S. 377 - Pro. C.O.D.E.

Title.  Promotion of Commerce Online in the Digital Era Act.

Sponsors.  Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT).  Cosponsors: Leahy, Nichols, Hutchinson, Wyden, Domenici, Campbell, Brownback, Kempthorne, Faircloth, Allard, Gordon Smith, Lott, Dorgan, Craig, Ashcroft, Thomas, Boxer, Murray, Inhofe, Grams, Enzi, and Gorton.

Summary.  S 377 IS would prohibit the Secretary of Commerce (acting through the National Institute of Standards and Technology or otherwise) from promulgating or enforcing regulations, or otherwise adopting standards or carrying out policies: (1) that result in encryption standards intended for use by businesses or entities other than Federal computer systems; or (2) in a manner inconsistent with this Act, or that have the effect of imposing Government-designed encryption standards on the private sector by restricting the export of computer hardware and computer software with encryption capabilities.

Status. This bill has stalled in the Senate.

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