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Amendment to HR 3125 (Internet Gambling Prohibition Act).
Re: lotteries.
Offered by Rep. Ed Pease (R-IN).
Date offered: April 5, 2000.

Editor's Notes:
  This amendment was offered during the House Judiciary Committee's markup of HR 3125 on April 5, 2000.
  The Committee adjourned before completing debate on this amendment.
  Tech Law Journal created this page by scanning a paper copy provided by the House Judiciary Committee, and converting to HTML.
  Copyright Tech Law Journal. All rights reserved.
  See also, Tech Law Journal Summary of Bills Pertaining to Internet Gambling in the 106th Congress.


Page 32, strike line 22 and all that follows through page 33, line 7 and insert "making that bet or wager is physically located when such bet or wager is placed at a facility that is open to the general public; and".


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