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Oct. 19, 2000
8:00 AM ET.
Alert No. 45.

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News Briefs

10/18. The Center for Responsive Politics (CPR), a group which monitors federal election campaign contributions, released its analysis of Federal Election Commission contributions data through Oct. 1. CPR Exec. Dir. Larry Makinson stated that "Only a few years ago, it was said of the computer industry it was just a fingernail on the body politic. Its campaign contributions were miniscule, it had no interest in Washington, it just wanted to be left alone. No more. The past decade has seen a huge rise in contributions from the computer industry ... In 1990, the computer industry ranked 55th out of the 80 or so industries we track, giving about $1.3 million in contributions. By 1996, they’d moved up to 33rd place, with $8.9 million. In 1998, they gave $9.5 million and inched upwards to 25th place on the industry list. So far this election cycle, the industry has given nearly $24 million, and they’re now in 8th place overall." See, Makinson statement.
10/18. Commerce Sec. Norman Mineta gave a speech to the Rotary Club in Seattle in which he addressed international trade issues. He stated that the "Clinton/Gore Administration ... [is] vigilant about fair trade, by making sure that all Americans get the benefits of our trade agreements. Not only consumers, but also workers and communities that are hurt when a plant closes because of foreign competition or because of unfair trade practices -- as we have seen with steel." He did not condemn, or disassociate the administration from, groups that disrupted the WTO meeting in Seattle in Nov. 1999. He also addressed the "digital divide."
10/18. Sec. Mineta gave another speech in Seattle regarding the "digital divide" and the Commerce Department's transfer of computer equipment. He stated that "we opened 500 offices around the country to carry out the decennial census mandated by the Constitution. Now that the Census job is nearly done, we have thousands of computers and printers and other pieces of office equipment that we no longer need. The equipment is worth $5.4 million. We thought about what we could do with the excess goods, and we ultimately decided that we would do the most good by donating much of that equipment to 80 minority serving institutions." See also, DOC release.
10/18. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates gave a speech in Belle Harbor, WA, in which he addressed the "digital divide." See, MSFT release touting its "digital divide" activities.
10/18. The FCC released a letter [MS Word] to SBC stating a FCC decision governing SBC's deployment of DSL service. The letter was issued in CC Docket No. 98-141, the FCC's antitrust merger review proceeding regarding the merger of SBC and Ameritech. The FCC approved the merger in Nov. 1999, but imposed a set of conditions upon SBC. The effect of these conditions is to give the FCC continuing regulatory authority over SBC activities. The conditions require SBC to work with CLECs in a series of collaborative sessions to obtain written agreement on enhancements to its facilities to enable the provision of DSL service. In the present matter, CLECs sought permission from the FCC to submit to arbitration five matters upon which agreement was not reached. The FCC decided that two should go to arbitration. The FCC ruled on the other three. The letter is signed by Carol Mattey, Deputy Chief of the Common Carrier Bureau. See also, FCC's web site section on its SBC-Ameritech merger review proceeding.
10/18. The National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA), its licensing subsidiary, The Harry Fox Agency (HFA), and, announced an agreement on a licensing arrangement that, if approved by individual HFA music publisher principals, will permit the use of over one million musical compositions on has also been sued by music publishers. See, release.
10/18. Nancy Nathanson, a City Councilor in Eugene, Oregon, was appointed to fill a vacancy on the FCC's Local and State Government Advisory Committee (LSGAC). See, FCC release [MS Word].
10/18. Bill Clinton announced his intent to appoint Craig Jarolimek to the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations (ACTPN). Jarolimek, is a hog farmer in Forest River, North Dakota, and President of the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). See, White House release.
10/18. Bill Clinton announced his nomination of Tom Korologos and Robert Ledbetter as members of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Korologos is a prominent Washington lobbyist. Ledbetter has been VP and General Manager of WTVA TV in Tupelo, Mississippi, since 1977. See, White House release.
10/3., a California based political action committee that receives contributions from high tech companies and executives, renewed its July 28 request for an advisory opinion from the Federal Election Commission (FEC). receives money contributions, as well as in kind contributions of corporate stock -- both in companies whose stock is traded on exchanges such as the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX, and companies whose stock is not traded on any public exchange. seeks a determination from the FEC that for contribution reporting purposes, the fair market value of stock contributions, for stock that is not traded on any public exchange, is "the price per share of such stock for which its purchase was offered to investors at the most recent round of financing ..." is represented in this matter by Ronald Turovsky of the law office of Manatt Phelps & Phillips. (AOR No. 2000-30.)
Editor's Note: This column includes all News Briefs added to Tech Law Journal since the last Daily E-Mail Alert. The dates indicate when the event occurred, not the date of posting to Tech Law Journal.
Breaking News

The Wall Street Journal interactive edition reports on Oct. 19 that when the COPA Commission releases its report to Congress on Friday, it will advise against mandating porn filtering software in schools and libraries. See, full story. (Editor's Note: the COPA Commission is scheduled to release its report on protecting children on the Internet at 10 AM ET on Friday, Oct. 20 in Room HC6 of the Capitol Building.)
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FCC: letter to SBC re DSL disputes with CLECs, 10/18 (MS Word, FCC).
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"I have seen recesses that are more productive than what we have experienced since we started passing CRs. These recesses, as I like to call them--7 days of continuation of a resolution, and then 2 days, if that, of work, maybe 1 day of work--are mind boggling. There ought to be some urgency here. ... If we take a poll of where our colleagues are today, they are cast out over all 50 States ..."

Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD), 10/17, on the floor of the Senate.

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