Biography of Judge Joe Kendall

U.S. District Court Judge, Northern District of Texas

Name: Elton "Joe" Kendall.
Birth: January 12, 1954, Dallas, Texas.
Appointed By:  President George Bush, on recommendation of Sen. Phil Gramm (R-TX).
Education:  Southern Methodist University, B.B.A. 1977; Baylor University School of Law, J.D. 1980.

Work Experience

Prosecutor:  Assistant District Attorney, State of Texas, 1980-1982.   (Trial Division, Dallas County.)
Private Practice:  Sole practitioner, 1982-1986, Dallas, Texas; Kendall and Woodall, 1985, Rockwall, Texas.  (Primarily criminal defense practice.)
Texas Judge:  Judge, Texas District Court, 195th Judicial District 1987-1992 (elected office).
Federal Judge. U.S. District Court Judge, Northern District of Texas, 1992-present.

Current Memberships

American Bar Association, College of the State Bar of Texas, Dallas County Bar Association, Dallas County Criminal Bar Association, National Association of Metropolitan Courts, Texas Association of Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists, Texas County and District Attorneys' Association, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers' Association, and Texas State Bar.


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