radar Spectrum
 • 2nd Circuit Affirms on TradeComet v. Google
 • More News

Alert No. 2,272, Thursday, July 28.
 • House Judiciary Committee Begins Mark Up of Data Retention Bill
 • Attorneys General From States With Rural Areas Back AT&T T-Mobile Merger
 • FAA and LightSquared
 • Strickling Addresses Internet Governance and Policy Making
 • Senate Confirms Mueller for Two More Years
 • More People and Appointments
 • More News

Alert No. 2,271, Wednesday, July 27.
 • Sen. Franken Urges DOJ and FCC to Reject AT&T T-Mobile Merger
 • AT&T and T-Mobile USA Submit Analysis to FCC
 • Summary of Manager's Amendment to Data Retention Bill
 • People and Appointments
 • More News

Alert No. 2,270, Tuesday, July 26.
 • Holder Addresses IP and Organized Crime
 • GAO Reports on US Cyber Warfare Activities
 • House Passes Bill to Extend Term of FBI Director Mueller
 • Rep. Wu to Face Ethics Committee Investigation
 • More People and Appointments
 • FCC Media Bureau Suspends Eligible Entity Rule
 • More FCC News

Alert No. 2,269, Monday, July 25.
 • Sen. Feinstein Introduces Data Breach Notification Act
 • Rep. Bishop Introduces Bill to Subsidize STEM Teachers
 • Obama and Independent Regulatory Agencies
 • Update on Export Control Reform
 • TPI Discloses Speakers for Aspen Forum
 • More News

Alert No. 2,268, Sunday, July 24.
 • House Science Committee Approves Cyber Security Bill
 • House Judiciary Committee to Mark Up Data Retention and Bullying Bills
 • USPTO and Jiangsu Province Enter Into Secret IPR MOU
 • USPTO Proposes Post Therasense Rules Changes
 • Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Durbin Introduce Bill to Regulate Political Robocalling
 • More News

Alert No. 2,267, Saturday, July 23.
 • House Commerce Subcommittee Approves SAFE Data Act
 • Definition of Personal Information in SAFE Data Act
 • Magnuson Moss Versus APA Rulemakings
 • What Magnuson Moss Requires of the FTC
 • Commentary: Effect of Agency Rulemaking Procedure Upon Congressional Power

Alert No. 2,266, Friday, July 22.
 • OMB Announces Consolidation of Federal Data Centers
 • EPA Releases Proposals Regarding Used Electronics
 • CCIA Releases Report on Cloud Computing and Public Policy
 • Senate Approves Bill to Extend FBI Director Mueller's Term
 • Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Droney and Other Judicial Nominees
 • More People and Appointments
 • More News

Alert No. 2,265, Thursday, July 21.
 • Sen. Kohl and Sen. Lee Split on DOJ and FCC Reviews of AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile
 • Reps. Conyers, Eshoo & Markey Condemn AT&T's Acquisition of T-Mobile
 • Commentary: Due Process of Law in Antitrust Merger Reviews
 • House Commerce Committee Approves Identity Theft Improvement Act
 • House Judiciary Committee Delays Consideration of Data Retention Bill
 • More News

Alert No. 2,264, Wednesday, July 20.
 • USDC Grants SJ to NSA in EPIC FOIA Case Regarding Google NSA Collaboration
 • Grand Jury Indicts 14 for WikiLeaks Related DDOS Attacks
 • Grand Jury Returns Indictment for Unauthorized Downloading of 4.8 Million JSTOR Articles
 • iPhone Design Leaker Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud
 • More Tech Crimes
 • Obama Picks Ohlhausen for FTC Commissioner
 • Obama Picks Mazer for DHS Inspector General
 • Sen. Leahy Urges Senate to Pass Bill to Extend FBI Director Mueller's Term
 • More People and Appointments
 • More News
 • FCC Releases Tentative Agenda for August 9 Meeting

Alert No. 2,263, Tuesday, July 19.
 • Rep. Mack Introduces SAFE Data Act
 • House Commerce Committee to Mark Up SAFE Data Act
 • Rep. Mack Writes U.S. Trade Groups Regarding U.K. Phone Hacking
 • Rep. Conyers Announces House Judiciary Committee Staff Will Investigate News Corporation
 •CEA's Shapiro Offers Legislative Recommendations
 • Paper Argues DNS Filtering Provisions of PROTECT IP Act Would Threaten DNS Security
 • MPAA and Copyright Alliance Comment on CCIA Report on Fair Use

Alert No. 2,262, Monday, July 18.
 • FCC Sets 2015 Deadline for LPTV Digital Transition
 • FCC Adopts Wireless Location Surveillance Order and NPRM
 • House Commerce Subcommittees Hold Hearing on Regulating Internet Privacy
 • House Judiciary Committee Approves Business Activity Tax Bill
 • People and Appointments
 • Upcoming Events in Boulder
 • More News

Alert No. 2,261, Sunday, July 17.
 • GAO Releases Report on Children's TV Programming
 • Update on Rare Earth Materials Legislation
 • Senators Seek Investigation of News Corporation
 • Commentary: Suitability of the DOJ to Investigate News Corporation

Alert No. 2,260, Saturday, July 16.
 • Rep. Goodlatte and Rep. Schiff Introduce Bill Regarding ID Theft and Computer Intrusion
 • Rep. Goodlatte Introduces Fashion Design Copyright Bill
 • Update on Apple Microsoft RIM Sony Ericsson Acquisition of Nortel Patents
 • Bernanke Testifies on State of U.S. Economy

Alert No. 2,259, Friday, July 15.
 • US Announces That It Reserves the Right to Respond to Cyber Attacks Militarily
 • Department of Defense Releases Strategy for Operating In Cyberspace
 • CCIA Releases Report on Importance of Fair Use to U.S. Economy
 • Supreme Court Applies Heightened Scrutiny to State Regulation of Commercial Data
 • Senate Judiciary Committee Considers Judicial Nominees

Alert No. 2,258, Thursday, July 14.
 • House Judiciary Committee Approves Wireless Tax Fairness Act
 • Senate Commerce Committee Releases Report on Unauthorized Charges on Phone Bills
 • Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Phone Bill Cramming
 • FCC Adopts Cramming NPRM
 • People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,257, Wednesday, July 13.
 • House Crime Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Data Retention Bill
 • Summary of HR 1981, Data Retention Bill
 • Summary of Existing Data Retention Mandates
 • DOJ Declines Prosecution of Assistant U.S. Attorney Who Viewed Porn at Work Every Day

Alert No. 2,256, Tuesday, July 12.
 • 3rd Circuit Issues Opinion Regarding FCC Regulation of Media Ownership
 • FRB Governor Addresses Mobile Communications and Banking
 • Obama Picks Olsen for NCTC Director
 • More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,255, Monday, July 11.
 • Varney to Leave Antitrust Division
 • AAI Urges DOJ to Investigate Acquisition of Nortel Patent Portfolio
 • DOJ Files Motion to Enter Final Judgment in USA v. Google and ITA
 • More Antitrust News

Alert No. 2,254, Friday, July 8.
 • BIAS Providers and Content Industries Announce Copyright Alert System
 • FCC Releases Agenda for July 12 Meeting
 • Court Hears Motion to Dismiss Challenge to DHS's Suspicionless Searches of Laptops

Alert No. 2,253, Friday, July 1.
 • OECD Releases Recommendations for Internet Laws, Policies and Practices
 • OECD, Online Copyright Infringement, and Internet Intermediaries
 • Federal Circuit Raises Standards for Prevailing on Defense of Inequitable Conduct
 • USPTO Makes PPH Announcements Regarding Korea, Israel and Nordic Countries
 • More Intellectual Property News

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