Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
July - December 2014

Alert No. 2,707, Monday, November 24.
  House and Senate Pass STELA Reauthorization Bill
  Senate Rejects Motion to Invoke Cloture on USA FREEDOM Act
  Wheeler Proposes Increase in E-Rate Taxes
  Chevron Deference to Administrative Interpretations in Criminal Cases

Alert No. 2,706, Monday, November 17.
  Obama Releases Statement on FCC Regulation of BIAS Providers
  President Obama Proposes Reclassification of BIAS
  Summary of President Obama's Proposal for BIAS Regulation
  Congressional Republicans Criticize Proposal to Reclassify BIAS As A Title II Service
  Rep. Goodlatte Criticizes President's Statement on BIAS Regulation
  More Reaction to President Obama's Statement Regarding BIAS Regulation
  Commentary: Presidential Power and Independent Agencies

Alert No. 2,705, Tuesday, October 28.
  11th Circuit Rules in Cambridge v. Georgia State Universities

Alert No. 2,704, Monday, October 27.
  TPP and Cross Border Data Flows
  ITIF Study Addresses Taxes and Tariffs on ICT
  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Expectation of Privacy Case
  Android 5.0 and Mobile Device Kill Switches
  Facebook Announces Post Disaster Communications Tool

Alert No. 2,703, Thursday, October 16.
  FBI Director Comey Wants More Government Surveillance
  Commentary: Recent History of Legislative and Regulatory Action Pertaining to Surveillance
  Reaction to Comey's Surveillance Speech

Alert No. 2,702, Wednesday, October 15.
  Grand Jury Indicts Seller of StealthGenie Stalking App
  DOJ Obtains Ex Parte Civil TRO Against Seller of StealthGenie Stalking App
  Sen. Franken Writes AG Holder Regarding StealthGenie and Location Privacy
  Commentary: FCC and Stalking Apps

Alert No. 2,701, Tuesday, October 14.
  Liberty Reserve Founder Budovsky Extradited to the U.S.
  CFTC Examines Bitcoin
  Coin Center Launches As Advocacy Group for Virtual Currency
  FinCEN to Extend SAR and CTR Rules
  Kmart Discloses Payment Data Breach
  Dairy Queen Discloses Backoff Malware Intrusion
  More Cyber Security News

Alert No. 2,700, Monday, October 13.
  O'Rielly Renominated
  OUSTR Seeks Comments for Special 301 OCR of India
  OUSTR Seeks Comments on Internet and Physical Notorious Foreign Markets
  USPTO to Hold Roundtable on International Harmonization of Patent Law
  More IP News
  More Supreme Court Cert Denials

Alert No. 2,699, Friday, October 10.
  Legislators and Tech Sector Executives Address How Surveillance Harms the US Tech Sector
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Jaffe v. Samsung Electronics Company
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Miniframe v. Microsoft

Alert No. 2,698, Thursday, October 9.
  BIS Issues Advance NPRM on Record Keeping Requirements
  More Export Regulation News
  Book: Spam Nation by Brian Krebs
  Copyright Office Opens 6th Triennial Proceeding on DMCA Anti-Circumvention Exemptions
  CRJs Seek Comments on Cable Royalty Distribution
  CRJs Seek Comments on Satellite Royalty Distribution
  CO Proposes Rules Changes for Statements of Account Submitted by Cable Operators and Satellite Carriers

Alert No. 2,697, Wednesday, October 8.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Worldcom v. IRS
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Segal v. Rogue Pictures
  OUSTR Seeks Comments for Special 301 OCR of Kuwait
  CRJs Seek Comments on 2013 DART Sound Recording Fund Royalties

Alert No. 2,696, Tuesday, October 7.
  Supreme Court Begins 2014 Term
  Supreme Court Lets Stand Holding That There is No Cause of Action for Contributory Cybersquatting
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in FTC Act Section 5 Scareware Case
  Supreme Court Requests Brief from Solicitor General in Spokeo v. Robbins

Alert No. 2,695, Monday, October 6.
  Rep. Waxman Urges FCC to Reclassify BIAS As a Title II Telecommunications Service
  Obama Names Comcast's Joseph Clancy Acting Head of Secret Service
  Antitrust Division Issues Business Review Letter to CyberPoint Re Cyber Intelligence Sharing
  JP Morgan Chase Discloses Cyber Breach

Alert No. 2,694, Wednesday, September 24.
  Senate Commerce Committee Approves Its STELA Reauthorization Bill
  Holder to Resign Upon Confirmation of Replacement

Alert No. 2,693, Monday, September 22.
  Senate Passes E-LABEL Act
  Senate Passes Federal Data Center Consolidation Act
  Senate Confirms Holleyman for Deputy USTR
  Houses Passes Jobs for America Act

Alert No. 2,692, Tuesday, September 16.
  USITC Releases Report on Digital Trade
  Obama Picks Daniel Marti to be IP Enforcement Coordinator
  FCC People and Appointments
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,691, Monday, September 15.
  House Passes Bill to Direct USPTO to Create Law School Clinic Certification Program
  Obama Nominates Gilliam to Be NDCal Judge
  More Judicial Appointments
  GAO Issues Report on Risks Associated with Agency Use of IT Contractors
  More Cyber Security News

Alert No. 2,690, Friday, September 12.
  House to Take Up Bill with Many ICT Related Components
  Senate Commerce Committee to Consider E-LABEL Act and STELA Reauthorization
  BIS Seeks Comments on PRC Manufacture of Semiconductor Etching Equipment
  Obama Issues 14th Annual Routine Emergency Export Regulation Declaration

Alert No. 2,689, Tuesday, September 9.
  House Passes E-LABEL Act
  House Passes EPS Service Parts Act
  Senators Write Apple and Home Depot Regarding Data Breaches
  New York Attorney General Comments on Apple iPhone 6

Alert No. 2,688, Monday, September 8.
  House Passes American Super Computing Leadership Act
  House Passes Bill Regarding Tax Return ID Theft
  House Passes Minor Tweaks to Anti Spoofing Statute

Alert No. 2,687, Wednesday, August 6.
  USIS Discloses Cyber Attack
  Security Firm Reports on Activities of Russian Cyber Gang
  More Cyber Security News
  Apple and Samsung Announce Agreement to End Patent Suits Outside of US
  Russian Government Allows Snowden to Remain in Russia

Alert No. 2,686, Tuesday, August 5.
  Sprint Ends Effort to Acquire T-Mobile USA
  Public Knowledge Complains About Wireless Companies' Failure to Disclose Network Management Practices to Customers
  HRW and ACLU Write About Corrosive Effect of Electronic Surveillance Upon Journalism and Law
  PRC MOFCOM Reports on Growth and Development of E-Commerce

Alert No. 2,685, Monday, August 4.
  President Signs Cell Phone Unlocking Bill
  Commentary: Cell Phones, Other Wireless Devices, and the Library of Congress's Next Rulemaking Proceeding
  House Intelligence Committee Releases Report on Purchase of Intelligence Satellites
  PRC MofCom States that it is Cracking Down on Infringement

Alert No. 2,684, Thursday, July 31.
  House Commerce Committee Approves Text Messaging Spoofing Bill
  House Commerce Committee Approves E-Label Bill
  House Passes International Communications Act
  PRC is Investigating Microsoft
  GAO Recommends that FCC Should Collect Data that Would Enable Analysis of Effectiveness of High Cost Subsidy Program

Alert No. 2,683, Wednesday, July 30.
  CIA Admits Searching Computers of Senate Staff
  Sen. Leahy Introduces Senate Version of USA FREEDOM Act
  Analysis of the USA FREEDOM Act's Bulk Data Collection Provisions
  Analysis of the USA FREEDOM ACT's Special Advocates Provision
  Rep. Stockman Introduces Bill to Require Agencies to Provide Notice of Disclosures of PII

Alert No. 2,682, Tuesday, July 29.
  House Passes DHS Cyber Security Information Sharing Bill
  House Passes DHS Cyber Security Research Bill
  House Passes DHS Cyber Security Personnel Bill
  House Passes Federal Web Site Security Bill
  More Cyber Security News

Alert No. 2,681, Monday, July 28.
  House to Vote on Five ICT Bills
  House to Consider Three DHS Cyber Security Bills
  House to Consider Bill Regarding Federal Web Site Security
  House to Consider International Communications Reform Act

Alert No. 2,680, Thursday, July 24.
  House Passes Cell Phone Unlocking Bill
  USPTO Proposes Changes to Rules Regarding Sharing of Information Between Patent Offices
  USPTO Seeks Comments on Optimal Patent First Action and Total Pendency Target Levels
  FTC to Host Robocaller Honeypot Contest at DEF CON 22

Alert No. 2,679, Wednesday, July 23.
  Sen. Leahy and Rep. Price Reintroduce Bill to Expand Extraterritorial Criminal Jurisdiction
  House Rejects Rare Earths Bill
  OSTP Seeks Comments on Rare Earths

Alert No. 2,678, Tuesday, July 22.
  House Passes NIST Reauthorization Bill
  House Passes STELA Reauthorization Bill

Alert No. 2,677, Monday, July 21.
  Representatives Introduce Bill to Push FCC on Wi-Fi Use in 5.9 GHz Band

Alert No. 2,676, Thursday, July 17.
  NIST Authorization Bill Would Remove NSA's Statutory Role in Setting Security Standards
  Apple Settles With States in E-Books Antitrust
  House Commerce Committee Democrats Seek DHS Investigation of Motorola's Business Practices

Alert No. 2,675, Wednesday, July 16.
  Senate Passes Cell Phone Unlocking Bill
  Rep. Goodlatte and Rep. Eshoo Urge Senate Passage of House Passed Patent Bill
  House Commerce Subcommittee Approves Bill to Regulate Patent Infringement Demand Letter Practices

Alert No. 2,674, Tuesday, July 15.
  House Passes Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Satellite Television Access Reauthorization Act
  Antitrust Division Compels Divestiture in Sinclair's Acquisition of Broadcast TV Stations

Alert No. 2,673, Monday, July 14.
  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Phone Unlocking Bill
  House Passes Social Media Working Group Act
  House Passes DHS Interoperable Communications Act

Alert No. 2,672, Tuesday, July 8.
  Senate Committee Approves DHS NCCIC Bill
  Senate Committee Approves Federal Information Security Modernization Act
  Sen. Walsh Introduces Bill to Prevent NIST and NSA From Dumbing Down Encryption Standards

Alert No. 2,671, Monday, July 7.
  PCLOB Releases Report on FISA Section 702
  FTC Sues T-Mobile USA for Third Party Phone Bill Cramming
  USPTO Seeks Comments on Virtual Marking
  IRS's Claimed Loss of Subpoenaed E-Mail Prompts Introduction of "Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act"

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