FTC Judge Denies Intel Motion for More Definite Statement

(June 30, 1998)  Federal Trade Commission Administrative Law Judge James Timony denied Intel Corporation's Motion for a More Definitive Statement.  The FTC filed an administrative antitrust complaint against Intel on June 8, which Intel argued was too vague.

The FTC complaint alleges that Intel is a monopoly that illegally refused to deal with computer makers Compaq, Intergraph, and DEC in order to coerce them into surrendering certain intellectual property rights.  The FTC seeks a "cease and desist" order.

HTML Copy of FTC Order, 6/26/98.
HTML Copy of FTC Complaint, 6/8/98.
Story: FTC Brings Administrative Action Against Intel, 6/9/98.

The Order was signed Friday, but not filed until Monday.  Administrative Law Judge Timony also ordered that Intel file its answer to the complaint within ten business days of the date of entry of the Order.