Statement by Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) in the House of Representatives.
Re: OSHA regulation of teleworkers.

Date: January 27, 2000.
Source: Congressional Record, January 27, page .

Mr. HAYWORTH. Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong support of the aforementioned legislation by my friend from Ohio and urge other Members to join us in this effort.

Mr. Speaker, there is a gulf between the rhetoric of Washington and the reality of everyday life in America. Not only are religious broadcasters under attack from this administration and its political appointees, also over our break we heard the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was going to come into one's home if one had a personal work station, if one was a telecommuter.

Mr. Speaker, it is in that spirit that I bring quite literally hope to the House floor today, the Home Office Protection Enhancement Act. Because even though the administration has backed away, now we know that rhetoric does not square with the reality.

Finally, Mr. Speaker, I would call on our President tonight to make sure that his words match his actions and to ensure that the only snow job in Washington was the blizzard visited upon the East Coast earlier this week.