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Daily E-Mail Alert
Oct. 17, 2000
8:00 AM ET.
Alert No. 43.

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News Briefs

10/16. The NTIA released its annual "digital divide" report, titled "Falling Through the Net: Toward Digital Inclusion." See, full report [139 pages in PDF] and NTIA release. Commerce Sec. Norman Mineta stated in an introduction that "the data in this report show that, overall, our Nation is moving toward full digital inclusion. The number of Americans who are utilizing electronic tools in every aspect of their lives is rapidly increasing. However, a digital divide still remains." He also advocated government programs. "With this information, we can better target and enact policies and programs to close the disparities in access to computers and the Internet that still are being experienced by some in our Nation." Bill Clinton released a statement in which he said that "To ensure that we continue to make progress in bridging the digital divide, I urge Congress to fund the initiatives that I have proposed ..." The report found that the share of U.S. households with Internet access rose from 26.2% in Dec. 1998 to 41.5% in Aug. 2000. However, the report concluded that a "divides still exist between those with different levels of income and education, different racial and ethnic groups, old and young, single and dual-parent families, and those with and without disabilities."
10/16. The FCC released a letter [MS Word] to SBC containing further instructions regarding its provision of DSL service by separate affiliates. Specifically, the letter addressed SBC's incumbent LEC's authority to provide network planning, engineering, design, and assignment services for ADSL service beyond a 180-day time period specified in the Merger Conditions imposed by the FCC on Oct. 8, 1999. At issue was the meaning of ¶3(c)(3) of these conditions. SBC argued that its ILECs could provide network planning and engineering services to their separate affiliates after April 5, 2000. The FCC disagreed. The letter was issued in CC Docket No. 98-141, the FCC's antitrust merger review proceeding regarding the merger of SBC and Ameritech. The letter was signed by Carol Mattey, Deputy Chief of the Common Carrier Bureau. See also, FCC's web site section on its SBC-Ameritech merger review proceeding.
10/16. The FCC held an en banc hearing on the content of television broadcasts. See, statement of Chairman Kennard (D) and statement of Comm'r Tristani (D).
10/16. USITC issued a limited exclusion order in its proceeding based upon a complaint by Atmel against Sanyo, Winbond, and Macronix alleging violation of §337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 for importing into the U.S. certain EPROM and EEPROM flash memory, and flash microcontroller semiconductor devices in violation of various of Atmel's U.S. patents. The USITC issued its notice of final determination, in which it found a violation of §337 of Act, and issued a limited exclusion order. It also denied a motion for dismissal of Atmel's complaint for unclean hands. See, USITC release.  See also, USITC docket for Inv. No. 337-TA-395 on reconsideration (with hyperlinks to documents), and USITC docket for Inv. No. 337-TA-395 (also hyperlinked). 
10/16. Olivia Morgan, Director of Calif. Gov. Gray Davis's Washington DC office, is leaving to set up a public relations business. See, Davis release.
10/16. The ITAA announced that it conducted a poll of attitudes about computer security and privacy. However, neither the ITAA, nor Fabrizio McLaughlin and Associates, which conducted the poll for the ITAA, released the poll questions or responses. The ITAA is selling it for $500-$750.
10/13. Visteon filed a complaint in Massachusetts state court (Suffolk County) against Lernout & Hauspie (LH) alleging breach of contract. Visteon, a maker of automotive parts, alleges that LH, a speech recognition software producer, breached a May 25, 2000 Operating Agreement for the establishment of the joint venture. See, LH release.
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NTIA: Falling Through the Net: Toward Digital Inclusion, a report on the "digital divide", 10/16 (PDF, NTIA).
FCC: letter to SBC re DSL separate affiliates, 10/16 (MS Word, FCC).
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"This year’s report presents the results from the first systematic data collection on user access to high-speed broadband service that has been undertaken in a large scale personal interview survey with a very high response rate. In August 2000, 10.7% of online households (about 4.5% of all U.S. households) had broadband- speed access. The remaining 89.3% of online households (37.0% of all U.S. households) connect to the Internet by regular dial-up phone service. Among total broadband households, the overwhelming majority either procure cable modems (50.8%) or DSL (33.7%) ... Wireless and satellite (4.6%) and other telephone- based technologies such as ISDN (10.9%) account for much lower percentages."

NTIA report.


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