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David Carney

David Carney has written and continuously published the Tech Law Journal since March of 1998.

He began publication of the Tech Law Journal Daily E-Mail Alert in August of 2000.

David Carney
David Carney

Carney was born in Illinois, and grew up in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. He studied politics and economics at the University of Rochester and law at Southern Methodist University's School of Law.

He worked full time for one semester for former Rep. Ab Mikva (D-IL) before graduating from university. After graduation, he worked for the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

After law school he sat for the bar examination of the state of Alaska, and practiced law in the city of Anchorage.

He returned to Washington DC to research and write a doctoral dissertation on the selection and confirmation of Supreme Court Justices. However, he did not complete the dissertation process. Rather, he founded the Tech Law Journal.

Carney resides in Washington DC. When not reading or writing about technology and law, he bicycles, studies the history of technology and innovation, and enjoys the works of Shakespeare.

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