Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
January - June, 2011

Alert No. 2,252, Thursday, June 30.
  FTC Investigates Google
  Consumer Watchdog Asks Obama to Distance Himself from Google
  FTC Releases Guidance on Requesting Advisory Opinions on Competition Issues
  Oldale Named Deputy Director of FTC's Bureau of Economics
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,251, Wednesday, June 29.
  Ten Senate Democrats Oppose Effort to Defund FCC Enforcement of Its BIAS Rules
  Update on US Korea Free Trade Agreement
  Senate Confirms David Cole for DAG
  Senate Confirms Seitz for OLC
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,250, Tuesday, June 28.
  Supreme Court Holds First Amendment Protects Video Games

Alert No. 2,249, Monday, June 20.
  Genachowski Announces More Staff Changes
  McDowell Names McGrath Advisor for Media Issues
  Update on John Bryson and Gary Locke Nominations
  Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,248, Thursday, June 9.
  Supreme Court Affirms in Microsoft v. i4i
  Kaplan Replaces Milkman as FCC WTB Chief
  FCC Hires New Chief Economist
  Senate Confirms Verrilli to Be Solicitor General

Alert No. 2,247, Wednesday, June 8.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Communications Bill
  Rep. Walden Addresses Intercarrier Compensation and Universal Service
  Pallante Named Register of Copyrights

Alert No. 2,246, Friday, May 27.
  Sen. Leahy Introduces Bill to Extend Mueller's Term
  Sen. Klobuchar Introduces Bill to Toughen Criminal Copyright Penalties
  FCC Releases 7th Section 706 Report
  ITIF Paper Urges More Funding of University Research and Revising R&D Tax Credit

Alert No. 2,245, Thursday, May 19.
  Sen. Franken and Rep. Hank Johnson Reintroduce Arbitration Fairness Act
  Senators Debate Free Trade Agreements
  Goodwin Liu Cloture Motion Fails
  More People and Appointments
  More Capitol Hill News

Alert No. 2,244, Wednesday, May 18.
  Senate to Take Up Surveillance Law Extensions
  TPI Paper Recommends that ICANN Board Be Drawn From Registries and Registrars
  Former DOJ Attorney to Head FCC's AT&T T-Mobile Antitrust Merger Review Team
  FCC Releases Tentative Agenda for June 9 Meeting
  Genachowski Advocates Incentive Auctions
  FCC Seeks Comments on Economic Impact of LPFM on Commercial FM
  More FCC News

Alert No. 2,243, Tuesday, May 17.
  USITC Reports on IP Infringement and Indigenous Innovation in the PRC
  Former Rep. Boucher Joins Sidley Austin
  Goodwin Liu Set for Cloture Vote
  Sen. Schumer and Sen. Crapo Introduce Bill to Repeal Excise Tax on Phone Service
  Rep. Gerlach and Rep. Kissell Introduce Another R&D Tax Credit Bill
  More News

Alert No. 2,242, Monday, May 16.
  FTC to Hold Workshop on Standard Setting and Patents
  Gordon Smith Discusses Voluntary Spectrum Auctions
  Microsoft Final Judgment Expires
  Obama Administration Releases Vague Outline of Cyber Security Legislation
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,241, Saturday, May 14.
  Representatives and Senators Introduce Digital Goods and Services Tax Fairness Act
  Summary of HR 1860
  Legislation to Limit State ICT Based Taxation
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,240, Friday, May 13.
  Rep. Brady Introduces Repatriation Holiday Bill
  House Ways and Means Committee Holds Hearing on International Tax Issues
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Extend Three Provisions of Surveillance Law
  FCC Proposes Expanding Outage Reporting Requirements to VOIP and BIAS Providers
  FCC Items Address International Phone Traffic
  Obama Wants to Extend Mueller's Term
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,239, Thursday, May 12.
  House Crime Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Extending Surveillance Provisions
  Rep. Conyers Introduces Bill to Extend Provisions of Surveillance Law
  House Rules Committee Adopts Rule for Consideration of Intelligence Authorization Bill
  Baker to Leave FCC for NBC Universal
  Chen Confirmed for Northern District of California

Alert No. 2,238, Wednesday, May 11.
  US and PRC Conclude SED Meeting
  Obama Addresses Immigration of Technologically Talented People
  Copyright Office to Hold Hearing on Phasing Out Statutory Licensing Requirements
  FRB Governor Wants Bankers to Be Innovative Like Apple
  Free Press Urges Rejection of AT&T T-Mobile Merger
  CWA Advocates Approval of AT&T T-Mobile Deal
  Phoenix Paper Examines Relationship of Wireless Mergers and Employment Growth
  Copps Addresses BIAS Regulation, USF/IC Reform, Muni Broadband, and News Media
  Senate Rejects Cloture on Nomination of James Cole to be Deputy Attorney General
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,237, Tuesday, May 10.
  House Judiciary Committee to Mark Up Surveillance Sunsets Bill
  Sen. Rockefeller Introduces Bill to Regulate Online Services Providers' Use of Personal Information
  Rep. Crowley Introduces Bill to Regulate Baby Monitor Labeling
  Rep. Engel Reintroduces Texting While Driving Bill
  US PRC Strategic Economic Dialogue Addresses Intellectual Property

Alert No. 2,236, Monday, May 9.
  Rep. Van Hollen Introduces Bill to Create High Tech Investment Tax Credit
  Rep. Baldwin and Rep. LaTourette Introduce PEG Channels Bill
  House Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Data Security
  Rep. Rush Reintroduces Data Accountability and Trust Act
  Rep. Markey and Rep. Barton Release Draft of Do Not Track Kids Act
  Sen. Rockefeller Announces Forthcoming Do Not Track and Cyber Security Bills
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,235, Saturday, May 7.
  Rep. Carney Introduces R&D Tax Credit Bill
  PK and NAF Want FCC to Investigate Anticompetitive Caps on Broadband Usage
  Intelligence Authorization Bills Seek to Counter WikiLeaks
  Commentary: Information Sharing and National Security Leaks

Alert No. 2,234, Friday, May 6.
  PRC Creates New Office to Regulate Internet News, Domain Names, and Video
  Sen. Durbin Is Drafting a Bill to Require Tech Companies to Protect Human Rights
  Representatives Introduce Global Online Freedom Act
  Commentary: Internet Censorship as Protectionism

Alert No. 2,233, Thursday, May 5.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Hold DOJ Oversight Hearing
  FCC Again Extends Freeze on Rules Regarding Jurisdictional Separations
  EPIC Wants FTC to Mandate More Privacy Related Practices for Google
  Obama Nominates Droney for 2nd Circuit
  Obama Nominates Time Warner Copyright Lawyer for SDNY
  More Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,232, Wednesday, May 4.
  Genachowski Addresses Communications After Disasters
  Rep. Eshoo Reintroduces Broadband Conduit Bill
  MPAA's Dodd Wants Crack Down on Rogue Web Sites
  Krasnow Advocates Dumping Public Airwaves Concept
  AG Holder Addresses Surveillance, IPR and Antitrust
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,231, Tuesday, May 3.
  OUSTR Releases Special 301 Report
  Rep. Boehner Addresses Electronic Data Standards for House
  Sen. Leahy Urges Commitment to Rights and Principles Following Bin Laden's Death
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,230, Monday, May 2.
  Sen. Blumenthal Urges DOJ Investigation of Sony PlayStation Network Breach
  Update on US Korea FTA
  Wireless Carriers Explain Data Collection Policies
  FCC TAC Offers Policy Recommendations
  Issa and Eshoo Oppose Radio Tuners Mandate
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,229, Friday, April 29.
  Doha Round on Brink of Failure
  FCC Sets Comments Deadlines for AT&T T-Mobile USA Antitrust Merger Review
  AT&T Argues Acquisition of T-Mobile USA Will Address Spectrum and Capacity Constraints
  Groups Condemn AT&T T-Mobile Transaction
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,228, Thursday, April 28.
  Supreme Court Holds Class Action Waiver Clauses in Arbitration Contracts Are Enforceable
  BEA Reports Sluggish Growth in GDP and IT Investment
  USPTO Funded Paper Advocates Conventional IP Protection for Commercialization of Traditional Knowledge
  WIPO World Intellectual Property Day Observed
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,227, Wednesday, April 27.
  NAB Reports That There Is No Spectrum Crisis
  Rep. Latta Introduces Incentive Auctions Bill
  Apple Addresses Location Privacy in Advance of Senate Hearing
  USPTO Postpones Fast Track Patent Application Processing
  BSA Public Opinion Poll Finds Support for Patent Rights
  USPTO Issues NOI on TTAB Participation in Settlement Discussions
  More IP News

Alert No. 2,226, Tuesday, April 26.
  Representatives Write FCC Re Motorola Dominance in Public Safety Market
  Copps Calls House Bill to Limit NPR Funding Unfathomable
  DOJ to Allow CPTN to Acquire Novell Patents Subject to Conditions
  USPTO to Hold Hearing on Inter Partes Reexamination Proceedings
  Napolitano Addresses Cyber Security

Alert No. 2,225, Monday, April 25.
  House Republicans Write Apple and Others Re Cell Phone and Tablet Location Data Collection
  House Republicans Introduce Privacy Bill
  Sen. McCain and Sen. Kerry Introduce Privacy Bill
  FCC Releases Tentative Agenda for May 12 Meeting
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,224, Wednesday, April 20.
  Sen. Franken Writes Steve Jobs Regarding Location Data Retention by iPhones and 3G iPads
  DOJ Seeks Certiorari in Warrantless GPS Location Surveillance Case
  Michigan Police Use CelleBrite Devices to Extract Data from Cell Phones
  Update on Abidor v. DHS

Alert No. 2,223, Tuesday, April 19.
  EOP Paper Calls for Online Authentication
  Senators Introduce Bill to Require Numerous Cyber Security Studies
  Senators Introduce Bill to Provide Additional Compensation to STEM Teachers
  Copps Names Mark Stone His Chief of Staff
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,222, Monday, April 18.
  Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Microsoft v. i4i
  Apple Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against Samsung
  Ceglia Files Amended Complaint Against Zuckerberg Seeking Half of His Equity in Facebook
  AT&T and Sprint Nextel Dispute Consequences of AT&T T-Mobile Transaction
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,221, Tuesday, April 12.
  FCC Issues Public Notice Asking What Its BIAS Transparency Rule Means
  Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on ECPA
  GAO Releases Report on Child Porn on the Internet
  Indictment Charges Two With Efforts to Export Radiation Hardened Microchips to PRC

Alert No. 2,220, Monday, April 11.
  House Passes Resolution Disapproving the FCC's BIAS Rules
  Lapse in Federal Government Funding Averted
  DOJ Imposes Conditions on Google's Acquisition of ITA
  Scott Turow Comments on Orphan Works and Google Books Case

Alert No. 2,219, Thursday, April 7.
  Rep. Upton Urges Approval of HJRes 37
  Consequences of a Lapse in Government Funding
  FCC Adopts Data Roaming Rules
  Public Knowledge Urges Court of Appeals Not to Require Filtering As Prerequisite for DMCA Safe Harbor
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,218, Wednesday, April 6.
  112 Economists Back Incentive Auctions
  Legislative Proposals that Pertain to Incentive Auctions
  Verizon Pays $93 Million to Settle False Claims Act Claims
  EPIC Launches Campaign Regarding FTC Settlement with Google on Buzz
  IRS Releases Revenue Procedures for Communications Network Property
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,217, Tuesday, April 5.
  House Begins Consideration of HJRes 37
  OMB Says President's Advisors Would Recommend Veto of HJRes 37
  Court of Appeals Dismisses Verizon's and MetroPCS's Premature Challenges to the FCC's BIAS Rules
  Movie Companies Sue Zediva for Copyright Infringement
  Commentary: Zediva, Movie Streaming, and the First Sale Doctrine
  IAB Forecasts Migration of TV Ad Spending to Digital Video Ads

Alert No. 2,216, Monday, April 4.
  Complaint Seeks Injunction of Facebook Intifada Web Page
  OUSTR Release Annual Report of Foreign Barriers to Trade
  OUSTR Reports on PRC's Rare Earths Export Restraints
  Representatives Introduce Rare Earths Bill
  Reps. Barton and Markey Write Wireless Companies About Their Customer Data Practices
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,215, Saturday, April 2.
  MPAA Writes Congress Regarding Domain Name Seizures
  Public Knowledge Releases Further Proposals for Changes to Copyright Law
  NTIA Releases Annual Report on 1710 -- 1755 Spectrum Band
  FCC Files Brief with 10th Circuit in Qwest Phoenix Forbearance Case
  FCC Asserts in Amicus Brief that Its Declaratory Rulings Are Controlling Interpretations of Statutes
  More FCC News
  Judicial Nominees
  More News

Alert No. 2,214, Friday, April 1.
  House Communications and Technology Subcommittee Approves BTOP/BIP Bill
  Summary of BTO/BIP Bill
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on NSL Authority
  Microsoft Complains to EC Antitrust Regulators About Google

Alert No. 2,213, Thursday, March 31.
  FTC Issues and Settles Complaint Against Google
  Genachowski Testifies on FCC Budget Request
  FCC's AllVid Proposal Disputed
  SEC Files Complaint Against Government Official for Stock Trading with Confidential Regulatory Information

Alert No. 2,212, Wednesday, March 30.
  New York State to Scrutinize Proposed AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile USA
  Groups Comment on Competitive Impacts of Proposed AT&T T-Mobile Transaction
  Dodd Calls for Market Access in PRC and Stronger IP Laws
  WTO Trade Negotiators Discuss Market Access Issues
  Espinel Offers 20 IP Legislative Recommendations
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,211, Tuesday, March 29.
  Genachowski Discusses Cloud Computing
  Nokia v. Apple Update
  Representatives Introduce FCC Secrecy Bill
  Tech Crime Report
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,210, Monday, March 28.
  ICANN Comments on NTIA IANA Contract
  Varney Discusses Antitrust and Newspapers and Online Media
  Senators Introduce Bill to Address FCC's Lack of Technical Expertise
  Computer Scientist Advocates More Technical Competency at FCC
  More News

Alert No. 2,209, Friday, March 25.
  2nd Circuit Reinstates Challenge to FISA Powers
  Congressional Committees Interested in AT&T T-Mobile USA Deal
  Sen. Lee Calls for Antitrust Hearing on Google
  More Criticism of ATT T-Mobile Deal

Alert No. 2,208, Thursday, March 24.
  Comodo Reports Hacking Activity By Iran
  Schapiro Addresses Hacking Threat to Automated Securities Trading
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Cyber Security
  SEC Charges IBM with Violation of FCPA in Korea and PRC
  More News

Alert No. 2,207, Wednesday, March 23.
  Orphan Works and the Court's Rejection of the Google Book Deal
  Senate Judiciary Committee Continues to Consider Cameras and Mics in Courtrooms
  FCC Releases Tentative Agenda for April 7 Meeting
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,206, Tuesday, March 22.
  District Court Rejects Google Books Class Action Settlement
  Microsoft Files Patent Infringement Complaints Against Barnes & Noble Over E-Readers
  Apple Sues Amazon Over Use of Term Appstore
  More IPR News

Alert No. 2,205, Monday, March 21.
  AT&T to Acquire T-Mobile USA
  House Passes Bill to Limit NPR Funding
  Obama Nominates Lisa Monaco to Be Head of DOJ's National Security Division
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,204, March 15.
  House Commerce Committee Approves HJRes 37
  FTC Workshop to Address Use of Facebook and Other New Technologies for Debt Collection
  Powell to Lead NCTA
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,203, March 11.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Surveillance Bill
  Copyright Office Issues STELA Notice of Inquiry
  Tech Groups Argue Public Private Partnership on Cyber Security is Sound
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Halligan
  More Judicial Appointments

Alert No. 2,202, March 10.
  Senate Passes Patent Bill
  House Subcommittee Passes Resolution of Disapproval of FCC BIAS Rules
  Obama Picks Gary Locke to Be Ambassador to China
  Chris Dodd to Lead MPAA
  Aaron to Replace Silver as Head of Free Press

Alert No. 2,201, March 2.
  House Subcommittee to Mark Up Resolution Disapproving FCC's BIAS Rules
  Senate Continues Consideration of Patent Reform Bill

Alert No. 2,200, March 1.
  Senate Begins Consideration of Patent Reform Bill
  Obama Administration Backs Patent Reform Bill
  CCIA Opposes Senate Patent Reform Bill
  More Intellectual Property News
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,199, February 28.
  FCC Releases Agenda for March 3 Meeting
  Senate Commerce Committee Names Subcommittee Members
  More People and Appointments
  USTR Seeks Dispute Settlement Panel Regarding Electronic Payment Services in PRC
  More Trade News
  More News

Alert No. 2,198, February 25.
  Obama Signs Three Month Extension of Surveillance Provisions
  NTIA Seeks Comments on IANA Functions
  FTC Files Complaint Against Text Spammer
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,197, February 16.
  House to Continue Consideration of Bill to Extend Sunsets on Surveillance Provisions
  Senate Judiciary Committee to Consider Sen. Leahy's Surveillance Bill

Alert No. 2,196, February 7.
  President Obama Addresses Innovation
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Patent Bill
  GAO Reports on H1B Visa Program
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,195, January 31.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Begins Consideration of Patent Bill
  Judicial Nominees Held Over
  Obama Picks Cablevision Lawyer for SDNY
  Obama Picks Verrilli to Be Solicitor General
  Obama Picks Cohen for Treasury Position

Alert No. 2,194, Thursday, January 6.
  IRS Can Tax Carriers' USF Subsidies
  80% of E-Rate Recipients Find That Their Internet Connection Completely or Mostly Meets Their Needs
  Obama Picks Seitz for OLC
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,193, Wednesday, January 5.
  Obama Signs Patent Cases Pilot Program Bill
  Obama Signs COMPETES Reauthorization Bill
  Obama Signs Low Power FM Bill
  FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for January 25 Event

Alert No. 2,192, Tuesday, January 4.
  Rep. Upton Names House Commerce Committee Staff
  More People and Appointments
  Feinstein and Leahy Introduce Bill to Extend Expiring Surveillance Provisions
  Rep. Issa Addresses WikiLeaks

Alert No. 2,191, Monday, January 3.
  Alcatel Lucent Charged with FCPA Violations for Bribes for Telecom Contracts
  OUSTR Seeks Input for Special 301 Report
  FCC Releases Paper of IPv4 to IPv6 Transition
  FCC Releases High Cost USF Order
  FCC Releases NPRM Regarding Government Low Power AM
  NTIA Releases Report on Cell Phones in Prison
  People and Appointments
  More News

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