FEC narrative in Bush complaint against Zach Exley.
Re: gwbush.com parody site.
Date: undated.
Source: Federal Election Commission, Office of Public Affairs.

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MUR 4894

Zack Exley

Benjamin Ginsberg alleges that www.gwbush.com. and Zack Exley, owner and operator of the web site, failed to include the proper independent expenditure disclaimer; failed to file independent expenditure reports; failed to register and report as a political committee; and may be in violation of 2 U.S.C. 441b if the site is being disseminated by a corporate entity. Mr. Ginsberg contends that the site is designed to damage Governor Bush's presidential effort.

Zack Exley responds that he has not expended more than $250 per year for the web site up to this point. He notes, however, that the media attention about the complaint generated by the George W. Bush presidential campaign has created considerable additional traffic to his site that he believes may substantially increase his internet service fees beyond $250. Mr. Exley further asserts that the intention of establishing his web site was not to influence the upcoming presidential election, but only to convey his opinion regarding Gov. Bush's past "indiscretions."

There is no evidence of serious intent to violate the FECA, and this matter is less significant relative to other matter pending before the Commission.