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Jan. 16, 2001, 8:00 AM ET, Alert No. 102.
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News Briefs
1/12. Gary Lytle, the acting CEO of the U.S. Telecom Association, advocated legislation to regulate Internet access. He stated that "Americans -- and providers of high-speed Internet services -- now face a crazy patchwork of broadband regulation. ... This patchwork of regulation will stifle the future development of Internet applications, products and services. ... The time is ripe for Congress to adopt a uniform policy that allows all broadband competitors and technologies to compete on equal deregulated footing ..." See, release. The USTA represents incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs, i.e., phone companies). These companies are required, as telecommunications carriers, to provide access to their facilities to competing ISPs. Other technologies for providing Internet access are not subject to the same blanket requirement.
1/12. The Xinhua News Agency published a release on Internet copyright infringement in the People's Republic of China.
TLJ Stories
FCC Approves AOL Time Warner Merger. The FCC approved the merger of AOL and Time Warner with conditions regarding open access to broadband cable Internet access and interoperability of advanced instant messaging services.
Appeals Court Overturns FCC Separate Affiliate Order. The Court of Appeals ruled in ASCENT v. FCC that the FCC's order in its SBC Ameritech merger proceeding permitting SBC to offer advanced services, such as DSL, through a separate affiliate violates the Communications Act. The Court vacated the Order. See, Opinion.
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107th Congress
1/16. Members of the House have begun to introduce bills for the 107th Congress. Many bills introduced at this stage are re-introductions of bills that were pending at the close of the last Congress. Among the new bills are: HR 41, a bill to permanently extend the R&D tax credit, by Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-CT) and Rep. Robert Matsui (D-CA). Johnson and Matsui have sought to pass this bill for a long time. The 106th Congress passed a temporary extension;  HR 89, the Online Privacy Protection Act, a bill to require the FTC to promulgate regulations affecting web site operators, by Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ); HR 90, the Know Your Caller Act, a bill to prohibit telemarketers from interfering with the caller ID service in telephone solicitations, by Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ); HR 91, the Social Security On-line Privacy Protection Act, by Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ); HR 100, a bill to establish and expand education programs relating to science, mathematics, engineering, and technology, by Rep. Vernon Ehlers (R-MI); HR 101, the National Science Education Enhancement Act, by Rep. Vernon Ehlers (R-MI); HR 102, the National Science Education Incentive Act, a bill to provide certain tax incentives, including tuition tax credits for undergraduate teaching education in science, math, science, engineering, and technology (SMET), and for certain contributions benefiting SMET education, by Rep. Vernon Ehlers (R-MI); HR 112, a bill to require notices on information collection devices, by Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ); HR 113, the Wireless Telephone Spam Protection Act, by Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ); HR 220, the Identity Theft Protection Act, and bill to protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers, and to prohibit a national identification number, by Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX); HR 225, a bill to require the FCC to eliminate from its regulations the restrictions on the cross-ownership of broadcasting stations and newspapers, by Rep. Mike Oxley (R-OH); and HR 236, a bill to repeal the excise tax on telephone and other communication services, by Rep. Bob Portman (R-OH).
10:30 AM. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold the first of two days of hearings on the nomination of Colin Powell to be Secretary of State. Location: Room 216, Hart Senate Office Building.
11:30 AM. Secretary of Commerce Norman Mineta and executives from 19 information technology companies will hold an event to announce the formation of the Information Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center. Other government officials scheduled to attend include Richard Clarke (National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counter-Terrorism, National Security Council) and Greg. Rohde (head of the NTIA). Location: Room 5851, Department of Commerce, 1401 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington DC, 20230.
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM. The NTIA will host a government - industry meeting on Third Generation (3G) wireless services. The meeting will be held in conjunction with the FCC and Department of Defense. Location: Polaris Room of the Ronald Reagan Building (Concourse Level), 1300 Pennsylvania Ave.
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