1.  What are Tech Law Journal's telephone and fax numbers?

2. How can I send comments, suggestions, criticisms, or feedback to Tech Law Journal?

Tech Law Journal welcomes press releases, court pleadings, prepared statements, comments, suggestions, criticisms, story ideas, demands for corrections, and other communications. Please direct all material and feedback to Tech Law Journal by email at , by telephone at 202-364-8882, or by mail 3034 Newark St., NW, Washington, DC, 20008.

3. What subjects are covered by Tech Law Journal?

Tech Law Journal covers legal, legislative, and regulatory issues affecting the computer, internet, information, and communications industries. This includes legislation pending in the U.S. Congress, activities of federal departments, agencies, and commissions, court interpretation of laws, and major litigation.

Tech Law Journal does not review new technologies, products, software, or services.

4. How do I advertise in Tech Law Journal?

Tech Law Journal no longer accepts advertising.

5. What is Tech Law Journal's privacy policy?

See, the privacy policy page.

6. How do I obtain permission to use material copyrighted by Tech Law Journal?

See, the copyright information, notices, and disclaimers page.

7. Is Tech Law Journal affiliated with any company, interest group, political party, or other political entity?


8. Website design.

Tech Law Journal is substantially produced with Microsoft FrontPage 2000. It is hosted by ComCity.Com. Please send comments on website design and production to .