Story Titles from the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert, by Issue.
July - December 2013

Alert No. 2,623, Thursday, December 19.
  Obama's Review Board Offers Recommendations Regarding Surveillance
  Commentary: President's Review Group Offers Policy Trojan Horse
  House Republicans Seek Criminal Investigation of DNI Clapper
  People and Appointments: Privacy and Civil Liberties
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,622, Wednesday, December 18.
  Obama to Name Baucus Ambassador to the PRC
  Representatives Urge USTR Froman to Prioritize Cross Border Data Flows in Trade Negotiations
  Groups Ask FCC to Stop AT&T and Other Telcos from Selling Anonymized Call Record Data
  Verizon to Release Reports on Law Enforcement Requests for Customer Information

Alert No. 2,621, Tuesday, December 17.
This issue contains the following items:
  District Court Holds that NSA's Bulk Phone Records Program Violates 4th Amendment
  Summary of the District Court Opinion in Klayman v. Obama

Alert No. 2,620, Monday, December 16.
  Reps. Eshoo and Lofgren Introduce Retransmission Consent Bill
  Rep. Scalise Reintroduces Video Reform Bill
  OUSTR Seeks Comments Regarding Trade Agreements Affecting Telecommunications

Alert No. 2,618, Monday, November 18.
  District Court Rules in Authors Guild v. Google
  Authors Guild v. Google: Procedural History and Related Cases
  Commentary on District Court Opinion in Authors Guild v. Google

Alert No. 2,617, Tuesday, November 5.
  Consumer Watchdog Releases and Criticizes Google's Proposed Commitments to End EC Investigation of its Search Practices
  EC's Almunia Addresses Antitrust Damages in Private Actions
  FTC Closes Investigation of Merger of Office Depot and OfficeMax Due to Online Competition
  FTC Amends HSR Pre-Merger Notification Rules Regarding Patent Transactions
  More Antitrust News
  Senate Committee Approves Digital Accountability and Transparency Act
  Senate Committee Approves Federal Data Center Consolidation Act

Alert No. 2,616, Monday, October 28.
  FCC Releases Tentative Agenda for November 14 Meeting
  FCC Revises Dates and Deadlines for H Block Auction
  Revised Dates and Deadlines for H Block Auction
  UK MP Urges Criminal Prosecution of the Guardian
  Obama's PR Office Releases Statement Regarding NSA Surveillance of Merkel
  Supreme Court Denies Cert in Case Against Data Broker
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Internet Search Cases
  More Supreme Court Orders

Alert No. 2,615, Wednesday, October 23.
  Representatives Introduce Bill to Restrain Patent Assertion Entities
  Summary of the Innovation Act
  Commentary: Patent Reform, Demand Letters and Non-Litigation Tactics

Alert No. 2,614, Tuesday, October 22.
  Representatives Introduce Bill to Limit FDA Regulation of Medical Software
  Panel Discusses Medical Apps and FDA Regulation
  Bill Would Expand FCC E-Rate Subsidy Program to Cover More Health Services Providers
  Police Convention Focuses on Social Media and Other ICT Topics

Alert No. 2,613, Thursday, October 17.
  Republicans Query DHHS Regarding IT Failures in ObamaCare's FFM
  ITIF Releases Report on US EU TTIP Negotiations
  Supreme Court Declines Case Involving Domestic Industry Requirement of Section 337
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Technology Patents v. T-Mobile

Alert No. 2,612, Wednesday, October 16.
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Sony Computer Entertainment v. 1st Media
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Patent Reexamination Case
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Case Involving Rule 11 Sanctions and Fee Shifting in Patent Cases
  Supreme Court Ends Hartman's Claim to Have Invented the Internet
  Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Challenge to the AIA's False Marking Amendments

Alert No. 2,611, Wednesday, October 9.
  USTR Declines to Overturn USITC's Section 337 Samsung Exclusion Order
  Azevedo Addresses Innovation and Trade
  More Trade News (US EU TTIP, Obama on IPR in PRC, TPPA, Doha)
  President Obama Picks Yellen to be FRB Chairman
  GAO Issues Report on Shortage of Lithium-7

Alert No. 2,610, Tuesday, October 8.
  Rep. Sensenbrenner Presses DOJ for Answers to Questions About Section 215 Abuse
  US and UK Governments Target Tor Users
  Academics and Groups Fault President's Surveillance Review Process

Alert No. 2,609, Monday, October 7.
  ITIF Report Advocates Investment Tax Credit
  Reps. Latta and Green Introduce Bill to End FCC's Integration Ban
  Rep. Waxman Complains About Time Warner Cable
  Appropriations and the Judiciary
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,608, Wednesday, October 2.
  FTC to Seek to Compel Disclosures by Patent Assertions Entities
  Supreme Court Grants Cert in Case Involving Laches As Defense to Copyright Infringement
  Supreme Court to Examine Award of Attorney Fees in Patent Cases
  NTIA Announces Meeting on Copyright Policy
  More IP News
  FCC News
  Cyber Security News
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,607, Monday, September 30.
  Bill Baer Addresses Antitrust Remedies
  DOJ Civil Rights Division Targets IBM for Online Job Ads that Sought H1B and F1 Visa Holders
  FCC Adopts NPRM to Eliminate UHF Discount in National TV Ownership Rule
  USPTO to Remain Open in Event of No Appropriations Continuing Resolution
  FTC Shutdown Plan Provides for Continuing Operation

Alert No. 2,606, Friday, September 27.
  USTR Seeks Comments on Notorious Foreign Markets
  Sen. Rockefeller Queries Consumer Facing Web Sites About Their Data Collection and Sharing Practices
  NYT Reports Snowden Documents Show that NSA Graphs Social Connections and Whereabouts of Americans
  NIH Proposes to Create and Provide Access to a National Genome Database

Alert No. 2,605, Thursday, September 26.
  FCC Seeks Comments on Reimbursable Broadcaster and MVPD Costs
  FCC Grants Bloomberg Channel Placement Relief
  More FCC News
  NIST Has E-Mail Difficulties
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,604, Tuesday, September 24.
  4th Circuit Holds that Facebook Liking of Political Candidates is Protected Free Speech
  House Passes Rare Earths Bill
  FCC News
  People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,603, Monday, September 23.
  Sen. Rockefeller Accuses Motorola Solutions of Undermining FirstNet
  Waxman and Eshoo Write FCC and NTIA Regarding First Responder Communications Failures
  MPAA Reports that Search Engines Facilitate Access to Infringing Video Content
  Clyburn Circulates AM Radio Regulatory Relief NPRM
  Clyburn and Smith Address Putting Radio Receivers in Phones
  New York Takes Action Against Writers of Fake Online Reviews
  More News

Alert No. 2,602, Tuesday, September 17.
  FCC Sets Auction Date and Rules for H Block Auction
  Relevant Dates and Deadlines for H Block Auction
  FTC Seeks Comments on Proposed COPPA Safe Harbor Program
  IRS Proposes Changing Rules for Research and Experimental Expenditures Credit
  Report Addresses Development of Cloud Computing in the PRC
  BIS Seeks Comments on Extending Rules That Restrict Exports of Certain IT Products
  More Trade News
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,601, Monday, September 16.
  House to Take Up Rare Earths Bill
  PCLOB Schedules Hearing and Comments Deadline Regarding Sections 215 and 702 Surveillance
  Sen. Franken Writes FTC Regarding Facebook's Expanding Use of Facial Recognition Technology
  EPIC Urges FTC to Take Action Against Facebook for Changes to Privacy Policy
  Obama Picks John Carlin to be Head of the DOJ's National Security Division
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,600, Thursday, September 12.
  House Members Introduce Internet Tax Freedom Act Extension Bill
  California House Democrats Urge FCC to Amend Phone Location Detection Rules
  Rep. Upton and Rep. Walden Urge FCC to Apply Change to National Television Rule Prospectively Only

Alert No. 2,599, Wednesday, September 11.
  Rep. Eshoo Releases Draft of Bill to Alter Retransmission Consent Regime
  House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Video Marketplace
  House Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Provide Greater Sanctions for Frivolous Complaints and Defenses

Alert No. 2,598, Tuesday, September 10.
  House Passes Bill to Consolidate FCC Market Reports
  FCC Seeks Comments on Mobile Device Location Surveillance Capabilities
  Lower 700 MHz Interoperability Agreement Announced
  Court of Appeals Hears Oral Argument in Verizon v. FCC
  More Communications News

Alert No. 2,597, Monday, September 9.
  District Court Issues Final Judgment in Apple E-Books Antitrust Case
  Yahoo Releases Surveillance Transparency Report
  Tech Companies Seek Permission to Release More Data on Government Surveillance
  Spiegel Reports that NSA Accesses Location Information and Data Stored on Smartphones
  FTC Brings and Settles Case Alleging Lax Security for IP Based Home Monitoring Camera System
  More News
  CSIS to Host Asian Architecture Conference

Alert No. 2,596, Thursday, September 5.
  FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for September 26 Meeting
  FCC Approves AT&T Verizon Grain Spectrum Transaction
  NYT Reports on NSA Encryption Cracking Tactics
  Commentary: Industry Cooperation on Surveillance
  Update on FTC v. LabMD

Alert No. 2,595, Wednesday, September 4.
  2nd Circuit Rules on FCC's Program Carriage Rules
  FTC Administrative Complaint Asserts Authority to Regulate Data Security Practices
  9th Circuit Affirms in Somers v. Apple

Alert No. 2,594, Tuesday, September 3.
  NIST Releases Cyber Security Standards Document
  NIST ISPAB to Hold Three Day Meeting
  NIST to Hold Workshop on Cloud Computing and Mobility

Alert No. 2,593, Monday, September 2.
  FCC Again Seeks Comments on Phone Bill Cramming
  Microsoft to Acquire Nokia's Handset Operations
  Verizon to Acquire Vodafone's Interest
  CBS Reaches Carriage Agreement with Time Warner Cable
  Clyburn Announces FCC Staff Appointments
  More People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,592, Thursday, August 29.
  GAO Reports on Patent Litigation Trends
  Summary of Pending Patent Reform Bills
  Washington Post Discloses Details from Leaked Copy of Budget Summary for the National Intelligence Program

Alert No. 2,591, Wednesday, August 28.
  2nd Circuit Rejects Claim to Copyright in Legal Pleadings
  FCC Seeks Comments on FirstNet Matters Raised by NTIA
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,590, Tuesday, August 27.
  FTC Takes Action to End Fraudulent Billing Scam Affecting Android Devices
  FCC Adopts NPRM and Issues Freeze Regarding Emission Mask Requirements for 800 MHz Public Safety Spectrum
  FCC Further Delays AT&T ATNI Transaction
  More Spectrum News
  People and Appointments
  More News

Alert No. 2,589, Monday, August 26.
  USITC Releases First Report on Digital Trade
  WTO Announces Deputy DGs
  More Trade News
  SoundExchange Sues Sirius for Underpayment of Statutory Royalties
  More Intellectual Property News

Alert No. 2,588, Wednesday, August 7.
This issue contains the following items:
  CBS, Time Warner Cable, and Retransmission Consent
  Blocking Access to and the FCC's Network Neutrality Regime
  Obama Snubs Putin Over Snowden Asylum
  Sen. Leahy and Sen. Graham Decry Lack of Accountability for Snowden's Disclosures
  CEA Study Finds Few People Rely on Over the Air Signals for TV

Alert No. 2,587, Tuesday, August 6.
This issue contains the following items:
  USTR Froman Disapproves USITC Exclusion Order in Samsung Apple Proceeding
  Senate Confirms Chen for Federal Circuit
  Obama Nominates Pharmaceutical Attorney for 9th Circuit
  Obama Nominates San Francisco City Attorney for Northern District of California
  Obama Announces DHS Nominations
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,586, Monday, August 5.
  Bezos to Buy Washington Post
  O'Rielly Nominated for Republican Position on FCC
  Senate Confirms Kieff for USITC
  Senate Confirms Sepulveda for Telecom Post at State Department
  Senate Confirms Comey to be FBI Director
  Winters Joins MPAA
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,585, Monday, July 22.
  Senate Confirms Russel for East Asia State Department Position
  EC Proposes Regulation of Fees for Card, Internet and Mobile Payments
  VP Biden Addresses Trade in India
  USTR Froman Laments Suspension of WTO ITA Talks
  More Trade News
  Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,584, Thursday, July 11.
  U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue Meets In Washington
  House and Senate Pass Taiwan Observer Status Bill
  Judicial Appointments
  More People and Appointments

Alert No. 2,583, Wednesday, July 10.
  District Court Finds that Apple Conspired to Raise E-Book Prices
  District Court Ruling in US v. Apple Boosts Plaintiffs' Prospects in Parallel Class Action

Alert No. 2,582, Tuesday, July 2.
  House Commerce Committee Makes Staff Changes
  Obama Nominates Two for Northern District of California Judgeships
  Pending Judicial Appointments
  More Judicial Appointments
  Obama Nominates McSweeny for FTC Commissioner
  More People and Appointments

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