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Daily E-Mail Alert
Sept. 6, 2000
8:30 AM ET.
Alert No. 14.

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News Briefs

9/5. Broadcom President/CEO Henry Nicholas released a statement in response to Intel's filing of a complaint for patent infringement. He said that "the notion that we need to misappropriate Intel's technology to compete is nonsense. It is widely recognized in the industry and investment community that Broadcom, not Intel, is the leader in digital cable TV, cable modem, Gigabit Ethernet, home networking, and other key 21st Century communications IC technologies." He added that "Beyond rehashing old allegations, the August 30 lawsuit contains a vague set of generic patent infringement claims that fail to identify even one specific Broadcom product that allegedly infringes. "
9/5. U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman (SDNY) denied defendants' motion to dismiss in Swedenburg v. Kelly, a constitutional challenge to N.Y. State's statute affecting Internet alcohol sales. Plaintiffs, two owners of small wineries, and several wine snobs, are represented  by the Institute for Justice. They argue that N.Y.'s restrictions on interstate wine shipping and communication of such transactions violate the First Amendment, the Interstate Commerce Clause, and the Privileges and Immunities Clause. See, IJ release. See also, Complaint and TLJ case summary.
9/5. The FCC reported the results of its 800 MHz Specialized Mobile Radio Service (SMR) auction, which was conducted Aug. 16 through Sept. 1. SMR licenses may be used for mobile wireless data services, remote database access, mobile telephony, dispatch, inventory tracking, credit card authorization, vehicle location, two-way paging, and other purposes. 1,030 licenses in 72 economic areas were sold to 14 bidders for a total of $319 Million. A second 800 MHz SMR auction will commence on Nov. 1. See, FCC release and WTB's Auction Fact Sheet.
9/5. The NTIA released a report on its TOP grant program (formerly called TIIAP), titled "Community Connections: Preserving Local Values in the Information Age." The TOP program is funded by the Congress at $15.5M for FY2000. Since Greg Rohde became head of the NTIA in Nov. 1999, the focus of the TOP program has been the "digital divide". The report reviews on a grant by grant basis how TOP grants are helping to connect under served populations, enhance work skills, and increase the capacity of community-based organizations. See also, NTIA release.
9/1. The SEC and the U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles filed civil and criminal complaints against a former Intel employee named Brian Pridgeon, and others, for illegal insider trading. The defendants traded in the securities of Ancor Communications before the Dec. 7, 1999 public announcement that Ancor was entering into two significant business transactions with Intel. The SEC's complaint alleges insider trading, and seeks an injunction, disgorgement, and civil penalties. The criminal complaint charges conspiracy and securities fraud. See, SEC release.
Editor's Note: This column includes all News Briefs added to Tech Law Journal since the last Daily E-Mail Alert. The dates indicate when the event occurred, not the date of posting to Tech Law Journal.
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Class Action Suit Filed Against Internet Wire and Bloomberg over Emulex Hoax. An Emulex investor filed a class action complaint for securities fraud in federal court in New York City against Internet Wire and Bloomberg for republishing false information about Emulex.
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8/31. Class Action Complaint in Hart v. Internet Wire, an Emulex hoax suit (HTML, TLJ).
9/5. Henry Nicholas: Statement regarding Intel's patent infringement lawsuit (HTML, TLJ).
9/5. NTIA: Community Connections: Preserving Local Values in the Information Age, a report on TOP grants (HTML, NTIA).
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"Finally, we view this lawsuit as just the latest in a troubling practice by Intel to rely on litigation as a standard business tactic to slow not only Broadcom but any competitor who poses a serious threat to Intel in the marketplace. The real victims of this tactic are our mutual customers and the pace of innovation in our industry." Henry Nicholas, Pres./CEO of Broadcom (source).

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