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Sept. 25, 2000
9:00 AM ET.
Alert No. 27.

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News Briefs

9/22. Verizon filed a Section 271 application with the FCC for permission to provide interLATA long distance service in Massachusetts. (Docket No. CC-00-176.) See, Verizon release and application [huge MS Word file]. In Dec. 1999 the FCC approved Verizon's (then Bell Atlantic) §271 application in New York State; that was the first such application to be approved by the FCC. The FCC has requested comments by interested third parties in support of or in opposition to Verizon’s application. Comments are due by Oct. 16, 2000. See, FCC release.
9/22. The House Education Committee held a hearing titled "Using Technology to Learn and Learning to Use Technology". See, prepared statements of witnesses:
James Thomas (Penn State Univ).
Eva Cronin (teacher).
Janet Guge (teacher).
Claudia Sutton (CompassLearning).
Michael Kaufman (Tequity).
9/22. The House Commerce Committee issued its report on HR 2346, a bill to authorize the enforcement by state and local governments of certain FCC regulations regarding use of citizens band radio equipment. (See, Rept. 106-883).
9/22. California Gov. Gray Davis vetoed Senate Bill 1997, sponsored by Sen. Don Perata (D-Alameda). The bill provided for Internet bicycle registration. See, statement of Gov. Davis.
Editor's Note: This column includes all News Briefs added to Tech Law Journal since the last Daily E-Mail Alert. The dates indicate when the event occurred, not the date of posting to Tech Law Journal.
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House Committee Delays Adoption of Electronic Communications Privacy Act. (9/22) The House Judiciary Committee began its mark up of HR 5108, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 2000, on Thursday, September 21, but delayed further consideration until Tuesday, September 26.
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Verizon: Application of Verizon New England for Authorization to Provide In-Region InterLATA Services in Massachusetts, 9/22 (MS Word, Verizon).
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Summary of HR 5018, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. (updated)
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"The local market in Massachusetts is open, the checklist is satisfied, and consumers are now entitled to the enormous benefits that experience has shown will follow from Verizon’s entry into the long distance business.  Verizon’s Application to provide interLATA services originating in Massachusetts should be granted. Local competition in Massachusetts is thriving ..." Verizon (from its Massachusetts § 271 application to the FCC).

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